Necar Zadegan “very lucky” to play Dalia Hassan

Necar Zadegan photoshoot for Regard Magazine
Necar Zadegan photoshoot for Regard Magazine

You played the First Lady in Fox’s popular series 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland. What was that experience like?
Oh, that was so cool. That character was just awesome. She was one of those characters I just wanted to play my whole life. I didn’t realize that she would come into my life so early in my career. I thought that it would be years until I would play a woman of that stature and caliber. I was very lucky that she did. It was an extreme joy. Every script that I received was such a constant challenge that took the character higher and deeper and that is only a thrill for an actress. The story grew over the course of the season and that’s such a wonderful way to work on a character because it allows you to really get to know the character so much because you have so much time to explore the character and it’s wonderful.

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