Katee Sackhoff: ‘I didn’t know that Dana Walsh was the mole’

Here’s a new “Ask Katee” where Katee Sackhoff reveals that she didn’t know Dana Walsh was a mole when taking the role (although she knew Dana was bad). The 24 question is the first one.

Tiffany: Hey Katee, did you know that Dana was going to be the mole from the beginning when you landed the role? If yes, was it hard to not show you were the mole? If no, when did you find out?
Katee Sackhoff: No, I didn’t know that I was the mole, but I knew that I was bad — and I knew I was really bad. I just didn’t know how bad. It’s so weird, every day you go to work and they’re like “so today you’re gonna do this” and you’re like “Ah! I thought it was that” so it was hard for me. I realized that I had to completely commit to everything that I was doing in the moment because that was the only way to sell who she was.

But no, I didn’t know I was the mole. But if I had known, it still would’ve been easy! I’ve gotten so good at lying to fans and family members at this point. It’s like an attribute – lie about what my characters really do. *laughs*

YouTube Link: Katee Sackhoff “Ask Katee” Home Edition Part 5


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[..YouTube..] There was a certain disconnect in the Dana character between the earlier person struggling to maintain the job via getting involved with a rather convoluted and risky robbery scheme, and the later dedicated radical mole kick-ass character who quickly dished out death to dispense with problematic persons. Given your own lack of information about where this was going, I bet this would have not been a difficult transition for the audience to accept had the writing been worked out fully in advance.

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[..YouTube..] Thank you Katee for continuing to do “Ask Katee”. I love all of your work, but especially your BSG work. I’m still amazed at how the apparently random “cute athletic girl” running around Battlestar Galactica rapidly became the most important character of the entire series. To everyone’s delight, you became more compelling in your portrayal of Kara, all the way to the bitter, messy end. I really hope to see you become more successful continually. Oh, and I always watch out for motorcyclists!

[..YouTube..] I think her character changed when they found out the show wasn’t coming back because I don’t think she was meant to be a mole at the beginning of the season. Remember she was about to turn herself in why would she do that if she was a mole?

[..YouTube..] She seems nice enough. But I know she’s still evil.

Mama didn’t (and isn’t continuing to) raise no (40-year-old) fool. No sir.

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[..YouTube..] What does the tattoo say? Katee seems to try to hide it.

[..YouTube..] @sdmoranii “bona fiscalia” Latin for “public property”

[..YouTube..] She’s a great actress, perfect with Starbuck, cool in Bionic Woman, Good in 24 but the writing was really bad, I’m waiting to see her on a TV show!! Go Katee!!