Site Redesign and plans for 2011

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As you may have noticed, the site was just redesigned today. I wanted to modernize things a little, but still keep the site clean, simple, and fast-loading. There’s a logo (finally), larger fonts for easier reading, a new navigation menu at the top, and a featured post area on the homepage among other tweaks.

Something I’m going to focus on this year is making all of the content easier to discover. There are hundreds of videos on this site for example, but they aren’t categorized as well as they could be. When I’m done I hope for everything to be accessible within just two or three clicks – there’s going to be a page for each season of 24 with links to everything relating to that season there. This is still a work in progress and will take me a while.

The other big goal, and I’d like your help with this if you can, is to have an archive of everything “24”. Older commercials and trailers, (high-quality) promotional photos, interviews with cast members (text/audio/video), magazine scans, you name it. It was a bummer to see several fan sites and even the official FOX 24 website and message board go offline after the series ended and losing access to all this stuff. If you’ve got some of this older stuff saved on your computer, send me an email. I’ll give you credit if it goes up on the site. Thanks!


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Many thanks for the great work you are doing keeping such an amazing 24 website alive.

I also would like to thank you. Seriously, this month in January has really been hard for me knowing that 24 won’t be starting it’s next season. Its nice to have something to go to so I can still get by “24 fix”. Haha!

I too would like to say thanks.. I love your site. It’s great being able to come here and stay up to date on everything 24. I haven’t had the chance to venture through your new design yet, but from what I’ve seen, it’s looking GREAT!

ortalfrom israel
January 11, 2011 at 12:45 am
thank you !
you’re doing a great job!!!!

I often look for old-school promos of certain episodes from the older seasons, but it’s very hard to find much. An archive of every promo from 24 would be absolutely awesome!

Thank you for all your great stuff, it’s so depressing to have no more 24 in january. (I keep going on my french blog on 24 too !)

Thanks everyone for the kind words. I plan to keep this site going for years to come.

Nice blog, Yoda!