Mary Lynn Rajskub on Lopez Tonight interview

Mary Lynn Rajskub made her first appearance on the Lopez Tonight late night show. She talks a bit about the intensity of working on 24, her guest spot role on tomorrows Modern Family, being a parent, and more. At the end the entire audience got free 24 Season 8 DVD’s.

YouTube Link: Mary Lynn Rajskub on Lopez Tonight

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[..YouTube..] I can’t wait for “24” The Movie. L-O-V-E Chloe!

[..YouTube..] So true about the “Vicks” lmao!!

January 12, 2011 at 12:54 pm
lol. Of course they give away 24 Season 8 DVDs, cause they’re not selling as well as they thought they would. See FOX, should’ve put more money into special features (commentaries, bloopers).

@WouldntYouLikeToKnow Yeah, it seems like the entire point of this MLR appearance was to push the 24 Season 8 DVD at the end – FOX had been promoting her appearance on the show before hand and now we know why.

[..YouTube..] I hate George Lopez..

[..YouTube..] My goddess looking stunning as always.

[..YouTube..] @TransformerslNC you right,,did you watch” Jennifer Lopez-Rysiu Disco” he gonna do something about it

[..YouTube..] George rasurate guey… It looks weird..