Kiefer Sutherland hopes to start ’24’ movie within a year

Kiefer Sutherland is asked by “Extra’s” AJ Calloway about the 24 movie and he says they hope to start filming in December or January. “It’s a very difficult thing to take something you’ve done for eight years, almost two hundred episodes, and try to find a story that’s going to be unique and yet service the history of the show as well,” Sutherland said.

YouTube Link: Kiefer Sutherland on the 24 Movie (Full interview at Extra)


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[..YouTube..] Well is September 2018. Chloe O´brian is head of the new CTU. Jack Bauer is on the run again! That is where season 8 left off ! The film has to continue from there.. I hope they keep it real time..Perhaps the film will be 3 hours long..

[..YouTube..] dang a whole year errr

[..YouTube..] will it release before Dec 21 2012 !!!! :P

[..YouTube..] @davisgreen2020 it’s not going to be in real time. It will be a day.

I really do hope they keep it in real-time like Redemption did.

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[..YouTube..] BRING BACK TONY!!!!!!!!!

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[..YouTube..] @howtoplanaparty : I have never understood why people like you posted such irrelevant comments on totally random and unrelated videos. If you don`t like or rather can`t bear watching violence, maybe you should not watch things like 24. End of story!!

[..YouTube..] OMG! I have never seen Kiefer on such a bad form! What was going on with him in there? He sounded a bit as if he had a bit of a drink before the interview.

[..YouTube..] i cant wait until they start FILMING! and when the movie comes out!! i LOVE 24! :D

[..YouTube..] the movie will be how jack saves us from 2012

[..YouTube..] i think Kiefer has a new tv show coming out…the ad was in the background.

[..YouTube..] a movie is necessary. the finale for the 24 series was epic but it just left so much open that could be expanded on even more. i also think that tony almeida should appear in the movie because i thought his story was kind of left at a loose end at the end of season 7.

[..YouTube..] @SuperOmnicron It’s a play he’s doing on Broadway right now, “That Champion Season”

[..YouTube..] I really wish 24 didn’t end it’s the best show