Will Chloe O’Brian be in the 24 movie? Mary Lynn Rajskub Doesn’t Know

Mary Lynn Rajskub 62nd Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Mary Lynn Rajskub has done an interview with TheInsider.com about her new show webseries Dicki, and of course is asked about the 24 movie as well. Despite Kiefer Sutherland claiming the screenplay was finished ten days ago (meaning characters would be locked down), Mary Lynn has yet to be contacted.

Mary Lynn might be pulling double duty soon since Kiefer Sutherland recently said that a 24 movie script was just about done — which came as news to his former co-star. “There have been no phone calls, no conversations, but I would love to read the script and take it from there. That show changed my life, there’s no reason I wouldn’t go back.”

But Mary Lynn did have one character caveat for returning: “They have to promise to make Chloe a weird stripper. I want to be mostly nude, because that’s where I am in my career right now.”

Source The Insider


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Hello jack and chloe,tonny and kimberly we are missing ur tactics.wen are u releasing season9

are you still to make 24 with jack?
August 7, 2012 at 1:35 pm