Kiefer Sutherland talks about 24 movie on Leno

Kiefer Sutherland appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and gave an update on the 24 movie. Check out the video below:

“It’s something that we’ve been working on. Howard Gordon who was the writer for 24 and a wonderful writer Billy Ray, we started working on a script, and then it got to a point and another writer [Mark Bomback] came in. And we finally got a script to a really amazing place. Unfortunately, because of my schedule we’re trying to fit a lot of moving parts – everybody elses schedule, and trying to find the right slot to do the film in. And we’re still trying. If we don’t get it into this slot, we’ll do it next year.

It’s one of those things, that 24 was so good to me, it was an amazing experience… And I think we have a responsibility to protect it. And our job is to make sure that we make the best possible movie ever, and if we have to wait a little longer we will. We’re still trying, and hopefully we get it done.”


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So this was after the hubbub between Kiefer and Fox yesterday?

What I’m still puzzled by is the assumed green-lighting of Touch Season 2. It’s only aired the pilot episode so far.

“If we don’t get it into this slot, we’ll do it next year”… yeah, if 20th Century Fox can manage a measly $45m-$50m to actually get it made!

Y’know what, after the initial jolt of disappointment faded, I’m actually very cool with the fact the ’24’ movie won’t be shot until next spring, Kiefer would have had a mere seven weeks (or so I read) to film the movie before he had to return to ‘Touch’, and that is simply not enough time to do Jack Bauer’s big-screen debut justice, period! Better they spend the extra year finding a good director – if Antoine Fuqua moves on to another project in the interim – and properly prepping the movie for production next spring, plus if ‘Touch’ is not renewed for a third season, then that will give the ’24’ movie team an open schedule to shoot the movie the way it should be done (and not jammed between seasons of a television series, the very reason they didn’t make a ’24’ movie whilst the series was still on-air), this delay could well be a blessing in disguise, it WILL be made, just not this year, I can wait…

If Antoine Fuqua does becomes unavailable for next year, I once again repeat my preference for Jon Cassar to helm the movie, if not, either Pete Travis, Daniel Espinosa, or even Marc Forster would do nicely!


My guess is Kiefer would probably have roughly 2 1/2 to 3 months for principal photography. When they mentioned 7 weeks, they were talking about pre-production time. The pre-production time would probably be from April to mid-May. Then your talking about a really quick shoot from mid-May to possibly late July. Then Kiefer could return to the set of Touch.

Season 7 comes to mind. A year of extra time is a plus.

You’re absolutely correct, Don J dude, I figured it as such AFTER I’d posted (my bad)… picked that little nugget up on another website, that’ll teach me to get my ’24’ news from another website other than @’24’ Spoilers!!!

In saying that though, if 20th Century Fox had got their act together and given the ’24’ movie a decent budget – $50m or just under sounds reasonable to me – a twelve or thirteen week production would not have been too short – that would have amounted to between 72 and 78 days of filming – and Imagine Entertainment were actively putting the film together behind the scenes quietly before FOX dug their heels in and got unbelievably tight with the money, so the excuse they weren’t ready or didn’t have sufficient time to prep the film is just nonsense…

X dude, you are bang-on there, thank the Lord for the Writer’s Guild strike of ’07-’08, for without it, we would not have had the excellent ‘…Redemption’, and the seventh season would not have been nearly as good, in my opinion, the four episodes before the strike-induced break were clearly faltering, whilst the post-strike episodes had a confidence and a narrative drive that would not have been possible otherwise, so sometimes, delays can be a blessing, still, I would have LOVED for the ’24’ movie to be shot and released this year, alas…

It’s a crock for Fox to imply they’re being coy with the budget for the ’24’ movie because of the relative box-office failure of the second ‘X-Files’ movie, the first ‘X-Files’ movie had a substantial budget of $66m and made $190m worldwide, the second one didn’t do nearly as well because;
1) people were just tired of the whole franchise and apathy prevailed
2) the film had no supernatural element to it and was just plain mediocre
3) it was released the week AFTER ‘The Dark Knight’ and was just crushed by it
4) audiences had already seen Mulder and Scully on the big screen a decade earlier so the novelty factor wasn’t there for the second one

A better television-to-movies comparison would be ‘Sex and the City’ wherein the big screen version of that series came out four years after the series ended, had a decent $65m budget, and made a whopping $415m worldwide at the box-office, more than enough to initiate a sequel, maybe Fox should take that example into consideration before kneecapping what could prove to be a very profitable movie franchise for them, in other words, give ’em the $60m they want to make the ’24’ movie, and watch the box-office takings roll in!

If it is a matter of schedule why not postpone the shooting of Touch season 2 for a few weeks ??
Fox don’t even know if the series would be a succes, since they only aired the pilot so far !
I think it’s more a question of money !