24 Movie something FOX still “wants to do”

Howard Gordon at Comic-Con 2011
Howard Gordon at Comic-Con

CNN got in touch with Howard Gordon, whose new series Homeland was nominated for nine Emmys today, and Howard was of course asked about the 24 movie.

Regarding their other project, the anticipated “24” movie, Gordon says it looked like the movie “was marching toward some sort of, I thought, a green light. Then everybody put the breaks on. I think it’s going to be revisited shortly … but as far as I know it’s still something that they, meaning Fox, still wants to do. And I think Kiefer [Sutherland] still wants to do it.”

Source: CNN (Thanks Catherine and Rob for sending this in!)


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“Gordon says it looked like the movie “was marching toward some sort of, I thought, a green light. Then everybody put the breaks on.”

EVERYONE put the brakes on, are you sure about that HoGo? From everything I’ve read, it appears that the Kief’ and Brian Grazer were proceeding full steam ahead with the movie, that is, until the corporate bow-wows at FOX decided that Jack Bauer’s big-screen debut wasn’t worth more than a miserly $30m… or am I wrong about that!?

Had FOX given them the bare minimum they were asking for – $45m – the ’24’ movie would have been, should have been shot this summer with Antoine Fuqua directing (and having just seen ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’, I am now officially gutted that Fuqua isn’t doing the ’24’ movie now, that would’ve been brilliant, alas…) and an early February 2013 release (instead of the new ‘Die Hard’ movie, which should be released that summer), still, let’s hope FOX regain their senses and give the ’24’ movie some decent coin when they revisit it soon…

FOX need to do the right thing and give the 24 movie a reasonable budget that is fair and right, somewhere around $55m or $60m in my opinion. There’s a lot of competition out there with Bond, Bourne, Mission Impossible, and now with Jack Ryan movie getting the reboot treatment with Kenneth Branagh directing, it’s going to be hard for the potential 24 film franchise to keep up with them if the movie has a budget of $30m.

Well done to the team of homeland with received 9 emmy nominations including:
Drama Series
Drama Actress (Claire Danes)
Drama Actor (Damian Lewis)
Drama Writing (for “Pilot”)
Drama Directing (for “Pilot”)

Just so you can make the comparison, on its first season, 24 got nominated for:
Drama Series
Drama Actor (Kiefer Sutherland, who else?)
Drama Writing (for the pilot episode) (24 WON this emmy in its first year)
Drama Directing (for the pilot episode)

I seem to remember Gordon, Joel Surnow, and Bob Cochran came up with a story outline for a ’24’ movie back in 2006/7, maybe if Howard Gordon had taken that outline (or whatever stage of development it was at) and fashioned it into a fully-fledged first draft screenplay over the summer of 2010 when the series had finished, maybe we would have got a ’24’ movie released this summer (2012) like they originally hoped, that being said, I’m glad everyone involved is still up for making it, and that the script is FINALLY finished and is allegedly pretty darn good, according to Kiefer Sutherland, now hurry up guys and get it done next year… and no more excuses!