Carlos Bernard wonders if 24 movie still “relevant”

Carlos Bernard at the 24 Marathon Challenge Event in December 2010
Carlos Bernard at the 24 Marathon Challenge Event in December 2010

Carlos Bernard (24‘s Tony Almeida) joined former co-star Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O’Brian) in the first episode of her “Kicking It Mary Lynn Style” podcast. He expressed doubts on whether a 24 movie would even be relevant in the current landscape.

Do you think a movie is even relevant at this point? Like if the show came back on, do you think… It’s almost like it was of a certain time period, don’t you think? I don’t know the answer to it, I’m just curious about it.

It seemed like the show really almost seemed like it was a Bush-era kind of show where terrorism was always [a thing]. Terrorism is not on the top of peoples issues anymore – it’s almost like we’re past the terrorist time. Osama bin Laden has been caught, the whole al-Qaeda network is falling apart; they’re just decimating it right now. It’s just sorta like, is it still an issue?

The actors go on to discuss Homeland and agree that show is great primarily because of the personal stories rather than simply hinging on the ‘ticking time bomb’ scenario of an imminent terrorist threat. It’s an interesting discussion for sure and something that has been mentioned by critics in the past.

You can listen to the full podcast here which runs a little over an hour. There’s not a whole lot of 24 discussion but Carlos briefly talks about convincing the writers to spare Tony’s life in the fifth season premiere, and his favorite Almeida scene (his interrogation at the FBI in the 24 Season 7 premiere).


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But ’24’ was conceived and began filming BEFORE 9/11 and the War on Terror, so I disagree somewhat with Carlos, although I’m glad he convinced the writers’ not to kill him in Season 5, I find it interesting though that the very actions that Jack strongly criticized Tony for in Season 7 – namely Tony’s vendetta to avenge the death of Michelle – are the very same actions Jack himself ended up doing in Season 8 following the death of Renee, cool how that worked out…

And as for the movie, it should be a character study of someone who has sacrificed everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – for his country, only to have become a fugitive from that country he once defended, with the movie questioning how does someone undo what has been done, get back what has been lost, and regain faith in a cause that has cost Jack dearly, damaged not only Jack himself but friends and family around him, but also one which now treats him as a criminal… a post-War on Terror movie with an embittered and broken Jack Bauer having to reconcile himself to the repercussions of his legacy as an anti-terrorist operative, repercussions that come back to bite when his hiding in exile is uncovered, and Jack has to defend not his country this time, but his very life…

I think they should make finale Season, or movie, where Jack and Tony reunite in the fight against not so much terrorists, who as we see just the tools in the hands of the powerful people of this world, but against the powers and their intelligence, like the US, China and Russia. And this season should be reverse of Season 1, the completing cycle: this time Jack saves his daughter Kim and Terry, not wife, but teenage granddaughter, and to end show in epic way we could see the death of jack and Tony. How all began in same way all ends.

Seriously do people really think this way?! why wouldn’t 24 be relevant Just because the U.S took out ben laden people think this country is safer after that fact? really, if anything terrorism is worse. I’m in 100% in a disagreement with Carlo’s just wow I agree if or if they’ve not already givin Jack a compelling storyline the Fugitive story in Europe & him fighting for survival that’s interesting enough for me…… it will be no different then Safe house Bourne bond, M:I series movie’s. 24 would belong with any good espionage thriller that’s out there today. & all those movie’s have been about conspiracy’s or the CIA going after somebody or being about terrorism. I can’t believe people are this blind with this irrelevant opinion. It’s not like terrorism lasted one decade terrorism is still here & not getting any better.

As long there are terrorists, russian mafia, mexican drug cartels, hidden moles in the C.I.A., and corrupt politicians, then Jack Bauer and 24 will always be relevant. But the question we should be asking is does FOX think that the 24 movie is still relevant?

Well, their favourite president Trump became a hero of many spy stories. is he really working for Putin or just his own interests, but Fox wouldnt like to screen this story)

Apparently Howard Gordon still thinks fox has a big interest in making 24 happen that & Kiefer won’t let go of Jack. I can understand why Howard & Kiefer both agree on that it sounds like.

@gerrry mander: if the writer is smart enough to make that movie with that theme…. it would be AWESOME!!!

Totally agree with Gerry !…and disagree with the handsome Carlos :)

IMO 24 was not only a spy thriller/action series, but above all a character driven drama about a man who does his duty whatever it takes…24 is a philosophical reflexion about “does the end justifie the means ?” but 24 doesn’t give the answer. So it’s timeless and can be adapted to any political situation (not only War on Terror) in any country (there are enough wars all around the world !)

Besides is War on Terror over ?? I don’t think so…look at what happen in Middle East and North Africa. In France, 3 months ago, an islamist killed 3 kids in a jewish school…
So I think Jack Bauer is more than ever relevant.

Catherine, you’re right that the war against terror is certainly not over, but the War on Terror – the immediate one against al-Qaeda following 9/11 – is drawing to a kind of closure; bin Laden is dead, al-Qaeda are decimated but still dangerously active, the Iraq war is over with Afghanistan drawing to a close, and security/intelligence operations are more highly effective than before that terrible September morning…

Jack Bauer is a wish-fulfillment, an idiom of our desires for those who govern us to also protect us by any means necessary, he personifies the relentless fight to stop evil men (and women) who would kill in the name of greed, power, and/or ideology, in that respect, he’s always relevant, whether FOX still holds that opinion of one of their most successful characters or not is open to question, however…

It could come back but focus on creating tension out of more realistic situations. Instead of a terrorist threat being over in an episode (and there being 5 or 6 threats in the series) do two or three threats, but spread them out longer, put Jack out on the streets, show him infiltrating an “Anonymous” style cyber terrorist organisation.

I agree that the “Bush-era” style of 24 isn’t relevent anymore and it does need to change with the times. It needs to be far more realistic–not to the extent of The Wire (too big a change), but certainly to have more realistic and developed characters and situations.

24 is very relevant.I’m seeing it over again.its a great work.