Kiefer Sutherland does Jack Bauer-inspired advertisement for Acer

Kiefer Sutherland appears in this funny commercial for Acer’s new ultrabook computer which 24 fans should enjoy. In the ad, Kiefer is very passionate about cupcakes and we get to see him channeling Jack Bauer; screaming out “Who’s your supplier? Where’s the icing?!” along with blowing up bombs and other 24 type stuff.

Also check out the Kiefer Sutherland AXE commercial from last month.


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Very funny but is Kiefer doing only commercials now ????

Absolutely hilarious!!!

Funny indeed, adverts pay very well Catherine, that’s why many actors do them. Anyone else notice that L.A. location they shot in is the exact same place they shot the air strike against Stephen Saunders in the third season…?

Good catch, Gerry!

Anyone have a mirror?

Congrats Gerry !! you’re a great fan :)

As the ad, a lot actors do that indeed, but what I mean is Kiefer seems to do ONLY that, last week for Axe, now Acer.

What about movies ? I know he’s shooting season 2 of Touch, and he appears as supporting actor in the movie “the reluctant fundamentalist” I wonder why not big roles in big movies ?? he’s famous, loved, a good actor….

Thanks for the heads up Jomskylark, updated the post with a new mirror.

Cheers for the nice compliment Catherine, I presume the Kief’ is doing ads because they’re great money for a mere day or two of filming, and as far as movie roles go, I would equally presume that because of the financial independence he got from working nine years on ’24’ means he’s not only set for life and doesn’t have to work for a living anymore, but the high profile of ’24’ means he can pick and choose his projects at will… and judging by his choice of roles thus far, it would appear the Kief’ has quite esoteric tastes, preferring projects that appeal to him on an artistic and emotional level rather than larger big-budget tentpole releases, one of the benefits of the financial security he got from ’24’, I would think.

I know I’m probably dumb as a bag of rocks for not getting this, but what’s with the whole mirror reference…?

Gerry, I’ll answer that question if you stop calling Kiefer Sutherland the Kief’. Nobody else calls him that, it’s not his nickname. Plus it takes less effort to write Kiefer. Also, HoGo is even worse.

@Gerry Mander: the term “mirror” is internet-speak for rehosting content elsewhere (typically after it’s been removed). Other times websites might restrict their video content to viewers in a certain country and someone will rehost it to make it available to a worldwide audience.

In this case the original commercial in the post was pulled from YouTube by Acer but someone else had already saved the video and re-uploaded it to their own YouTube account, thus making it available again (or “mirroring” it). Hopefully this explanation makes sense :)

@Gerry yes, I think you’re right, may be Kiefer wants to match his father’s career..Oedipe Complex ;-)
He said in an interview that his father made cinema, and he, makes movies. He means, I think, cinema is author films like Felini’s Casanova.
But it’s a pity, he’d have been a great movie star !

And by the way, in France,journalists call Kiefer “Le Kief” :)

Thank you for the education in internet speak, Mr 24 Spoilers sir, I’ve learned something today, cheers on that one…

Catherine, I would think THE KIEF’ (that one’s for you Realist dude :-P) is probably looking at his career in the long-term, picking films whose impact and legacy lasts a little longer than past the opening weekend, if his career turns out as well as his father’s, he’ll do just fine… wonder if he’s up for starring in a remake of ‘Kelly’s Heroes’…!?

“And by the way, in France, journalists call Kiefer “Le Kief” :)”

Don’t take this the wrong way Catherine, but I think I love you ;-)…!

Ha! This is great.

@Gerry Oh you’re so nice :)

It’s great to speak about 24 and Le Kief across the Ocean :)

I’ve heard Kiefer has a project to do a western with his father…it would be a great team !

I just wish Donald Sutherland had played Philip Bauer in Season 6 as they originally wanted, but he didn’t want to have an adversarial role against his son, and thought that the Jack-Philip Bauer relationship should have been more akin to the one between Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’… on that, I think Sutherland Sr was absolutely correct, the plot involving Philip Bauer’s kidnap of Josh was a major narrative misstep early in that season (as was wasting the mighty Paul McCrane by killing Graem far too soon), and even Howard Gordon has admitted as much.

Le Kief and his father can film their planned Western any time that’s convenient for them both, just as long as Junior shoots the ’24’ movie beforehand…

Totally agree: season 6 was not so bad IMO (the best endind for me), but I dislike the father-brother plot, too caricatural. Only the brother character would have been enough for the family drama..The evil father, the evil brother, the enamored sister in law, the good nephew…it’s too much !!

As for the movie I’m loosing hope :(

Great minds must think alike Catherine :-), I always thought exactly the same thing about Season 6, there was an awful lot of yearning going on, WAY too much; you had (as you pointed out) the enamored sis-in-law, you had the Bill Buchanan-Karen Hayes marriage, you had the Martha Logan-Aaron Pierce relationship, you had the simmering Nadia-Milo then the Nadia-Doyle tryst, as well as the Chloe-Morris relationship, phew, it was just testosterone overload… and that’s not even mentioning the whole evil brother/father plot which completely and unnecessarily sidetracked that season away from the nuclear threat, and put it off track in a way that was hard to recover from, but Howard Gordon has said as much recently, a pity, that season could have been a knockout (like the first four episodes were), but you’re right about the ending, the BEST ending in that series’ history;; powerful, sad, and utterly compelling, awesome stuff…

Why are you losing hope about the movie Catherine, it’s only been put back until next year (for whatever reason), the script is finished and Howard Gordon says FOX still very much want to do it, I hope he’s right, but if you don’t hear any news regarding the movie by around February next year, then I think you should start worrying, but until then, keep the faith, it will happen, although how much money FOX deem it to be worthy of is another matter entirely…

Thanks for comforting me…but every time it’s next summer, next year, but I strongly hope you’re right, fingers crossed.

As season 6 I love the ending: the last images are awesome: Jack on the cliff, nothing in front of him, literally and figuratively, the sound of the sea, his desperate face, the image fades to black and the silent clock…OMG that gave me creeps !

I completely understand your misgivings regarding the movie, Catherine, and you’re right about always hearing the “next year, next summer, next whatever” line coming from Le Kief since about April or May of 2010.

But the difference between then and now is the fact they now have a completed script (which they didn’t have until about March/April of this year), the fact they were SO close to production last year, and the fact that by postponing the film until 2013 they had another year – about four months now – to get any last disagreements and/or details ironed out and a director hired before pre-production simply MUST begin if they want to be ready to begin filming once Le Kief wraps work on ‘Touch’ next April.

I still have faith it will absolutely happen, I share both your own and Le Kief’s obvious frustrations about the seemingly never-ending delays in the film’s development, but I am next to certain it WILL happen next year, I think FOX (for all their penny pinching and dragging of heels in greenlighting the ’24’ movie) do want to do it, they see a solid box-office return for relatively modest expenditure, and studios simply love that equation…

It will happen, we just have had to wait considerably longer than anyone (Le Kief included) had expected before it’s finally released, which I’m still hoping will be a late October 2013 release. Whenever it’s released, I’ll just be relieved when we read that it’s actually been greenlit and is a definite go…

Almost done with Season 8 for the 2nd time. What do I do for another year until the movie comes out? Please advise.

Agree with the great ending to Day 6, however it was so cool when Jack walked off into the sunset at the end of Day 4. Anyone else get chills?

I wish the movie would be an epic 3 hour one and please leave it open for potential follow ups.

Which ex Presidents will we see? Possibly a summit featuring Palmer, Keeler, Daniels and Taylor. I assume Logan is still locked up.

Firstly, gotta correct myself, I said they were SO close to production for the ’24’ movie last year, I meant THIS year… sorry, I’m already twelve months too far ahead, woops!

Loving all the appreciation expressed for the ending of Season 6, been saying it here for ages it’s the best ending in the series’ entire run, and I’m on a one-man crusade to convince people that season wasn’t nearly as bad as it’s reputation suggests, still was a significant drop in quality from previous and succeeding seasons, but still pretty good if not necessarily great…

Steve, Kiefer Sutherland (or Le Kief, as he’s referred to here, credit to Catherine) has said the upcoming movie will be “a two-hour representation of a twenty-four hour day”, will not happen over real time, and is the first film of a proposed three-film story arc. I don’t think any Presidents from the series will be in the (first?) movie, but Chloe and Kim Bauer will…

“Almost done with Season 8 for the 2nd time. What do I do for another year until the movie comes out? Please advise.”

@Steve, if your bored now you have finished ’24’ i would highly recommend you buy the first season of ‘Person of Interest’, the best show since ’24’ ended, bar none.

The two Palmer are dead, Keeler too (or in bad condition) and Taylor must be in jail ;-)

Well look at it this way no news is good news right. Even tho it has been awhile again since we heard anything on the movie there is a light at the end of this movie tunnle. There info doesn’t seem so vague this time. We know jack is in Europe we know it takes place six months from where we last saw him. & we know the people he’s made enamy’s with are out to kill him & that his cover or hidden location has been blown. There two three things as I see it that we don’t know we don’t know who or if they have a director we don’t know kiefer’s opening window to start shooting, yes it’s after touch but this director & kiefer both have to have clear scheduling. That qoustion

Howard gordon has said the current issue at hand is kiefer’s schedule.

Howard Gordon has said a lot over the years regarding the movie, but I think he’s on the level with his recent comment about it, if work on the script is indeed (more or less) finished, then there’s little to no reason why they couldn’t hire a suitable director and get the movie prepped and scheduled in good time to fit in with Kiefer’s tight window of availability next year… I think about a three-month shoot between late April and late July, with a release in February 2014, should do the trick.

Well, regardless I was just making the simple point that we know a little more about the movie that was pretty vague a year ago. On top of that Touch has been moved to 2013. Fox did not give out a reason for the move but could be a number of reasons. But givin the move it’s possible it could give Kiefer room for the movie… which could result in touch wrapping early because of the move. But it’s nothing more then a theory/speculation.

I just hope that they announce the name of the director soon because the end of the year is approaching fast and they need plenty of time for pre-production to get the film on the right track and for what is worth, I hope FOX considers John McTiernan, Renny Harlin, Stephen Hopkins, or my pie in the sky choice Oliver Stone to direct the movie.

I wholeheartedly agree there, BMAN dude, if they want to be up and ready to start production the earliest opportunity they get once Le Kief wraps ‘Touch’ in April, they would probably need to be officially greenlit by FOX and start the active pre-production process by January at absolute latest, but even that is still cutting it too tight, it would be infinitely preferable to get the greenlight and start in November, giving them five solid months to get prepped and ready, and cameras set to roll by late April.

And speaking of potential directors, I second that motion of John McTiernan for the ’24’ movie; not only is he one of the finest action directors in recent memory, let’s face it, he needs the work after his, uh, ‘legal difficulties’, and he wouldn’t or couldn’t demand an A-List salary like he used to, so we would be getting a first-rate action director at a bargain price… although the fact he hasn’t directed a movie in ten years might be a cause for caution, but if it’s McTiernan, I’m there!