Chloe O’Brian not in 24 movie? (Updated)

In a recent issue of TV Guide Magazine, Kiefer Sutherland was interviewed about Touch’s second season (shortly before it was delayed a few months). More interestingly, he was also asked if Chloe O’Brian would appear in the 24 movie to which he replied “Um, I suspect not”.

Kiefer Sutherland 24 movie interview TV Guide
Kiefer Sutherland speaks to TV Guide about Touch and 24 movie

There’s still a few months left before production, so things may change, but with the script supposedly being completed this is where things stand currently. The lack of Chloe will come as a disappointment to many fans as she’s arguably the second most popular character besides Jack Bauer – and one of the few characters left standing at the end of the series.

Update: As several people have pointed out, the “24 question” in the context of this interview is likely referring to whether Chloe O’Brian will ever guest-star on Touch.

Thanks Jack for the heads up!


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Well Just to be clear I won’t be disappointed if she’s not there. Remember Kiefer told T.V guide that Jack Will most likely be hunted/Fighting for survival he would be running as oppose to Chasing. Which is different change in pace. He would only have himself to rely on. So I’m okay with Chloe Not being in the movie if that’s the case. From the way they describe the story it sounds like the movie will focus more on Jack then having the president/CTU in the same boat. So again doesn’t matter to me. Du know about anyone else but Jack being a fugitive & Fighting for survival is interesting in itself. We’ve seen a lot of things in 24 but what we haven’t seen is Jack Being hunted down We haven’t seen Jack rely on himself before. Someone’s always okay so not always has had his back so…. This would be different & interesting to see.

I’ve kind of suspected Chloe’s non-involvement in the movie when Mary Lynn Rajskub knew nothing about the script or production schedule, yet Elisha Cuthbert was told to keep herself available for this past summer when it looked like production was going to happen… sucks to be right on this occasion, Chloe rocks!

That being said, you have to serve the material, and from what we know of the script, it really is Jack’s story, it’s him alone against the odds, hunted rather than hunting, fighting for his life rather than his country, and evading the authorities as well as his enemies, does sound a lot like the ‘Die Hard’ meets ‘The Fugitive’ scenario that Howard Gordon described a while back.

And besides, ‘…Redemption’ proved that you can take Jack out of the U.S., without CTU, and without many/any of the series’ recurring characters, and it is still recognizably ’24’… I have total faith in the movie script, they didn’t fail us for nine years, I don’t think they will now, onward next summer…

I also won’t be disappointed if Chloe O’Brian is not in the movie. The 24 movie should stand on its own and shouldn’t have any tv baggage attached to it. To have certain characters from the tv show to pop up during the movie could be confusing to some audience member who’ve never seen the tv show. The movie needs to appeal to everyone, not just 24 fans. That was the mistake the first X-Files movie made. Let the film franchise get established first and if it’s successful, then it’s ok to introduce characters from the tv show. I also think it’s a good idea to get rid of the 24 hour time format. Jack Bauer is the star of the movie not the ticking clock. I’ll probably get some heat from fans on this issue but it’s another way that the movie will be different from the tv show, and don’t call the movie 24. Come up with a better title but let people know it’s a Jack Bauer movie.

It’s pretty clear the question isn’t about the 24 movie – the guy is asking if the actress who plays Chloe obrien will ever be in Touch.

Well it is a 24 question So only reasonable assumption would be about the movie. @Gerry you make a very good point kinda the same thing I was saying it wouldn’t really make since for Chloe to be in the movie if this was about Jack’s survival…

That being said, you have to serve the material, and from what we know of the script, it really is Jack’s story, it’s him alone against the odds, hunted rather than hunting, fighting for his life rather than his country, and evading the authorities as well as his enemies, does sound a lot like the ‘Die Hard’ meets ‘The Fugitive’ scenario that Howard Gordon described a while back. We’ve Never seen Jack on his own with no one covering his back. & if you look at the end of season 8 when Jack & Chloe said goodbye Chloe Said Good Luck Jack. So for Chloe to be in the movie after that wouldn’t really make a hole lot of since… Chloe efforts to help Would only create awareness & possibly suspicion of Jack’s where abouts. Jack would have to be resourceful & pretty much have to rely on himself. I like the idea of Jack fighting for survival & being on his own as a fugitive.

Sorry… that question was NOT about the 24 movie. It was clearly about Touch. “Will Chloe make an appearance?” is about whether mary lyn will be in Touch. Look at the context of the interview!

I think it is very obvious that this is about Touch, not 24 movie.
I am sure Chloe will be in the movie, because she is unfortunately too popular not to be in it. I personally would never want to see her in 24 again because I never really liked the character and contrary the what people say, 24 could have easily been written without her without making significant alterations to seasons 3-8. Heck, it would probably be a better show without the technological deus-ex-machina sitting in the CTU.

I personally do not want anyone to return from the show either. They already killed or ruined every interesting character in the show and I don’t want to see the movie turning into a contrived cameo mess just to appease some individual fanbases. Just start anew with new characters and with a fresh perspective, don’t shackle the movie franchise with old b-grade leftover stock from the show.

Ozgur Ulker Dare I ask is there anything you do like about the show

>> Ozgur Ulker Dare I ask is there anything you do like about the show

I like season 5, 2 and 7 (those are my favorite seasons). Guess what, 2 didn’t have any Chloe, 7 had very limited Chloe and 5 being my favorite season has nothing to do with her but plot being very tightly written and directed.

Chloe this, Chloe that, I don’t care about Chloe, the 24 movie does not need Chloe, just like 24 TV series never needed her in the first place.

BMAN dude, I actually thought they did a pretty good job of the first ‘X-Files’ film, considering how quickly it was made (eighteen months from writing to release); they cut a few key plot-based lines from the final cut that should have remained, they also cut a short little scene involving Mulder and Scully and the black helicopters after they leave the cornfield that probably should have remained, and they definitely should have filmed a scene showing just how Mulder and Scully got back from the Antarctic… but all things considered, they pretty much captured in the film what made the series (or at least the first five seasons) so good, and if the eventual ’24’ movie is as good, it’ll be a solid success at the box-office upon release.

One last thing, they WILL call the movie ’24’ – for marketing reasons if nothing else – although whether it will just be ’24’ as the sole title, or with a subtitle attached, like it was with ‘…Redemption’, will be interesting to see.

Ozgur Ulker Well, I wouldn’t say that I like Chloe but weather she’s in the movie or not doesn’t matter to me. But as Jack said she’s very good at what she does she’s an asset to Jack. The fact that they put her in charge of CTU in season 8 I thought and still think was BAAAADDDD story telling She’s an analyst NOT a CTU director She had no clue how to run CTU & Jack got under the radar pretty easily under her. So I guess my only point would be she helped Jack in many ways. other then Her being in charge she became his only support so she served the series because of that.

I agree with Joe this is not a question about the 24 movie, I think the question was “will Chloe make an appearence… in TOUCH”
But I’m desapointed that there is not a question about the usual.

OK, lots of people have pointed out how you’ve misunderstood the article here – and you’ve acknowledged that – so can you not change the headline of this so it’s not misleading? Just make it an article about the Touch interview, as this has nothing to do with the 24 movie.

It’ll be more than a disappointment.

I actually hope Chloe isn’t in the movie. I was neutral on her character – she was far from my favourite, but she was palatable. My main problem with her was that she made things easy for Jack and I prefer season 1/2 style Jack when he didn’t know what to expect going into a building.

My indifference to her character aside, I think her ending was fitting and to bring her back would be extraneous. She said her goodbye to Jack and I like to think that’s how their relationship ends.

As for the movie, I want it to focus solely on Jack. The later seasons started to put more emphasis on other characters, but a movie should go back to the earlier seasons where Jack was the lead character. The idea of him being hunted sounds great!

Chloe should most certainly be in any “24” movie. The movie should stand on its own, but it would only be made because of the popularity of the TV series. Just like Star Trek, you do not create a completely new set of characters when fans are expecting to see old faces. Even if they brought Tony Almeida back it would be well received in the film. Chloe’s character stands out for several reasons and any film without her, played by Rajskub, would be making a mistake. She worked her way up to being able to direct CTU and complaining that Jack was under the radar with her as director is to misunderstand their relationship, plot continuity, and the fact that Jack was “under the radar” whenever he really wanted to be. I hope they bring back Jack and Chloe formost – but the success of a film based on “24” will be talented writing, and fearless action.

Jack Bauer is not in the 24 movie, because it’s not happening.

Adrian — weather you liked her character or not, the producers chose put her in 126 episodes. That says something about her importance to the success of the show. For Jack to get out of all those impossible situation you have to have someone covering his back. Redemption was great, but without the Hi-tech (ticking time bomb) element to it, it is not 24. Not to say it couldn’t be a great movie. But please no more moles in CTU, they played that card too many times.