24’s Eleventh Anniversary

24 premiered eleven years ago on November 6, 2001. Happy birthday 24! Here’s the very first trailer for the original season to look back on.

Hopefully we’ll have some 24 movie news to look forward to next year.


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I’m a little worried since I’ve seen the last (and very good)James Bond Skyfall because James looks more and more like Jack Bauer…

The makers of the 24 movie has to bring their A-game because they’re in danger of being left behind with the Bond and Bourne films. That’s why it’s important that the movie needs to get a good director and writer and no offence but Mark Bomback is no John Logan, Paul Haggis or even Tony Gilroy.

I wouldn’t worry about the ’24’ movie, BMAN dude, if the script is as good as Kiefer seems to think it is, it’ll turn out fine… although they won’t have the budget or production time that the big action franchises have; my guess is it’ll have a budget of about $40m and probably around 65 shooting days, which is fine by me, if they have the script, they have the movie!