Mary Lynn Rajskub to guest-star on The Mentalist

Mary Lynn Rajskub

24 alumna Mary Lynn Rajskub is making time for The Mentalist, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The actress will guest star as a rehab patient whose roommate is murdered in a January episode of the CBS procedural.

Source TV Line


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Good news for Mary Lynn but still nothing on the 24 movie :(
I’ve just read that Kiefer and his father are going to make a western in April…humm bad omem fot the 24 movie !

And beside I’ve seen the new James Bond, a very good movie, but James looks more and more like Jack Bauer…

Where did everybody go?

I’m here, BMAN dude, I’ve always been here – just like Jack Nicholson in ‘The Shining’ :-) – there’s not much to comment on at present though, news on the movie’s a little dry at present… hope it heats up early new year.

Catherine, I just read that and my heart literally skipped a beat; it said filming will take place in Canada beginning April 2013… excuse me (?), April… NEXT April? If ‘Touch’ isn’t renewed for a third season, then everything’s still on the table regarding the ’24’ movie, otherwise I fear for it’s future, I genuinely believe next year is a now-or-never scenario for Jack Bauer’s big-screen outing, FOX will lose interest if it’s pushed back AGAIN to 2014, they’ll conclude too much time has elapsed since the series ended, and… well, you can guess the rest only too clearly!

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