Action-Packed Event Series “24: Live Another Day” Premieres Summer 2014 on FOX

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Kiefer Sutherland to Return as JACK BAUER in New Event Series Produced by 20th Century Fox Television, Imagine Television and Howard Gordon’s Teakwood Lane Productions

FOX has ordered 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, a thrilling new tent-pole event series set to restart the clock on the groundbreaking and Emmy Award-winning drama franchise starring Kiefer Sutherland. Produced by 20th Century Fox Television, Imagine Television and Howard Gordon’s Teakwood Lane Productions, 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY will make its historic debut in the summer of 2014 on FOX.

The announcement was made this morning by Kevin Reilly, Chairman, Fox Broadcasting Company; Dana Walden and Gary Newman, Chairmen, Twentieth Century Fox Television; and Brian Grazer, Chairman, Imagine Entertainment.

The high-octane saga will reunite showrunner Howard Gordon with Sutherland and retain the real-time, pulse-pounding, fast-paced format with split screens and complex interweaving storylines, with 12 episodes representing 24 hours. The suspenseful event series once again follows the exploits of heroic agent JACK BAUER (Sutherland), who will resume his story several years following the events of the final season.

“It’s great to have Jack back. ’24’ redefined the drama genre, and as we reimagine the television miniseries, this iconic show will again break new ground for the network,” said Reilly. “The series remains a global sensation, and everyone at FOX is thrilled to be back at work with Kiefer, Howard and the incredibly creative ’24’ team.”

“When Howard came to us saying he had an idea for a new chapter of ’24,’ he quite simply had us at ‘hello,'” remarked 20th Century Fox Television Chairmen Gary Newman and Dana Walden. “’24’ is a signature series for this studio, beloved by critics and audiences worldwide. Howard’s idea to revive the franchise as an event series couldn’t be timelier, and with the brilliant Kiefer Sutherland on board to reprise his iconic role, we can’t wait to get started.”

Added Imagine Television Chairman Brian Grazer, “I’m both excited and proud that Howard, Kiefer, and I, along with ours partners at 20th and Fox, have this new opportunity to give ’24’ fans what they’ve been asking for – more Jack Bauer. It’s been my experience that people love Jack Bauer because he’s a guy who cuts through the red tape and gets the hardest things done. I am certain 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY will again have a huge impact on our culture.”

“The response to ’24’ is unlike anything I have ever experienced as an actor before,” noted Sutherland. “To have the chance to reunite with the character, Jack Bauer, is like finding a lost friend. The story ideas from Howard Gordon are exciting and fresh, and will not disappoint. Great thanks to 20th Century Fox Television, Imagine Television and the FOX network for this opportunity. Make no mistake, my goal is to knock your socks off. See you soon.”

“Jack Bauer has always been an exciting, thrilling character, and I confess that I’ve missed him. I think the audience has too,” said executive producer Howard Gordon who served as showrunner for most of the series’ run and won multiple Emmy Awards for his work. “The character has evolved through the years, and this new and exciting event series format is perfect to tell the next chapter of his story and continue to reflect how the world is changing. Fans can rest assured that the Jack they know and love will be back.”

Originally premiering November 6, 2001, ’24’ was nominated for a total of 73 Emmy Awards, winning for Outstanding Drama Series in 2006. Over eight seasons, Kiefer Sutherland garnered seven Emmy Award nominations and one win for Outstanding Lead Actor – Drama Series. While the series gained global recognition, Sutherland’s portrayal of the legendary character penetrated the American psyche like no other dramatic television character to become part of the cultural lexicon.

24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY is a production of 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Television in association with Teakwood Lane Productions. Howard Gordon, Brian Grazer and Kiefer Sutherland will executive produce, along with an additional team to be announced. The original series, which had its last American broadcast on May 24, 2010, was created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran.


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Wonderful news – next summer can’t come soon enough! I’m not quite sure why FOX added the “Live Another Day” qualifier to the series title – it sounds akin to the “Die Hard” series that did the same – but that’s splitting hairs.

As for the 12-episode count using the same running clock format, I don’t think it will be too drastic or even noticeable for each show to begin with “The following events take place between 8:00AM and 10:00AM”, with each show covering a two-hour block of the day rather than one.

Nice to also read that they’re putting a few years of distance between Season 8 and the upcoming one. It should allow for a slate of new characters (except for maybe Chloe returning) – although I do hope that Jack’s grandaughter doesn’t now become the replacement victim of villains that Kim was at the start of the series.

Welcome back, Jack – we missed you! And thank you, FOX, for recognizing your mistake in walking away from the series / movie the first time.

Yeahhhh Cant Wait to see Jack back !!!!!! .i’m very exited :D:D:D:D

My only concern is the rationale behind FOX scheduling it for summer, which is traditionally the least-watched time of the year in terms of television viewership. The fans of the series will no doubt tune in but if FOX is seeking to gain a larger audience and new fans, giving the show a June/July start does seem like a half-hearted vote of confidence.

But, compared to the alternative (no movie or series), this is still good news. Beggars can’t be choosers,

They still have big hits in the summer! Look at America’s Got Talent!

“Make no mistake, my goal is to knock your socks off” OMG OMG I’m totally thrilled !!!
As for the real time format 12 episodes=24 hours may be the episodes will be longer: 50,55 mn

That is one of the most PR sauced statements I have ever read.

I love 24 so much and this is such exciting news. Hopefully if 24:LAD is popular then they’ll even possibly consider another series, and maybe a movie.


I can’t breathe!

May 13, 2013 at 1:28 pm
This is everything I ever wanted. Thank you FOX, Howard and Kiefer.

I really.hope that this catches on again and gets renewed for a few more seasons!
While 12 episodes is great, a few more seasons would be the icing on the cake! the bees knees if you will lol

I only started watching 24 by chance on Netflix last March, but I ran through all 192 episodes in less than six months. I’m thrilled that I can finally watch 24 with everyone else! I fell in love with this series, and I can’t wait until next summer! I’ll be heading off to college then, so 2014 should be an interesting year!

Can’t wait. Too bad it’s still 1 year away. Hope they bring back Jon Cassar and possibly Brad Turner to direct the 12 episodes. Those guys know how to shoot the show.

I love too see Martin Campbell to direct a few episodes and Michael Cuesta from Homeland to direct but most of all bring back Stephen Hopkins. That will be awesome!!! I’m still really disappointed that 24 won’t be a movie. FOX missed the boat on that one.

I’m incredibly, unashamedly grateful to FOX for finally agreeing to more 24 at the exact right time, while fans were losing hope about the movie, Kiefer’s new show Touch on the chopping board, and Howard to come up with a new story, even as he’s got a million other things going on.

“24: Live Another Day” seems like a perfect title to me. Although I doubt the series will ever screen it, a la “24: Redemption”. Just need to know if Rodney Charters, the director of cinematography and the other original writers will return. I think they will. ——————————
UPDATE: (5/13)FOX has confirmed a 12-episode run. Episodes will “skip” hours based on the plot. Will “probably” premiere in early May.

Whew, not even early Summer, but late Spring in fact. This makes perfect sense as we know The Following Season 2 only contains 15 episodes and going by the same scheduling as this year, it will finish April 28th, 2014 along with Bones. And come on, we can pretty much guarantee a 2 HOUR SERIES PREMIERE OF 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, MAY 5th, 2014!

Althogether everyone… WHOOOOO and indeed HOOOOO… and then some!!!

This is like Christmas, New Year, every birthday, and getting married all at once, I’m so excited my hands are literally shaking writing this, I was so down earlier this year in regards the non-event that was the ’24’ movie but now I feel like I’ve drunk about 100 cups of coffee, this is literally the best news not only all year (second place in that list goes undoubtedly to the uocoming re-release of Wiliam Friedkin’s 1977 masterpiece ‘Sorcerer’) but the last several years… oh baby!

First of all, I LOVE the title, it sounds great and it distinguishes the upcoming new series with the regular series – as ’24: Redemption’ did likewise – and I LOVE the idea they’re not going with real-time again, rather allowing the story to breathe and move on it’s own pace and momentum without the constraints of having to account for (almost) every minute of the day, hopefully this will mean an international scope to the story arc.

It’s interesting that they mentioned the planned movie, and that after much discussion, they felt that condensing ’24’ down to a two-hour movie “wasn’t really ’24′”, I still respectfully disagree with that assessment and I wonder if that’s just being diplomatic about the studio’s obfuscation and tightness, but I sure ain’t gonna quibble at this exciting time, no sir not me, whatever may have been is past, what is ahead is important… although I guess this officially lays to rest any prospect of a ’24’ movie in the future, oh well, I can live with that, maybe ’24’ is so unique and so distinct that you simply can’t treat it like any other hugely successful sweies, and should be treated on it’s terms, I can definitely live with that, any ’24’ is good enough for me, big screen or small screen, it’s still Jack Bauer, and THAT’S what counts!

Hey Catherine sweetie, welcome back, hope you had a nice holiday… hope this news “knocked your socks off”!!!

Sorry for the copious misspellings in my above post, I told you my hands were literally shaking writing this… and they still are!

im so exited I been wanting them to bring back 24 and jack bauer I still have all the seasons and wach them all the time cant wait for it to start I hop they bring it back for more seasons and a movie

The movie’s not gonna happen guys, nor should it. 24 belongs on television, and it will for years to come (I predict at least three more days). They were killing themselves trying to figure out how to make it and realized a movie just didn’t make sense – they are certainly not gonna revisit this horrible idea.

A much longer 24 experience will be much more satisfying. And after what seemed like an endless waiting game, I think we can conclude now that Jack Bauer and real-time are inseparable.

May 14, 2013 at 1:28 am
Not sure it was “a horrible idea” as you put it, it was a good enough idea, at least in theory, to have written a script for a 24 movie back in both 2007 and 2012, a 24 movie could still be a very good movie but maybe they’re right and 24 is best suited to longform storytelling, but that’s academic now, and I’m personally thrilled to have this new 12-part, big-budget (for a television project) limited series, it’s new 24 and it’s Jack Bauer back on our screens… what’s not to like, what’s to complain about? I’ll tell you what would be great, if they have a little ten-minute prequel released beforehand – like with Seasons 4, 5, and 6 – just to set the scene and get us primed, and it would be an even quicker way to get past the inevitable exposition lining up the end of Season 8 with this new one!

Before this news announcement, I was all in favor of the movie but only because it seemed the only way to extend the “24” experience after the series ended. However, hindsight is 20/20 and after further thought, I think Gordon was right to avoid trying a 2-hour movie format. While “Redemption” was a nice change at the time, it was more of a set-up to Season 7 that they knew was coming. Try picturing a 2-hour block to start and end a story in – I think the end result, even with the people involved, would have ended up too close to so many of the action/spy genre movies of recent years (Bond, Bourne, McClane). A story can introduce more twists and turns over a series without forcing the action to be non-stop.

I like Rorshach’s idea about a prequel – in fact, what I think would be really satisfying is to do the prequel set at a time only a few months after Season 8 ended and tie up whatever loose ends are left to bring some closure to the Russian hunt, etc. Obviously, anyone who watched the entire series would want some of the ending in S8 cleared up. Then the new series can start up set several years ahead (as FOX suggested) with a clean slate and Jack in a new setting.

FWIW, I think Kiefer was dreaming of this coming true – not just based on his various interviews since 2010 about the movie but because he was bringing more and more of his “24” roots into “Touch”. Anyone who watched the second season of “Touch” (and it wasn’t easy to get through such a convoluted story) saw ample evidence – be it Kiefer donning army boots and familiar Bauer-attire to the mid-season stint with him doing some action scenes with a gun. I also was surprised at how many former “24” alumni appeared as guests on “Touch” this past season. I think I counted at least 6 different actors/actresses who once appeared on “24”. It almost seemed like Kiefer was trying to go back to comfortable and familiar ground.

Hi from Spain, I’m so SO excited too for learning about this GREAT news!! wow!!!!

Just one question: what do you think that would happen AFTER this series end? I mean, do you think they have in mind continuing it for a possible season 10 (miniseries format too), for the so talked movie, or instead they maybe have in mind making this miniseries JUST for ending it forever, who knows, with the possible Jack’s death? Yes, of course all of this depends of the ratings, we all know that, but if they were a notable success, do you think they will be continuing it or making a forever finale?


I think they will continue it in this format.

It seems the movie idea is totally scrapped if the President of Fox is to be believed. And I agree and hope that is the case. It doesn’t make sense to diminish it to a short story (feature film) when it should be a wonderful breathing, detailed novel (series).

I think they’ll make this day as planned and shoot two different endings: one definite in case the ratings aren’t that great (Nielsen is unfortunately still the ruling judge these days); one open ending in case it has great ratings.

From interviews and roundtables, Kiefer has expressed his love of having a steady job. As an actor, its a wonderful thing to work steady for most of the year and then have time off to either take a break or do a movie or two. Having 24 in this halved format will make it a lot easier on his physical and overall well-being making this. As long as they can keep the quality going I think it 24 will last for a few more years (seasons/days).

Relative to Davidete’s question, some of the news reports cited that the “24” limited series would not necessarily be an annual run – whether that is simply a disclaimer to see how the ratings fare for the 2014 run before commitments to future runs thereafter are made remains to be seen. While there’s a loyal and passionate following of the show, the ratings began to decline in its last few seasons. FOX is obviously proceeding with caution on the reboot.

TJ – with respect to your ratings comment, while the ratings certainly declined, I think I should point out that relative to even current shows on TV, 24’s ratings were still very high. In fact Season 8 still averaged over 9 million viewers, with the premiere generating over 11.5 million viewers. What I think also needs to be considered is that in the wake of NetFlix, i’m sure that MANY people began watching 24 after the show ended. That, coupled with (hopefully) very strong promoting by Fox should lead to solid ratings for the 2014 series despite the fact that it’s airing during the summer.

I still am not clear about one thing: will this be a reboot not taking into consideration the previous season or a continuation?

to say am excited is an under statement this is very good news and i cant wait to see jack bauer again. 24 epitomised television and changed the drama genere. there was something missing on tv when it ended and that was the fast paced thrilling and incredible twists and story lines. now i can say next year will be an interesting year for tv. BAUER POWER……”#DAMN IT”

24bauerfan, ‘Live Another Day’ will be set “several years after” Season 8 and will likely wrap up whatever exposition needs to be wrapped very early on (perhaps in a prequel as Rorshach suggested) before moving onto a brand new story arc… hopefully that clarifies the issue for you!

With respect to ratings, they’re NOT going to film two endings because they’ll already have broadcast all twelve episodes before a decision is taken on whether to renew it for another limited series – unless the ratings are stratospheric, in which case, don’t be surprised if FOX orders a new series before the upcoming one finishes it’s initial run – but I would hazard a guess now and say that ‘Live Another Day’ will have a relatively conclusive end so if it is the final chapter of the ’24’ saga, it won’t feel like loose ends still need tying up.

I still contend a ’24’ feature film would and could work very well indeed, and I wonder if the seeming decision to effectively cancel the movie came down to the oft-discussed budgetary disagreements as opposed to the supposed creative and artistic reasons cited by Kevin Reilly in yesterday’s conference call with journalists (especially since most people involved with the movie had publicly praised the script), although in saying that, I can’t shake the feeling that had the movie went ahead, it would’ve run the risk of being too close to a Bourne film (Jack being chased across Europe and trying to uncover a larger conspiracy), losing the unique and distinct ’24’ identity in the process… so although I still kind of lament the movie not happening, I’ll be over it by this time tomorrow, and the idea of a 12-part limited series, and all that implies (bigger budget, tighter narrative, potential international scope, etc), just feels so RIGHT for ’24’ at this point in it’s run, and I for one couldn’t be happier about it, best of luck to all involved, knock it out of the park guys!!!

Who’s betting that FOX might release the entire ’24’ series on Blu Ray before ‘Live Another Day’ is broadcast next May? If that happens, I might just have to fork out on a Blu Ray player after all, the thought of having all eight seasons – plus ‘Redemption’ with the extended cut hopefully included – of ’24’ in lovely HD is just too good a prospect to pass up… or would it be better to wait until ‘Live Another Day’ is released in an inevitable Blu Ray box set with the rest of the ’24’ saga, ah decisions, decisions!?

Gerry, I am betting that releasing the original 24 series on Blu-ray would be a fantastic business decision. Given that they have said the marketing budget would be substantial, perhaps a Blu-ray set would fit under this category. It seems like the next logical step, obviously.

What has FOX got to lose? They get all the diehard fans (of which there are many) buying it as well as attracting interest from new fans who it appeals to because of the higher standard of visual quality. Not to mention, many more people will have caught up with the series all around the world.

Given that it was broadcast in widescreen format from the beginning, it shouldn’t cost too much to convert and Season 7 and 8 have already been released on Blu-Ray. They better release it soon however as getting through 150 hours of content in one year is mandatory.

May 15, 2013 at 3:15 am
The 8th episode of “24 LAD” will be the 200th episode of the series. Hope they do something special.

Well I’ve read that it’s possible that they could make a series of sequels. So the possibilities are endless. 24 may go for more the one run. So I wouldn’t assume just yet the ending will conclude things.

I am a huge fan of 24 and watched it religiously for 8 years and was very sad when it came to an end. With the news that it’s coming back, I am VERY excited and like the other comments I hope it does well so the show continues past 2014. I would also like to see some prequels because they could bring back dead characters.
I wish it was 2014 already!

Even here in th netherlands we can’t wait to see Jack again, now we have to wait almost a year but it;s worth it….

They won’t do prequels they’ve made that clear over the course of the show’s history. 24 is about moving Jack forward not backwards.

this news was my best bday present ever. can not wait until next summer

Damn IT! And here I thought “24” was “RUNNING OUT OF TIME! :)

Can’t wait to see Jack back!

Greatest news Ever!! I would have definitely watched a 24 movie had one come out, no doubt.. But cant deny I felt it wouldn’t have been anywhere near close to the actually series, especially due to the fact they wolud have to compress a 24hr storyline into 2hrs! I really felt the franchise would lose its true 24 flavour in that scenario.

That said, this new series format is so much better for Soo many reasons.. Mostly because I believe that doing normal season in this day and age, 24 eps over 20odd weeks, is way too long to hold any meaningful suspense and thrills for the audience anymore. 12 eps over 10 odd weeks is definitely the way to peak viewership and produce a more to the point storyline. Dont be suprised if the ratings soar on this one!!

The best thing though is that Howard Gordon came up with all this on his own eg.He approached Fox, not the other way around, to do this! Im sure after a longish break from the show and doing something new with Homeland, Howard is now refreshed and creatively amped to go! Can only mean greatness for 24 :)

PS: Nice to see this site buzzing again! Was scared our lil community would eventually become a ghost town before this piece of news.. But ultimately our fav 24 site Lives Another Day ;)

Northern Star
May 17, 2013 at 8:53 pm
The ’24’ movie would not have been the series, that much is obvious, it’s a totally different medium but it doesn’t mean it would have been inferior. Clearly it wouldn’t have played out in real-time but would have still had an occasional onscreen time code to keep viewers aware of the point in the 24-hour period they are at, and most certainly would have had a great deal of suspense and tension given it’s compressed and definite time frame. Given the choice between the movie and the upcoming limited series, I would still choose the movie (mainly because I believe ’24’ as a television franchise had run it’s natural course), but having not read the completed movie script nor having any idea what Howard Gordon’s new story idea for the limited series is, it’s all just subjective opinion on my part. It’s not even the movie not happening that irritates me so much as the reason it’s not happening, which is clearly monetary not artistic, and the reason behind that is likely due to the amount of revenue on the back-end of profits that Kiefer Sutherland, Brian Grazer, and Antoine Fuqua were set to reap (up to 25% of the total take between them, according to Deadline) in their respective deals for the movie. FOX clearly had run projections on how much they expected the film to make, taken into account with the amount it would have taken to make the film properly ($45m according to Deadline again), plus advertising/marketing/prints distribution costs, and then the amount the three aforementioned principals stood to make on the profits made after break-even… when you take all that into account and crunch the numbers (as FOX undoubtedly would have done), it’s not surprising the studio didn’t want to spend more than $30m in production costs last year had it happened, and it’s certainly no surprise in hindsight the movie didn’t happen at all with those numbers!

It’s interesting to compare how tough it was for them to try and make the film in comparison to just how quickly and easily the limited series has come together in such a short period, and it’s easy to see why, a series is relatively cheaper to make than a theatrical feature film, plus they don’t have to worry about all the added costs mentioned earlier to the same degree, including distributors and cinema owners taking their respective cuts. As long as the story and overall execution of the limited series is top-notch in every respect, it will definitely be worth it, and I for one will be tuned in to every last minute of it, maybe ’24’ is a better fit for television than for cinemas, but I guess we’ll never know that for certain.

Kev, I think the fact that Gordon had success with “24” in the past and followed it up with success on “Homeland” probably helped persuade FOX – and I also think that Kiefer was desperately trying to revive the Jack character. It was so obvious in the second season of “Touch” how more and more similarities were creeping into the show of how he portrayed Jack – all the way up to the series finale, where his Martin character is lying in a hospital after a car crash, ignores doctor recommendations to get dressed to chase after his son – then finds his son’s captor and tortures him for information after administering a few beatings first. Near the end of the show, the rescue of his son, courtesy of some gun-play a la Jack, looked like a watered-down scenario from “24”. I even wondered at times if FOX, seeing the ratings for “Touch” sag as the second season plodded along, encouraged the writers to instill some “24”-like action into the show in an effort to draw more of that show’s fans.

@Northern Star – I agree with you fully on the fact that monetary issues were definitely the cause of the movie projects demise! Fox have missed alot of tricks over last few years and only showed optimism with regards to a show, in pursuit of further profits :( However by doing this new series, whatever their reasons, we are definitely the winners!! Thanks to this we looking at possibly 15hours of new footage, compared to 2hrs of a movie – waiting another two years for another 2hrs in a form of sequel! As exciting as movie version could have been, Im sure you agree this is better?

@T.J You summed it up perfectly with:

“Near the end of the show, the rescue of his son, courtesy of some gun-play a la Jack, looked like a watered-down scenario from “24″. I even wondered at times if FOX, seeing the ratings for “Touch” sag as the second season plodded along, encouraged the writers to instill some “24″-like action into the show in an effort to draw more of that show’s fans.”

Touch was particularily hard to follow in season 2 for those exact reasons! Fox def tried to addd 24 elements to it but all came across ‘waterdowned’ as you said. Tim Kring has sadly become a horse that should not be bet on anymore :( which is sad considering that the overal ideas of “Heroes” and “Touch” were really good, just never executed well over a duartion of a season! More thrills and emotional investments were needed, but that said if Touch didnt fail we would get this new 24 :)

I agree with you on your points regarding Howard Gordan!
Side questions:

Which recurring guest stars with you like to see in 24:LAD: President Taylor? Tony Almeida? Kim? Possible mentally retarde Charles Logan?

Also do you think Chloe, Arlo and Freddie Prince gonna be his CTU team?

apologies for the many typo’s

I doubt the New York team will be returning, especially considering this is a story “starting from scratch”.
Even Chloe might not be returning in any capacity. I am personally kind of hoping for this – I know I will be in the minority however. I doubt the show can have a very fresh story if Chloe is on a computer helping Jack a lot of the time, because that has basically been done to death and it results in the same storytelling as before. Also, Chloe’s personality annoys me and she said goodbye to Jack very emotionally – if they reunite it would kind of ruin the impact of that moment.

Who knows, Jack might visit Charles Logan at a mental hospital and must break him out to retrieve information. Not sure how they would include Tony Almeida or Alison Taylor as their previous exits seemed pretty conclusive, but Kim could make a return to once again give him hope that he may be able to have a normal life. I certainly wouldn’t rule out Kim after her many guest appearances in the original series.

24:LAD is an interesting abbreviation after noticing that there is “LA” in the title. Could this be a reference to show taking place in LA again? I know this show doesn’t normally have easter eggs but it’s possible right? And do you think they found the title from James Bond’s Die Another Day? Just little observations I find interesting.

Howard Gordon stated recently on his Twitter account that he doesn’t yet know what supporting characters, if any, will be in ‘Live Another Day’… but as one comment on another site so eloquently stated, “no Chloe, no showy”, hahaha!

It would be nice if part of ‘Live Another Day’ was set in Los Angeles, that city really is the spiritual home of ’24’ but also an international scope to the story would be most welcome, thereby justifying the inevitable jumps in time, maybe beginning in another country and ending in L.A. thereby bringing the saga full circle.

And I totally agree with Kev on this one, whatever the reasons for the movie not happening are both irrelevant and (as Northern Star rightly said) purely academic at this point, ‘Live Another Day’ will have a bigger budget and a longer production time than the series, and FOX has already stated they want their limited series’ to be “feature quality” so I have no doubt that Jack Bauer’s upcoming new installment will look and feel like a movie anyway, plus (as Kev said) we’re going to get around ten hours or more of new ’24’ as opposed to two hours had the movie happened… so it’s a win-win scenario all round for all involved; for Le Kief, for Imagine, for FOX, for HoGo and the writers, and most definitely for us the audience… welcome back Jack, it’s been WAY too long dude!

Lol, FOX was just too cheap for the movie, there is no way they will allocate a sizeable budget for a summer series. Especially, for a serial show which younger audience will just DVR in nice summer weather.

@ Kev: Personally, I hope Taylor is history – I never liked her character or Cherry Jones portrayal. The Arlo and Freddie Prinze roles in S8 were very weak and not that well-received by the viewers as I recall so I doubt Gordon attempts to write them in as continuing characters. As much as I loved Tony’s and Logan’s runs on the series, I think that reviving either or both would be too much of a cliche and cop-out of going back in time when Gordon really sounds like he wants this to be a bit of a “reboot” with new vitality. Frankly, I wonder if he or Kiefer will even consider bringing Kim into the storyline, other than via name references. The plot of her being Jack’s vulnerability to be used by villains happened so often over the first 8 seasons that it’s hard to see that not coming off as a formulaic short cut. From the past series, the only character that makes sense is Chloe – and more because she was more of a partner to Jack than others. I could see Ethan Kanin’s character possibly being promoted to the next President – he had the right stature and seniority to bring some credibility and respect to playing that role IMO; and the Tim Woods character from S7/8 was credible enough that I could even see him possibly as head of CTU (if it is reconstituted) rather than Director of Homeland Security.

I will be curious if the President Suvarov character will be in play at all, since that was really the dominant “loose end” from Season 8; there may not be a need to devote 1-2 episodes to bringing him back to close that storyline relative to Jack but I imagine Kiefer and Gordon may want to write some explanation or sub-story into the start of the series just to move on from that big gap.

@ Over Moon: I hadn’t thought of the subtitle for the reboot sounding similar to the Bond movie you mentioned – when I first read the news announcement of the series returning, I thought it sounded more like the final 2 entries of the “Die Hard” movie franchise (which 20th Century Fox owns): “Live Free or…” and “A Good Day to….”. But then again, Jack’s character can be seen as a hybrid of the Bond and John McClane characters: technologically-savvy and well-travelled yet blunt, direct and skilled in combat.

@Gerry: I think your theory about how the show’s setting may be organized makes a lot of sense – and could well be how they film it. Whether LA (where we know Kim & her family still live) is the starting place or ending place for the 12 episodes may not matter but transitioning to/from a foreign country i.e. Europe or Russia would be interesting and possibly even substitute for the series needing to have 2 villains/arcs within one season as in the past. Changing from one country for the first half of the season to another country in the second half would bring some freshness and variety while the same villain/story arc runs the full 12-episodes.

P.S. Elaborating on the potential setting shift between a US location (i.e. LA) and a foreign country would also enable the writers to chalk off several hours for the logical travel time between countries – which indirectly would allow the writers to bunch a grouping of episodes in the back-to-back format of the original series and maintain the flow/urgency of such, as opposed to sprinkling 1-2 hour gaps in between over the course of the 12 shows. Maybe the series begins with a 4 hour block of consecutive episodes with no time gap in one location, then when the 5th episode begins, it’s 3-4 hours later and picks up with another 4-5 hour uninterrupted block of time in a new location.

Obviously, the more one looks at the “limited series” format that Gordon has worked so well with on “Homeland”, one can see a lot of options for how he may bring a new wrinkle to the typical show format of “24”.

May 20, 2013 at 5:38 am
Love the discussions here, but I have to be honest, I kind of want to puke everytime someone says “Le Kief”. Sorry for being so blunt, but it just sounds so silly, whereas “Kiefer” is a badass name.

@Gerry Mander – “No Chloe, no showy” Classic! Im also hoping atleast a portion of the limited series will be in LA too, because just so many of the shows best memories reside there :) that said im hoping there will be scenes or even flashbacks(because new format not completely real time?) set in different countries! I think Redemption showed us how cool Jack can be in foreign places

@Over Moon – With regards to the title, just like TJ I thought of Die Hard first.. the titles of last two movies as TJ mentioned and also because I still remember that article where a mash up of 24 & Die Hard was proposed?
The only connection I know of between 24 and James Bond, is that Sean Calery(genius behind 24music) did the music for a James Bond game way back. Whether Sean is part of this production I dont know and helped with name i dont know, but what we do know is that whether its 24, Homeland or Kennedy’s.. Howard only wants him behind his shows sound!

@TJ – I find myself agreeing strongly with your view of casting this new feature, keeping it fresh sounds like way to go! as you mentioned alot of the characters have run their natural course and the few that they can bring back, might not just be worth it! Kim should just be named referenced(like you said) or united with Jack in finale, else if she plays a bigger part will undoubtly be used against Jack and that aint so fresh.

About what people are suggesting in terms of prequel or sub story as you say, the more I think about the limited series and its storyline, the more I think they might not do any because – This may just be a show/storyline dedicated to getting Jack back to a place where new tales can be told! For instance, in the fallout of Season 8 the new administration after Taylor encounters an extremely dangerous and delicate situation that can best be solved using a ghost agent. The incentive they offer Jack for doing this could be a pesidential pardon. If that is how they play things out then Jack would end up being legal again be opened up for further stories or if they chose to just leave the series as a one shot, atleast people would consider Jack finally being able to live with his family cause he’s legal, as his happy ever after.
Is that something you’d like or would you still prefer a sub-story instead?

I don’t know why you guys are expecting some kind of happy ending in 24:LAD. I mean, people were expecting that in S8 too, and look how it turned out. I highly doubt Howard Gordon wants Jack ever to get a happy ending, he made that pretty clear in his interviews. The man was just too determined to ruin the lives of everyone in the show and I hardly see him caving in this time.

Besides, you can sort out the American angle with a presidential pardon, how are you going to sort out the Russian part of the problem? Or will Russia just forget?


I SO want jack to have a tragic ending. that’s his destiny, that’s the way most great stories end and to be honest, that’s the ending Jack would want and the ending he deserves as a character. Jack Bauer is a messed up guy who’s done some terrible things and a fascinating character to watch for that reason. He should die in the end.

That’s only my opinion though…

I really hope Gordon portrays jack as a guy whose time has come and gone. Society has changed since 9/11. “24” was a post 9/11 show. “Homeland” shows the present day America. “24: LAD” should do the same and not go backwards.

I can’t wait. I love Jack.

I hope they do the show in a realistic manner…

We all know who the enemies of freedom are…



Sure, but the show should address political issues. Ignoring them would be worse than going all “politically correct”.

@ Kev: I don’t think there’s a real need – or probably desire on Gordon’s or Kiefer’s part – to linger too long on prequels or revisiting the past. Beyond some references cleverly written into the backstory to answer the few open-ended elements that were hanging at end of S8, I can see a new setting with new ensemble cast – other than a few peripheral characters like Kanin or Woods (although, in the course of recently watching all 8 season DVDs again, I was surprised at the shift of Kanin: in S6, he was Secretary of Defense under Palmer. In S7, he was Chief of Staff to Taylor – and in S8, he was Secretary of State. Bringing him back as Taylor’s successor might be a leap of faith, even though I think he’d probably be the most believable President right behind David Palmer and Noah Daniels). I’m on the fence as to Chloe’s return – on one hand, it’s hard to see Jack managing to pull everything off that he does in the field without someone reliable and trusty handling all of the technology (satellite, computer traces, etc.) – especially when time is of the essence. But, her history in the show and evolving friendship with Jack makes her an easy target for any villain plot. If I had to choose, I’d rather that she return as Jack’s ally in the office rather than the writers have to bring a new face in to handle the same sat/com duties that Jack’s field agent will have to have. Maybe Gordon can write Jack without tech support a la the improvisation that Bourne managed in those movies but it wouldn’t probably have all of the techie-wizardry of a governmental agency that ’24’ revolved around.

@ Ozgur: I think you’re misreading the real appeal that the entire show was written around – and which appealed so much to Kiefer from the start: Jack’s the classic tortured soul and tragic hero that for all of his heroic and patriotic deeds to save his country, he suffers with doing what he has to in order to succeed with that mission. At the end of S7, in one of the final scenes with Renee, he explained how he struggles with all of the stuff he has to do and did but he can only see “those 50 people on the bus that are in danger” and that doing whatever he can is all he tells himself. And Kiefer exlained in the S1 DVD extras and other interviews that the emotional turmoil of him as this super-skilled agent tasked with saving the world had such a hard time handling his teenage daughter or protecting the ones he loved. That’s why the notion of the series (or movie) ever killing Jack off would feel forced and done more for the superficial shock factor than out of some moral closure to the character’s history IMO.

@24bauerfan: Actually, the series was a “pre-9/11” show if you remember – they had already written and filmed much of the first season (including the plane crash) before 9/11 but held off on airing it when the tragedy of 9/11 happened. Certainly, all of the terrorism-fears and angers that came afterwards helped fuel the show’s next 7 seasons but I would strongly argue, as someone who’s also a fan of “Homeland”, that that show is very much still about the residue of 9/11 and dealing with the latent threats of terrorism. If you’ve watched that series, you know from the first episode of the first season that the entire Abu Nazir manhunt is fueled from Carrie’s guilt over missing clues to 9/11 happening – and the terrorist plot to assassinate the the Presidential candidate in S2 isn’t that radically different from the plot of S1 in “24”.

I would also argue that the run of “24” often stayed on top of political issues – be it the often-challenged morality of using torture/interrogation techniques to racial profiling.

In this current day of the “information age” and world reliance on the Internet and satellite communications, I’ve always been mystified how rarely action movies and series have ever dealt with cyber-terrorism as the principal theme around which to base the very real and current threats that we read about in the news of identity thefts and hackers cutting into financial and governmental institutions. Other than the brief arc in S7 where the CIP device used to breach the government’s firewals, the “24” series didn’t really tackle or focus on the magnitude of such being a major villain. The best and most recent exception of a movie that actually used cyber-terrorism as the premise for its story was the 4th “Die Hard” movie – and I thought it really succeeded as a fresh and very current-with-the-times story. Before that, the 1995 Sandra Bullock movie “The Net” was pretty good in portraying the many simple everyday parts of our lives that have become reliant on the Internet.

With all of the technology that “24” brings with it, I can easily see Jack taking on some world syndicate or power threatening the infrastructure of the US through the technology that this country and its citizens so heavily live and breathe on. If it sounds like I’m over-exaggerating, just think for a second of what parts of life are not influenced (or even controlled) by technology.

P.S. One more thought on the addressing of current political issues: the battle against identity thefts has always incurred discussions on how far government agencies should go in “overseeing” private and confidential information, transactions, communications, etc. Just imagine how much ammo that context provides for an action show where conspiracies, corruption, power-struggles and plots to undermine administrations have always been a staple like they have in “24”. To me, giving up on the tired nuclear/virus/assassination plots of the first 8 seasons and looking more at how technology can be as much a threat as an asset in today’s world would be the first step in giving the reboot of “24” some new life.

And another possible angle: instead of Jack being a rogue agent, freelancer or reinstated back at CTU like many might expect, what if the writers started him off as the head of a security task force team working directly for the President, separate from the Secret Service?

^The reason few movies/series address cybercrime is just that: it’s cybercrime. Where are the car chases? The Bullets flying around? All the things that help dumb down entertainment and boost box office and ratings.

That’s really all i had to say… oh and I do watch homeland. Homeland takes the modern perspective on terrorism 10 years after 9/11. “24” took the modern perspective immediately after 9/11. If “24” wants to keep its “current issues” staple it must embrace a more modern perspective, like that of “Homeland”.

’24’ and ‘Homeland’ are two very and distinctly different shows, 24bauerfan, saying the former should become more like the latter is like saying James Bond should become more like ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’… they exist in the same genre but are completely different in approach!

Cyber-terrorism itself is not inherently cinematic but events surrounding it are, and Season 7 showed that… that being said, there’s only so many planes you can crash or public utilities you can hack before it becomes tiresome, Season 7 did it the right way whereas the fourth ‘Die Hard’ film (ironically both in the same year) did it the wrong way by upping the ante constantly to the point where all suspension of disbelief became null and void effectively!

I have no idea what the story for ‘Live Another Day’ will be, but it would be nice if it explored Jack finding his place in a very different country than the one he fled in New York, that his counter-terrorist tactics are now seen as excessive and outdated, and that we see a deconstruction of the whole ’24’ mythology, only to be built up again anew by the end of the twelve episodes… this same approach was handled very well indeed with the recent Bond film ‘Skyfall’ and could absolutely work with ‘Live Another Day’, but whatever approach they take, I’m sure it’ll rock and I’m counting the days to next May!

@24bauerfan: There was plenty of action in the 4th “Die Hard” movie that all stemmed from the cybercrime – be it gas pipelines being programmed to explode to fighter jets having their communication channels hacked to government agencies being crippled.

@Gerry: I would really hate it if the new series took the “Jack’s a dinosaur” and his way is “outdated” approach. The Bond series did that for the last 4 films and with Kiefer obviously being older anyway, coloring the story as if he’s irrelevant and no longer suited for dealing with today’s world would seem cliché to me.

TJ dude, sorry if I didn’t explain myself clearer, my apologies… what I meant was that it would be nice if ‘Live Another Day’ effectively unpacked the well-trodden tropes and beats of the ’24’ mythology, taking them apart, before building them up again anew with a new sense of purpose and direction (should there be any more series’ after it, and we all hope and pray there will be!), and without compromising nor losing everything that made ’24’ so extraordinary to begin with!

I for one absolutely LOVE the last three Bond films, they very successfully (re-)built the character and his mythology up again from scratch over the course of three films (something that could also be done with Mr Bauer albeit in a television format)… and watching ‘Skyfall’ again recently, the thing that constantly flashed through my mind was Season 5 of ’24’, in that it’s very likely that ‘Skyfall’ will remain the high watermark of the Bond franchise, and one which they’ll struggle to equal again, without ever quite matching nor exceeding it, something that happened with ’24’ after it’s glorious fifth (and very easily best) season!

But either way and however ‘Live Another Day’ turns out, it’s still new ’24’ on our screens, so it’s all good at the end of the day in my book…

May 22, 2013 at 3:01 am
Well it’s (kinda) official now folks, shooting on Live Another Day begins in January, according to the noble Mr Howard M Gordon esq – – this is pretty good news, as it gives them plenty of time to get the new series properly written and nailed down before shooting commences… bring it on HoGo!

Ik kan bijna niet wachten tot volgend jaar. Het zal wel moeten, maar ik kijk er echt naar uit.

David Fury signs 2 year contract with FOX for Tyrant and 24: Live Another Day (writing)

Don’t know if everyone else here has read this, a very interesting interview with Howard Gordon, lots of nice tidbits for the new series… plus the very welcome fact they’ll have plenty time to get the scripts as good as they can make ’em, all in all a very, very encouraging start to a very exciting time for ’24’ right now!

Enjoy all…

Stephen Hopkins was the director of the pilot episode and as well as directing half of the episodes in the first series, kept a close eye on the guest directors for that first season. He gave us the tone and the feel of 24, something which has faded over the eight seasons. Bringing that gritty feel of an old fashioned British kitchen-sink drama, as they’re called here. What started out as a thriller seems to have become a more generic action series over the years. The design of CTU became too slick and glamourous. The first 13 episodes of season one were the best in the show’s history. Not to mention that final episode. The music, as well as the fantastic lighting design and long takes combined to give a very cinematic dimension to a television show. If the producers of 24 are looking to revive this show, this is where they need to start….

Its really good news that I have read, Jack is back in new season of 24

Im estatic! Theres been nothing on tv since 24 left! The writers made some grave mistakes in seasons 6,7,8. They went a little too far with the shock factor. They always talked about the show living on without Jack but their last true person that could have replaced Jack was curtis! And the last big ultimate shock for me at least was the one two punch in season 6 when Jack killed curtis then the nuclear bomb exploded back to back just seconds between each other…. after that moment the entire series went on a descent. Seasons 7 and 8 were both meh. I was iffy about a movie…the whole point of 24 is the real time format…i cant see how u could make it 2 hours…thats not 24. I could see a 24 trilogy! With each three movies put together making up one day…that might work. With two huge plot scenes at the end of the first and second movies. But one 2 hour movie just could never work. I hope this is a test to see what kind of response they get to maybe revive the full format 24 episode season in the spring of 2016! But only time will tell.

Now how bout a nice little 10-15 minute teaser right after this upcoming superbowl? Btw the first superbowl that will be outdoors in cold weather! New Jersey! Dont be shocked if its snowing! Yes please to that teaser!

I just finished season 8 today and obviously I can’t get enough which is what brought me to this website.

I am so happy that 24 will live on, but I am a bit sad about the 12 episodes. Yes, there were some seasons that filled time with useless side stories, not the least of which were Kim Bauer in season 2 and Dana Walsh in season 8, but other seasons, such as 5 and 7, have proven how powerful and useful every second can be.

The reason why every minute must be accounted for during each day is the suspense of time-sensitive situations, one of the signatures of 24. With hour-long gaps between episodes, how is that going to be put to effect?

Like everyone else, I am elated that 24 is coming back. I just hope this takes off and we can get a few FULL seasons of 24.

As for which characters I’d like to see?

PLEASE no more Charles Logan. He was great in season 8, but using him again is just beating the (brain-)dead horse. There are other possible villains.

Tony Almeida? YES!

Chloe O’Brian? OBVIOUSLY.

Olivia Taylor? YES! She’s a wicked son of a bitch and I could definitely see her back and more heartless than ever after her prison sentence. Maybe to seek revenge on her mother?

Allison Taylor? Perhaps…depends on the context. Not as a main character.

Cole Ortiz? NO! This character was bland and annoying. MIKE DOYLE was much better.

Arlo Glass? NO! Not as bland as Ortiz, but could still be improved upon. Expendable.

Aaron Pierce? How could anyone get enough of him?