First Trailer for 24 Indian TV series starring Anil Kapoor

The first trailer for the Indian adaptation of 24 starring Anil Kapoor has been released today. The story seems to mirror the original season of 24 with character Jai Singh Rathod (the series Jack Bauer equivalent, played by Anil Kapoor) attempting to stop an assassination attempt. CTU is called “RAW” (the Research and Analysis Wing) and characters based off of Teri Bauer, Nina Myers, and George Mason are included.

The 24 Indian TV series airs this October on Colors.


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Yeah….. Jack Bauer belongs to Kiefer sutherland no one else. Sorry but no thanks…..

Well, to be more exact actually, the character of Jack Bauer belongs to Rupert Murdoch and 21st Century FOX… but I get what you mean, Josh dude, haha!

This new ’24’ is an Indian show for an Indian audience… and in that tradition, are they gonna break into a big song-and-dance routine like many Bollywood productions? What a scene that would be, Anil Kapoor’s character shouting “cover me now!” (in Hindi, of course) and then doing the cha-cha-cha on screen between the whizzing bullets… maybe they should consider that for ‘Live Another Day’…

lol well okay if you wanna get technical…… Jack Bauer may of been written on Page but Kiefer brought Jack to life. So if ya wanna go in order it he belongs to Rupert Murdoch? I’m not familiar with Fox & then Kiefer sutherland. I’m sorry but that’s like handing Jason Bourne over to Israel or something. But for me Jack Belongs to the person who got this role in the first place & that’s kiefer. This isn’t James Bond were talking about here. Jack is ereplaceable.

Anil Kapoor did an anti-terrorist movie called Tezz back in 2010 and for everything that involved moving faster than a moderate walk he had a fucking stunt double. This will not be good.

Zayed Khan would have been a more physically believable leading man for this.

how can he make a remake did he get permission from 21st Century FOx.This is just wrong.

No disrespect intended to Indian TV or viewers there but this entire premise from the first time I read it – especially the casting of Kapoor in a lead action role – sounds like a farce to me. If Indian TV producers wanted to give their audience “24”, why not just dub the original series with Indian voices like most other countries do with American-shows? At least the stories and acting would be the kind of caliber we all came to love in the USA.

As for the casting, that’s an even bigger mockery. Aside from choosing someone like Kapoor that has a pasty-faced visage, seemingly-pudgy physique and comical bouffon hair-do that is the antithesis of what viewers would expect of a super-spy, action hero, I never thought any of Kapoor’s acting in S8 was that impressive or natural. His style of delivery and mannerisms seem very forced, strained and rehearsed – while that may have been suitable for the game show host role he played in “Slumdog Millionaire” that earned him so many rave reviews, it’s not what all of the actors that make action roles believable rely on.

The whole premise really just smacks of a cheap knock-off, underlined by the apparent copying of “24”‘s S1 storyline. Can’t the Indian writers come up with their own original scripts? Seriously, how much creativity is there in just renaming characters, replacing actors and putting a used storyline in a different country?

I thought Anil Kapoor brought real gravitas to Season 8; Omar Hassan was a courageous statesman but a very flawed human being and the great writing in that season really made audiences connect with him in a way that made his death such an emotionally devastating moment… I was in tears at the end of that episode and still can’t watch it without getting all weepy, undoubtedly one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the show’s history to date for sure (at least I think so)!

Well I stand by my opinion Jack Bauer is Kiefer’s role. No offense to Anil he’s great as Omar Hassan but it’s like doing someone else’s job. I agree that if 24 should be shown in India why not put on the DVD India subtitles not turn over the rights & remake 24 entirely. Luckly nothing Jeopardized what they plan to do with 24 here cause it’s returning & very possibly may see a series of sequels but this is so wrong. Come up with there own anti-terrorism show don’t steal 24.

“Right now, derrorisds are plodding do assassinate a presidential candidate… my wife and daughder are in danger, and pippil dat I work with may be involved in bodh”

I agree with Joshua, this is so wrong on so many levels. Kiefer is only Jack Bauer, no one else. I have not got anything again the actor (Anil Kapoor) as he was brilliant in series 8 of 24, but this is wrong!

Judging from the trailer it looks amazing but I won’t be watching it as it seems its not in English and it won’t be the same without kiefer!!

Well this is for an India audience So the original 24 has nothing to do with this or the direction they’ll take it when it returns. But as I said this is Kiefer role it’s like doing someone else is job or taking credit for a role you didn’t get. So Kiefer’s involvement is not really a factor at all good thing. Cause when 24 returns it won’t effect what they do with Jack Bauer as a series of sequels are being talked about here. But 24 is a U.S t.v series it shouldn’t be adapted for other country’s other then language subtitles that is normally seen on DVD’s. Again I have nothing against Anil kapoor because he was great as Omar. But Jack Bauer is not his role or 24 for that matter. It’s like he’s taking credit for something he never had partially til season 8. It’s not like we take idea’s from other country’s & adapt them here so why should we allow it.???

Anil and the producers of this version of “24” got the rights to produce it from FOX. There are no copyright laws being broken and most likely this will only be seen by an Indian audience anyways.

I thought it was a terrible idea and then I saw the trailer and I still think it is a terrible idea, but not as bad as I feared.

My one question is if they are going to just emulate the show exactly as is or make it seem that way and come up with their own twists and turns. Otherwise, its stupid and pointless. Why make a shot for shot or plot point to plot point remake? Do something different with it.
How about having the daughter die at the end of the day or even Jack Bauerisanoor or whatever his name is.

Why is it all written in english but they don’t speak it?

And I thought Anil in Day 8 was fucking amazing.

I like that the trailer shows they are taking it seriously and the acting looks great. I kinda want to see it, but I really don’t want to watch a shot for shot remake.

Surrounded by ignorant people
August 29, 2013 at 5:31 am
This “copy-catting” of a television series is not new at all. India DOES have access to a dubbed version of 24 (the original) but what is happening is that a successful and innovative show format is being distributed internationally to countries that may have a different style of living, political system, set of cultural values and sense of humor, among other things. Same thing happened to the Office (with over a dozen different versions, if I’m not mistaken) and many other television styles, especially game shows.

This is not a Jack Bauer remake. It’s a ’24’ remake. The real-time, 24 episode suspense thriller.

Just evidence that 24 and Jack Bauer are extraordinary television achievements that pique the interests of people from all over the world. Not a bad thing at all.

Jack Bauer still belongs to one person & one person only & that’s Kiefer. Not that it matters cause this is for an India audience but I still think the idea is terrible.

Hey Gerry !! I guess you’re an Englishman…Fury just twit that 24LAD may take place in London
“@JulianGraeupner: @TheDavidFury CTU’s return unlikely? So #24LiveAnotherDay not settled in LA or NY?” London is more likely, mate.

Hey Catherine sweetie! Nope, I’m Irish, but having some/most of ‘Live Another Day’ take place in London makes a lot of sense… both the unused 2006 movie story outline and the unused Billy Ray/Mark Bomback screenplay had London as settings, so it’s obvious that they’ve wanted Jack to land in the U.K. at some point, and I believe Kiefer has even said that they wanted ’24’ to film in the U.K. as a thank-you to the British fans who helped make the show a success in the early days!

All told, things are shaping up quite nicely so far…

I compare this concept of India TV doing its own “24”, based on the characters of the US series, much like the tribute bands around the world that make a living impersonating real musicians. They never are as good as the original. If the Indian producers wanted to use the real-time format and write a spy-type show using it, that would be one thing – but it looks obvious they are using more of ’24’ as a template for short-cuts on writing something original.

No big deal either way – it’s not like I was planning on watching it online.

P.S. Gerry, you cried at Hassan’s death? I know Kiefer’s portrayal of a saddened, dejected Jack was emotional in those scenes but I didn’t find Kapoor’s performance up to that point endearing enough to make me feel sad like I did when Edgar, Buchanon and Renee were killed. To me, the closest to evoking tears was watching Jack alone, breaking down in tears from the events of the day, at the end of S3. That was one of Kiefer’s top 5 performances in the series – amazing, raw emotion that really came through on the screen and fit into the storyline.

I didn’t say I cried, I said tears were shed… and yeah I did and not afraid to admit it either, it was a genuine emotionally devastating reveal when we discover that Hassan is already dead and it’s too late to save him, and to see the shellshocked expressions on his wife and daughter’s face when they’re informed by President Taylor is just such a heart-wrenching and haunting scene that stuck with me for a long time afterward… and it still does every time I see it!

Jack’s breakdown at the end of Season 3 is definitely a heart-puller for sure, it was only then you got the sense of that day’s full magnitude of events and the emotional toll it’s took on the protagonist… at least it wasn’t Chloe crying again though, every time Mary Lynn starts tearing up, I do likewise, her emotional moments are SO infectious for some reason, haha… maybe it’s just me though!!!

If you didn’t tear up at Hassan’s death, you are a fucking asshole, plain as that. You have no feelings and you are what’s wrong with the world. You lack empathy and would have everyone die if it meant more money for you to make.

Hu k that’s to far…