Tony Almeida to return for 24: Live Another Day?

It’s no surprise that fans want Tony Almeida back in 24: Live Another Day. There have been numerous internet petitions and a constant barrage of tweets to the producers begging them to bring back the fan favorite character.

Just last week 24 writer and executive producer David Fury tweeted there wasn’t any plans for Tony at the moment but “one never knows where the arc will take us”. Now a return of Tony Almeida is looking a lot more likely:

For those unaware, Howard Gordon, Manny Coto, and Patrick Somerville are all fellow writers on 24: Live Another Day. The logical assumption would be that they’re pitching storylines to Carlos and discussing ways his character could possibly return. Do you want to see him back?


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December 15, 2013 at 9:14 am
Hell yeah. Tony fans need closure before 24 is over for good. Him ranting about how Jack is a coward was no nice way to leave this character. Considering he’s the longest running character after Jack and Chloe.

“…the longest running character after Jack and Chloe.”

Jack & Tony…then Chloe. I suppose she’s technically been in more episodes, but Tony (the character) has been around since season 1 as apposed to Chloe showing up in season 3.

Not nit-picking…

I truly have no idea whether I’d like a Tony return or not. It all depends on what they do with the character…

Tony is back!
1. Carlos Bernard said that he would love to come back if given the chance and now hes got it!

2. Tony will likely come back after the second episode as 2 episodes have already been written.

I think more episodes are already writen, over 5 i think.

Caving into some stupid fan demand to bring back a terrorist character. That would be just pathetic and spineless. LOL.

to: Ozgur – It’s only pathetic and spineless if he’s shoe horned in with weak writing. If his storyline is done well, then it could be awesome. He’s definitely one of my favorite characters (he’s right there with Jack & Chloe…..and the late Bill Buchanan) and I’d only like him brought back if it’s done right. I don’t think the Tony character is completely redeemable, but I would like to see where they take it. I’m not happy with the way it ended in season 7 for Tony. I haven’t felt this betrayed since the SEASON 4 FINALE of “La Femme Nikita” series (1996- 2000). Some of the same people who work on “24” worked on that show. They made Michael look inferior to Nikita with their supposedly brilliant (more like stupid) plot twist. And here they make Tony a Terrorist of the most despicable kind. At least they were able to correct what was done to Michael via season 5. But with Season 7 of “24”, Tony now isn’t capable of complete redemption, but I still want to see some form of regret, and attempt at redemption from the MAN!

Omg, I really hope Tony is coming back now after reading this, Brilliant news if this happens to be true. Tony is my favourite character in 24 and I am sure the producers have some good storylines for him.

December 15, 2013 at 12:33 pm
@Ozgur “bring back a terrorist character”

Personally I liked when they brought back Nina and Mandy two times. Why not Tony if the story is good?

And one might argue it’s a bit more complex than “terrorist character”.

>>>> And one might argue it’s a bit more complex than “terrorist character”.

My wife is killed five years ago, so I am gonna kill and blow up FBI agents, organise bio attacks on metro just to get to one man. Yeah, what a complex character.

Tony fans can argue about complexity as much as they want, they are not fooling anyone but themselves.

Anyway, it is still their show. If they can’t stop making a mockery of the show for one guy over and over just for an entitled and spoilt fanbase, I can’t do anything about it.

Tony was headed to prison at end of S7. So for him to be in LAD, there has to be a reason he is out of prison. I am thinking the Adrian character (i.e Julian Assunge) has some dirt on the US govt. Maybe somehow that is linked to Tony being out of prison.

Also, maybe Tony will appear late in LAD to save the day. Tony saved the day in S1 at the Bauer house and again in S4 when Jack and Audrey were trapped and out gunned.

December 15, 2013 at 3:03 pm
Nina did it all just for money. Mandy too. What’s wrong with Tony having actual reasons for doing bad things? How is that less compelling?

Not saying Tony didn’t do horrible things. He did. But at least there is character development. We’ve seen the whole story/transformation.

He lost his wife and then his own life… almost. That’s gotta mess with someone’s head.

Bringing closure to a long-time character is not “stupid”, it just depends on what they do with the story if they do bring him back.

I could not care less about Nina or Mandy, too extremely superficial characters who began to pop up totally randomly in irrelevant places.

As for vengeful Tony, he just came from clicheland so I found nothing compelling about it. And what the writers did with the character was WAAAAY over the top for losing a wife or son or whoever.

Tony already got a closure. He went crazy and got just locked up for life. There is no necessity whatsoever to follow up a character who would be naturally doomed for the rest of his life because of the things he had done.

Some people just need to learn the difference between “closure” and “closure that I am not happy with the way things ended”.

Ozgur apparently dislikes the show, yet here he is, on this site trashing every bit of “24” news/rumors out there. Even funnier (or sadder, whichever way you want to look at it), he finds out very quickly whenever there is new information out there.

it doesn’t take a psychologist to figure out that Ozgur is anti-social and a very lonely and depressed person who little to no friends and lives each day in complete anger for everything that is wrong with his life.

Ozgur, dear, when something doesn’t make you happy, you let go. You forget about it. You move on and try to find something that will make you happy. It’s fairly obvious that this show does not make you happy. What you’re doing is not healthy.

Go outside. Go talk to people and get some friends. It’s a beautiful world out there. There’s more to life than constantly obsessing about and criticizing a show you dislike and don’t have any intention of watching.

Just let it go. Move on.

Well said!! I wish there was an ignore button because I’m sick of seeing this dudes garbage posts. Just go away!


Do you have any counter argument against the criticism or are you just one of the lazy debaters who just takes the lazy route and makes ad hominem attacks instead?

My life itself is fine by the way, thank you for your concern. If my life were so troubled, I would be more concerned with it not your beloved 24, don’t worry about it.

By the way, I did not know that I had to approve Tony Almeida’s return irrespective of how much I loved or hated the show. Maybe you should give your expert psychologist advice to them who have been crying and begging for the return of a character who had stooped that low in S7?

Hey everyone, just a notice to please refrain from personal attacks.

The 24 fan base consists of millions of people with differing opinions and preferences. Not everyone is going to agree on the direction of certain storylines or characters and that’s perfectly fine. It’s nice to have different viewpoints.

I agree with the above, let’s be nice to each other… that being said, Ozgur is clearly trolling for reactions, so let’s not indulge his deliberate provocations, you remember the old warning in zoos; don’t feed the animals!

I’m genuinely surprised at even the prospect of Tony’s return in ‘Live Another Day’ owing mostly to HoGo’s recent comment that he felt they “overplayed” the Tony angle somewhat, I even went on record on this site stating Tony would most certainly NOT be back for this upcoming new series, so cheers to HoGo and the ’24’ team for making me look a complete twit, hahaha… don’t worry though, it’s not the first time I’ve looked like one and it won’t be the last time either!

I have mixed feelings overall about the return of Mr Almeida, not because I don’t like the character – quite the opposite, he’s a wonderfully complex character played brilliantly by Carlos Bernard – but because they already have Chloe, Audrey, Jim Heller, the new character of Adrian, the other new cast members yet to be announced, and only twelve episodes to tell the story in… adding Tony sounded, at least on first impression, like posssibly overstuffing the narrative with too many characters, I sincerely hope they’re not considering bringing Tony back as mere fan-service and/or because the studio is impressing on them to do so! I have faith in the ’24’ writers, if they are indeed seriously weighing the very real possibility of Tony returning, then I give them the benefit of the doubt, that there is both genuine dramatic reason and room in the overall narrative for his return…

P.S. Love the new look of the site, lovely jubbly!

Just to add to Gerry’s point – like the new touch up on the site, looks fresh :D

Also after reading your post Gerry, I see where you’re coming from and you’re starting to lead me down that garden path as well.

It’s not that we want 24 to appeal to us only – I’m sure you will agree with me that you’d like 24 to have a larger following due to this new series kicking off. By introducing Tony in the middle of this, it could somewhat confuse new viewers.

But they’ve surprised me with great story lines over the past few years that I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

I don’t think Tony popping up in LAD will confuse new viewers. I didn’t start watching 24 until the start of S7. So I had no idea of the history of Tony at the time and I still thoroughly loved the show and became addicted. In fact, I did not even go back and watch S1-S6 until after I watched all of S8 a year later. I remember watching S1 in the summer of 2010 (thanks to Blockbuster, RIP) and upon see a very young looking Tony the first time I remember saying out loud “Tony!!”

There is a lot of history between Tony and Jack pre-Season 1. If Tony comes back, then he would be the only character since then to be part of this new story. Yeah, Tony’s done a lot of ‘bad things’ and pissed Jack off at the end of Season 7, but I think we need him to help new viewers understand Jack’s character and what he’s been through.

I would probably see Tony redeem himself – take a bullet (or something) for Jack towards the end of the season and die in the process

Jack and Tony are essentially two sides of the same coin, they are almost mirror images of one another in character with similarly tragic trajectories, but Jack always had his family as an anchor where Tony did not (certainly not after Michelle’s murder), and that’s likely why Tony bottomed out a lot sooner than Jack did. I always found it awesome on the ’24’ writers’ part – and why I love this show! – that the very thing Jack criticizes Tony for in Season 7 (revenge over his wife’s death) is the very same thing Jack himself goes on to do in Season 8 (revenge over Renee’s death)…

As ‘Live Another Day’ begins, both Jack and Tony are likely in the same emotional place; both committed pretty dubious acts in service of what they believed to be justified reasons (although both acts boiled down to one thing; vengeance), both lost loved ones that ignited their respective rampages, both likely feel their country has betrayed them and the ideals they fought to defend, and both have lost their freedom as a result – Tony (presumably and again) went to a federal prison whilst Jack fled the U.S. and went on the lam – so I’m wondering if the writers will once again show how both men react differently to the same scenario, a scenario that may just bring about a chance for possible redemption… but at what cost?

Thanks for the positive comments on the site changes, still some more tweaks and additions coming in the near future :)

As for this possible Tony return, I personally feel the writers are already going overboard and veering into fan service territory with three currently confirmed returning characters (Audrey, Heller, and Chloe). It stretches credibility a bit when the story moves to a new country yet all the same characters conveniently make appearances.

This was a good opportunity to have Jack on his own, adapting to a new environment, interacting with all new characters. Do something really fresh and keep the audience on their toes, guessing character allegiances and whatnot. Instead it’s starting to sound like the same familiar 24 but in a different location – just like the last two seasons of the show (Washington D.C. and New York). Hopefully they have something more ambitious in mind.

I’m looking forward to hearing details as the casting announcements trickle out in the following weeks.

of course It depends on what they do with his character that’s why there discussing it with him.

I also hope LAD does not just transplant the same old storyline to London. But there has to be some connections with S1-S8. It would not surprise me if Heller, Audrey, and Tony play more minor roles than what most people are expecting. It would be nice to see them again but I hope the writers will blaze new ground.

I think this is great news. Just the other day I was remembering that Logan was left with brain damage, and now four years later, we have Tony back. I think that it would be a good plot having Logan recovered from his brain damage, but “bluffing” it, lying as usual, but manipulating the whole situation again. It would be a good story having Tony facing Logan. He couldn’t in the past.

Hell yeah!!! Come back Tony!!!! Great news

I could see Tony coming back Jack needing information from him in prison.

určitě bych byla rád kdyby se vrátil ale ne jako zločinec

if Tony Almeida doesn’t come back ,.. i won’t watch one episode of 24: Live Another Day! because it’s Tony Almeida or BUST for 24: LAD!!!

After the Renee’s death of , Jack also has gone crazy, he was about to murder Suvarov in the UN without thinking about the consequences for his country. It’s Chloe who stopped him. But he never killed innocent people as Tony did. As for Tony he had already betrayed to save his wife in season 3 so I found his evolution quite plausible. He felt betrayed by Jack “you run aways Jack!!” as Jack felt betrayed by the president (and his country remember season 6), so I agree with Gerry (once more !) the 2 characters have a lot in common.
Tony could return either as Jack ‘s nemesis, an great enemy since he knows him very well, or as an ally seeking to redeem himself.

I too detested Tony becoming a merciless killer just to seek revenge for Michelle and his unborn son. I had a hard time seeing Tony treating Jack as he did and killing all those FBI agents just to complete his mission. Knowing Tony as all of us made no sense. Jack’s revenge was surgical, and any innocent casualty was shot in extremity to incapacitate temporarily.
As much as I wanted Tony back, it was like resurrecting the devil.
Would love to see Tony redeem himself…but can’t see how Jack would ever trust him after what went down at end of season 7.

I’m so thrilled about this possibility.

What someone said above about Jack and Tony being very very similar is so true.

Alan Wilson wasn’t just one man. He was the head of the snake. The man ultimately responsible for not just Michelle’s death but also every death in at least days 4-5. It’s a little harder but not impossible to blame him for day 6 nuke.

His group worked with many of our previous villains. Including Jack’s own immediate family.

Alan Wilson and his group were also planning a major attack on innocent civilians. If he hadn’t been stopped in day 7, if he had kept the prion, thousands would have died.

Tony isn’t at all beyond redemption.

I don’t think will see redeemablety

Look at this, in his Bio: “Bernard speaks fluent Spanish, Russian, and German”.
We’ve never saw Tony speaking in another languaje. It would be interesting…

I am a huge ’24’ and Tony fan but I have to say that while season 6 is by far the weakest season of ’24’, the weakest moment of ’24’ is when Tony kills the FBI agent in season 7. The writers of ’24’ asked the TV audience to suspend their disbelief when they resurected Tony from the dead. That moment cheaped the show somewhat but I went along for the ride because the show needed Tony back after the season 6 mess.

When you see Tony as a supposed villain at the start of season 7, I just automatically assumed (and rightly so) that he must be working under-cover because it would be totally inconsistent with his character to kill innocent civilians. And then it was great seeing Tony and Jack working together again for most of the season. For three-quarters of the season, season 7 was solid. And then boom. The twist that Tony was a villian and is willing to kill anyone in his path of seeking revenge for Michele’s death. It is the weakest twist that ’24’ could have come up with (right along with the ‘twist’ that Jack’s brother and dad were the main villians in season 6). It cheaped everything that Tony had done beforehand. It re-introduced the ’24’ criticism that the show just comes up with stuff on the fly instead of mapping out the whole season beforehand. Season 7 went straight down from that point.

I have no problem if they want to bring Tony back as long as the writers have a well thought out plan concerning what to do with his character. I dont want to see a repeat of what the season 7 Tony ‘twist’ did to the show.

Predictor dude, you may not have liked Tony’s change of character in Season 7 (although I personally find that entire particular season a superb and tightly-plotted one throughout), but there’s just one fly in the ointment regarding your assertion about how the writers’ planned that season… the latter sixteen episodes of that season WERE in fact planned out in advance following the WGA strike ending in February 2008 and filming on ’24’ resuming in late April that same year, the ’24’ writers’ did write some seasons largely on the fly (Seasons 4-6 mainly), but after the serious problems with the sixth season, every time they had an opportunity to do so, they planned out at least the broad strokes of a season whenever they could!

It would appear from all outward signs that they’re writing ‘Live Another Day’ on the fly, but they’re doing so well in advance of filming on the relevant episodes actually taking place, so it should all work out fine in the end, methinks…

Given all the things we’ve known so far (Tony, Audrey, Chloe), I really do hope they take this opportunity as a chance to give a proper closure to the 24 series, and a closure to Jack Bauer’s character, instead of trying to kick off something exciting and new. As much as I came to accept Season 8 and appreciate it, where it left off was not an acceptable ending for me; and that’s mainly why I detested Season 8 so much until I learned they are doing another series with 24.

After the end of Day 8, Jack is in exile, Chloe is arrested. Tony is probably still in jail and Audrey is probably in a coma. That sort of ending is not appropriate for such a great series. Kill them off or let them live happily ever after, I don’t care, but they shouldn’t be left suspended like that. And I would be very pissed if it’s sort of the same suspension at the end of Live Another Day.

Nobody’s said anything about closure??? Why do people continue to assume that that’s what this will be….. There talking about sequels or @ least it’s on the table. & weather this will lead into a possible movie. FOX’s Kevin Riley as already admitted that this show as franchiseablty in it. Not to mention a lot of life left in the show. The fact that people continue to assume this new season will bring closure You obviously don’t know 24…… because it’s an invalid assumption… & NOT true @ all.

Jack called tony a coward at the end of day 7 and said michelle would nt have wanted this, while in the series jack did the exact same thing just months later after he had a one night stand with a woman who by the way was nt pregnant with his baby

Jack said to him he was reveling in her death. Meaning Tony was enjoying himself in the mist of getting to the people who were responsible. That’s different the slight differences is Jack didn’t take innocent lives to get to his targets Tony did. Also despite the one night Stand Jack & Renae had Renae didn’t become pregnant in the show. Actress Annie Wersching was pregnant in real life, But they did not have a kid together in the show.

Having Tony come back would be great. I just hope he straightens out his act. I’ve got a good idea for 24. Mix it in with the show Person of Interest and let’s see a good fight between John Reese and Jack Bauer.

Na no mixing the unique thing about 24 is it stays in it’s own world.

I dont mind seeing any of these characters come back … Just because they come back doesnt necessarily mean they make thru the entire season… Killing off a major character was always a good motivator for Jack

Idk, nostalgia says yes, but I think Tony’s story played out at the end of S7. He was like what Jack would become by giving into his hate for the system (like he almost did at the end of day 8)

I’d say the opinion is split. The fans think Tony’s ending deserved better & there’s the other side who thought his ending was just fine. & see is how Tony turned out in Day 7…. The writers could break new ground between Jack & Tony…. I seems if that cross paths again it would seem more personal. I don’t see any issue with bring Tony back. They’ve always have a good balance of having old & new characters.

December 23, 2013 at 11:19 am
People calling Renee a One Night Stand is kinda insulting. Where did you pick that phrase up? Next you’ll call Audrey a fuck-buddy.

Yes i want to see Tony Almeida again…

This is just my opinion from end of Season 7 if you are going to do the whole I am Tony and I am about to get my revenge *suddenly whipped into handcuffs* and denied satisfaction of using wilson’s head as a watermelon. I mean if you were going to do all that and did not give a revenge arc like Jack for with Myers then at least use this opportunity to smash the watermelon.

I think it would all but take an act of God for Tony to be able to win Jack’s trust again after all that went down between them in Season 8, which I frankly thought was the pits. Another mole in CTU? Really writers? Then a double dealing weasal president who is caught under the evil spell of Logan and hangs Jack out to dry until the very end when it is almost to late to do any good. This from a woman president who was strong enojugh to let her own daughter go to prison for crimes committed? And then the woosification of Jack the politcal correact through the middle of it was down right infuriating! Our Jack who stared down a Senator and told him he wasn’t going to explain his actions to his commette in the prequil to Season 8 becomes a woose?! Not the Jack I know and love to watch! Jack and Tony are in many ways mirror opposites in how they’ve handled the tragedies dealt them in life, and Tony taking a bullit for Jack could have merit and to a degree be in character for him in many ways.

Jack Hell being back as the new president after the way he tried to dress Jack down in their last encounter when he came to be with Audrey is not exactly a high point in casting in my book. Everytime I see him in his advertisments for buying gold etc makes me want to flip to another channel. Jack was right at least Audrey persisted in trying to find him when all of the politicians had given up!

I wonder if FOX has any plans to start running some previous seasons of “24” as a way to promo “To Live Again” and to maybe catch new fans up to speed and familiarize them with some of the characters previous development?

Is it me or does the new CTU look a little like the Pentagon?

January 6, 2014 at 6:35 pm
Judy Hendrixon, I like how you merged seasons 7 and 8, re-named characters and even changed the title of the upcoming show.

They should call it “To Live Again – Presidential Reanimations with Jack Hell.” Could be a spin-off of The Walking Dead.

I’m not sure it was by accident or on purpose, but I had fun reading your post.

24 is about Jack and the moral ambiguities that have plagued him. He states that he has no regrets but in other seasons we see him questioning his actions and crying for what can only be regrettable actions. Season 8 was a difficult season because motivated by revenge, his actions took on a disturbing nature. He had to know that he was placing his family in danger of retribution and potentially setting off a war which would cost more innocent lives than he had saved with his well placed bullet wounds. The upcoming series will hopefully provide some closure because a character as intriguing and complex deserves more than to become a caricature of himself. I hope we will see a more thoughtful and even regretful Jack able to put his revenge lust behind him and if Tony returns, even find it in his heart to have some compassion for a fellow fallen patriot.

UGH we need Tony back to go out in a better way.

Let’s all just start a Kickstarter to pay Carlos Bernard whatever he wants.

Please bring Tony back hes an amazing actor alongside both Jack and Chloe. I really would be jumping up and down if there were news to say Tony will be back !! <3

Really want Tomy Almeida back and I really would love to see both Michelle Dessler and Renee Walker come back

24 is back to save television for the year!!!! YEAH!!! UH HUH!!! WHO BAD?!

We need Tony Almeida! Please bring him back!!!

Heck yes, Tony Almeida in part has been a good evil killing machine that has made 24 so exciting, as he dealt with so many lost feelings due to his wifes(Michelle) bombing.
His cruel poker face and betrayal to good of the country only tells you how deep in love he was with Michelle and what a man can do if you murder the love of his world.
Bring Tony back!!! with a past memory of him and Jack bring locked up together in a remote area for the past 4 years, and with the help of Kloe they both escape and go their separate ways with a hand shake of forgiveness.
Thank you,
DanMorris Fielder

Yes…. this would be ideal.

Tony Needs To Stay In Jail, Done! Anyone Around Jack That’s Still Alive Is Doing Good. I Don’t Want A Happy Jack, I Want The Old Jack Set In London. He Could Be Protecting The PM Using Google Glasses & An IPhone/Tablet. This Is A Fun Show. The New Show Could Have Been Called “Jack!” Lets Just Wait TO See.

We need you tony
January 18, 2014 at 8:13 pm
Plis Tony returns :( best character 24

The hell with Tony, dammit, I just want to see Jack! Badass good looking, badass, Jack!!

The hell with Tony? Tony is the greatest character in the history of television.


Why isn’t Mandy dead yet pls can you bring her back to kill her off

I bet Tony will appear at the very end and it’ll lead to another event series or to the movie.

Definitely! I know this is a whole new show, but I would like to see the bit of continuity Tony would bring….and some great questions are hanging in the air. How did Michelle’s death affect him, and who has he become since then? Yikes…DO it! Bring Tony back!

Bring tony back!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! CARLOS is one of the best actors on this show!!!

I wont watch till Tony is back on the good side.

WON’T WATCH without Carlos!

Hell YES! I NEED TO SEE TONY AGAIN. Bring him back to partner up with Jack.

Christopher Pituch
April 5, 2014 at 9:06 am
YES! Please bring back Tony! He deserves a second chance! At least bring him back in one, if not the rest of the episodes not already made yet, alright? And for future plans, maybe, just maybe, you could make a show about Tony!

Not only do I wish to see Tony come back to get revenge on Jack for interfeering with his efforts to take out Alan Wilson for his direct involvement in the killings of President David Palmer and his pregnant wife Michelle Dessler but I’d also love to see Curtis Manning (or a relative of his since we’re not quite sure he’s dead….because Tony himself didn’t die at the hands of Henderson) team up with Tony so they can both get revenge; for betraying him by shooting him IN THE THROAT during the Wayne Palmer administration.

I see people foolisly making comments about Tony blowing innocent people up to get his revenge but what kind of person (Jack Bauer) shoots his fellow comrade and brother in arms (Curtis Manning) IN THE THROAT during a hostage situation???? Who’s the terrorist? With “friends” like that, who needs the terrorists? Who’s the murderer? Who’s the hypocrite that tells and stops Tony from exacting his complete revenge by (let me guess, shooting him too, then shipped him off to prison) but then turns around goes on his own killing spree against the Russians because his lover (NOT WIFE WITH UNBORN CHILD) got one quick shot instead of being burned alive by being blown up like pregnant Michelle got??

And yes, Tony Almeida LOST ALOT MORE (a wife he really loved AND his unborn SON AFTER getting away from C.T.U. and living a more peaceful lifestyle) than Jack ever did in comparison (his wife Teri then a lover/one night stand Renee but yet his daughter/child is still alive..Kim Bauer)

If I were Tony or Curtis…I’d say Jack’s got it coming!!

I would love to see Tony Almeida to come back only if there is a drastic change in his character and he becomes good again and he is freed of his wronging. To be quite honest I’d rather he’d die a good guy then have him come back from the dead only to become a bad guy. It kind of ruined his character for me. Either have him die or have Tony kill the people that killed Michelle and somehow get immunity and move on in a good life. I hope he get’s some level of mercy… because… honestly

I think it’s very hypocritical of Jack to do all that he’s done after losing his wife, and Renee Walker and he gets away but Tony get’s punished and thrown in jail It just sucks!!! I hope that Tony and Jack don’t have to face off again and have Tony get killed. I really hope they can forget their differences… somehow. I’ll be super upset it Tony dies at the hand of Jack. Why did the writers have to corrupt Tony too?? aghhh

I’d love to see Tony return, but the whole “break out of prison/custody” thing is starting to become a retread. How many times can our obviously inept authorities not keep people in custody?

Here’s how I’d bring him back: at the end of this, after Jack has taken care of the bad guys, he gets word that Tony is about to face execution for his crimes back home. Jack flies back to the U.S., and has a “moment” with Tony in his cell right before he is put to death, in which they forgive each other and make amends. Then, Jack watches as Tony is executed by lethal injection and “dies”, as Jack shows remorse and emotions while leaving the prison.

This does two things: it brings Tony back but doesn’t put him in the fight, which would make no sense given his estranged relationship with Jack, and it leaves open possibilities, because we all know that just because someone LOOKS like they were executed, you never know!

Christopher Pituch
May 12, 2014 at 2:07 pm
Tony for President! Lol just imagine what’d it be like if that were the case! Then again, President Almeida has a nice ring to it.

Michelle Miller
May 14, 2014 at 9:05 am
Sites a bear sh** in the woods? Of course I want Tony back

Michelle Miller
May 14, 2014 at 9:07 am
Need to fix the last post. …….
Does a bear sh** in the woods?

Yes, it will be awesome to have Tony back!! Hope we get this tremendous surprise!!

Hell yea and please let this just be another little thing like 24 redemption and not the end to the series. It has to keep going (:

I have loved Jack Bauer but he became so lovable precisely because he had Kim Raver, Toni Almeida and Chloe. Without them it would be like watching Rocky without Sly. Please bring him back…..Pleeeeeeeease !!!!

Oh yes bring him back! Great character, great actor, great writing, great show! You have the opportunity to be beyond great, you do it. Don’t even debate it, just do it!!!!

If only they would bring me back…. I fear they won’t though. Who’d like to see Tony have his own TV series?

Well – having nearly reached the end of Season 8 (yet to catch up with LAD), the appeal of having a return of Almeida is quite tangible; plausible even.

He was last seen in cuffs staring at Jack out of the window of a police car. Obviously, as a traitor to his own nation, and a terrorist, he is liable to receive the death penalty. I would not like another prison break – that seems a tired storyline in 24 – but if another way could be found to write him back in, that would be brilliant.

It is rather hard to see how his character could be redeemed – he murdered Larry Moss in cold blood, organised an ambush on FBI agents, admittedly all to get close to the man responsible for killing Michelle – but there is too much blood on his hands to make this an easy comeback. However, this doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen, just that it would be difficult.

There have been points in the series where reality has been seriously stretched – but that tends to be a strength of the show rather than a weakness most of the time – good script writing and development of character over time has allowed us all to suspend our disbelief at points. In the spirit of 24, and its nail biting pace, I think a return from Almeida could be a bold move on the part of the writers and an opportunity for Jack to confront his own personal demons over Renee Walker’s murder with one of his oldest friends / enemy. It is such a tantalising face-off given the complexity of both characters.

Yes Yes and Yes Tony is so so needed right now. If this happen I will cry

Ronnie Ottawa
June 24, 2014 at 9:42 pm
I don’t remember any reference to Tony actually going to prison after he was taken away, I always imagined he was found legally incompetent and put in a psych hospital. Maybe he’s “cured” and under house arrest or something, and he’s forced back into service against his will on the promise of a pardon? I know that’s a rehash for 24 but it would be plausible to pull it off. Imagine he’s faced his demons, put it aside, and forced to face them again back at CTU?

The story lines could be endless with the return of Tony and President David Palmer. More of Jack Bauer, please…I live to watch 24 LAD.

Considering there is only 1 episode left I can’t imagine how they can bring Tony back and successfully finish his story line in addition to wrapping up the current story line.

What if Tony is helping Cheng Zhi with everything? According to MTV, the main bad guy is “a ghost from Jack’s past”. PLEASE SAY THAT I AM RIGHT 24 PRODUCERS!

Ronnie Ottawa
July 14, 2014 at 8:17 pm
Don’t think it’s Tony, but Jack’s dad again… the oil rig was bombed and they assumed he was still on it…..