Kiefer Sutherland speaks to Extra about 24: Live Another Day

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour recently caught up with actor Kiefer Sutherland before he left for London to start filming 24: Live Another Day. Kiefer offered up plot details about the upcoming season of “24,” and where his character, Jack Bauer, stands with CTU analyst Chloe O’Brian, his most trusted ally.

Source Extra TV on YouTube


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The plot details given doesn’t really inspire me with confidence that this is gonna be any good…seems like same old same old

How on earth is it the same? in the past seasons chloe didn’t turn against the goverment as she was on Jack side all the time in every season right up until the finale, well in this new series she does because something bad happened to her in the last 4 past years since season 8 ended,

“president organising a summit”…”Jack brought back because of information received about an attack during the summit”…that’s pretty much exactly how Season 8 went

Imagine a girl in an abusive relationship who goes crying to her friends about her boyfriend abusing her. They feel sympathy and compassion at first… but when they watch her going back for more abuse time after time they stop giving a shit.

I’m starting to feel that way about Jack. He comes back to save the world, then he’ll whine like a bitch about the system throwing him under the bus once again by the end of the day (which of course it will).

I REALLY hoped for a more compelling reason for Jack to return that “there’s going to be an attack”. Fucks sake! Or better yet, how about this for a revolutionary idea; Jack not coming back to save the world AT ALL. Have him trying to save himself for once.

Is it me or is anyone else starting to get pissed off with XAM swearing? I understand that it’s no big deal… but seriously, it’s kind of rude and why do you need to swear every single time!

First thing I did when I read these comments

1) Discovered XAM posted something
2) Checked for swear words
3) Read your actual comment.

As for this further revelation of the plot line, I think it’s safe to assume that ’24’ writers like to twist stories around to make us thing something is going to happen which basically doesn’t. We’ve had it in all seasons in the past. Who would have thought that Jack Bauer could have went from the situation he was in in S08E01 to Episode 24,

Of course it’s the same old same old. It’s 24. Every season is the same thing all over. But we love it. However this one looks like a combo of S7 and S8. Chloe being the new Tony. Can’t wait for this!

I’d say for most people they tolerate it, they certainly don’t love it.

I think the fact that Jack is a fugitive being hunted by the CIA is going to play out huge in season9. We’ve never seen Jack Run from his own country. I don’t think season 9 is just going to be based soley on the fact that he’s going to be stopping a threat. But he’s also being hunted he’s on his own. & that’s something we haven’t seen. So I think season 9 will be about Jack’s own survival. & saving himself. He maybe going after a terror threat but I don’t think the whole season is going to be focused on that. But he’s not going have any help from anyone. So if he’s on his own then that’s not simply about the terror threat that’s about himself. So I guess what I’m saying is we will most likely see both. Chloe’s not even on his side. So this is very different. In the previous seasons Chloe’s always had his back. & this time no one has his back.

Joshua, we’ve seen all of those things. At the end of Season 4, he was on the run from his country… only to end up living 15 minutes down the road when Season 5 began. Not to mention he goes rogue at least once (almost) every season. With Chloe, I’m not entirely sure if they’ll fully commit to the rift between her and Jack – they could toss that aside and make her Jack’s cheat code as always, that could go either way because the CIA have their own computer cheat character – which leads me to predict that they’ll bottle it with the whole “Jack on the run” stuff and team him up with the CIA. I’d bet a $15 Amazon gift card on it!

Well some of it has to be the same it’s a show about terrorism. I understand your point about 24 the writers recycling old ideas. But if there going to suggest Jack is being hunted & he’s running from the CIA give them the chance show the fugitive aspect to it. Yes he’s been on the run but from the chinese CTU wasn’t trying to kill him either they figured out why Jack faked his own death. He was always pretty much working with CTU even tho he wasn’t apart of the agency. But season 8 is where Jack really went to far & for the first time it’s now the goverments priority to catch him because the president doing the piece treaty plus the partnership with Russia. Not to mention he almost started WW3 by almost killing the Russian President & Logan. He’s basically commited crimes that are now the goverments responsibllity to find him because if that. Season’s 4 5 & 6 was china’s problem. Was part of a trade in season 6 was held for 18 months. Yes Jack Broke the law many many times. But he basically commited crimes on an international level which is now on the goverment. He basically went against his own country in season 8…. & the fact that he’s a fugitive solely because of that is what’s different. Again I understand your point but I’d say wait for the trailers then draw your own conclustion. But if you choose to move on that’s fine to. But just because you seem to dislike this season already doesn’t mean you have to ruin the excitement for everyone else. Give the writers a chance to prove you wrong.

Yeah i agree if have to complain this much why are you even watching for 8 seasons! Stop ruining it for true fans! The world is negative enough thats why we watch these shows to escape for an hour!Icant wait for may 5 i wont miss a second!