Anil Kapoor in the 24 Indian Adaptation
Anil Kapoor in the 24 Indian Adaptation

Anil Kapoor wants to make 24 movie, can’t get rights

A recent article in Hindustan Times (the largest Indian newspaper) claims that Anil Kapoor has been trying unsuccessfully to make a 24 film.

“At the time of buying the remake rights of 24 for TV, Anil tried to convince the American makers to grant him the film remake rights too, but they turned down the request. Even now, he is keen on adapting the TV show’s storyline into a film,” says an insider close to the actor.

Kapoor starred as Omar Hassan in the eighth season of 24 and later acquired the television rights in November 2011 to adapt the series for Indian audiences. The second season is currently in pre-production with filming set to begin later this year.

Source Hindustan Times


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Memo to Anil Kapoor: You are not capable of playing an action hero by any stretch of the imagination. Give up the ’24’ copycat syndrome!

That’s a little unfair against Anil Kapoor, TJ dude, have you seen the Indian ’24’? I haven’t so couldn’t comment as to it’s qualitative attributes, but the reviews from the Indian press were highly positive from what I saw and the ratings were strong enough for it to get renewed for a second season… besides, it’s not for a Western audience, it’s an Indian show with Indian cultural sensibilities for an Indian audience, all 1 billion+ of ’em! I say good luck to Anil, he who dares win and all that…

Think for instance that you work more than 10 years in some job and you are very good at it. If someone else comes to do your kind of work (not the same exactly, but kinda) the problem is not because he’ll be bad at it, but because is an insult to your 10 plus years of outstanding trajectory.

So, sorry, I cannot agree. There was and is and will be only one Jack Bauer, and He must perform the future film.

He was okay in 24 but Fox never should’ve agreed to hand over the rights even for their version of a T.V series let alone a movie. Jack Bauer only belongs to one person & that’s Kiefer. So sorry when I say this but he can’t get the rights good….. Why can’t they make their own espionage show. 24 is an American show not a clone. Just drop this whole buying the rights crap. Jack Bauer’s not like Bond there only one person that it belongs to & that’s that. Now they wanna make a movie version, geez. He can’t get the rights & that’s the way it should stay.

Anil Kapoor doesn’t play Jack Bauer.

24 belongs only to Jack Bauer – Kiefer Sutherland. I don’t think it has to be made either as an adaptation of Hindi serial or a movie. People should learn to enjoy the original which is fantastic, the remake can not come any where near it.

However I am a fan of Anil Kapoor and I appreciate his attempts. But better to leave the original as it is and give the credit to Fox for what they are. That’s it.

A friend of mine worked on a thriller called Tezz with Anil Kapoor, and apparently he was so shit at action stuff he even had a running double ffs. Great charisma, and he was good as prez Hassan but action hero he ain’t.

As for all this “Kiefer is Jack Bauer and Jack Bauer is 24” nonsense. Yes, he’s been great but the character has become so stale now and ever harder to sympathize with the more they repeat themselves with the character. For the love of Christ, they couldn’t come up with a more compelling reason to bring back Jack than “because there’s going to be an attack, because innocent people” pathetic! 24 is too good of a concept to just throw away on one character. Le Kief said as much himself.

More to the point, 24 doesn’t just need an exciting, fresh new lead, it needs to jettison Cassar, Gordon et al (who seem blissfully unaware how creatively bankrupt they are) and get in some new talent with passion and fresh ideas. ANYTHING can happen in 24 hours, the possibilities for exciting days are endless – and yet they insist on rehashing the same old shite like they clearly are with Just Another Day.

I think Live Another Day looks pretty different than the original show and pretty creative. I am definitely not getting a season 1-8 vibe from LAD.

Not getting that vibe? How many friggin times has Jack been accused of being the big bad? Like every damn season almost. Jack killed Palmer, Jack did this , Jack did that, let’s not do what Jack says, let’s just feck things up. Now Jack is yet again the big bad behind the terrorist plot. It becomes a tad redundant when even people who know him go on and on about him being bad. I’ll still enjoy the hell out of it, but they are hitting the same beats

Yeah, it fucks me off the way they say “THIS time Jack is xyz” like he hasn’t been a million times before.

XAM, I don’t know how you can pre-judge LAD when all you’ve seen is the trailers and the fairly sketchy plot outline. It seems you’ve made up your mind it won’t be any good before it’s even been aired!

I’ve said it before but I cannot imagine the whole 24 team doing something half-baked and unoriginal, just for the sake of it, unless they were pretty confident that it was not going to destroy the well-earned reputation the earlier seasons gained. They surely can’t just want the money and be willing to risk their writing/directing futures just for that!?

Like XAM said, Kapoor isn’t suited to play any kind of action role – he was terrible in any of the scenes from S8 that involved a semblance of action. And with his bouffon-Jimmy Johnson-like hairdo and forced way of delivering his lines that neither seem convincing or authentic, it’s hard to picture him seriously in a ’24’ knockoff.

Frankly, I wasn’t impressed with him in either ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ or S8 – I don’t see why his admirers think he’s such a great actor…

Don’t kid yourself. There is only one “Jack Bauer” played by the one and only Kiefer Sutherland, and I will never watch any “24” series or “24” movie without him in it..

In the beginning people have watched 24 due to real time format or action pack thriller .. but very soon they watched because of Jack Bauer, one of the best written, more complex, action hero characters. Jack Bauer is the essence of American Hero, an iconic figure not only in the States but in the world…so for me it’s crystal clear: no Jack no watch !!

“Anil Kapoor” in action… prepare yourself for a good laugh.

Amazing how much younger and whiter he looks when he’s doing all that running and jumping.

Also the dude he’s chasing would’ve made a good Indian 24 lead, at least he’s doing alot of his own running.