Milan Cheylov directing 24: Live Another Day Episodes 9 and 10

Milan Cheylov
Director Milan Cheylov

Milan Cheylov will begin directing the ninth and tenth episodes of 24: Live Another Day in London tonight.

The Canadian director has filmed sixteen episodes of 24 in the past – two in the sixth season, four in the seventh season, and ten in the eighth season (including the standout episode of an armored Jack Bauer attacking Logan’s motorcade).

Here’s what things looks like in terms of directors:

24: Live Another Day Directors

  • Episodes 1 and 2: Jon Cassar
  • Episodes 3 and 4: Adam Kane
  • Episodes 5 and 6: Omar Madha
  • Episodes 7 and 8: Jon Cassar
  • Episodes 9 and 10: Milan Cheylov
  • Episodes 11 and 12: Jon Cassar

Jon Cassar is responsible for half of the episodes this time around including the two-hour premiere, the milestone 200th episode of the series, and the finale. Adam Kane is new to 24 but has worked with Kiefer Sutherland before on Touch (and is married to former “24” cast member Leslie Hope). London-based director Omar Madha is also new to this show – he’s known for “Law & Order: UK” and “Spooks” among others.

If you’re wondering why long time director Brad Turner isn’t returning this season, we asked him back in January and were told that while he would’ve loved to come back, he was busy finishing up with Syfy drama “Helix” and is also serving as executive producer on Howard Gordon’s new TNT drama series “Legends” starring Sean Bean.

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Fantastic news! It will be great to have him direct 24 again.

Also, 24: LAD cast member John Boyega was announced as a cast member of the new Star Wars movie. Congrats to him.

A Spooks director working on 24… interesting!

Milan did some pretty cool stuff in the original run: Day 7: 2-3 PM, 3-4 PM, 5-6 PM, Day 8: 1-2PM (to name a few). Glad to have him back. Undoubtedly expect one of his eps to be written by David Fury.

On the subject of David Fury, he has consistently written some of the very best episodes of ’24’ since he started in Season 5.