24: Live Another Day Episode 9 Press Release

Ian and Margot Al-Harazi in 24: Live Another Day Episode 9
Ian and Margot Al-Harazi in 24: Live Another Day Episode 9


Jack and Chloe have a plan in place to eliminate the terrorist threat before any more attacks rock London. With no time to spare and lives on the line, Jack and Kate pursue crucial leads in an attempt to gain the upper hand on the incredibly intense circumstances. Meanwhile, key players reveal their true colors in the all-new “Day 9: 7:00 PM-8:00 PM” episode of 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY airing Monday, June 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TWF-909) (TV-14 L, V)

Cast: Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer; Yvonne Strahovski as Kate Morgan; Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O’Brian; Kim Raver as Audrey Boudreau; William Devane as James Heller; Benjamin Bratt as Steve Navarro; Tate Donovan as Mark Boudreau; Michael Wincott as Adrian Cross; Gbenga Akinnagbe as Erik Ritter and Giles Matthey as Jordan Reed.


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this episode is likely where Steve Navarro secret is reveal about the cover up and framing Morgan as a traitor

Are they serious? Still no time skip? They have 3 episodes to tell 15 hours. Lame.

Pretty sure they’re only covering 12 hours in time. I mean, unless there’s a planned 12-hour jump once the crisis is over. That would give Jack time to eat, sleep and pee, lol.

I’m not fine with 12 hours because they announced even before they started writing that it would be 24 hours, but only 12 episodes. And it’s clear they failed to come up with a way to skip time. I thought we might have one or two hour gaps between episodes. It made sense to me. But come on, 9 to 11 straight hours and a magical 12-hour skip for one or two final hours? It’s ridiculous.

If saving the time jump means Jack winds up back on US soil, then the late season time jump will look like a genius move. I originally hoped the time jumps would be gradual and all parts of the day represented, but it just doesn’t work with the storyline they have. Margot would have to schedule her attacks with breaks in between. And I think it would have been much more difficult to keep her on as long as they have with the earlier time jumps.

They will jump 8 hours when they fly back to the USA

This season maybe a 12 instead of 24.

There’ll be a time jump at some stage, probably, but probably not until sometime during the final episode.

Which would disappoint me, to be honest.

I still don’t see how a mid-season time jump would really work. Every storyline would need to reach a point where we could jump ahead, and then the next episode would somehow have to avoid just rehashing what we missed.

Agreed, it just wouldn’t work with the storyline they have. If the season had been divided into two groups of 6 or 3 groups of 4, they’d probably have to change the storyline/main villains. In that format, Margot would probably be replaced by another “big bad” which wouldn’t have worked in a 12 episode season.

Everybody seems to be at odds about the time skip. We all should just sit back and enjoy the best season since season 5 and 7. Season 9 has been outstanding so far. Thank you and please start filming day 10

They were never gonna do time jumps were they? Cassar mentioned that during a UK Podcast interview in 2009 that writing within the real-time format was such a habit for them that even Redemption (something that could’ve easily be done as a regular movie), was done the same way (though it was good, the extended version was a bit fucked as it was only 102 minutes, without breaks).

I don’t what made them think that they could make it work now, when they considered & tried it in the earlier stages of planning Season 7 & it conked hard.

But hey, even if they do the entire miniseries without timeskips, I’m cool with it. It could actually demonstrate that the characters in-universe have finally learned that “If everyone just listened to Jack Bauer, the show could be called ’12’.” :D

June 10, 2014 at 7:37 am
Jon Cassar has tweeted that they are in the final week of shooting and that it was all indoors at a closed and undisclosed set. Rasjkub also tweeted earlier that the final 10 pages of the script was blank. So taken together it is possible that means that while shot in London, it could be an on-screen location of anywhere you could fly to in 12 hours.

But I am fine with 12 hours with no time jumps.

Found this on twitter today regarding the location and one of the cast members filming today. Here’s a link to the IG photo posted with the cast member:


I like the sound of that :)

I wonder if she was there for 24 filming or just as a civillian? It doesn’t seem like Yvonne is in costume or makeup there (Kate would have cuts and scrapes on her face, right?)

Here’s another interesting tweet which might suggest no time jump/location change? Weird. https://twitter.com/blount_tom/status/476452504331620353

Maybe British soldiers standing in for American ones?

Yeah, I wonder if his “not US Air Force” meant the the British army was portraying US forces.

Maybe I misread her message, but I thought the woman’s hashtag (#The24CrewInLondon) meant she had seen the film crew there. But maybe she was just referring to the fact that 24 has been filming in London . Jon Cassar seemed to be on the CIA set today. I think they often film in more than one location per day though. Yvonne did look out of costume and makeup (although from the looks of things, her scars seem to vanish in the next episode).

Thanks for the info on the filming for Friday. Wonder if these are interior scenes and if they are being filmed for episode 11 or 12.

She had on a grey cardigan like Kate. Maybe it’s before they put on her face scrape makeup or something?

Found this other tweet from the same guy who tweeted about filming Friday. He is playing a US officer. So it looks like they’re hiring British so

Off for costume fitting for 24, filming this Friday. Will be some sort of US officer for the day

Saw some other tweets from people who have been filming this week:

On set of 24 Live Another Day…. Having fun #living #filming http://fb.me/2NmTE8el6

@mjll81 Jun 9
In London #filming #24 and loving it.

@mjll81 (from today)
Another day on set #filming #24 #loveit

Well, I guess we can conclude Yvonne has wrapped filming in UK.
One of her UK friends, her make-up artist just tweeted “you’ve been my 24 rock”
Note the word “been” and she also added a picture of gifts she had received… Also, I seriously doubt they gonna shoot finale scenes at the airport in a public area.
And if they did shoot at the airport, they would lock off that area, most likely outdoors, then bring in the actors in full makeup, do the shoot, and quickly move out.
They would not let cast wander around the airport in civilian clothes doing nothing.
So im pretty sure Yvonne no longer is in UK, but that doesn’t mean she is done filming, as they still could shoot those scenes in LA we’ve been talking about ;)

Maybe Jenny’s tweet meant that yesterday was Yvonne’s last day of filming. Yvonne tweeted about her friend doing a play in London (performances started Wednesday), so I think she may have been returning to London and not leaving. Jenny also tweeted about receiving flowers today from Tate Donovan, so perhaps he’s wrapping today.

Since the film out of sequence, I wonder if they’ve filmed the final scene yet. It would be fitting if the final 15-20 minutes of the finale focus solely on Jack and his fate.

Kya Garwood confirmed that today was Yvonne’s last day of filming:

@kyagarwood 1h
So sad more cast wrapped today. @Y_Strahovski @24LAD it’s been a great pleasure working with you. See you at the wrap

Interesting, and it just make it all even more confusing… but hey, maybe that was the point? ;)

I like the idea of a big time jump after 9.09 that then has the final 3 episodes happening in a row with no time breaks. If they jump time after 9.11 or something, it’s just kind of annoying and loses some suspense, and if they don’t jump time at all, it’s ’12’, not ’24’.

Yeah, as long as the season takes place in 24 hours, it’s 24. But if it’s 12 hours and no time skips, it’s 12. It will be really interesting to see how they do it. Will they do a “12 hours later” or something similar?

The 24 epilogue where everyone’s eaten dinner, taken a shower, gotten laid, and had a nap sounds positively riveting. :)

My prediction is the time jump will happen in the last 5 minutes of the final episode. And it’ll be Kim stood over Jacks body saying cheerio daddy (or words to that effect). Silent Clock. End of 24 for good. (sniff sniff)

June 10, 2014 at 3:01 pm
No, co-creator Cochran said awhile back that Jack Bauer will not be killed off.

Of course he’d say that. He’d hardly ruin the ending by announcing it. People lie all the time to protect secrets about a film or TV series. JJ Abrams said Bennedict Cumberbatch wasn’t playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness for ages.

I agree with you on the lying to protect twists but I think killing Jack at the end of this shoots themselves in the foot. They’ve just revived this brand and if they want to keep it around, even if they want to make it Morgan-centric, it’s just dumb to take the option of Jack returning out of the realm of possibility.

Plus? Good grief. I’m fine with 24 having a lot of tragic stories but Jack Bauer deserves a damn break for awhile. If this guy doesn’t get to go home, reunite with Tony, and be with his family for awhile before they drag him back into hell, they might as well have killed him in 4.24 and called it a day.

I think it’s been wonderful thus far. I think the time lapse will happen while traveling back to US. Most likely, the last scene with Jack and family/Kim and kids. I think Heller will pardon him of all crimes.

June 10, 2014 at 7:03 pm
Yes, I bet Jack gets a presidential pardon for US crimes….but how will he get out of being wanted by the Russians?????? If this is truly the last 24 ever they have to resolve that.

What if tangible evidence linking the Russians to day 8 surfaced (if memory serves, wasn’t Suveruv complicent in supplying the terrorists?) I could see heller threTening to expose their involvement if they continued to pursue jack or his family. Wouldn’t bode well for them.

yeah but I guessing the Russian President never was prosecuted for his role….I wouldn’t be surprise if he still around 4 years later……I wonder if he will show up again

New West Virginian
June 11, 2014 at 12:54 am
I thought ALlison Taylor already exposed the Russian involvement. In the end of Season 8 she said that she would have a detailed statement “within the hour” revealing the entire truth. Mostly the world knows the role Suvarov and Novakovich played.

Jack should be pardon or the US President could order the State Department/FBI to cross jack off the wanted list…….even a pardon would only help for his crimes in the US but not against Russian embassy officials

Question: Hi Aus! Love your work. Been reading for years. I’m also a HUGE 24 fan and I’ve been thinking… we’re seven hours in to this 12-hour season and we haven’t skipped any time. Are there still plans to skip hours or will we get only 12 hours of this “day”? —Christian
Ausiello: It’s interesting that everyone assumed the show would skip an hour here and there vs. staging one big 12-hour jump at some point during the run — and we know what they say about people who assume. Did that answer your question, Christian?

Thanks for posting that. Just hope it ends with Jack back on US soil.

Yeah, Jack Bauer is an American hero and it just wouldn’t feel right to have the final shot of the series in another country.

People need to stop complaining about the time skip (the final episodes) until they have seen the god damn 12 episodes! Live Another Day has been fun and entertaining so far, so i think they have found a great way to skip some hours!

Surely the time skip wouldn’t work during the plane ride to USA. Since USA est is 5 hours behind London time!
So in reality if they skip 8 hours (flight time) it would only be 3 hours!

This is true, but what if the flight is going to Russia instead???