Kate Morgan ’24’ spinoff a “possibility” but no plans right now

Yvonne Strahovski in action as Kate Morgan
Yvonne Strahovski in action as Kate Morgan

Potential 24 Spinoff without Jack Bauer:

TVLine also asked Gordon and series co-creator Robert Cochran if, should 24 return again in one form or another, Kiefer Sutherland might pass the baton, leaving, say, Yvonne Strahovksi’s spunky Kate Morgan to fight the next good fight.

“I think it’s a possibility,” Cochran allowed. “There are no specific plans right now, but that’s the kind of thing we’d consider.” Added Gordon: “The format itself is very sturdy and with the right story it can be compelling. So if a [Jack-free] story presented itself to us, we would be open to it.”

24’s Future:

All of which leads to the larger question: Could there be more 24 in Fox’s future? “We learned to never say never,” Gordon said during the call, “but I think everyone is feeling the appropriate bruises and wear-and-tear that the show takes. So right now is probably not the best time to answer that question!”

Time Jump:

But every one of those 17 hours will be accounted for by the time the finale fades to black on July 14, executive producer Howard Gordon confirmed for TVLine during a Friday conference call.

Gordon however would not elaborate on the nature of the time jump (e.g. Does someone take a plane flight somewhere?) or whether there would be multiple skips in time over the coming five episodes. “We’ve been sworn to secrecy,” he hedged.

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Kate Morgan is the female version of Jack Bauer.

Victor Who (@VrWho)
July 14, 2014 at 1:49 pm
There is only one version of Jack Bauer and that’s Jack Bauer played by Kiefer Sutherland.

If I were Yvonne Strahovski and were offered the starring role of Kate Morgan in a re-boot version of 24, then I would have to decline.

Perhaps what can be done is have two 24 shows. One is Jack and the other is Kate. Think, Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

June 13, 2014 at 7:06 pm
I’m very confused about what the “But every one of those 17 hours will be accounted for by the time the finale fades to black on July 14” line actually means. Does that mean that this season won’t end at 11am? Does this mean that this season will end at 4am instead? Before “24: Live Another Day” started filming, we were always told that this twelve episode season would represent a 24 hour day. So, I originally thought that this ninth season of 24 would start at 11am and end at 11am.

I’m a huge fan of the Kate Morgan character, but I would much rather have a tenth season of 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland and Yvonne Strahovski than have a Kate Morgan 24 spinoff TV series. I feel that a Kate Morgan 24 spinoff TV series would get very low TV ratings because I think that it’s impossible to replace Jack Bauer in any form relating to 24. I highly doubt that a Kate Morgan 24 spinoff TV series would last for more than a single season. Jack Bauer is 24 and he will always be 24 and an enormous amount of fans of 24 would not be enthusiastic or supportive of a Kate Morgan spinoff TV series being made instead of a tenth season of 24. In my opinion, a Kate Morgan 24 spinoff TV series would be a disastrous business decision by FOX. I guarantee that there are millions and millions of fans of 24 worldwide that truly want there to be a tenth season of 24 instead of a Kate Morgan 24 spinoff TV series.

24 without Jack will fail. Just look at CSI (not the same caliber, but still). Grissom left, ratings nowhere near what they were. X-files, Mulder left, show went down hill. NCIS is a powerhouse ratings wise, no matter who has left, but if Gibbs left, show may be over after trickling along for another season or two. Stargate was still pretty good, but it wasn’t the same without O’Neill. Established shows are never as good and I doubt ever will be with a spin off or continuing on with new characters.

chris howlett
June 17, 2014 at 2:39 am
there are seventeen hours left after episode eight…

Nikitazi Jeffrey
June 27, 2014 at 4:34 pm
You are right! Like lots of people I would love to see a 10th season but not without Jack.

Victor Who (@VrWho)
July 14, 2014 at 1:44 pm
Perfectly said.

If a kate spinoff happens then no way in hell I would be watching, it would be boring !! I only like Kiefer Sutherland in the role of Jack Bauer, without him 24 would be so boring.

I really hope we get another new series next year but not holding much hope due to poor ratings, don’t understand why people have not been tuning in, this new series is brilliant.

Come on Fox, order series 10 for 2015 :)

Kiki Vanderway
June 13, 2014 at 7:51 pm
My impression is not that the rating have been bad but instead that you can’t compare 2010 viewing habits to those that exist in 2014.we watch differently and I think on DVR and streaming the numbers are strong. Certainly the fan base of 24 is passionate in a way not usually found in most tv series so in terms of dedication perhaps unmatched……

That is correct, there was an interesting story published on Vulture yesterday that shows the decline of broadcast television ratings. Almost all of the shows were down from the previous season: http://www.vulture.com/2014/06/2013-14-nielsen-tv-ratings-depressing-chart.html

Kiki Vanderway
June 13, 2014 at 9:39 pm
And even more interesting those numbers don’t include streaming Netflix or Prime binges. Thanks for the post!

you all seem to have your minds made up

No Jack, No Kiefer, No Thanks!

I don’t mind I will just treat it as a new show and try not to compare it to 24. Perhaps it will be a prequel to 24 LAD. I would like to see the way the take it with out the word “Dammit” every 2 seconds and “son of a bitch” every other second.

I think HoGo is just being diplomatic with regards to a Kate Morgan spin-off, he was asked the question and he responded in a polite but nondescript manner, I would bet the house (not mine of course, someone else’s!) there will NOT be a Kate Morgan spin-off.

If you read the linked article closely, you’ll see the reference to 17 hours is the remaining hours left of the 24-hour day, we’ve seen seven hours elapse thus far, meaning 17 left on the clock…

I’m glad there will be a time-jump at some stage, even if it happens during the final episode. I was worried they’d abandoned it completely.

I don’t know why entertainment journalists even bother with spinoff questions these days. Don’t they realize how ridiculous they sound?

Please… don’t make the mistake and don’t try to do 24 without Kiefer Sutherland! I’d LOVE to see another season, but not without Jack Bauer.

New West Virginian
June 14, 2014 at 2:05 pm
My most wishful thinking would be Jack takes a flight back to Los Angeles and the final scene is how the show begins, with Jack and Kim finishing their chess game.

Cheesy as fuck, but what a great ending that would be?

That would be a great ending, but yeah cheesy

Cheesy yes, but I would like that !

John Joseph Naughton
June 14, 2014 at 2:32 pm
We want jack. We want jack!!!#


Signed clapperboard. I wouldn’t stake my own life on it, but I’m sure that signature at the bottom right is Carlos Bernards :-0

One half season doesn’t feel like enough to put the show to bed permanently. If they came back for one more 12-episode event, then at least we would have actually seen 24 hours in real time and I would be satisfied. Tony Almeida could come back as a main character along with Aaron Pierce, Kim and Mike.

24 could maybe go the same way as Scrubs – they wrote toward a conclusive ending but still got renewed, and Zach Braff came back for a few episodes. This could work for 24 as Jack Bauer could be killed off half way through… what a great storyline that would be. Kiefer has always been open to it and then the rest of the season would be dedicated to the effect this has on everyone else.




I cant take her seriously as a field agent, she is way too hot!

I can’t take her seriously as a field agent because she’s a woman. Women special forces operatives are practically non-existent in real life – for good reason. Running, jumping, fighting and other gruelling physical stuff is the natural domain of men, there are very few exceptions to that rule.

I’m not saying this as a chauvinist either, I believe in and support “strong female characters”, and strong female characters – on screen and in real life – DO NOT waste their time trying to prove they can do guy stuff as well as they can.

IF 24 was to have a strong female lead, it would need to be a woman with tremendous charisma like Jane Tennison from Prime Suspect, Kate Boregan falls short massively on that score.

All I know is we will find out whether 24 will be renewed for season 10 possibly by the summer press tour next month or if not sometime by May 2015. Fox has said if another event series came along, it would air in 18-24 months after season 9 ended which would mean January-July 2016! A decision would have to be made before May 2015 so writers have a lot of time to craft the season.

Having alot of time to craft a season is no guarantee of a quality product

See: Day 7 (and I would have said LAD too if not for eps 6 and 7… and now most likely 8 saving its arse)

Season 7 was absolutely a quality season; granted, the Henry Taylor subplot never really caught fire for me (much like the Kevin Wade saga in the following season), but it was relatively short and it did ultimately feed into the larger narrative so it earned it’s keep in the end. But after that, the seventh season took off like a rocket and never looked back… for the writers to have stumbled so badly in Season 6 (as they did and readily admit that themselves admirably) yet successfully learn from mistakes made, correct them accordingly, and largely come back strong with the next season (as they did with 7 in my opinion) is an accomplishment worth acknowledging.

The general perceived consensus that ’24’ essentially flamed out after the gangbusting fifth season is flat wrong, Seasons 7 (+ ‘Redemption’) and 8 were superb seasons overall and deserve respect in my humble opinion.

As I have already said : No Jack=no watch !!!!

24 without Jack Bauer is like peanut butter without the jelly….

enough said…

andrew stacey
June 17, 2014 at 5:00 pm
Yvonne is great as Kate a 24 spin off with her would be great but a chuck movie is needed first

andrew stacey
June 17, 2014 at 5:01 pm
No please

Does any one feel like cloey is going to die? Im getting this dredful fealing. Margo may find out about cloey? I mean we see in the next episode jack takes revenge on margo, what if jack kills her children? I’m thinking she is going to be pissed and ya find out all about jack? Witch could also tie in to the Adrian storyline with cloey some how, …ooo how the mind wanders.

I think it would be good to have a kate morgan 24 spinoff,it would give yvonne strahovski another chance to shine again like when she was chuck on nbc.

i would prefer they resume the original 24 idea
that covers 24 hours instead of 12..
but also they could improve on theme by not restricting acting
on the theme of terrorists ..
they might come with something different but with essentially a similar plot ..