Audrey “will be very prominent” in remainder of season

Audrey and Jack share a moment in 24: Live Another Day Episode 5
Audrey and Jack share a moment in 24: Live Another Day Episode 5

Whatever happens with Heller and Margot, Jack will also have to answer for his role in this situation to Heller’s daughter, and Jack’s former lover, Audrey (Kim Raver). “She will be very prominent [in the rest of the season],” Cochran said. “She’ll play a very important role.” Added Gordon: “If you look at the [list] of people Jack has lost and who mean something to Jack, Audrey is one of the less than a handful of people who are still alive and mean something to Jack. So, because of that… Jack’s intersecting with her life will have a tremendous impact.”

But could this most recent action mean the end of Jack and Audrey’s relationship? “Jack, unfortunately, loses a lot, and sacrifices many of the few people he’s come to love and who’ve come to trust him,” Gordon said. “He loses them, and that scar tissue has built up over the years, and has made him an increasingly complicated and tragic character.”

So, in other words, Jack can’t ever be happy? “That’s the big question the series poses,” Cochran says. “That’s a question we ask ourselves in the story room all the time: What is Jack’s ultimate fate? Can he achieve some sort of personal peace and happiness? Or is that simply not his destiny?”

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I felt all of my emotions at the end of Season Six when Jack said goodbye to Audrey. I think that she should be with Mark and not Jack even if these two men can’t stand one another over Audrey.


Because life works out so well for people who have personal relationships with Jack.

I am glad to know that she will be very prominent in the rest of the season, since I feel like we have not had enough of her the last few weeks. But the rest of this sounds like kind of a bummer, although it’s what I expected. This feels doubly cruel, because they already broke my heart with this once at the end of season 6, and now they are going to do it all over again.

This is why I think Jack/Jacksack is the only truly safe ship in the 24 world. :( Everything else eventually hurts like hell.

I hope it doesn’t end that way.

I really don’t understand the point of bringing her back if they end it with J&A in a way that’s similar to the season 6 finale. It would feel like a useless rehash.

Agreed – and I also cringe at the idea of seeing more self-righteous, indignant screen time from Raver crying and blaming others. When she was first introduced in S4, she was a strong woman character – but all of the emotional storylines that she was woven into (her father, her husband and Jack) morphed her into a character aiming for the audience’s heart-strings whenever she starts crying.

I would have rather read hints of the writers demolishing once and for all the possibility of a Jack/Audrey relationship and instead see them take Jack/Kate into a path like what happened with Renee (not in the sense of her death but how she and Jack are more alike and formed a connection that way). To me, the Teri/Kate Warner/Kim/Audrey characters were too different from Jack in how all were dependent and fragile – whereas, Renee (and now Kate) are stronger, resilient types comparable to Jack.

I completely agree.

I loved Audrey in the past and her and Jack again was one of the reasons why I was so happy to have 24 again. But I gotta say that so far a little bit disappointed. 1 scene together and not so much Audrey´s screen time, and I don´t know if at this point is believable getting back together, especially after what happened in the last episode.

Maybe Audrey and Mark won´t end up together, but I am afraid that Jack and Audrey neither. In the end nothing new with Jack and Audrey, I feel a little bit cheated. Why she was brought back then?

As long as she doesn’t end up dead, Audrey fans do not really have any right to complain because they cannot get their Jack-Audrey shipping. Other fanbases got A LOT worse than your fandom.

New West Virginian
June 16, 2014 at 10:23 pm
I couldn’t help but notice that when Audrey asked who was with Heller at the stadium, Mark just said it was someone Heller trusted and didn’t mention Jack’s name.

And if Heller is dead, what about that signature? Mark could probably tell the Russians that Heller rescinded the order but he’s no longer alive to talk to the Russians.

I think Mark was being classy about not ratting Jack out as a co-conspirator but Audrey figured it out and that’s why she threw Mark that look. After all, there’s a rather short list of people who could have helped Mark help her father kill himself. Audrey now has her ex-lover and her husband conspiring together to help her father commit suicide behind her back and it was kind of rich, the slapping Mark, the saying she could never trust him again. All very Jack and Audrey after Jack’s call killed Paul Raines. They did a great job with paralleling Mark and Jack in this episode. Both of them saying “so be it” at various times, both of them objecting to Heller’s plan in similar ways…

Relieved to hear that Kim Raver’s talents will finally be put to use.

Since this seems to be it for 24, I just want Jack to get a happy (whatever that may mean in 24 world) ending for once.

I agree.

The fact they put all those things out like that in question marks makes me believe the answer is yes: yes Jack and Audrey will rekindle despite the consequences, and yes Jack can find some peace and happiness in life after this. They are simply teasing us now.

Angelika Kanis
June 17, 2014 at 3:05 am
What a great, great idea of the writers to let Jack and Mark be in on this together. Of course Audrey knew at once who is with her father.
I hope that Sean Callery will get another Emmy- and Golden-Globe-nod for his fantastic music in 24LAD. Especially in this episode it was totally moving.

Audrey was written out of the 24 series because she was doing another tv show. This was before the writer’s strike. I guess since her show got canned, they brought her back for this season since she meant a lot to Jack.

The “Audrey” character as always mean something important for Jack.
And for once (after 8 season) i hope in a good ending for both…
Maybe together…

June 23, 2014 at 4:56 am
The Richard Heller (President Heller’s son), theory, and why Audrey gets more involved in the plot!

Richard Heller, the son of James Heller, and brother to Audrey, is probably behind the “killing” of his father. For those of you who remember, during season 4, when Richard Heller was humiliated by his father, he has since now “waited” until the perfect opportunity to get his revenge on his dad. He then plotted this elaborate scheme, also using Margot’s revengeful attitude towards James Heller as well, and so now they used this to carry out their task.

However whereas Margot thinks that she has now gotten her revenge, doesn’t realize that Richard is also in cahoots with Margot’s son, who then is also now going to go behind his mother’s back and then use the drones to also attack other targets as well, including killing Audrey, too (because Audrey never stuck up for Richard, either, during his humiliating time in season 4). Hence this now pushes Audrey more into the limelight during the remaining episodes.

When Jack then finds all of this out (in the upcoming episodes), this really gets him ballistic, and so now Jack is so intense to stop Richard from especially killing his true love in Audrey, he STOPS AT NOTHING!!! to then thwart this attack and ultimately get to Richard!

Now of course, Margot (in her mad naivety), never anticipated on all of this stuff to backfire against her, and therefore never gave it a second thought as to why she shouldn’t have had to be the “only face” for this attack on James Heller, and should have actually dragged Richard into the picture along with her as well, but as the story goes, we will see why Richard has been held out of the viewers “eyes” until we then get to see him in the upcoming episodes.

Now of course because Richard (over the years), has since been silently “gaining influence” and the ability to make these kinds terrorist demands (with his “secretly gained wealth” as well), is now finally in the process of carrying out all of these things and becoming the ultimate “INSANE VILLAIN” for Jack and the rest of the world!!!

Watch out, world, Richard ‘HELL’er is on the war path!!!