24: Live Another Day Episode 12 (Finale) Press Release

Jack and Chloe in the 24: Live Another Day Finale
Jack and Chloe in the 24: Live Another Day Finale

Here’s the press release for the event series finale. It confirms our time jump report from ten days ago and teases that “lives will be lost” as Jack Bauer faces an “unthinkable” and “grave” decision. Uh oh!


In the highly anticipated season finale, the clock ticks toward the final seconds of Jack Bauer’s most heroic day. As the world teeters on a terror plot of mass proportions, Jack and the team reunite one last time to avert an imminent international crisis. With little time left and the fate of the free world on the line, Jack is faced with an unthinkable and grave decision. Lives will be lost and the American administration will grapple with the day’s most devastating news as the clock stops in the all-new “Day 9: 10:00 PM – 11:00 AM” Event Series Finale episode of 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY airing Monday, July 14 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TWF-912) (TV-14 L, V)

Cast: Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer; Yvonne Strahovski as Kate Morgan; Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O’Brian; Kim Raver as Audrey Boudreau; William Devane as James Heller; Benjamin Bratt as Steve Navarro; Tate Donovan as Mark Boudreau; Michael Wincott as Adrian Cross; Gbenga Akinnagbe as Erik Ritter and Giles Matthey as Jordan Reed.


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ohhhhh boy….

This press release doesn’t seem to bode well for Chloe’s chances of survival!

I’m thinking it doesn’t bode well for Jack being alive at the end. I don’t care if the producers say they are not going to kill him. They also said that it was cut and dry that Heller was dead.

God I hope not. Jack needs to survive.

That’s not how the phrased it at all. These guys choose their words very carefully. Go back and look again.

No way do they kill off Jack. They need him to pop up in future series. There’s no way this is the true end of 24 in some form or another. Why revive a brand, see it be successful, then not give anyone more? It doesn’t make any business sense. Even if they were to spin it off with Kate, they’d want the option of Jack returning in some form for awhile in the future.

Why do you say that? It says the team reunites so I hope that means Jack and Chloe. The writers have made Chloe an integral part of this show as much as Jack is. Her character is very popular you mention Jack in the press there is always a mention of Chloe. If she dies then they will be alienating a lot of fans. “No Chloe no watchy” as some fans say and I’m not sure the franchise wants that to happen even though is may be the end.

They’ve alienated fans with deaths before. It’s their thing.

I agree. I think Chole, after being the longest tenured supporting character on the show, will die. He family is gone, and Jack would be the only one to mourn her.

Fingers crossed for 24 to end.

Big Gucci Sosa
June 30, 2014 at 10:34 pm
skuuuuurt! shiiii…

Oh boy…. stocking up on tissues.

What will you be wanking off to specifically?

Kiki Vanderway
June 30, 2014 at 11:15 pm
My prediction: Jack will survive as will Chloe and Audrey (and Kim if there is a reunion.) Heller will not make it and neither will Mark, Cheng, Ritter or the Russia

We haven’t yet had a silent clock this season and I’m thinking they’re saving it for the most devastating beloved character death yet… step forward Ms O’Brien, your time is up.

“the American administration will grapple with the day’s most devastating news” Sounds like Heller dying to me. And if they’re saving up a silent clock for someone, who better than the character you THOUGHT was gonna get one a few hours earlier, but didn’t.

shut up with the silent clock! I couldnt care less about the silent clock.

Then you don’t know and understand 24.

ive watched all seasons atleast three times, and greatest show on earth…i just dont know what the big deal is with the silent clock…should be more worried about who doesnt get it then who does get it.

I’m disappointed that it’s not a 2 hour series finale! LOL

Jack and the ‘team’? What does ‘team’ refer to? And why does it say ‘reunite’?

Kiki Vanderway
July 1, 2014 at 7:50 am
I think it’s Chloe and Audrey as a team–if they end up US based at the end then maybe even Arlo and perhaps Mike Doyle or Ortiz there aren’t that many it make sense in this context.

I’m beginning to wonder if they will ever reveal the Veep?

I don’t know why ‘team’ and ‘reunite’ would refer to Chloe and Audrey. They’ve already reunited this season. I can’t help hoping for another returning character.

Kiki Vanderway
July 1, 2014 at 7:52 am
Ok who– it won’t be Tony just makes no sense so who else would you draw on?

Kiki Vanderway
July 1, 2014 at 7:57 am
Could they mean Bekchek since he’s been out of play?

I suppose so. It’s very vague, as all press releases are.

I actually disagree that Tony doesn’t make any sense. If Chloe is stuck with Cheng and Cheng takes off with the device, then they need someone else who has at least some vague experience with something like this to try to stop it. The only person in the story who knows how to operate something like this is Tony because this device is basically the CIP Firewall Device from Day 7 on a global scale.

Jack almost has to have some kind of masterplan here. It’s massively convenient that he just so happened to stumble upon a plan that involves taking out Cheng, the evil Russian faction, Adrian Cross, Karl Rask, and Margot Al-Harazi, all while getting back in Heller’s good graces and helping Chloe. There is no way all of these people who all connect directly back to a single common denominator of Jack are just *accidentally* linked in this plot. Jack’s set them all up using the override device as bait, IMO. If he’s had this big of a plan, isn’t it a little funny that the one thing he’s used to lure all these people out and make them take each other out is the one thing that someone might scratch their heads and realize that they’d need Tony to stop?

If Jack has some grand masterplan up his sleeve, why he was he willing to die while uploading the flight key back in the US embassy?

Because Chloe could have gotten the flightkey to Heller and because Jack’s plan was going to hell in a handbasket. Unforeseen circumstances get in the way of the best plans. Jack may have thought he’d have the override in hand by that point but when they lost Simone on the tube, he had to adapt.

Mary, I agree that Jack happening to stumble upon all of this is implausible, or at least very convenient. But the same can be said about season 4, where Jack just happened to be in Los Angeles and at CTU for a budget meeting on the day when LA was targeted for a series of terrorist attacks. Ditto for season 8, when Jack was supposed to get on a plane to LA but just happened to get a visit from an old informant and got drawn back into stopping a larger conspiracy.

Those circumstances *were* just convenient though (and, y’know, for the purpose of even having a story). It’s different this season. It’s the first time where Jack already had all the necessary intel. We don’t know exactly how he acquired it. It’s the first time that’s happened for us viewers. I’m not sure it’s something to brush off.

If we find anything out, I’m sure it’ll be this next episode.

Kiki Vanderway
July 1, 2014 at 7:51 am
Reunite because Chloe has been on Adrians side thus far and Audrey with Mark

You’re probably totally right but give a girl some hope, kiki. It just ain’t the old team without you know who. :)

Kiki Vanderway
July 2, 2014 at 10:46 pm
True that

Tony Almeida is coming back

I sure hope so!

I sure hope so too!!!! Comeback Tony!

it says season finale, could that mean something

Probably not.

This is so wonderfully vague that I’m surprised they aren’t being cagey about what the name of the show is. ‘On the season or series finale of a show which may or may not be named with a number, there are characters and they are involved in stopping a plot and some of them might die and it’s a big deal. Tune in.’ :)

I think the “unthinkable and grave decision” definitely involves Chloe. Looking back in all the seasons she’s in since Day 3, Chloe’s current situation is beyond anything she’s faced in the past. Usually she’s safe inside CTU for the most time and was never in any personal danger. Here in episode 10, she’s in the hands of Cheng, an extremely dangerous person and a nemesis for Jack Bauer. I believe he takes her with him instead of killing her because he plans to use her as a bargaining chip on Jack (in a similar way how he used Audrey in Day 6). I fear all these would eventually culminate to the “unthinkable and grave decision” in the finale, in a sort of “save Chloe or save the world” situation. Even though I know I could be entirely wrong about all this, I kind of feel saddened already.

On the other hand, I think Tony is definitely coming back, just not sure how big a role he would play in the end. And a cameo in the end with Kim would be nice too. They are both important characters to Jack since Day 1 and are still alive; a series finale without them just doesn’t feel right (it was a major criticism I had for Day 8 finale).

I think you’re right about all of this, Aquaflute.

I especially wonder about Cheng using Chloe as a bargaining chip. I feel like that might not be the only reason he keeps Chloe, though. If Cheng is working for the Russians (which seems pretty highly likely right now) than the Russians know that Chloe knows what happened on Day 8. Cheng would have to be stupider than paint to assume that the Russians are going to stick by him if all of this goes haywire and not try to set him up as the only one involved with the Chinese aircraft carrier attack. Chloe then becomes valuable to Cheng because Chloe knows what the Russians did on Day 8. He could threaten the Russians with exposure for their activities that day in order to allow him to escape.

The irony there would then be that Chloe thought Morris & Prescott were murdered because of what she knew about Day 8 but it really was just an accident. It’s Chloe who ultimately is murdered because of Day 8, giving Jack the big consequence of his killing spree in the most foreshadowed and logical way possible. He loses Chloe. The one who helped him elude the authorities, who keeps saying she hopes he gets home to his family, who was stranded on the other side of the glass looking stricken watching him interact with them in 8.03, who was as good as dead when Jack found her this morning, who parallels the dead Jordan Reed a bit… The last time someone was shrouded with as much death imagery, it was Teri Bauer lying down like a corpse twice before she was murdered on Day 1.

Chloe is definitely a candidate for the death pool, but I still think Heller’s a better bet. Of course it would be an “unthinkable and grave decision” for Jack to sacrifice Chloe, but let’s not forget that just a few hours ago Audrey thanked Jack for saving her father and, “I know you’d NEVER let that happen,” so if there’s a situation where he has to decide to actually let it happen, with Audrey’s faith in him still ringing in his ears, then DAMN.

Anyway, back to Chloe, and in the promo Cheng says what’s in her head is valuable, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he plans to use her against the Russians in some way. It also looks like she attempts escape though, and for her to remain useful to Cheng, he’d need to recapture her, which would be three FAILS for Chloe in two eps: trying to escape Adrian, trying to implant the virus, and trying to escape Cheng. She’s gotta get a win at some point, and I suspect she does actually get away if that happens not long after leaving Open Cell, because that whole area is crawling with CIA teams approaching from north, south, east and west, and if the tracker in the device starts moving they can probably hone in on its location, and also Chloe. Her ending up back in CIA custody wouldn’t necessarily bode well for her continued safety, because if Jack has her safely stashed somewhere, it means he can be forced into making a decision to sacrifice her, and wouldn’t that be a poetic bookend if at the start of the day he broke her out of CIA to save her life, and now he’s gotta take her out of CIA to turn her over to certain death.

If she DOES get recaptured by Cheng at any point, we might see her trying to go for the revenge kill, (a theme they’ve brought up already), because Cheng’s men just killed pretty much everyone she knows, and Cheng’s also abused Jack and Audrey, hell his goons even killed Milo back in the day, so I couldn’t blame Chloe if she wanted to take the bastard out. Or perhaps she’d just try to take him out purely because she’s the one best positioned to do so. That would be a cool hero moment for her. Give the girl a badass weapon and let’s have a Day 4 throwback. Of course, if bullets start flying, there’s the chance that one will hit her. Speaking of bookends though, it could also work if we see her end the day in a hospital bed instead of on the torture table, so she could get shot without being killed.

The biggest thing that keeps me doubtful about Chloe dying is if there’s ANY chance of some future 24 it’s just good business sense to keep her around. Future 24 would almost definitely feature Kate in a major role, but they’d still need some old school 24 to anchor it with, and just having Jack might not be enough to do it if he’s the odd one out in the new cast, but the Jack/Chloe combo is a thing that’s become vital to the fabric of the show.

Anyway, I can’t completely rule it out that she’ll die, but if I had any money it’d be on Heller instead. Chloe’s death wouldn’t fit with, “the American administration will grapple with the day’s most devastating news,” but Heller’s death sure as hell does. Guess they could always kill ’em both though.

Phee~ In complete agreement with everything you just said.

I think Chloe does escape from Cheng because if they take off with the override device before Jack & Kate get away from the Russian hit squad (which they sort of have to if only to keep the plot moving), then Chloe is the only one who can tell anybody who has the device. Not to mention that if Kate and Jack walk into that room to find a slaughtered Open Cell and the override missing, it actually looks like Chloe somehow did it, which is absurd but all they’d have to go on at that point. Chloe has to find a way to tell everyone about Cheng. (I’m assuming Cheng found and turned off Navarro’s tracker because Cheng won’t have that big a head start if they didn’t and that would seem like a waste to bring him back only to get caught in a matter of minutes.)

I’d love for it to be Chloe who took out Cheng, particularly if they’re going to kill her off. Give her some kind of big moment. I agree that killing off Chloe seems like the one thing they can’t do and if this were any other season, I’d agree that it’s absurd. They do need characters to anchor a new series and it’s a pretty big jump to think they could kill Chloe but, then again, that’s also maybe the very reason why they just might. They’ve never written Chloe into this much of a corner before and Jack needs to pay an enormous price for Day 8. Chloe is the biggest and most meaningful cost because she was the one there through all of it. This is the first time in the series she’s ever been in this much jeopardy and her story is kind of reaching its end in a lot of ways. There’s also a need for balance. If Jack gets anything remotely close to a positive ending (and the time jump/family suggestions says he probably will) then someone else needs a tragic ending. For it to be Chloe, as a result of Jack’s actions, is the best kind of 24 story and they’ve really not shied away from delivering on the best story in the past. It would also be ironic as hell– no one would see it coming because there was Chloe a few hours ago, faking Heller’s death, but the big twist was Chloe’s death. I’d be shocked if they did kill her off but it also wouldn’t be totally out of left field.

Heller right now is screaming going to die anyway, I agree. The only twist I could see happening there is if what we’re sensing as foreshadowing of Heller’s death is actually foreshadowing of Audrey’s death. Day 4 had Audrey and Heller almost gassing themselves because they were caught up in a terrible situation they didn’t think they’d survive and they didn’t want to be seen as humiliating the country. Heller’s tried to kill himself three times for the greater good in the course of the series and was saved. Suicide hangs over this guy in the worst way. Audrey is mentally unstable, had more suicide on her day during Day 5 as well, given that the White House Chief of Staff she was sleeping with at the time hung himself. (Apparently.) Suicide is also a thing now on Day 9 not just with Heller and with the Al-Harazis (who were willing to sacrifice themselves for their cause by staying until it was done) but with Adam Morgan. All the suicide attempts have a precursor of loss. Heller, who had lost two wives, a son-in-law, and has an estranged relationship with his son, saw his ability to hang onto Diego Garcia fail, lost his legacy, and tried to repair it by sacrificing himself (while literally losing himself to Alzheimer’s.) The Al-Harazis were doin’ it all for Mahmoud. Adam killed himself when he had lost Kate. I’m not so sure that if something were to happen to Heller or if the Mark-Jack thing goes south in some way or something that Audrey might not just decide to Ophelia it the hell out of this story and everything with Heller was really a precursor to Audrey’s death.

Obviously, it can’t be a total bloodbath. They all can’t die. But how it balances out is kind of hard to pin down, I think, because most of the main characters seem on the bubble at the moment.

I bet that Jack will want to sacrifice himself, but in the end, it will be Kate or Chloe. One of them will convince Jack that he has a family and shouldn’t sacrifice himself. And I agree about Tony. He had experience with the CIP device. His experience with that will allow him to come back and save the day.

Makes no bloody difference anwyay the show is dead. Remember it,’s all about money and advertising. I’m sure even the 24 producers are very disappointed with the ratings which BTW are abysmal and embarrassing. 24 LAD started more or less at same levels as Season 8 but then ratings declined considerably since and show weak numbers in the 18-49, so weak by 24’s standards. So I’m sure they made the finale in a way it could serve as a series wrap up as with such low disappointing numbers I don’t think neither FOX nor 24 producers would anticipate any new 24 event series anytime soon or at all.
They might not publicly admit it but they expected much better numbers and I’m sure had LAD picked up to amazing numbers they would have not hesitated to make another event series or even full season.

It ain’t going to happen folks time to say goodbye to 24 for good this time. I too am shocked that the ratings are this bad considering the intense action and change to the show, as executives sometimes they have to make hard decisions, but in the end it all comes down to money. 24 is an expensive show to produce, compared to other shows, so without the numbers they can’t justify keeping 24 on the air.

Those who still think 24 can be saved are delusional and don’t know how the industry works.

Whether they kill off Jack Bauer or not depends on Keifer too, if he wants it, he will get it. Remember he’s an executive producer so he has a big say on what’s get done. I don’t think they will replace Jack with Kate,, and it won’t benefit ratings that’s for sure. At least if the ratings kept steady it would be good, but such steep declines since first episode ? Not good.

At 9 seasons I think it’s time to call it a wrap.

It was lucky for us FOX even decided to bring back 24 after they had decided (along with 24 producers) that they would not make more seasons ratings not permitting……… It’s obvious that they had high expectations that did not come through.

Ratings wise, 24 should have ended at season 5. It should have ended on a high note, head high,
not embarrassing, abysmal record low ratings………If I were a producer or even the main actor I’d be shocked and embarrassed as well.

Actually, 24: LAD is Fox’s top-rated show outside of American Idol and increases enormously with DVR ratings. There are plans already for two additional tie-in books after the one coming out in August. Why make plans to have tie-in novels that won’t come out for another year or two after your “final season” airs? It’s sold to many countries internationally on re-negotiated (read: more profitable) contracts from the original series and makes a lot of advertising revenue. There will be more 24.

Kiki Vanderway
July 1, 2014 at 9:29 pm
RE: more profitable- and start using an up and coming kick ads actress who you can get cheaper than your main lead and have him do cameos instead of carry I bc the whole show.

Exactly. Turn Jack into the character viewers hope will show up instead of the one we see every week and give the reigns to Kate = less expensive show that gets a creative rejuvenation by not eventually running out of Jack story and coming up with something ruins what’s come before it.

With DVR, iTunes, hulu, and other Internet viewers, 24’s ratings are impressive. Live viewers make up less than half the audience.

Abysmal? Ratings? For a summer show. You aren’t thinking. I think the clock’s run out on you.

Ok. I don’t get it. What part of Tony showing up makes sense? He was arrested for terrorist activities at the end of day 7. It’s not like Jack has the power or even wants to work with Tony. Tony is in jail probably for life.

Heller dying doesn’t make sense either since we’ve seen location photos of Heller and the PM beside a plane. Heller planned to leave in ep 10 but this new threat came about. If it’s over by midway of ep 12, the time jump would be Heller leaving London for Washington with Jack in tow.

Chloe had a reason to live after her family died. She wanted to get even with the government because in her head, she thinks the government killed her family. Hence why she was a part of the hacker group. We now know that her family wasn’t murdered. It was just an accident. Chloe has peace.

The season started off over controversy about the drones and why they’re being stationed in London. So I totally could see something play out where the US sends drones (validity to keep them around) to attack the building the override device is in. Chloe could sacrifice herself in trying to stop an attack knowing she wouldn’t have enough time to get out of the building. Big clue was the tracker Navarro placed on it so the CIA has a location on it. It would play out like the end of S6 with that attack on the oil rig. The person piloting one of the drones was the pilot that was framed back in Ep 1.

To tie this all up, Chang said China turned their back on him. Chang could be working with Russia as his new adopted country. Somehow we find this out and with enough pressure from the president, Russia drops all charges against Jack.

You bring up a really interesting thing with those Air Force One pictures. Heller, Ron Clark, & PM Davies in those ones, right? (The actors, that is, in costume?) You’re right in that the time jump is then the only logical time they could be flying, and if that’s the case, if Heller makes it to the plane, he probably survives the jump and the day itself (because there can’t be much after this jump, can there? Like a wrap-up scene or two?) Would Mark Boudreau really be the most devastating news the White House administration would be trying to grasp? The President survives but the First Lady does not?

I reckon Heller could still die even if he makes it to the plane. Are there specific, life threatening side effects of mixing alcohol and Alzheimer’s meds? That scene was sorta random, him drinking and her telling him not to. You know that’s not really the one shot he’s had today, at the very least he also had one before heading to Wembley. Give the alcohol a few hours to have an adverse effect and maybe he has a heart attack or a stroke or something right before or after getting on the plane.

July 2, 2014 at 1:57 am
So we know from the teaser that Jack survives the Russian hit. President Heller knows his Chief of Staff is behind the hit. A edge of your seat thriller in the last two episodes as we see a 13 hour time jump…Jack catches some sleep? Jack grabs a bite at Subway? Has time to impregnate Heller’s daughter for a Bauer jr. spinoff? Takes a huge dump after holding it in for 8 seasons. A lot can happen in Bauer time…

A lot of talk about the reunion of past characters. Not Tony, but i can see Bauer going to Prison at the end of Day 9,,,there he meets Tony…day 10 they need Jacks help, Tony is on board…

But im thinking the reunion will be in USA if they take the last episode there…Kim Bauer, Vice President (take your pick…probably someone we know) and his head of security Aaron Pearse.

Ill be surprised if Chloe dies. If chloe dies, views will go down and that will make it hard to make another season.

Someone has to die. Kate Morgan? she seems to be someone that would sacrifice herself. Cheng, and Possibly the US President.

Kate sacrificing herself would make sense, especially since she’s so overcome with guilt over her husband’s death. Hope not though.

Kate Morgan can’t die. She’s the future of the series.

No she’s not, and if she is, it’ll be a very brief future…

I know solidarity for a fellow gal is where you’re coming from, but be realistic, Mary sweetie, a Kate Morgan-led iteration of 24 not only won’t happen, if it did, it wouldn’t last long… case in point being The X Files in it’s unfortunate final season, when you lose the long-running lead of a show, you lose the show in essence.

Do you really want 24 to go out like that?

I thought not.

Oh Gerry, honey, if you call me ‘sweetie’ like that in one more post…

I don’t know if 24 could survive having a different lead character than Jack but I think now is the best time for them to give it a whirl and Kate Morgan would be perfect. Having Jack pop in now and then would make more sense than eventually running out of plot and characters in Jack’s world that he still cares about. I don’t think Jack is too old or any of this other nonsense– I think it’s more of a matter of them about to run out of story for him. Duchovny leaving was a symptom of The X-Files problem, which was that it had run its course long before Mulder was written out.

24 is a circular story. The only real evolution of the series itself is to at least start focusing somewhat on another character who is going to pick up the Jack Bauer torch in the future. Otherwise, Jack’s entire story winds up being for nothing. If there are no Jack Bauers that exist after he eventually is gone, then everything Jack did amounts to nothing. He has no legacy without it all carrying forward. The show could absolutely in the future exist with Kate Morgan in the lead because otherwise Jack’s story simply runs in circles for season after season, growing more and more repetitive and stale, losing all connections to its past as they are forced to kill off every other character he still has left that he cares about because they have no other plot, and then 24 becomes a parody of itself.

You wouldn’t want it to go out like that, would you? I thought not.

Agreed, Mary! I feel like this whole season has been about Jack’s past haunting him. Everything he’s done so far seems to suggest he’s towards the end of his path to restoration. I’m not interested in seeing him having to do it all *again*.

Agreed that if they’re gonna have a shot at the franchise with another “Jack” then this is it with Kate. They’ve set it up in such a way that he could still be involved in any future story in a mentoring role to her. We’ve already seen Jack walk the long, hard, lonely road that Kate’s just starting to set foot on, and he knows what’s ahead of her, and if he can use his experience to help her be her best and maybe not end up completely screwed up in the process, I reckon that’s a thing that he’d feel would be meaningful for him to do and would be a believable next step for his character. No doubt it’s satisfying to know how many innocent lives he’s saved in his time, but actually seeing someone continually progress as a result of his positive influence would be a new thing for him. He doesn’t get that with the people he saves, he didn’t get it with his daughter beyond a certain point. Being able to mentor Kate would be something personally rewarding to come out of all his suffering. And they could have him do that from the sidelines while Kate is the main focus of the show, doing all the Jackish stuff, allowing them to explore new plots with a new character while still keeping the old spirit of the show. I think it could work rather well and is at least worth them having a shot at it. Being centred around a female action hero type might even bring new viewers to the franchise. Has there been a show with a truly kickass action female lead since Alias?

Just did a quick google and I see that ABC will be making an Agent Carter spinoff, Marvel comic female character from the S.H.E.I.L.D universe, and NBC have a new show State Of Affairs where Katherine Heigl is “Charleston Tucker, a former CIA field agent tasked with preparing the daily national security briefing for the President.” If FOX wants on this bandwagon, Kate Morgan is their ticket. And if they just keep her on as the new focus of a continuing show, that’s a safer bet than the other networks doing an actual spin off or completely new show. I’m no TV exec, but if this is potentially gonna be the new TV trend for the near future, I’d think it makes good business sense to capitalise on having Kate there, ready and raring to go.

Touche, Mary sweetie :-)…

I have no objection in principle to a Kate Morgan-led show, just so long as it’s not titled ’24’ is all… other than that, knock yourself out and good luck.

If they do a Kate Morgan spinoff, I’d definitely prefer a brand new show, without the real time format. With a strong supporting cast, and smaller scale storylines, I think it could be successful.

If kate somehow becomes the lead character, Jack Bauer will not be a part of the new show. Jack Bauer hates working…and he hates doing what hes great at. Just live happily ever after with his family. Having him as a mentor will be an automatic no from “Bauer” “Kiefer” may want that though…who knows.

My hoped for finale:

The will bring Tony back.
Except for the last ten minutes, the whole episode will be on real time.
The last scene will be an official act (next day) where Heller rewards all the heroes of this day, but especially, Jack, Tony and Chloe for all the other days….

Kiki Vanderway
July 2, 2014 at 8:52 am

What show are you watching??????

24, you?

Kiki Vanderway
July 2, 2014 at 10:47 am
I’m watching 24: Live Another Day…..

the description of the hoped for finale above is more like
24: Episode VI, Return of the Jedi and honestly I don’t think Ewoks are celebrating in the crowd while Han Solo, Luke and Leah (oops strike all that), I mean Jack Bauer, Tony and Chloe beam out to the crowd with their necks heavily draped in Medals of Freedom…..

Hahaha. That’s exactly the image I have in mind. Yeahp, I think that’s what gonna happen with Jack.

Kiki Vanderway
July 2, 2014 at 12:19 pm
Right on and high five! Thank god people have a sense of humor!

*wipes away tears of laughter* you are hilarious!

Alex of Hong Kong
July 2, 2014 at 1:46 pm
Just 60 minutes cover 12 hrs story?
Why they don’t just made a 120-min TV movie to end the series?

Spot on needs to be 2 hour finale. If its not then I suspect that it will be 35 mins in real time 1 minute time jump and tjen 4 mins withn jack back in the usa

It could be a big surprise and they wil reveal it to be 2 houes in episode 12 promo. Has anyone checked the fox tv listings for 14 july to see if it is 1 hour.

What if “the team reunite” bit refers to someone we haven’t seen for a wee-bit…

…Any Tony fans still out there?

Oh, honey, you have no idea :)

If Tony is coming back, it’s in the next episode or not at all.

We can hope.

Anyone else wonder why
Giles Matthey and Michael Wincott are credited despite their characters being dead
or am I just reading this incorrectly?

That’s the nature of the Press Release’s. They don’t remove an actor from the list even if they’ve been written out.

They signed a contract as regular cast for the full season, so they get a credit for the full season even though they died.

I don’t understand why everyone’s worried about Chloe. She’s going to lives, guys! I know it!

God, I hope not. Chloe’s been given her first truly compelling story in the 7 goddamn seasons she’s been around. She’s gone through more development here than just about any other character in a single season ever has (with the exception of Jack and Tony). It is absolutely necessary (and God forbid if the writer’s don’t follow through) for Jack to suffer the consequences of his actions during Day 8. The only consequence worth a damn would be Chloe’s death.

New West Virginian
July 2, 2014 at 10:29 pm
Yes I think if lives must “be lost”, then it makes the most sense for it to be Chloe’s. Her family’s dead and she’s on her own anything. I think either Chloe will sacrifice herself, or Jack will have to kill her so that she won’t be taken away by either the Chinese or the Russians. They will both know that unlike Jack, if Chloe is taken to China or Russia she will easily be broken and give up all the valuble intel she got from her time at CTU and the stuff that Open Cell collected as well. She will kill herself or Jack will have to kill her. That will be very painful for Jack, even more so than killing Curtis or Chapelle.

So that would be everything not wrapped up in a bow, cause Chloe dies. However, Jack flies back to the US with Audrey and reunites with Kim. It will be great if after the time jump we see a bright sun rising over Los Angeles as Jack finally goes home. In between that I do worry about Heller and his condition, and who the Vice President is, and what will happen to Jack’s pardon. Now that the Russians have attacked a CIA vehicle I don’t think the US government will be too willing to just hand Jack over to them.

Chloe’s death would arguably have the most symbolism of any death to ever occur on the show. It would be a *perfect* end-note to Jack’s story.

As depressing as Chloe’s death would be, I agree with you about this. It will be the saddest moment in 24 history if it happens.

I remember the video where Carlos said ‘my character is not done yet’ so he’ll be back in some form or another. Plus David Fury had a meeting with him (didn’t have my hopes of that the time of that particular tweet but now I do).

New West Virginian
July 3, 2014 at 5:48 pm
I don’t think Tony will return and don’t think its a good idea to bring him back at this point (it will only be for shock purposes), but if Tony indeed appears in the script I can see why Kim Raver would gasp out loud upon seeing that. Either that or Chloe’s death. There are many ways Chloe could die, Jack could be in a shootout with Cheng with her held hostage and she can be killed in the cross fire. Or Chloe could die saving Jack’s life.

Chloe will be around until Episode 12, at the very least.

Why can I not find a answer to why on 07/04/2014 Why are they repeating last weeks episode of 24? My thought is that 24 is turning out to be a show that was to will made and because of that we will not see the end and this will be the end of 24 and we will not see the rest of it. Because Network higher ups only want to show dumb shows.



Vice President Keith Palmer becomes the new president after Heller’s death. Jack engages in a shoot-out with Cheng and his men after Chloe’s death. Mark is extradited to the US to face treason charges and someone from Jack’s past returns.

That isn’t worth even mentioning – it’s obviously somebody being a troll. It’s IMDB – I could put that there if I wanted.

I SINCERELY hope you’re right. But if you aren’t and that turns out NOT to be troll and that text becomes truth, it will make for good TV but some incredibly sad fans.
The treason charges are accurate seeing as Mark did forge the presiden’t signature. And people have been speculating Chloe’s death for at least a few episodes now.

And honestly, it doesn’t even say if
the deaths
happen in this week’s episode or next week’s episode. they could happen anytime in this weeks episode, and anytime before
Keith Palmer becomes president
before Jack & Cheng’s shootout
since the last episode covers a 13-hour time period.

Keith is much too ugly to be David Palmer and Sherry’s son… more to the point he’s too ugly and stupid looking to be president. Mind you, so is Obama.

1) Beautiful people can have ugly kids. I started watching 24 during season 2, so I’d have to google Keith to see what he looked like.

2) They could have a different actor playing Keith if the IMDB info turns out to be true. That actor might not look quite the same as the previous actor playing that character.

3) I’m not getting into actual politics here on this website. This is for TV show stuff. You’re entitled to believe what you want about people’s looks.

No politics here.

Chloe wants seeking revenge on Cheng, who killed Adrian Cross in the finale.

Wow there’s already a sneak peek clip for next week..Couldn’t resist and watched it.

Small spoiler:
Jack tells Chloe his mission is to capture Cheng alive.

Oh wow, so Audrey is still being held by the sniper after Jack meets up with Chloe.

They need Cheng alive to stop the war.

After tonight’s episode I finally took the iniative….. Took a deep dive into the web to see if anyone shares the theory I have for the upcoming finale of 24 live another day…… Because for weeks I’ve known what’s coming but I haven’t found a single person who sees it as I do….. What gives? It’s been right in front of your faces the entire time…. !!!
In the spirit of brevity I break it down like this:
Remember how “OMG its cheng and it’s china and what a twist and how didn’t we see this coming?!?!?” Happened a few weeks back?
Well you did see it coming. In the first episode. When the vague details of kate Morgans “husbands” betrayal was explained. This set up the whole show.
But the mention of china never popped back up did it?
Sure Navarro was a fuck….. And drama was had by all… But the details of the whole goddamn thing just dissipated under the halo of gunfire and ornery William Devane. And jack being back.
Here’s the news. Kate was the one who sold secrets to china. Cheng in particular. She manipulated the situation and got her husband framed with the help of a crooked Navarro. She knows goddamn well who jack Bauer is and that’s why she’s been tap dancing on his taint from hour one. She’s still manipulating and doing whatever job she has been paid to do.
Kate is a traitor. She is full of shit.
I could really break it down but it is way past bedtime. Just think about it. All these blogs say she’s the next jack Bauer. That’s exactly what they’ve led you to accept. In the finale she will be exposed. Hide and watch. M.

I completely agree! She’s too clean cut. I think shewill be evil.

A few days ago on the imdb Live another day season 1 page where summarised storyline listed for every episode (the season 1 link on its main page) someone somehow “accidentally” posted some spoilers on 10pm – 11pm. But it has now since changed to remove the spoilers. Don’t know how true it was but here are the spoilers.

(Spoilers on who die. Don’t read if you don’t want to know)

James Heller and Chloe both die.

Will this be the last season of 24. Or will it come back?

Chloe says to Jack “Trust me, I’m think i’m your only friend you have left.”

Says the team will get back together.. I do remember a tweet from Jon Cassar saying he’d had a meeting with tony almeida, maybe tony could be involved?

Wait why is there a finale? There’s only been 12 episodes…. 24 is only half way done. Im confused. Somebody explain this to me.

There was only twelve episodes this season. The finale is going to cover the remaining hours of the day.

this not THE 24, this is The 12 :(

July 18, 2014 at 5:26 am
You can Search 24: Live Another Day TV Show on his website:==>> Youmovieset[Dot]com

What happen to the season finale airing on july 25. Im confused

Is it the end of 24 Season ?? Would the next series 24 season 10 Pop up soon or we are just going to end this thriller with the ninth one ??

Reply guys.