William Devane as President James Heller in 24: Live Another Day
William Devane as President James Heller in 24: Live Another Day

President Heller goes to “very dark place” in 24 finale

Executive producer Manny Coto teases something from the 24: Live Another Day finale. Any thoughts on what this could mean?

But the finale does stop to give President James Heller (William Devane), who is suffering dementia, a powerful final scene.

“He goes to this place, it’s a very dark place,” Coto said. “Devane played it beautifully. It’s one of his best moments.”

And one of the greatest “24” moments.

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Leads me to believe he does not die in Ep. 12

I think he might die from a heart attack or another stress induced illness, primarily because of the imminent world war that is happening, and probably Audrey’s death.

Why? The “very dark place” COULD be a closed coffin. There was one shown in the previews draped with an American flag.

I really do not believe Audrey will die. The Brazilian promo shows Jack smiling after saying good bye to Chloe. If the love of my life was killed, I certainly couldn’t muster a smile within 12 hours of the death.

To me it kind of sounds like Heller might commit suicide (especially if Audrey dies first and he realizes he’s all alone to suffer with Alzheimer’s the rest of his life).

I’m not sure what else could possibly qualify as both a “dark” and “final” scene for Heller and one which showcases his strong acting. Maybe strangling Mark Boudreau to death? :P

Interesting theory. At this point, I’m so confused and conflicted as to what will happen, I’m going to drink for the next 2 days :)

Kiki Vanderway
July 11, 2014 at 9:11 pm
Well Bob:


I don’t seem to be able to get images uploaded onto the site….but if I could I would paste this one in here….

Kiki Vanderway
July 11, 2014 at 8:47 pm
Heller is not all alone for goodness sake. Now maybe living out your days dependent on Richard Heller would be a version of hell on Earth or maybe Richard has grown up. We have no idea.

Heller has a life…. he had one when Audrey was kidnapped and killed the first time and survived.

He is the president of the US, my guess is you do not get there alone — he has friends and supporters aplenty.

Yeah but Heller ten years ago is not the same guy he is now. He’s been sick and he’s got an extreme case of retirement anxiety going on here, since he’s about to go out of his career having come to London for a final stand in securing his drone base and now leaving it on the cusp of a third world war. His son-in-law– the guy he had been trusting to be a good husband to his daughter and take care of her after he was gone– just betrayed him. His relationship with Richard is completely non-existent. He’s dying of Alzheimer’s so what he has to look forward to when he goes home is a rapidly continuing slow descent into madness and eventual death. Already, before Audrey has even fallen into the clutches of the guy who tortured her, Heller was mixing pills and booze. This guy is one final push away from eating the nearest gun.

Kiki Vanderway
July 11, 2014 at 11:33 pm
I can’t disagree with this more . The dude almost rode the nose end of a bomb and had one finger of whiskey it’s not like he’s a raging alcoholic or crazy or out of control

I’m not trying to say Heller’s been getting hammered and going off the rails. It’s one drink. But it’s one drink while worried about his legacy while on the cusp of a third world war while losing his mind while a heartbeat away from the most important person in his life being kidnapped by the guy who tortured her for months.

I don’t think that Heller would kill himself unless something happens with Audrey. Especially now that Mark is in trouble. Heller would see himself as the only one there left for his daughter (because even if he’d be alright with Audrey and Jack trying that again, Jack is super-unreliable when it comes to commitment here, and Heller would want to provide a kind of fatherly steadiness for Audrey.) But if something happens with Audrey, then I don’t think Heller has a reason left to live.

there are lots of talk in facebook site that audrey going rogue in the final episode. and killing kate. heller going to a dark place might hint that. so i guess your theory still has a chance i guess

Killing Kate? That seems kind of crazy, even for me. Kate seems pretty safe.

Some fans are speculating that Audrey was brainwashed by Cheng and kills, or tries to kill Kate. That would mean the sniper has no intention to kill Audrey and the entire thing is staged in order to get Jack. But I thought Audrey looked genuinely terrified when Cheng made that phone call. There was nobody else around, so there was no reason for Audrey to pretend to look terrified if this is a set up.

I’m surprised that people are still rolling with the “Audrey is a mole/sleeper agent” plot considering her reaction to Cheng being back – definitely terrified and you can see her slowly becoming more worried throughout the episode (the constant hand twitching/waiving – S6 callback?, the phone call). I doubt it at this point, but it was gleefully fun to imagine it maybe 3-4 episodes ago.

There’s no way now that Audrey’s a mole for Cheng but she could easily be another kind of mole. Brainwashed by the Chinese was just one option for why she could emerge as a threat and it was one that seemed more likely earlier in the day, before a lot of the main plot emerged. But the whole idea of Audrey as some kind of mole, I think, could still be in play.

More interesting than being a Chinese spy would be Audrey being a Russian spy. She could be working against the Chinese for torturing her and against the U.S. for leaving her behind there. She could secretly hate her father, believing his life’s work to be responsible for all the pain in her life. (How Marie would that be?!) Maybe the Russians turned her at some point and wouldn’t that just be hilariously ironic… Mark’s been trying to protect her by turning Jack over to the Russians all day and the Russians are his wife’s employers?

I think suicide, too. He’s tried now three times to kill himself for the greater good. Killing himself because he’s been in four seasons of 24 and that’s more than someone can ask any character to handle would seem to now be his end game. It’s actually a better death in terms of wow-what-a-story! than if he was to have sacrificed himself at Wembley and, as Heller put it then, “this is the way I’m supposed to go.” It was the way Heller was supposed to go and he got robbed of that and now the only thing left is to show us how he does go.

Kiki Vanderway
July 11, 2014 at 10:56 pm
Why is there this momentum building for suicide? First Audrey then Heller. 24 doesn’t do suicide. Sacrifice all the time suicide mission yes but flat out suicide? never.

24 does do suicide. Gael, Bill, and George all killed themselves for the greater good. Chappelle tried to and couldn’t do it. Jack risked potential suicide when he was forced to play Russian roulette on Day 3 with Ramon and warded off suicidal thoughts prior to Day 2 by keeping a picture of Teri and Kim in the drawer under his gun. Suicide bombers are a recurring thing. Lynn and the security guard guy killed themselves for everyone else at CTU on Day 5. Edgar’s mom killed herself to avoid radiation poisoning. Renee tried to kill herself, Jamey’s death was made to look like a suicide. Just today in the themes alone we have Adam Morgan having killed himself. And suicide is so prevalent in Heller’s story that he’s tried it three times already.

Audrey and Heller’s story began on Day 4 not long after they were introduced with them deciding to kill themselves while being held captive in a story that had elements that reflected back on Day 9 (jihadists, Keeler trying to kill Heller with a drone to save face but Jack getting there in time.)

Im just wondering if it’s not suicide, but a fatal drug reaction with his meds and his ” one finger”, of whiskey. if something happens to Audrey, Heller with his questionable esteem and loyalty for Jack, totally screws over Jack wont let him go home…
All I know is Im freakin out, come on tomorrow evening!!!

Err, sorry I didn’t see that you said mission suicide. Well, actually there’s one non-mission suicide that segues into Heller’s own story already. Just as we’ve already said so much about how Day 4-like the story for Audrey & Heller is this season, think about one of Heller’s subplots on that day when he got back to CTU. The whole story about Heller having lost his second wife to cancer and the pain he felt over her death comes out of him comforting Erin Driscoll over her daughter’s suicide. So, there’s that suicide theme again.

Kiki Vanderway
July 11, 2014 at 11:28 pm
Ok Mary I will give you Schizophrenic Mya and Edgar’s mother. But these aren’t mainstream characters.

Mya doesn’t count in what I say next as she was mentally ill and in terms of plot points only used as a device to disrupt then remove Erin Driscoll. No character other than Edgar’s mom has ever been so distraught by the events of the day that they kill themselves because of it.

None of the others are suicides again sacrifices for a mission yes all the time I agree if that’s how you are using the term — suicide mission then sure I can see it but most if the posts point to depression, hopelessness and shock as the rationale not a decision to take the hit to save others totally completely different

I agree that they aren’t major characters but minor characters don’t just exist to create plot for other characters, they exist to support themes of more major characters. My point was that suicide in general is a theme that’s occurred over many seasons and while we don’t usually see suicide that isn’t for a greater good, that doesn’t mean that we might not with Heller. I could argue that Heller is actually the one character in 24 history who should go out by killing himself for non-greater good reasons simply because he’s tried to do it for the greater good so many times and they’ve just spent an entire day giving him a laundry list of reasons to do it that haven’t even climaxed yet. If Heller were to reach critical mass and kill himself, it would be shocking– ultimately, way more shocking than even that he was still alive after Wembley– simply because he’s the last character in the 24 world you think would do it. That’s often the case with suicide. You could see someone as emotionally volatile as Renee trying to slash her wrists and Maya seemed like she was going to kill herself from the moment she showed up. But steady, laconic, war hero President Lovable Hardass? Jack’s adopted father-figure? That’s a very dark place that the show seems to have been slowly pushing towards all day.

Kiki Vanderway
July 11, 2014 at 11:47 pm
Maybe but I see that impetuous you describe as suicidal instead like Jack’s death wish and we know from George Mason a key driver of that is going out in a blaze of glory a hero for all time and suicide just doesn’t ring true for me

I think Heller had the George plot a few hours ago with Wembley. It was basically the same story– he knew he could save everybody and go out a hero and he was dying anyway so no skin off his back and they both had this nice like ‘go home to your family, you bleeping moron’ conversation with Jack. But when Jack stops Heller from being able to have the George death, that’s the last chance Heller will ever have of a blaze of glory. The cost in the story for that has to be that Heller gets a really awful death instead. I think it’s got to be either really domestic (drops dead of a heart attack) or that he’s finally successful at killing himself. I think if you were talking about Heller before this day, I’d agree that suicide seemed unlikely. But as for impetus right now, he doesn’t have a lot to left for and it’s clear he’s terrified of the future. He even tells Audrey that losing himself is terrified, he sounds understandably freaked out when he tells Jack that he won’t recognize anyone in a year. Heller’s lost his Presidential legacy by losing Diego Garcia and being on the cusp of a third world war, he lost his ability to go out the way he wanted to go out when he was saved at Wembley, his son-in-law betrayed him, and he’s losing his mind. He’s also, like, seventy years old with a heart condition, so it’s not like he’s seeing a lot of healthy years left on the horizon for him anyway, even without the Alzheimer’s. I could see him deciding to end it.

Fazil's Beard
July 12, 2014 at 4:15 am
Two excellent examples of suicide in the 24 series that you two seem to have forgotten are Ted Packard and Julia Milliken, season 3.

Kiki Vanderway
July 12, 2014 at 7:13 am
Ok I stand corrected! Three lashes with a wet noodle for me…and both those ones happened in the same Day.

Did anyone mention Logan’s attempted suicide in season 8.

Kiki Vanderway
July 12, 2014 at 6:28 pm
V– No not attempts and really Day 8 also had Jack’s attempted suicide when Chloe wouldn’t shoot him….

again as Phee has noted, there is a difference between being despondent (Mya, Ted, Julia– Logan’s attempt) and making a choice between two equally horrific outcomes and making a rationalization about which one is least terrible (Edgar’s mom and Jack’s attempt and I would even through in George Mason here as well) Chappell was executed and but for the order of the President would not have been on the chopping block as it were…

Gael was accidental and inadvertent and in fact when Michelle gave him her gun he refused — and here I will mea cap myself– Again!– because Day 3 with the suicide pills at the hotel was actually a massive theme in the series (can you tell it’s not a season I rewatch much)

George’s initial exposure to plutonium again an accident….Bill was killed in action and did it by following up on what Jack put into motion not because he was despondent….

Kiki Vanderway
July 12, 2014 at 6:33 pm
Sorry I meant to reference Seba’s post and misidentified it as Phee’s– and Phew also makes good points about the importance of the legacy people want to leave behind….

BTW I would also lump Heller and Audrey’s Day 4 attempt in with Jack on Day8 and Edgar’s Mom

For all his previous suicide attempts, I just don’t see Heller succeeding at killing himself because it’s all become too much. He’s no doubt achieved other things in the Presidency apart from the drone base failure of Day 9, other things that his Presidency will be remembered for. If he just does himself in now, his legacy becomes that of the guy who couldn’t handle the top job and gave up, and I don’t see him wanting to be remembered like that.

Suicide as sacrifice is not demise because of depression.

Kiki Vanderway
July 12, 2014 at 1:55 pm
exactly and the perception is very different and IMO it’s the wrong fit for the major players here. The ending would feel so awful and the reviews don’t hint at this type of thing at all.

Also you know if I were a major player (and really here I specifically mean Chloe) I would have had my agent less focused on negotiating the pay and instead guarantee I exit the day alive and mostly in tact. As much as everyone loves being part of the show the fact is that there are so few people that Jack can play off that anyone still standing at the end of Day 8 had a little more clout when approached to star in Day 9……

perhaps, the very dark place is simply death.

New West Virginian
July 12, 2014 at 10:51 pm
If Heller dies, the writers might interpret that as him going to a “very dark place” but Heller is the kind of guy who would make it to heaven if he dies so that would be a better place for him.

Maybe he lethally mixes his pills and the alcohol. I’m sure there’s a reason Audrey made a big deal about that and also how he and his pills have been shown throughout the season.

I’m just so confused about this finale and who’s going to die, etc…

Plausible indeed.

I’m not convinced he does it intentionally, but yep I reckon that’s why we got the random scene of him drinking and Audrey telling him not to. Give it a couple of hours for that to absorb into his body and interact with his meds and then down he goes in the finale.

I feel like Heller has the odd drink(s) now and then with his pills and it hasn’t killed him yet but that they might have had him have a drink to cause complications with the fact that he’s seriously ill. With the frequency that he’s been taking those pills all day, they have to be his heart meds. Symptoms of untreated heart disease can present like Alzheimer’s. I still say Heller might not even have Alzheimer’s at all, especially since it seems to be randomly progressing faster than the doctors had anticipated. What’s wrong with him could be that he’s taking the wrong medication or no medication at all, if the pills are placebos. It’s weird that there is no physician with him when he’s an elderly President with a heart condition on a stressful trip abroad. I think the drink might have been thrown in by the writers to help compound his condition and make him have physical reactions that get steadily worse until it occurs to another character that Heller’s medication isn’t working, prompting an investigation into why. Few people have access to Heller’s meds. If someone’s been trying to kill him, it’s going to hit home when he finds out who. And then, even if he’s no longer really dying, he’s not at all going to want to live.

Kiki Vanderway
July 11, 2014 at 9:03 pm
Devane is great, He has remembered all of Heller’s vocal tones and the rhythms of his relationship with Audrey and Jack. Those parts of the series are working seamlessly.

But one thing that has been gnawing at me is the attitude of the military personnel surrounding Heller.

All the military brass are dismissive of the Pres– when General Useless struts about the office, when Colonel Condescension recommends they go to DefCon 3 touting our nuclear superiority also Mark’s justification regarding keeping the drone project going by keeping Heller in the dark about problematic drone attacks–

Heller was the freaking head of the Department of Defense…I just do not understand why the scenes come across as if they are speaking to a President without a clue about the military when he probably has more knowledge of and experience with working in a military planning and crisis environment than every other 24 President we have had….

I find it interesting that General Useless exited stage right pretty much as soon as the override piece of the plot started. As easy on the eyes as he is, Colonel Condensation (love it) and Admiral Other Guy are, you’re totally right, total bastards towards Heller. I doubt they’ll bother with him again but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone opened a broom closet in the residence tomorrow morning and General Useless’ body fell out. I think the new guys are a little too eager about WWIII. They kind of remind me of the guys Palmer was surrounded with on Day 2 who were eager for him to bomb the hell out of The Three Middle Eastern Countries You Could Guess From The Maps. Also? Bunch of guys who aren’t in line with the rest of the administration who are trying to get their agenda going and an older guy who has heart problems in the middle of it? That could be an allusion to Ethan Kanin on Day 8.

Kiki Vanderway
July 11, 2014 at 11:38 pm
OMG what I wouldn’t give for the open the closet door scene!

The cabal in Day 2 at least had a reason– oil oil oil — Admiral Other Guy ( faboo as usual M!) and the Colonel seem to be banging the drum of war simply because on the numbers we win ….

Yeah, OMG, that guy is way too excited about the numbers… Maybe they’ll give them a motivation or something. I could go for a cabal-ish plot, especially after One Dimensional Navarro and Scrambled Cross for hours on end and underused if super cliche Stolnavich. (Dammit, why did Margot have to die again?)

The dark place is probably inside that coffin.

There’s been a lot of talk about Jack maybe having to choose between Audrey and Cheng, but what if it’s Heller who ends up having to make a choice like that if trying to save Audrey could jeopardise the mission to stop Cheng. Fate of the world vs the fate of his daughter.

That’d be a dark place for him to go. It’d play nicely against the earlier situation where Audrey didn’t want him to die. It could even explain Kate going on a sneaky solo mission to save Audrey if it’s in defiance of a Presidential order to leave her.

Oh, poor Heller. This is so possible. :(

Wow, that would be incredible. Almost reminiscent of Tony and Michelle in seasons 3-4.

Jack on Day 1, too. Deciding to try to create a diversion to save Palmer but risking Teri and Kim’s lives in the process.

Ooh, that’s brilliant – you’re good, Phee! That would be an even harder choice than having Jack make it.

I think Heller is going to kill himself bc he doesn’t wanna loose his mind! I don’t think that Audrey is going to die, but that’s just my hope.

Heller’s Alzheimers hasn’t been much of an issue except for those 2 incidents at the start if the season. With all the stress from the drone jacking, the PM knowing about it, and China being P.O.’d, he hasn’t waivered or shown any signs of weakness.

This dark place could be Heller putting blame on Jack for what happens to Audrey. He warned Jack to stay away from her because bad things happen when Jack is around. He blames Jack for not staying away in a heel turn we saw in Day 6. Heller is so mad that he arranges for Jack to be captured by the Russians.

Jack agrees to give himself up if Chloe is pardoned for her crimes so she can go home. Then we get the exchange seen in the preview.

Kiki Vanderway
July 11, 2014 at 11:43 pm
I am not sure Heller would go that far in terms of setting Jack up. I feel like he would be upfront with Jack like Palmer was in Day 4 . Remember Jack saying whatever our differences were I never lied to you… I feel like Heller would similar in his approach to Jack and not be deceptive . Also given the fall out with Mark Jack may be looking like better son in law material.

Agreed that Heller’d lay it out there for Jack. He doesn’t really hold it in when he’s pissed off.

I did love Jack’s “I never lied to you” comment. Heller was like well, you’ve been mostly straight up except for when you were screwing my daughter while working for me without telling me and then there was the time you faked your death but other than that, yeah. I can see it.


there was also that one time, when Heller punched Jack in the throat, because he wanted glory. Heller has disagreed with Jack, more from a misguided ,”Im protecting my daughter,” point of view. kinda vindictive really. He has viewed Jack as a tool, and little more, despite a slight respect over time. it’s been, Jack, do what you need to do, but stay away from my daughter. I dont think that aspect has really changed. He finally realizes that no one is better suited to Jacks kind of work than Jack, but yeah, Damnit, stay the hell away from Audrey

He’s had some moments but I think he respects Jack overall. But yeah, I mean, what father wouldn’t wish for a safer guy than Jack Bauer for his daughter? It’s also no different than Jack, really. Steve is the first guy Kim’s had in her life that earned smiles from Jack. The nice doctor with the sweaters who gave him a granddaughter and loves the hell out of Kim is the only one to win Jack’s approval. Doctors are greater good heroes with a civilian lifestyle unlikely to get Jack’s family killed. Steve’s the one! lol

If Heller has anyone to blame for Audrey being in danger it’s Mark. If he hadn’t tipped off the Russians to Jack’s location, Jack and Kate would most likely have gotten to Cheng before the order to attack the Chinese sub was executed. In which case Audrey would never have had to go meet someone in a secluded park at night with only two secret service agents. Not to mention all the lives on the Chinese carrier that would have been saved.

Heller rips up the pardon and gives Jack over to the Russians. Dark.

Here’s a crazy theory that I haven’t seen anyone mention yet: Cheng has Audrey killed, Jack completes his mission as intended (capturing Cheng alive), but the audience is a little disappointed that Cheng wasn’t killed… Then Cheng is brought into CIA for questioning and in a shocking twist, President Heller kills him there.

It’d be a similar scenario to Gael’s wife murdering Stephen Saunders inside CTU during the S3 finale.

Kiki Vanderway
July 12, 2014 at 1:59 pm
They do need Cheng alive long enough to convince China that he was responsible so I can see them not having a choice I just don’t want Audrey to go down…and then what the next reboot Jack is in an ever darker more dangerous place?

Well unfortunately, all of the hints and teases in the promo make me think Audrey is a goner for sure. It would explain why Jack was crying in the promo and why Heller goes to a very dark place. The one thing both of these characters have in common is that they care about Audrey very much.

Audrey’s death would affect most characters on the show – Jack (friend and ex), Heller (father), Mark (husband), Chloe (old friend). Kate would also feel terrible if she failed to save Audrey. They could get a lot of emotional moments out of Audrey’s death.

Kiki Vanderway
July 12, 2014 at 6:41 pm
Oh please stop using logical arguments that point to an outcome I will hate!

Can’t they just kill Mark, Navarro, Ritter (completely wasted by the writers in this series), andl throw in Cheng and Simone and call it good?

I know right? Let Navarro redeem himself by sacrificing his own life to stop Cheng. Or Mark can make the heroic sacrifice to save Audrey. Sadly I think they’re going to kill a returning character and/or Kate instead. :(

Maybe I am just in denial, but I feel like the fact that the promo seems to imply that Audrey dies is evidence that she won’t die. It seems like the person who seems to be in the most danger at the end of an episode is rarely the one who actually dies in the next episode. In the season 1 finale, Teri seemed totally safe at CTU the entire episode while Jack and Kim were both in danger. In the penultimate episode of season 4 Tony was taken hostage by Mandy and he survived. In the penultimate episode of season 7 Kim was taken hostage and she survived. If they are going for shock value, they are not going to kill the person who seems like the most obvious choice based on the end of the penultimate episode.

Wow, that would be incredible if Heller killed Cheng. I really hope Cheng does get killed in the final moments of the finale, after the timejump.

Oh, this is such an awesome theory. I really hope you’re right because that would be a great story.

I also have the feeling Mark is going to do something crazy near the end.

His insecurity with Jack around Audrey caused him to snitch on Jack’s location, which in turn caused a delay in finding the device that Cheng used to send the fake commands to the sub. Which is leading to a war with China that Audrey tried a diplomatic route to get it resolved leading her into a trap set by Cheng that may or may not kill her.

This whole arc is his fault.

Kiki Vanderway
July 12, 2014 at 9:33 pm
Exactly!!!! And that’s why he is a rat weasel……

Thank you! I have been saying that all week. I don’t know why people think he redeemed himself last week. He could have come forward when Jack told Heller that he was attacked by Russians, in hopes that maybe it would help give them information or stop Jack from going down the wrong path looking for Cheng, but he kept quiet to cover his own ass. Then when Jack confronted him in front of the president, he gave that ridiculous line about how he was doing his job and getting his hands dirty to keep the president’s hands clean. Explain to me how the hell forging the president’s signature keeps the president’s hands clean?

Mark’s screw up did actually help solve who was behind Cheng. I mean they could’ve done it a better way like the reveal in day 8. Jack put 2 and 2 together before we saw Cheng call mustache on the phone. I guess the 12 show format makes things like this tougher to string out.

But it also leaves some plotlines in question. Like when we last saw Cheng, he was being arrested at CTU saying his people won’t abandon him like the US abandoned Jack Bauer. Then we got the story of Cheng being in prison in China and “killed”. So did Cheng get traded back to China? Why did Cheng go to Russia if the Russians knew Cheng was stealing a chip that contained Russia’s security back in Day 6?

If they really wanted to blow our minds, Cheng would be working for the IRK and trying to start a war between Russia and the US over what happened in day 8.

Kiki Vanderway
July 13, 2014 at 9:44 am
Ok I’d we are going for crazy then maybe the twist is it’s Logan…..

Kiki Vanderway
July 13, 2014 at 12:52 pm
FWIW Jon Cassar will be live tweeting the 24 Finale East and West coast showings….

If we are being teased about William Devane’s best performance yet to come…then I do believe it must be that Audrey dies. Maybe he takes matter in his own hands, kills Cheng and goes out with him in a blaze of glory.

This news bodes well for the future of 24 as they both have a long standing relationship with the show! http://www.thewrap.com/dana-walden-gary-newman-near-deal-to-lead-fox/

I don’t think Heller’s going to die. I think he’s going to show some disturbing signs of memory loss. Maybe he faints and when Rob or whatever helps him up he looks at him and says “Who are you? Where am I?” and so on and so forth. That would be a good chance for Devane to show his acting talent.

I think Jack will be forced to kill Audrey. I can’t spin the tale that would encapsulate this act, but the press release says: “Jack is faced with an unthinkable and grave decision”. Its one of the only two things that fits that phrase. That or kill Heller but I can’t see how that would be plausible. It seems at some point in the promo clip Heller just drops (heart attack ?). In the same clip you see Jack’s awful contorted crying face. We know Chloe survives (“It’s time for you to go home” you see Jack say to her. Which, by the way, makes me think her hubby and son are actually alive and hidden, but that’s for another thread), so the only one to elicit that type of emotion would be Audrey.

William Devane was not as bad this season as he usually is I thought, but he completely could not pull off the scenes he was given in the finale. He’s a joke compared to the other actors on the show.

keifer sutherand is the ideal one to put this season to a glad finale…his antics rocks it all, kant wait to watch the other temaining 12seasons, am in a dilema n lots of un unswered questions, wat append to President James Heller after Audreys death? wat append to Jack bauer after boarding the chopper? this movie left me with tears…hiiiiiieeee….eeeeeee…

Kant anybody understand that Audrey is dead…n gone, just like Nina Myers.