Kiefer Sutherland reveals his favorite Jack bauer torture method - electrocuting someone with a lamp wire!

Kiefer Sutherland on Jack Bauer’s favorite torture method

“My favorite one that he did was when he had a guy in a hotel room and he ripped out a lamp socket, but from the lamp, not the wall. And he sliced the cord down and ripped off the plastic covering it and exposed the two wires. That’s when you knew he was going to get down to business. It was so inventive and it happened so fast.

And really the reason why I liked it the most was the other actor was so fantastic that you could see his eyes wide open when I did it. I have to be honest, it’s certainly nothing I’ve ever done in my own life, but to see someone’s reaction like that? It gave me a very scary moment of satisfaction.”

Source Los Angeles Times