Corey Hawkins
Corey Hawkins

24: Legacy casts Corey Hawkins as male lead

Straight outta Compton to CTU. After lengthy on-and-off negotiations, Corey Hawkins has signed on as the male lead in 24: Legacy, Fox’s pilot that reboots the 24 franchise with brand new characters, led by Eric Carter (Hawkins). The character, who succeeds Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer as the hero on the show, was conceived as written as African American. Sutherland is not reprising his role and is not creatively involved in the project at this time.

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Hopefully they will now bring back Marisol Nichols as the Female ex-CTU director. One of the few things I enjoyed in S6!

Even if that character winds up being new (which is probably the case), I hope Nadia makes their list of characters to return in the future, too. One of my favorites in all the seasons and a lot they could still do with her.

I doubt anyone remembers her, but she was hot I love every season the same my selft

Corey Hawkins should be a great fit as the “black Jack Bauer”.


Curtis Manning is giving you some serious side eye in the afterlife. :b

Crack Bauer

Definitely . He looks the type to like crack-cocaine , just like Elton John .

No , he looks like if he was to take a bath , he’d get lost down the plug hole . Jack Bauer is stocky , this joke stick thin and looks like something out of Doctor Who . Before you jump the gun and call me racist , I’m not , I’m just stating a fact . Them having an alien as the main character already happened in Doctor Who . Also , the guy looks more like he’d be doing anal sex with the villains instead of killing them — the nuclear bomb would go off as this metrosexual joke pulls his pants up and buckles his belt . Jack Bauer would rip him to shreds even if he was paralysed from head to toe .

No Jack Bauer,No 24

Agreed 100%

they need to bring back Yvonne Strahovski the cia agent from the last season

She was brilliant!

Definitely. Love Kate.

Good luck to Corey. It’s gonna be tough following Kiefer’s performance on 24.

I’d probably put my money on Alberta Green as the female lead – from Season 1

Tamara Tunie is great.

Yikes! I wouldn’t be a fan of that pitch! :{

It’s been 20 years since Day 1 (if Legacy takes very soon after 24: Solitary). Alberta Green probably runs the NSA or something by now.*

*She’s one character I’d love to see again, though. Maybe mirroring Day 6 Karen Hayes or something.

Cool stuff. Looking forward to this series even if there isn’t Jack (Kiefer). It’d be cool to have Tony (Carlos) and Chloe (Mary Lynn) make surprise appearances too.

They said an all new cast. The female lead will be someone never on the show before. Also probably 30 something so she can be in the action scenes.

Yeah, it’s probably a new character but that doesn’t mean that older characters aren’t eventually going to turn up in Legacy. The fact that they keep saying over and over and over again that it’s a possibility is a clue, as is just logic– they left a lot left open and they want people to watch the show, so it’ll only be a matter of time before the old characters start rolling in.

i wonder what kiefer is thinking now, all the years of loyalty will be spoiled by other actors who clearly have been in other movies but never in 24 i’m sad and i won’t watch that because if i do i’ll spoil all the years of my loyalty to the serie so i better leave my memories nice as i left them and i i miss 24 i’ve got all the DVDs since season 1 so thank you i won’t watch it of course it’s my opinion.

You’re jumping the gun, I’d wager.

If there was never going to be Jack again, they’d have killed him off on Day 9. Or, at the very least, left him on less of a cliffhanger. Chloe is still alive. Our most recent bit of canon is Tony. There’s a ton you could do with Tony before you brought Jack back into the fold but eventually? You need Tony and Jack again. Almost all of the old characters still left alive on 24 are interconnected in a tangled-up plot– put one back in the plot and you winding up needing the other ones. There are some that could pop in sooner and have a bit of a separate plot ahead of time (Tony’s one of them, Kanin is another) but eventually, as Mary Lynn Rajskub put it? “All roads lead to Jack.”

But what happens if you were to do that before you established new characters who connect to these older characters in other, maybe as of yet unforeseen ways? You wouldn’t be able to keep the show going and you also wouldn’t have characters in place who factor into an end game for Jack and company. So, the only thing to do would be to slow down the train for a little while and introduce us to a bunch of new characters, then roll out the old ones after that. But there’s no way on earth they won’t bring characters back again eventually. It might take awhile, maybe even until Day 11, but there’s no way we don’t find out what happens to Chloe, we don’t see Jack deal with working for the Russians, no way that none of this ever affects Kim, or that the last we ever see of Tony is him almost remembering how to smile in his hot new glasses. Those aren’t the endings of books, they are the endings of chapters. Leaving now is leaving a book unfinished on your nightstand. Don’t you want to see how it ends? :)

There’s no 24 without Jack Bauer, likeJames Bond without James Bond. It’ s not gonna happen.

NO WAY IN HELL will I watch this. ’24 IS JACK BAUER and cast.

I have the dvds. No need to watch this crap.

I agree……. I hate when they do this. Just make a new show with a different name.. I cant!!

January 25, 2016 at 8:34 pm
Also the title is so wrong 24:Legacy?

What Legacy? The legacy IS jack!

Yeah, the show just won’t be the same without Kiefer.

It’s not 24. It has nothing in common. If Kiefer Sutherland (or none) is not involved, please, DO NOT USE THE NAME.
IT’s a fake.

January 25, 2016 at 5:38 pm
Jack Bauer is 24.
24 is Jack Bauer

Justin Urciuoli
January 25, 2016 at 5:47 pm
24 Legacy takes place in the same universe as 24! So a Jack, Tony and Chloe appearance is possible once the series is picked up! Kiefer even admitted he would sign on to reprise his role to give his character closure! 24 Legacy will lead to a return of Jack Bauer eventually!!! Stay positive and keep and open mind people! And Fox said never say never in terms of old characters coming back!


Thank the heavens for you.

Are you all old and bitter or just racist??? Times change even if your not ready for it…The earth won’t stop because Jack is Black !!! It will probably be pretty interesting.

Yes! Thank u!

I love Jack also but it’s time to let sum body else shine let’s give it a chance

He’s a strong actor. Although I kind of wish FOX would just let 24 die (am I the only one?), I’m too die-hard not to watch.

I think it needs this reboot. If they pump it full of fresh blood, it’ll feel less like another day where Jack is trying to stop a third world war AGAIN (which is fun and all but uh… ).

I liken it to Day 4. Even though we had Jack in the story then, everyone was concerned because they thought their favorites were being written out and they heard ‘reboot’ and ‘almost all new characters’ and freaked out. Day 4 gave us Buchanan, Heller, Audrey, and Logan– characters that quickly felt like they’d been around forever. It flowed. It worked. They brought back everyone people wanted and even people we never thought would come back again, or at least not at that time, like Mike Novick. But the show wouldn’t have survived more seasons if they didn’t step back for a few hours and pump it full of even more new characters than were usually in a season. It worked. It flowed, it was damn fun, and it set up for more 24 in the future. This could work and it could work hard. 24 deserves to be an American Doctor Who and has the potential to be limitless in how long it can last and still entertain, if the cast shifts every now and then. The mirror-based story structure is theoretically infinite. This has the potential to be excellent.

You are so right!

January 25, 2016 at 8:21 pm
Oh gosh.. this is goin to fail.
He was okay in ”Straight Outta Compton” that doesn’t make him a strong lead to follow up jack.

People on Deadline who have seen the script say the female lead is new. The actress will likely be someone 35 or older. Deadline recently reported that Rachel McAdams and Sigourney Weaver are in demand for pilots. McAdams probably wouldn’t do 24, and Weaver might be a little too old. But she’s awesome.

I also think Cote de Pablo, Tricia Helfer, Anna Torv, and Maggie Q would be a good fit for 24.

Maggie Q or Rachel Nichlos would be my dream choices.

Tricia Helfer or Rachel Nichols would be awesome. Very very awesome…

Justin Urciuoli
January 25, 2016 at 8:40 pm
Next season takes place in Virginia close to Washington where probably CTU is! If this is the case, this season could have connections to season 7 where Tony’s story left off, meaning there is a stronger chance of seeing Tony Almeida back at some point with Jack and Chloe!

Tony’s so like *face scratch, sinus pinch, sigh of ‘ugh’* oh, great, D.C. again…


We should just try to stop comparing Eric Carter with Jack Bauer and just sit back and enjoy the new show. Even though there will be no returning characters, there will be a returning director and returning writers who will be in tune with what 24 is all about. Looking forward to some new adrenaline rush moments and new shocking reveals in the new series. No one can rightly say it will not be as good as classic 24 because we have not seen the new series yet. If the new series stinks than I will join the chorus of complainers.

They should change the name, like: CTU without Jack, after, Jack… or 24 hours without Jack… it’s a shame.

Change is the only thing that is constant. let’s give room to change. Jack is supposed to produce a far more better character in the future. let’s be positive.

no jack no 24

Jesus, it makes me a bit sick to see so much resistance to change here. Ok, I am not very happy that we won’t see Bauer again either. But for God’s sake, we are given a chance to watch a new season of a top notch TV Show we all love, we like the plot, suspense is at a high scale, and all some of us can say is “No Bauer, no 24?!”

With all due respect, shut the fuck up and let the other ones enjoy the show, you really don’t need to watch if Sutherland’s absence causes you so much deep pain. Just keep in mind: some of us are both KS’s AND 24’s fans, not only KS’s fans! Just sayin’…

The problem is ‘legacy’. End a story before you rape it into oblivion. When does 24 end? Why prolong it past its appropriate ending? When I view a series, I like to see it end so I can move on with my life and do other things. If this 24: Legacy isn’t connected in some grand way to the storyline that’s been running through the 24 universe, then its pointless. The only way I see that happening is if this leads into Tony’s story with Solitary.

This could be like Day 4 where it appeared to be a mostly new cast, but then they returned all the favorite characters to give them resolution to their stories. Hopefully the same is happening here, otherwise its stupid. I’d be alright with a remake of 24 so that its not connected to the old 24, but this is a continuation of the same 24 universe and if that is the case, then hopefully we’ll be seeing Tony and Chloe soon with Jack eventually coming back.

It’s good to know when disaster is coming … And in this particular setup it looks like a disaster! Why bother calling it 24 and banking on the previous 9 seasons when non of the original cast will be there?
So yes if this is the case this is one show I wouldn’t bother to waste my time with …

They’ve used words like “yet”, “as of now”, “never say never”, “possibility in the future”, etc.. Those are basically “yes” but if they say yes up front now, they spoil surprises later on and they have very little to talk about between now and the fall, when the season starts airing.

There is no Keifer since FOX doesn’t want to pay the $$$$ it would take to make it work. This will not come close to want 24 fans are used to. Stick a fork in this it’s done.

Or, they need the brand to continue past the next plot for Jack, which has to be either the final plot for Jack or close to it, so they need time to develop new characters before they bring Jack back into the plot again. In the meantime, Kiefer gets to release his album and make Designated Survivor and all that other stuff (giving him something to do once they write out Jack Bauer on Day 11 or beyond) and it’s a win/win for everyone.

24 without Jack Bauer is like “Jaws” without the shark :)

January 26, 2016 at 8:35 am
and Back To The Future without Marty Mcfly

And Peanut Butter without the Jelly

Hmmmmmm… why should I get invested in a new main character – especially this weird looking cunt – after you’ve refused twice now to give him a proper ending?

No thanks!

By “him” I mean Jack.

Im not saying this is what I want but I am putting this out there as a theory. What if Kim Bauer is the ex-CTU agent, the new female lead. If that happens that could make it easier for the Jack storyline to come into play. If she gets in contact with Chloe and if Tony is supposedly broken out of prison they could help save Jack. Don’t know how I would feel having Kim as the lead though…

January 26, 2016 at 12:29 pm
It’s not, i read it’s someone called Rebecca.

Funny you should say that. I don’t think I’d want her for that part in particular but my friend and I were just talking about whether or not we’d want Kim to want to go back to work at CTU at some point. I kind of feel like Kim knows her history enough to know that it’s a terrible, terrible idea but I wouldn’t mind having her in the plot more. Particularly if she doesn’t need to be rescued. Unless, okay, well, after that one time when we can have Tony save her because c’mon. But after that! :)

Some industry insiders who have read the pilot have commented on Deadline. According to one poster, 24: Legacy is being created for a completely new audience. That’s why this spinoff doesn’t have any returning characters. They’re hoping the new show appeals to fans of their hit series Empire:

“I admit I didn’t get a chance to read it all like Pilot Reader. However, from what I heard around the office. they are just hoping they can generate black ratings like empire. I am not a fan of empire. So people may not like what I have to say. The creators of 24 specifically wanted to change 24 so people would stop talking about Kiefer. That’s why they aren’t doing an xmen show for FOX this year.”

There are other comments here from people in the industry and fans.

[url] [/url]

So I don’t think we will be seeing any returning characters appearing in this show at all. If Kiefer ever decides to come back, I think there’s a better chance of Fox having two 24’s, then to have returning characters on the new show. It will be like CSI, Law and Order, and NCIS.

Count me in. Looking forward to more ticking clocks, conspiracies, life and death moments … I’ll watch. Even some of you who aren’t in favor of a “Jack-less 24” might take a peek out of curiosity. Let’s see what happens. Note: still hoping a few familiar characters show up for continuity sake. If so, it will be kept a closely guarded secret.

Eric Carter sounds too much like Eric Cartman

Some commentators on Deadline who are in the industry said Fox is hoping this appeals to Empire fans. I think this will be a completely separate from the original series. I don’t think any old characters will ever appear.

Here’s one comment from an industry insider who has read some of the pilot:

“I admit I didn’t get a chance to read it all like Pilot Reader. However, from what I heard around the office. they are just hoping they can generate black ratings like empire. I am not a fan of empire. So people may not like what I have to say. The creators of 24 specifically wanted to change 24 so people would stop talking about Kiefer. Thats why they aren’t doing an xmen show for FOX this year.”

There are other comments here from people in the industry and fans.

Howard Gordon has said Tony is very likely to return along with other characters.

I don’t think it has been confirmed that Tony will return, just that he will at least be mentioned (along with other previous CTU agents from the original series).

Howard Gordon did say very likely and that plus Solitary (and the fact that the plot of Solitary suggests stuff that is similar to the plot of what they’ve told us for Legacy) makes it seem pretty obvious. Solitary is also called a “bridge scene” on its production website.

24 will always look like 24, no matter who the characters are. It’s not exactly like what they’ve told us about it so far is unfamiliar– you can already start to pick out which previous stories Legacy will be mirroring at its start. Fox wants to be known as the diverse network and they are more so than a lot of other networks but 24 has always been a diverse show anyway. I could see them wanting to capitalize on having an African-American fronted show but I doubt they’re going to reinvent the wheel entirely with Legacy.

Felipe Nogueira
January 26, 2016 at 9:49 pm
Can you share any links with Gordon saying is very likely that Tony returns?

Will find the link. Can’t recall which of the articles I read had it in off the top of my head, so if anybody else has it handy…?

It’s kind of just plot math, though, really… (I’m going to spoil Solitary, but I’m pretty sure if you’re on this site, you’ve probably seen it, so…) …

They’ve told us that the plot of Legacy deals with sleeper cells and a potentially very deadly attack on the U.S… The “bridge scene” between Live Another Dya and Legacy, according to Solitary’s production company, Bagg Street ( ) is Solitary. In Solitary? Tony chats with the warden about how crazy jihadist nutjobs now think that he’s “one of them”. Tony is a lot of things but he’s not a crazy jihadist, so it’s pretty apparent that the only reason why he’s been in prison all this time is to work undercover. If he’s about to escape, it’s likely with the intent of thwarting a terrorist plot and if the last bit of canon (chronologically) that we have to date is Tony the undercover faux-Islamic extremist gazing at his escape plans and the next beat of story begins with sleeper cell members planning an attack, then it’s pretty doubtful that Tony’s going to spend another season in that grey cave, pining for his coffee mug.

Bauer V Logan: Dawn of Justice
January 26, 2016 at 2:03 pm
Oh Boy…
After I read “After lengthy on-and-off negotiations” my stomach began to hurt. Somebody who SERIOUSLY wants to do this and thinks he can pull it of, they have to be ready and willing from the start. Not negotiating this and that.
And honestly, and this is just my Opinion, I was kinda hoping they would cast a high class actor (in the fields of McConaughey or Farrell).
With KS not returning at all, my expectations are sinking lower & lower with every anouncement they make.

Well it’s understandable, given the pressure that he’ll be under. No matter how good he is, he’ll be compared to Kiefer. And if the show flops, it could affect his ability to get hired for future roles.

Justin Urciuoli
January 26, 2016 at 3:40 pm
Everyone who has twitter, go to Jon Cassar’s page who was director on 24! He tweeted some interesting stuff today :)!

That was nice of Cassar to post that. But honestly, what did they expect, when LAD ended on a cliffhanger, Solitary teased Tony’s return, and Fox has not confirmed that any remaining cast members will appear in the spinoff? People care about the original characters, and have a good reason to be upset.

It would be like doing the new Star Wars films without Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, C3PO, and R2D2.

Justin Urciuoli
January 26, 2016 at 6:06 pm
Jon Cassar is saying we will get closure to Jack and Tony possibly!

The contracts for Day 9 just expired at the end of 2015, so even if they’ve been informally planning Legacy for forever and a day now, they just started getting stuff signed a few weeks ago. (There is some evidence that they began casting late last year informally.) So, I think they thought we’d be patient while they trickled out information over the next few months but, well. It seems to be the case that even if they have it all planned out, they’re still getting it all together, so they likely can’t legally talk about much right now anyway. Probably why they keep trying to hint that the stories for older characters aren’t over but they can’t say anymore than that because there might be some negotiations going on behind the scenes. The fact that Kiefer switched gears from “I’m totally done” to “cliffhanger/I heart 24/it’s the bestest ever/would like to revisit character/you never know/blah blah vague yes” between the end of 2015 and the last couple of weeks when we know they’re working stuff out with him… even if they want to tell us Jack will be back, no one can say anything for sure one way or another until it’s signed and set. So, for right now, we get stuff like “as of right now” there are no returning characters. Because when the TCAs happened, there probably were *no* characters, period. They were just starting to sign people.

Felipe Nogueira
January 27, 2016 at 9:23 pm
I don’t agree with that much regarding Kiefer being involved.

When they’re talking about doing, before any contracts being signed and settled, there were news about FOX wanting more 24 and that Kiefer was in negotioations. Moreover, Kiefer is going to be a new ABC’s show – this is signed and settled. More critically is that it looks like the original plan is to be doing a new “event-series” of 24 (as LAD) with Kiefer and Jack, but he didn’t want to be involved.

If Kiefer wanted to do more 24, with FOX wanting more 24, there is no reason for him to sign in with another show.

Except, he’s now saying he’ll do it and it was a cliffhanger ending and he could turn up again. I think there’s a big difference between wanting to front the show again and wanting to just pop up. I wouldn’t blame him for being done with being on the posters but willing to come back in smaller doses for a better, sharper, more interesting story (which, based on the end of Day 9, is what would be the case if we are to see Jack again.)

It’s also kind of worth noting that they used Day 9 to bring Jack to a point where he just straight up is no longer the hero of the show in any way, shape or form. He *can’t* be the main character anymore. He’s a fallen agent working for the Russian government, desperate to keep his family alive. He’s probably got a few tricks up his sleeve but if you can only put the hero character on the posters, you can’t put Jack on them anymore as of Day 9.

Justin Urciuoli
January 26, 2016 at 3:49 pm
Jon Cassar on Twitter today (Jan 26th):

“I urge all of you to give 24Legacy a chance. Don’t dismiss it yet. Its a new chapter. Its OK to love Jack Bauer & still try something new.”

“For 10 years, 204 hours and a TV movie we gave you great storytelling & surprised you every week & I’m sure theres more to come.”

“You should also know at this point I’m not involved with the reboot so I’m just as eager to see where Howard and the boys take it.”

“And as far as characters you love – as long as they’re still alive they can always appear in the 24 universe – or not – we’ll see”

Justin Urciuoli
January 26, 2016 at 4:07 pm
Jon Cassar ‏@joncassar 27m27 minutes ago

“And for all those wondering what happened to Jack, there’s at least a chance to find out with #24Legacy as opposed to no 24 ever again.”

Justin Urciuoli
January 26, 2016 at 4:07 pm
Jon Cassar ‏@joncassar 34m34 minutes ago

Also remember that very few non procedural dramas have lasted more than 204 hours. That’s a lot of story for 1 character

And alot of time to provide a satisfying conclusion to that 1 characters story… which you didn’t do yer boss eyed cunt!

I am personally growing tired of remakes using blacks, such as Annie and the most recent Fantastic 4. The guy’s name shouldn’t be JB. He should have his own identity.

He does. His name is Eric Carter. And if Eminem can rap, then Michael B. Jordan can be a damned superhero. For heaven’s sake, how can you be that racist and be a fan of a show that had the first black president on tv?

just ridiculous. like always Hollywood prioritise the good looking guys . everything beautiful and no charisma. just a shame that they don’t go for a daring character. What a waste on great actors

I was hesitating before but now I definitely wont watch it. UNLESS they bring TONY back.

I have not seen Straight outta Compton but judging from the picture, how can that guy ever lead 24?!!
I do not believe in all that no Jack no 24 thing but I seriously think that guy(sorry I just cant remember his name )will not be a persuading character.

Judging from the picture? What the hell?

Well, I mean I haven’t seen any of his work so judging from his appearance, I don’t think he looks tough enough. He’s just not the Jack Bauer type.

Your idea of the masculinity of fictional characters is only based on whether or not stereotypically macho pictures of the actors who play them exist online?

……..are the writers trying to be politically correct with this casting?

You haven’t seen him play the role yet. Why do you automatically assume it’s NOT because he’s a legitimately good actor?

Why is casting an African-American person an exercise in political correctness? Have you seen this show called ’24’? It has had black people on it for quite some time now.

I don’t understand how they can think without Kiefer. When I will watch new episodes ı don’t think as 24. The story has not finished yet.
Logan and Suvarov still live who they are Renee Walker’s murderer.
If we think about Jack in Moscow currently he has plan to Suvarov which means I didin’t like this new concept.

Corey looks like he’s a teenager, not exactly leading man material but I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

The character is supposed to be in his early 20s. He’s much younger than Jack when we first met him.

oy my god noooooooooooo

New West Virginian
February 9, 2016 at 6:54 pm
Too bad Kiefer can’t come back and they left the Jack storyline open with no closure.

I wonder if at least Tony will appear.

Keifer didn’t want to do 24 anymore – its not the writers and directors who wrote him off. Apparently, he is open to a reprisal episode now. So the wailing and nashing of teeth is mind blowing.

So let’s see how this works out. I’m just waiting for the release date…

This is sad very sad news. I will not watch this crap. I am so disappointed. Especially with Kiefer Sutherland. I will not watch his new show. To me Fox and Kiefer are dead to me. This is awful. There should never be a black Jack Bauer. He’ll is freezing over.

No Jack, No 24!
Also this guy doesn’t look good fit to be the main role…..bring Denzel Washington instead or Kieferrrrrrrrrr……….

epic fail wont last long. fox ruined 24

It wont last more then one season.Howard gordan you are a moron.

Can’t wait! Would love to see some old cast back but think it will be good with Corey and the new cast.