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24: Legacy: The Clock Resets Featurette

The cast and crew introduce us to an adrenaline-fueled race against the clock in the new series, 24: Legacy.

Video Transcript

Brian Grazer: We found a way to reconstruct 24 so that it operates today, in todays world. And we found the perfect configuration of doing the show with a different character.

Evan Katz: Eric Carter is a former special forces soldier who led the squad that killed an infamous terrorist. The names of the soldiers who had leaked and members of the squad are being killed off by his terrorist followers.

Manny Coto: And it leads us into this terrifying thrill ride.

Howard Gordon
: Rebecca is the outgoing former head of CTU. Rebecca has left office to join her husband who’s running for President.

Jimmy Smits: In the midst of a full blown campaign, she gets pulled into this high-paced, high-octane situation.

Howard Gordon: 24 is best when people are tested.

Corey Hawkins: Forced to make these impossible decisions in real time.

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This looks amazing and it’s about time we saw new footage. I can’t wait for Legacy to start. This is a new start for 24! :)

The featurette is awesome. Can’t wait to see how the new CTU looks like. BTW, don’t know what time starts from beginning to end for 24: Legacy.

Also I’m wondering if there’s going to be a torture scene in an upcoming episode.

I am so excited and cannot wait NOT to waste one minute watching this. All they had to do is to change the name, the 24 hour format and not use the name CTU, and I would be interested. But this crap without Jack… forget it. Would I watch the X Files without Skully & Mulder? No! Would I watch the Soppranos without Tony? NO! And I like 24 more than those shows. No Kiefer as Jack…i’m out!

hahaha so you’re a fairweather fan and a piece of shit?

good, get lost, we don’t want people like you

Well, RonnieC6, make sure the door don’t hit you on the way out. I am sure the cast and crew of 24 won’t lose any sleep over you! By the way, just curious, did you watch 24 solitary? if yes, why did you? because that didn’t feature Jack Bauer as only Tony was in, so why not watch this Legacy as well???

Legacy is going to be awesome!

Hey Shaun! Did you notice that Ronnie was voicing his disapproval of Legacy WITHOUT being a snide cunt to people who are excited about it? He should expect the same courtesy back.

Thank you!

you call THAT being a cunt?! seriously?! what are you 12?! if so you should know that “cunt” is a bad word, but I’m sure you’re used to hearing it from your parents, hint: it’s not your name

”you call THAT being a cunt?! seriously?! what are you 12?! if so you should know that “cunt” is a bad word, but I’m sure you’re used to hearing it from your parents, hint: it’s not your name”

I call THAT being a cunt for sure. But at least you’re openly being a cunt, which is better than being a snide cunt.

From Evan Katz:

There is, we believe, somebody coming back who is gonna make you happy, a little bit into the run. We haven’t announced it, but it’ll be great, it’ll make people smile.


So… Chloe? Tony? Aaron Pierce? The Cougar?

Can’t be Kim or the cougar, as then you’d need to reference Jack, at least with Kim lol

Could be Aaron on the Senator’s staff or something. That would be easy enough. But they’ve given him the shaft for 2 seasons now.

Chloe, could be, but she’d never be allowed back into CTU again.

Tony, possible and I think it is likely, but 3 years is a long time to hide after breaking out of prison.

Not sure anyone else would make fans smile, as they are all either dead or not really smile worthy. Mike Novick, maybe?

Doesn’t ‘Solitary’ take place 2 to 2 and a half years after LAD? Which would place it 6 to 12 months before Legacy?

hmm, true. It did take place later. May make more sense that way.

Tony for sure – I guarantee it

Damn, i’m kind of ambivalent about the new series, but part of me wants to watch it be trainwreck just to read the reactions of the overly positive guys on the comments that sound like they are fox’s damage control. I really dislike people that are so obsessively positive about things.

24 Legacy will not be a train wreck! Also being positive is way better than being negative.

Interview from Howard Gordon about 24 Legacy. This is from the link above.

BEVERLY HILLS — Fox’s “24: Legacy,” the latest spinoff from one of the most famous franchises in TV history, launches Feb. 5, as lead-out for Super Bowl LI (the 12-episode series then moves to its regular time period on Feb. 6 at 8 p.m.). But don’t expect Jack Bauer. There’s a new hero who’s about to have the worst day of his life — before it gets better. Corey Hawkins (“Straight Outta Compton”) plays Eric Carter, a former Army Ranger who returns stateside with personal troubles and challenges.

I recently spoke with Roslyn native Howard Gordon — returning as showrunner, alongside several other “24” vets — about the new iteration. An edited version of our conversation:

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What’s the back story to this latest incarnation of “24?” There was, of course, talk of a theatrical movie many years ago — is there still talk?


At first we just talked mostly about the idea in existential terms — is it real time [again], or is it Kiefer [Sutherland] or Jack Bauer? But for the longest time, we didn’t want to test the limits of the franchise. I would’ve bet the house that after I’d finished the eighth [and final] season [which aired in 2010], then that was the end. And even though we had flirted with the movie, I was skeptical about it because the show really lived in this big canvas that a movie — in a strange way — makes smaller. It felt like a smaller story, too.

What happened to change minds — if not about the movie, then the two spinoffs?

Kiefer and I had dinner together and had a scratch of an idea of how it would come back and then we did [2014’s] “Live Another Day.” Evan and Manny [Evan Katz and Manny Coto, both showrunners and writers on the original Fox series] ran that show, with my help, but I had expanded my portfolio to other shows by then, and wasn’t day to day on that. I think we did a good job, and it created the groundwork for “Legacy,” which is to say it really did show us once and for all that Jack’s story had been told. Not to say he won’t cross paths in the “24” universe again — and we may do a movie with Jack Bauer. That’s still a possibility. But there are no plans for Kiefer to come back on “Legacy.”

How did “Legacy” then come about?

Manny [et al] had an idea that was not a “24” idea, but as we talked, we thought, wow, maybe we could roll up with this character who was based on a real story — the special ops team which killed Osama bin Laden, and then came back to the states, where their identities were obscured and had a tough time adjusting. That was the premise of the character, and we realized he could be interesting with that as the focal point.

How did Eric Carter develop from there?

We went through it layer by layer. At first he wasn’t black or white or Hispanic, but we were just filling in the character’s details. Jack still casts a very long shadow.

How did you get to Corey’s character from there?

What happens is that he’s not just a Jack Bauer who happens to be black — but he comes from a whole lot of things. What does it mean to be black in America? To be a black patriot — especially if you come from a place where law enforcement rousted you on a daily basis? It changes your perspective, and that’s the perspective and prism through which you would view your relationship to this country. Corey’s in his mid-20s, so he’s also in a different part of life, and that also makes him different.

And so he’s placed into this very familiar format — real time.

We always believed that in some ways, we own real time [the 24-hour format that corresponds to 24 episodes]. Real time and the counterterrorism story is a very durable storytelling engine. We felt if we could find the right character worthy of that, then we could put him on this chassis, then a whole new audience would come to it. We understood the hazards, and understood we were tempting fate by trying to reinvent the franchise without Jack Bauer, but it’s a risk worth taking.

How will “Legacy” reflect the real world of 2016 — or will it?

An African-American hero and patriot — we haven’t seen that on television in a while and I think that as the central fact is interesting.

How far along are you in production?

Not far enough. Two scripts have been written and we’re breaking in the third episode. We’re a third of the way there. Jon Cassar is also back on board as directing producer and Stephen Hopkins is doing two episodes. [Veteran movie and TV producer Hopkins was a co-executive producer on the original ‘24,’ while Cassar was with Gordon and others executive producer of the original]. Bob Cochran [another creative force on the original] is also coming up few days a week to help.

You have a great cast on this — Jimmy Smits, Miranda Otto, Dan Bucatinsky, to name a few. Can you talk about their roles?

Jimmy plays a presidential candidate named John Donovan and yes, he’s done that before [on “The West Wing”). Miranda was just great on “Homeland” [the fifth season] and there was an incredibly high degree of difficulty to that part, and it was just amazing how she found those flickering moments and you didn’t know which way she’d break on the character. Here she’s Rebecca Ingram, the former head of CTU married to Jimmy’s character who’s a senator who deferred his run for the White House because of how all- consuming her job was. When she was at CTU she was hunting for her great white shark — a terrorist called Bin Khalid. It’s a modern marriage where they share power.

Obviously you are breaking away from the “real time” trope — and doing just 12 episodes as opposed to 24 — as you did with “Live Another Day.” Is the old 24 hours/24 episode format gone for good?

The audience wasn’t as fractured [during the first run of “24”]. We were also beneficiaries of TiVo and DVRs at that time. Now there’s such a plethora of content that we think 12 is as much as we can ask the audience to commit to. We also found a way in with “Live Another Day,” to do it in a 24 hour framework but use time deletion and jump twelve hours.

The old 24-hour structure in 24 episodes was indeed tough for you guys, I’d imagine.

I used to joke — why do we have to do 24 episodes, and [Fox execs] thought I was trying to get out of work. But it was an absurd exercise — a masochistic experience. It almost killed me and a couple of times I was close to being hospitalized. it was relentless — six days a week for nine years and a week off a year for each of those years. I always thought a better story could be told in few episodes, and that one of those time deletions could be used rather than linking one hour to the next. There was an integrity [to the original format] but on the other hand we can tell a compelling story in fewer episodes.

And save your sanity in the process.

And my health. I was so grateful to get to the end of “24” with my dignity and body intact. But here we are again — we all love each other, me and Evan and Manny and Bob, and if we don’t kill each other, we are going to have fun.

Apparently a movie with Jack is still possible

Q: Will there ever be a 24 movie?

Cassar: We tried. I think what it was was everyone caught up to us. We were right on the bleeding edge, James Bond was getting tortured and having his girlfriend killed till we did it. But then you have that, you have Jason Bourne… anyone of those could have been the “24” movie, everyone’s done it. We were late at our own game. It could happen, it’s still being kicked around, but it’s hard to find the right story. We did 204 episodes of “24” and now we have to come up with another 90 minutes and that’s hard to do.

Read more at http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/features/756895-when-the-bough-breaks-director#hEUiCyPQAVbLvqVm.99

What Cassar is downplaying that when the audiences love a certain character.actor, they won’t care that there are a lot of other copycat action movies with similiar plots or storylines. The ‘Die Hard’ series proved that. Matt Damon won a lot of fans for the Bourne character – as soon as he left with his character, the series stumbled with Jeremy Renner taking over a comparable role but different character. Damon’s return has clearly jumpstarted the franchise again – because the fans love him.

I don’t think it’ll be any different with ’24’ – whether it’s in a movie or on TV, fans will always flock to see Kiefer/Jack. While the reboot of ‘Legacy’ will probably inherit some holdover fans, I doubt it will be the ratings success for Fox as the franchise was with Kiefer – much like what happened with the Bourne franchise.

Tv to movies rarely ever work though. Die Hard has become a parody of itself, sooooooo awful now with the latest sequel. Well fans would flock, may not be enough to justify any heavy duty movie price tag.

FOX missed the boat on the 24 movie. We could have had a 24 movie in 2012 with Antoine Fuqua at the helm but FOX got cold feet at the last minute and decided that making the film was too much of a risk given the $45 to $60 million price tag that the producers was asking for. I wish FOX took the gamble and made the movie because it could have been very successful in my opinion. 24 has a huge fanbase here and abroad so it could have been easy money for the studio.

It’s premature for sure to say so but, based on the trailers so far, the lead actor just doesn’t seem like a believable action hero. The trailers set him up as a special forces guy but the clips somehow don’t appear that convincing…..but I admit it’s hard to judge definitively off some pieced-together montages of 2-3 minutes.

They even had a closeup of his weedy, soft and squidgy physique. If I’m watching an action series, I want to be able to believe the leading character could kick my ass, or at least not fall over if I walk into them.

There is a major difference between 24 and any other series of it’s kind, and for the most part, any kind. Because it was the first series to take place in real time, it drew a great deal of interest from the get-go. The fact that it dealt with terrorism right after 911 compounded the interest. Then, the show had 24 episodes per season at a time when that was almost unheard of. Although there were many characters that we came to love or hate because of really fine writing, casting and acting, 24 was, first and foremost, about Jack Bauer played by KS. We loved Jack from the first season on because he was not your typical hero. He was very flawed, sensitive, and suffered many tragedies. Also, no matter what character came and went, including Tony, Buchanan, Rene, Teri, or you name them, 24 was about Jack. Not terrorism, not any of the great or not-so-great story lines, but Jack. Even several of the actors who were in the show, including Jon Voight, said the same thing. Presidents Clinton and Obama spoke about Jack Bauer…not 24, but Jack Bauer. TV Guide, after season 8 or 9, picked Jack Bauer as the greatest action character in television history. And unlike other fictional character that we have come to love, Kiefer played Jack over a span of about 13 years and 206 broadcast hours. Compare that to James Bond who, for over a 50 year period, appeared for maybe 50 hours and was played by 6 actors.

I have been watching television since the 1950’s, and 24 is easily my favorite show of all time. FOR ME, I cannot imagine watching any show that is called 24, shown in real time and has a CTU, without KS as Jack as the lead character. I can understand others wanting to watch Legacy, and I have zero criticism towards those folks. How others can criticize me for my feeling is beyond me, especially since I am not trying to dictate what others should or should not watch. For me, I can and must live with 24 ending with Jack boarding a chopper headed for Moscow.

I can’t agree with you more !

These idiots likely support Donald Trump, so I wouldn’t be too concerned.

IMDB indicates LAD’s DP, Jeff Mygatt, will be the regular cinematographer for the show (taking over from Peter Levy, who did the pilot, & is a longtime collaborator of Stephen Hopkins). Mygatt shot/co-shot about 6 episodes between S4-S6, too. He was on Supergirl last season, but since they moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver, getting him onboard this would’ve been easy, as they would’ve changed crews.

Scott Powell, the longest serving editor on the show (All 8+LAD), told me he’s back as well, & starts working in September. He recently worked on the Prison Break miniseries. Wonderful talent.

What does it mean to be black in America? To be a black patriot — especially if you come from a place where law enforcement rousted you on a daily basis?

“We interrupt your 15+ year immersion into the story of Jack Bauer, to tell the majority of our viewers what terrible white oppressors you are. “

Yeah, It’s not going to keep my interest if it turns into a SJW Lecture…..

It’s a bit extreme to suggest that social commentary in fiction is ‘SJW’ nonsense.

Stating a black character is getting a rousted on a daily basis because of their skin color is giving into the lie that all cops are racists who wake up every day to keep black people down, but what the hell, as long as it makes self hating white liberals feel like their making progress, go for it!

No political figure has ever said all cops are racist, but I’m not surprised the nuance is missed on a person like you. You appear to be someone who is too insecure to face any criticism or own up to the fact that is certainly possible a black person in America could legitimately feel like a stranger in his own home thanks to daily episodes of racism. What is so threatening about admitting those things? Or even deferring judgement to the person whose experiences we’re talking about?

I’ll tell you what. Pride, ignorance, and unabashed anti-intellectualism.

It’s a damn shame what people like you are doing to our country.

GTAMafia doesn’t need to face any criticism, admit to or own up to anything regarding treatment of African-Americans by white people any more than a black person has to own up to anything regarding the disproportionate amount of crime and rape committed by african-americans.

And there’s a BIG difference by the way between ignorance and not caring. Me personally? I don’t know whether the police are persecuting black communities for criminal behaviour or the colour of their skin, and quite frankly I really don’t fucking care, this is not what I or the majority of the 24 audience tunes in for.

No, it seems like most are Republican half-wits who wouldn’t dare want to see anything thoughtful on TV.

(Also, lol. As if cyclical poverty caused by continuing and past anti-black oppression aren’t also partly to blame for the fact that blacks disproportionately commit crimes. But again, anything that requires self-interrogation is so threatening to the mindless Trumpians.)

I don’t need to turn to entertainment for anything thoughtful, I have deeper, more profound thoughts of my own. I’m not one of those low-test hipster fairies stroking their chins, feeling very satisfied with themselves as they absorb the social commentary of “The Wire”.

(Also, lol. Like there aren’t happy, well adjusted successful and law-abiding blacks out there, who CHOSE personal responsibility over being a pathetic victim of serrrLAYverehhh or some shit). If David Palmer were alive to see the shit BLM and you are talking about, he’d think you were cunts.

Besides, 24 has tried to do topical, thought provoking stuff in the past and failed miserably in the process.


The more I hear about 24: Legacy, the more I want to puke. It is such a rehash story of season 1 of the real 24 and then there’s talks of characters crossing over from the real show…. Which is stupid, corny and real soap opera ish.

They are really screwing up the 24 universe. 24 is Jack Bauer, Jack Bauer is 24.

It just makes me so mad at what there doing to 24. I now understand what Star Wars fans went through and are going through.

I just wish they drop the real time, drop CTU and drop the “24” from the title and just call it Legacy, so it has nothing to do with 24.

Completely agree!

Chloe O’Cunting Brien – For when you can’t be bothered writing a skilful and ingenious way to get your hero in and out of situations.

No rehashes, eh Justin? :D

Can’t wait to find out who the mole is.

No doubt we’ll all recoil in complete shock and surprise when we find out who it is (or so the writers would like to think).