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24: Legacy Writers: “we have plans” for returning characters

In an interview with TV Line from Comic-Con, 24: Legacy showrunners Evan Katz and Manny Coto revealed they have plans for older characters to possibly make a return.

On returning characters

Evan Katz: We have plans, but right now our clear priority is these new characters, our actors, and having our audience build a relationship with them. But we have some surprises we have planned.

Manny Coto: We look at this as an extension of the 24 universe. This is not a reboot. So it’s an adventure that will be existing alongside, in-between the adventures that have already gone on. So that should kind of give you an idea of [where we’re going]. We may very well intersect with other characters that we’ve set up who are out in the world doing their own thing. Who are alive, obviously.

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Would be great if Chloe comes back for 24: Legacy.

Please no.

Would be great if Tony Almeida comes back for 24: Legacy

It’s a certainty given 24: Solitary was put out there

August 26, 2016 at 5:45 pm
Mike Novick, Aaron Pierce, Tony Almeida, Belcheck please.

Yes to all four indeed. Mandy may be fun to use again too.

So…. 24 Legacy is a sequel, not a reboot or a spinoff. They’ll introduce the new characters. Rey and Finn, I mean Eric and Rebecca who will eventually meet up with Tony and Chloe, one of whom will die (likely Tony who redeems himself). And then it ends with a silent cameo from Jack at the end.

Aren’t sequel and spinoff the same thing?

NCIS LA/New Orleans, CSI New York/Miami, and Law and Order SVU/Criminal Intent are spinoffs (coexisting separately at the same time).

This is the next chapter in the 24 storyline.

August 26, 2016 at 7:12 pm
A spinoff is a separate show, with a different protagonist, taking place in the same universe. So in the case of 24 Legacy it is both a spinoff and sequel. Sequel because it also takes place a few years after Live Another Day. But it’s really more of a spinoff at this stage.

It feels like they are marketing this as a continuation of 24, and not a separate show. The official 24 twitter and Facebook pages have switched to 24 Legacy, instead of having their own separated accounts. In contrast, Better Call Saul has its own social media accounts, and it’s considered a completely separate show from Breaking Bad.

This show has the real time, the ticking clock, the same creative team, and the fans of the original series are expected to watch this. It doesn’t feel that much different than the casting shakeup in season 4, or the DC, New York, and London settings of seasons 7-8 and LAD. And if Chloe, Tony, and others return and have their storylines continued/resolved in Legacy, then it will be very similar to those season.

That’s why this feels more like a sequel than a spinoff. A spinoff wouldn’t require the real time or CTU (but it could be set in the same universe).

August 26, 2016 at 10:11 pm
I suppose.

I would love to see Almeida back, solitary was asome but above all that what I want is 24 episodes not only 12 because the nineth season was too short everything happened too fast and both characters and stories couldn’t developed as I have seen in previous seasons so PLEASE MAKE 24 EPISODES FOR 24 LEGACY!!!!!

Belcheck please!!!

Bring back Belcheck please!!!


Let’s see how they bring the 2 worlds together!

We are less than 6 months away till lift off! Can’t bloody wait!

Returning characters? Most of the summabitches are dead.

Belcheck is definitely NOT returning. Neither is Mike Novik. Neither is Jack. Give it a rest you guys.

I think Tony has a 40 percent chance, while Chloe is around 60 percent to return.

YES, we will get a reference to Jack but that is it.

24 Legacy ranks 10th overall and 5th for Fox for buzziest new shows. That seems lower than one would expect for this show, right? It does seem pretty quiet in most of the 24 forums right now.

Fox “Prison Break”: 19,495,934
NBC “This Is Us”: 1,560,911
CBS “MacGyver”: 558,073
ABC “Speechless”: 505,161
Fox “Pitch”: 338,870
Fox “Son of Zorn”: 260,796
Fox “Lethal Weapon”: 252,469
ABC “Designated Survivor”: 240,726
ABC “American Housewife”: 199,160
Fox “24: Legacy”: 197,163


According to Jon Cassar’s twitter: Shooting for 24 Legacy starts tomorrow (Sept 15)!!!!! I hope 24Spoilers will keep us updated on any news.

I’m beginning to think that Designated Survivor will be better than this

I think 24 Legacy will be a huge hit

I think it will have decent ratings for a week or two after the Super Bowl, and then it will drop to around 3-4 million live viewers. There definitely seems to be a lack of enthusiasm on the 24 forums and the Internet. There was a lot more online activity on the old 24 forums in between seasons, and also in the leadup to 24 LAD. It’s SO quiet in the 24 forums right now.

That does not mean one thing for 24 Legacy’s success! Also they just started filming and Fox has yet to promote 24 Legacy to a wider audience on TV. Once that happens and more previews come out as we get closer to February, 24 Legacy enthusiasm will go up

Sutherland exercised the same caution after the 2014 success of 24: Live Another Day (which sparked the limited series revival of other past hits like The X-Files, Heroes and the upcoming Prison Break), even as Fox was eager for another 24 installment. Sutherland resisted, believing the show would be breaking its promise to fans. “The whole hook to get an audience back to watch it was, this is a onetime deal, so you should watch it—and then, when it worked out for us, go, oh, we decided to do another one? I don’t think that’s right,” he says. “And how many bad days can one guy have before it starts to look stupid? Probably about seven, but we did nine!”

“We love Kiefer so much. If he had wanted to do 24, we would have done a Jack Bauer version of it,” confirms Gary Newman, co-CEO and co-chairman, Fox Television Group. “But he felt it was time to rest that character.” Instead, Fox pursued a new iteration of the show, sans Jack Bauer. Sutherland, who had maintained for years that the franchise could and should continue on without him (“The truth is, I’ve always believed that the star of that show was the idea of putting a time restriction on it,” he explains), still remained involved in the process, serving as a “sounding board” for executive producer Howard Gordon as he brainstormed story ideas for what would become 24: Legacy.

Given his collaboration with Gordon, Fox asked Sutherland to sign on to 24: Legacy as an executive producer, which Sutherland says he was honored to do. While the actor says he’s “not directly involved in” the new series beyond broad story discussions, Fox’s Newman maintains that having the actor on board in some capacity was important to the network. “Hopefully, it sends a message to the fans that this is not disloyal to Kiefer, and that they’re able to embrace this new cast,” he says.

Sutherland’s decision to pass on another season of 24 doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Jack Bauer, however. “I know never to say that. It doesn’t mean that we can’t make the [long-in-the-works 24] film,” says Sutherland. “It’s a character that I love until the day I die.” Gordon publicly expressed hope earlier this year that Sutherland would make an appearance on 24: Legacy, but Sutherland clarifies that “there is absolutely no plan” for that. If he does ever return as Bauer, Sutherland vows, “it will not ever be a series again.”

A lot of people are taking that quote as Sutherland never appearing in the series again, but I’m hearing it as he’ll never star in another series (centered around Jack Bauer). Doesn’t rule out appearing in the series for a short time.

I’m actually quite surprised by that news. He seemed ready to move away from action-thrillers and return to his comedy roots.

Not that I’m complaining. He wrote/co-wrote some of the best episodes of 24’s latter seasons.

Thoughts on Designated Survivor’s first episode?

I thought it was a great start, conspiracy set ups and a few character subplots. Very reminiscent of the 24 of old.

Haters gonna hate but I thought it was pretty good!

I liked it, too. I know I haven’t seen the 24 Legacy pilot yet, but give me a show that’s not 24 with Kiefer over a show that is 24 without Kiefer.

Didn’t realise that 24 Solitary was set 3 years after 24 LAD. Isn’t 24 Legacy set 3 years after 24 LAD too?

Tony Almeida is a certainty then! Be great to see Carlos Bernard back in the role he belongs in

I think it was calculated by determining how long Tony had been in prison for.