Bailey Chase
Bailey Chase

Bailey Chase cast in 24: Legacy recurring role

Bailey will play Locke, a rugged, intense and seasoned CTU field agent. As head of field operations, he’s all business and willing to make personal sacrifices for the job. Sullivan is an “every man for himself” kind of guy.

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Excellent news, Bailey Chase is a brilliant actor, I am looking forward to seeing him as a CTU agent. I remember him from Buffy The Vampire Slayer as Graham Miller (Riley Finn’s) friend in season 4.

Great casting!

I’ve never even seen or heard of this actor. But Christ does he ever look the part! He looks like the ideal halfway point between Daniel Craig and a proper James Bond. Let’s hope they kill off that insipid worm who’s supposed to be the lead and elevate this guy instead.

Corey Hawkins is no worm. He is a great actor! Don’t judge his acting without seeing the show first. He deserves a fair chance. People loved him on Straight Outta Compton, he was loved on Walking Dead and went to one of the best acting schools of all time. He is a young innocent actor! Also it was Evan Katz wife who casted Corey as the lead and she would know better than any other casting director who would be appropriate to take on 24 Legacy as she works close with Evan, Manny, Howard, Jon Cassar, Bob Cochran, Joel Surnow, Stephen Hopkins, Dana walden, Gary Newman, Kiefer Sutherland and David Fury! All original creative team who made the best series on TV! They can do that again with Legacy! I have faith and trust them

Didn’t know Bailey Chase was on a soap opera. He did played Chris Hughes on As the World Turns.

Hey XAM, here’s something to think about. When Jack Bauer was a CTU agent, he was always the Head of Field Operations while the other agents (Curtis, Chase, Tony, etc.) followed his orders. Originally, they signed the “insipid worm” to be the lead character on the show. They’ve only been filming for a few weeks and it looks like trouble may be brewing. Are Cassar, Coto, Katz, Gordon NOW realising that this Corey kid is not lead actor material so they’ve quickly brought in someone else to help with the mess they are in. When the CTU agents go out into the field, Corey will now be playing second fiddle to this new guy who certainly looks more leading man/handsome than Corey!! People will always be more focused on the lead agent and not the other agents who are taking orders from him. What are your thoughts?

On a side note, Kiefer’s new show Designated Survivor just received an order for a FULL 22 episode season today!! If anyone is still stupidly holding out hope that Kiefer will make a cameo on legacy…..well, Jack ain’t coming back!!

Perhaps the clever bastards are thinking that once they kill Corey off they can regain their mojo by claiming “OMG we killed off our lead actor. We are the edgiest show on TV again, suck on that Game of Thrones!”.

Jack Bauer was a seasoned agent. Where as Corey Hawkins Eric Carter is a soldier. Totally different people. And I don’t see Jack returning to Legacy but I do think we will see Jack Bauer in a 24 movie in the near future! But I do think other old characters will pop up in 24 Legacy like Tony, Chloe, Kate etc!

Designated Survivor – President Tom Kirkman – Hail to the Kief!!

Kiefer Sutherland’s Designated Survivor premiere sets new tv ratings record!!

Yes, I am enjoying Designated Survivor too …but we are already seeing former 24 themes popping up: 1) some of the Presidents inner circle seems to be plotting to undermine his authority like 24 season 2 and 6, 2) President asserts his authority to prevent racial profiling persecution of Muslim residents like 24 season 2 riots near Atlanta , and 3) President demands 100% certainty of the evidence pointing to the Capitol bombers like 24 season 2 Cyprus recording. How much longer before the 25th amendment is mentioned or the President is blackmailed by the terrorists.

Or he shakes hands with a terrorist and topples over.

C’mon, that was good television

I’m sure they’ll have new ideas

Designated Survivor has started well – let’s see what these writers come up with.