Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida in 24 Season 7 Episode 7
Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida in 24 Season 7 Episode 7

Carlos Bernard returns as Tony Almeida in 24: Legacy

Carlos Bernard has signed on to reprise his signature role as Tony Almeida on a recurring basis in Fox’s forthcoming 24: Legacy reboot, TVLine has learned exclusively.

“Tony Almeida is one of the most indelible personalities in the 24 universe, at times loyal and loving, other times an utterly amoral, ruthless mercenary,” said Legacy‘s co-showrunners Manny Coto and Evan Katz in a statement. “Carlos Bernard has done an amazing job portraying this dark and conflicted character, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with his return to the show.”

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Good luck Tony!

Really? He is my best


I am so excited to hear that Tony will be making a return.

When is this on please

After the Superbowl

Premier date is after the Super Bowl in February

First really good thing I’ve heard related to the new show so far.

Agreed – and it’s an obvious insurance policy to lure those fans of the former series back to watching, just in case the new cast and lead don’t translate into solid ratings for the network.

I think Kiefer coming back may also be a card the network resorts to by mid-season if the ratings are poor coming out of the gate – meaning, we could see a Jack-Tony reunion by the 12th episode. Wouldn’t that fit the sweeps mandate?

It would fit and it may be doable. As I think he had 15 episode commitment for Designated Survivor. So he only has 7 more to shoot since it got picked up. So it could leave him open for a 11 and/or 12 episode entry. We’ll see.

Wasn’t a 22 episode season ordered for Designated Survivor? Or am I misinterpreting your comment?

Yeah, it was ordered to the full 22. But at first it was green lit for 15, I think, and they had a lot of that shot. As there was an interview with Kiefer and he said it would be done in October for shooting. Now they have to shoot 7 more, and 24 has wrapped 3 or 4 episodes, so they have 8 left to shoot. So there would be time at the end, maybe, depending on shooting schedules and such. Big maybe though.

It’s about time I get something thats really catching me into this show.

YES!!!!! Tony is back!!!! Amazing!

Great news but the question is: will Tony be working with CTU or will he be involved with the terrorists? Also, since this is just being announced, we will probably not see Tony until episode 4 or 5 since Jon Cassar tweeted they just wrapped up shooting episodes 2 & 3. It may be later since signing contracts and episode writing has to be way ahead of shooting. Cassar indicates the “secret is out” so this must have been known on the inside for some time now.

Diana Schroeder
October 8, 2016 at 4:13 pm
Do we still have Jack Bauer?

No I’ve decided that he will come back in a dual role on Last Survivor show as a CTU operative. After all they must have a CTU unit in DC after all…..and for anyone that loves Mr. Robot as much as I do, he could be on the show as a computer hacker, they certainly need one.

In other words, the “real time” is not the star, and they know the fans are actually watching for the characters, despite all the comments to the contrary


I had no intention to watch the show, but now …..

Proof that many fans were watching for the characters. And the writers know it.

Since Tony is back, I bet that 24 Legacy will have some connection to the Season 7 story line or at least a connection to the anonymous “Go to Meeting” cartel. I hope they bring the cartel to justice – that would give closure to the Season 7 loose ends.

Although 24 LAD was a continuation of the Jack Bauer story and thus a continuation of Season 8, it really was a closure on the Season 6 story line or at least all of its main characters (Heller, Audrey, Cheng).

Also I am hoping that Logan and Mandy are brought to justice eventually if 24 Legacy last longer than one season.

Well if Logan survived his suicide attempt, he most likely would be in prison for murdering Pillar and his part in the conspiracy, Mandy on the other hand seems to have gotten away with everything.

Logan killed himself on the last 24 in London and Chen had his head cut off by Jack

I’m sorry Logan killed himself when they were in NY

I still say Sherry Palmer should be revealed as the one behind the cabal. She would want Wayne dead, be the one to have been behind offing him. They said she got shot where she did for a reason when she was killed off. That was the end of it though.

But would be nice if they wrapped that up like they said they were going to.

October 9, 2016 at 10:05 am
They specifically made a point in the season 8 finale saying Logan survived. He even failed at killing himself, resulting in brain damage. He’s out there. Just in really horrible shape. May never speak or walk again, who knows.

Actually Logan was still alive (but probably brain dead) at the end of Day 8. Botched suicide.

Calling it, 24 Solitary takes place on the same day as 24 Legacy. Fits in the time frame too.

What time frame? Why?

Solitary took place 3 years after LAD. Legacy takes place 3 years after LAD( as far as I can remember). If they both take place on the same day it would be a neat way of linking the storylines.

Wasn’t Solitary two and a half years after LAD?

Yes! Great News!

Now we only need chloe ( and of course Jack if Kiefer will agree ).

On how many episode do you think he will be?

I think and hope that more than half.

Now the pressing question is if Kiefer Sutherland going to reprise his roll as “JACK BAUER”, and is the lady who played Chloe coming back as well

Excited about tony I like the new trailer and it’s cool they are going to merge the old with the new im good with a false jack sighting and hope he guest stars from Tim to time as well as a rogue cloie


I’ve been a big 24 fan however with a jack it just won’t be the same give me be good but it won’t be as good just my opinion

I feel the only way for Jack will be if they have a movie

Another miniseries would be great, of course, but I agree. Jack in Russia/Europe would be an explosive film. Like… Jason-Bourne-eat-your-heart-out awesome.

Finally Tony Almeida has come back for 24: Legacy. Wonder if he’s still the “bad guy” after we last saw him at the end of Season 7. Still hoping for a Chloe O’Brian return.

What’s 24 without Tony and his dry “Yeah”???

Adam Douglas Kane
October 8, 2016 at 5:55 pm
I think Jack Bauer Should come back And Chloe O’Brien and Bill Friends of Jack Bauer should come back Except Under one condition do not bring back n Nina Myers or Jamie Farrell Tony Almeida Our president Logan They cannot be trusted

Since both Nina and Jamie are both dead, gonna be hard to have either of them back, unless a prequel show.

Excellent news, I am glad Tony is back. This looks like it’s going to be an awesome season, let’s hope more past characters to make a return. Roll on 2017!

And to think I couldn’t have been more excited for this show, now we have this!?!!! Amazing!!!

Que buena noticia, ojala tengamos mas sorpresas como esta

This is the news that that has now got me excited beyond belief. Next to Jack, only Tony could generate the enthusiasm I need to watch the show with interest.

I’m pumped and, finally, ready to watch this show!!

OK 24 Legacy you win. I guess I’ll have to watch now! But I will still miss Jack. Tony’s history with Jack was so intrinsic that I wonder who he’ll play off now. Will he be villain, or attempting to redeem himself (preferred)? I was kinda hoping for Tony to save Jack but Keifer is clearly done with 24 for good sadly.

He is done with the series but I think the series can lead into a 24 movie with Jack Bauer that would be tied to the series

When is the Show Returning??? Jack is the BEST!!!

Que buena noticia…y Jack Bauer regresa tambien????….ojala porque Jack es el alma de 24

Mariana Rodrigues
October 8, 2016 at 9:52 pm

Finally some good news for the series after months of seeing the vain attempt to make legacy look interesting

Can’t wait my favourite actor on 24 I am so thrilled to hear that

I love this show

Woo hoo! So stoked. Great to bring Tony Almeida back into the fold

Let’s wait and see how it all pans out!

I can’t overstate how stoked I am for this now. It would have been a crime to do nothing with Tony after what was promised in ‘Solitary’. Tony was always the next best things after Jack – after all, they’re both two sides of the same coin.

Cum everywhere.

Jack was the show

Well if Almeida is coming back, that means JACK BAUER has to come back also and maybe Chloe
Love this

I actually, literally flailed when I read this news. So excited! Obviously they were always gonna follow up on Solitary at some point, (otherwise why even make it in the first place), but I’m relieved to now have confirmation and (an approximate) date to countdown to.

Ndayizera Andrew
October 9, 2016 at 11:08 am
Well if Almeida is coming back, that means JACK BAUER has to come back also and maybe Chloé

I like this comment, hope they’ll come back all!

So it’s the “same universe”…. ?

There is still hope in the air.

No Jack Bauer????

Maybe one day in a movie or he will surprise us by guest starring! But we have Tony for sure and maybe we’ll get Chloe, Kate and Belcheck

I thought recent reports noted that both Kiefer and the writers agreed that there may be a return of Jack even if in only a supporting role…..

Waiting for Mary to reappear and wax lyrical about this announcement.

This reminds me of the moment Tony arrived to save Jack and Audrey from certain death in Season 4. I actually jumped up in excitement when he appeared on screen

:grabs tissue:

Absolutely! Aside from Jack, I don’t think any other character is more intimately tied to the show’s themes and history. And he’s back! That’s seriously great news and it even gives me renewed hope that Kiefer may reprise his role in a guest stint at some point.

Kiefer has denied there any plans to return as Jack, but maybe it’s all a smokescreen to protect what could be one of the biggest surprises in the show’s history? I mean, characters have returned in the past where they’ve haven’t been credited until the end of the episode (like Tony in Season 4). Could you imagine if they did that with Jack? It’d be insanely exciting.

It’s bound to happen

Movie or not, Jack will return at some stage.

When Feb comes around, I will sit back, relax with beer in hand and enjoy 24: Legacy with the knowledge that Tony Almeida has a part to play and see how everything all pans out! and it’s only 12 episodes too so faster paced towards the ultimate cliffhanger

Also, am I the only one who thinks it’s a bit funny that Carlos is, technically, the longest running actor in the show (for now at least)? Who would have thought all those years ago…

I remember those early episodes when Carlos would shoot very shifty, suspicious looking expressions around CTU because as an actor he desperately wanted to be the mole.

I think the moment he gained a ton of fans was when he defended Jack to Chapelle, saying “you won’t get me to disapprove of a single action he’s taken”.


Also when he yelled at Jack in Season 3 when waiting for Saunders call at the payphone “you’ve sacrificed your wife for this job, but I’m not willing to sacrifice mine!”

Yeah, it was Season 3 that brought the parallels between Jack and Tony to the forefront of the series and they’ve only strengthened as it has progressed. As I said, two sides of the same coin – you no longer have one without the other.

I’m pretty sure Chloe clocked more episodes than Tony if you do a true count

but I guess in terms of timeline, Tony has been around since Season 1, Chloe hasn’t

Yeah, I meant in terms of time. Not episode count.

Fucking shithouses! I guess I’ll have to watch it then.

Having Tony Almeida back just adds so much more anticipation to the show….. I mean he was one of the staples to the original 24 series. Glad to have a great actor and character back. It will be interesting to see how they bring him back; hero or villain? I hope hero!

More in between, I suspect, Kenz. :)

October 10, 2016 at 9:37 am
I’m hoping Tony will remain a sort of gray area character, too. Neither enemy, nor friend. Just a jaded guy trying to find a reason to live for. Possibly doing some bad stuff, but in order to achieve whatever he thinks is right. And eventually finding Jack Bauer and while they’re at each other’s throats, they laugh about all the shit they went through together.

“laugh about all the shit they went through together” fucking lol!

Jack: I never got the chance to tell you, Tony. I’m sorry about Michelle.
Tony: You never tasted her cooking did you Jack?

Oh my! My other love(opposite Jack) is coming back! I guess I will have to watch this now!

How intriguing!


There are no ‘No Jack, No 24’ posters in this thread

Does this mean that people have changed their minds since Tony Almeida was announced to return?

If not, then they’re awfully quiet…

In all fairness, Tony’s presence goes a long way to alleviating Jack’s absence. Before this announcement, I was skeptical and apathetic but I’m now entirely enthused and I have no issue admitting that. In much the same way that Tony influenced Season 8 despite not appearing, Jack can still have a huge influence on Legacy even if he, likewise, doesn’t appear.

I hear that. One can easily imagine Tony explaining, “A long time ago I was in a similar situation with Jack Bauer. The only way we were able to X is” etc. etc.

There were plenty of fans who were saying they’d watch if Tony and/or Chloe appeared in this. Many wanted this to be about them leading a rescue mission to save Jack.

Gah, where the hell is Mary? I’m deprived of her addictive theory-making.

Agree with that!

Bring her back!

So Legacy should take place in 2023 – making this a 22 year storyline since Operation Nightfall

Jack Bauer is 50
Tony Almeida is 43


I find that slightly funny given that the age of the actors is the opposite. Kiefer (49) is younger than Carlos (54).

Carlos looks younger.

Carlos has a head full of GRAY HAIR!! He looks way older. Tired and older. And for some reason, that dark beard on Carlos always makes him look dirty and in need of a bath.

Or rather Carlos has a full dense head of gray hair with no recession, and still a very young looking face for his age. Let’s give the poor cunt some credit.

Kiefer is one of those actors that always looked much older than they really were, like Daniel Craig. But at the same time don’t seem to change much beyond that.

Joe Piervincenti
October 13, 2016 at 4:24 am
The show writers have said several times this isn’t a reboot lol

Yeah, a show set in the same timeline, with preexisting characters is not a reboot.

This is a spin-off from the original series, I can’t wait until Legacy starts. I wonder who is next to return besides Tony? I hope Chloe returns, if she does then can we have the original Chloe back, not the goth one like in Live Another Day, I thought the goth Chloe was boring!

Why boring? She was more interesting and dynamic in LAD than in any other season of the show.

I think Chloe going all goth was a good thing! She must’ve shut down after losing Prescott and Morris and as a result we get an insight of how dark she can be – which reflected in her fashion sense and haircut!

I thought the real star of the show was the format…bullshit :) 94 comments so far for Almeida ! fans want 24 old characters !

The Producers had Tony Almeida coming back in the works for a very long time. They did 24 Solitary for a big reason! They were being coy about Tony because they wanted to surprise us with this announcement and could not say he was coming back for sure until a deal was signed. \

The real time and format I think plays somewhat a factor into the success of 24!

Having Tony Almeida back is awesome. I expect to see Chloe and Kate Morgan back too.

What I would love to see is Chloe, Belchek, and Kate Morgan (and maybe Tony too) “reacquire” Jack from Russia in a feature film, or even another miniseries.

Yeah. That would be awesome.

Shut the cunting fuck up, Justin, you didn’t know shit!

lmao the producers had no f-ing clue. They did solitary to shut 24 fans up because all they were ever asked was if Tony was coming back.

Will always miss Jack
October 18, 2016 at 6:28 pm
IMO they obviously wanted to appeal to new viewers with this iteration of 24, but they also hoped to retain a large segment of their previous viewers until this new version caught on. But as an earlier poster had commented somewhere, the forums (and buzz) about the new iteration of 24 has been uncomfortably quiet. All their hype, and Justin’s (yawn), of 24 being about the format wasn’t true for the majority of past fans of 24. It was about the characters and their history. When they realized they were alienating too many past fans and those fans were showing a decided lack of interest, or even adamantly saying they refused to watch, they tried to involve past fans by saying original characters would not be forgotten. They had plans. When that failed to excite past viewers, IMO they were forced to mention Tony’s return. I think they would have preferred to keep his appearance a surprise, but they are concerned about generating buzz and excitement for the new iteration’s premiere. and they knew announcing Tony’s return would excite the Tony fan base.

Yeah, I think this is a pretty reasonable deduction. The creative team can talk up the format all they like – and it’s true that the possibilities are many – but people simply don’t respond as well to abstractions like that. Not compared to getting excited over previously established characters they can empathize with and relate to.

It’s interesting though, back in the old days before forums and social media I don’t think creative teams even considered what fans thought – maybe at Comic Con perhaps? or that sorta thing.

Now, it’s all changed.

For the worse, I dare say. I think fans have a bit too much say these days.

Will always miss Jack
October 19, 2016 at 1:26 am

Yep, waaay too much to say, like all that shipper nonsense.

Amen to that! TV shows do NOT owe you a relationship for you to live vicariously through. Go out and find a lady/fella of your own.

But what else is one to do when psychics and burning magic candle doesn’t bring a lady/fella along? lol

Holy $#!+… somebody call me an ambulance….

I always thought Tony would be the only reason I would ever watch 24:Legacy. Never thought it would ever come true!!!!

Kiefer talked about the possibility of revisiting Jack Bauer one day down the line! 5th paragraph in!

Quote here-

In fact, if Sutherland were able to revisit one of the characters from his past, he wouldn’t reach too far. “It would be Jack Bauer because I played him for so long… I’ll hold him very close to my heart so if there’s another way, one day down the line to visit that… But my primary focus is on Designated Survivor and I’m hoping we get to do it for a while.”

It’s a bloody see-saw with Kiefer…

…I still love him though.

Will always miss Jack
October 18, 2016 at 6:31 pm
IMO when Kiefer says “if there’s another way,” he means a movie or some other platform

Maybe a movie will happen one day if Legacy is a success or even another TV Movie!

Here’s an interesting one

Kevin McNally (the Russian who took Jack by helicopter) and Mykelti Williamson (Head of CTU) were both in 24: Live Another Day. They are both in Designated Survivor too.

I didn’t know until yesterday that Kevin McNally also plays the drunk pirate friend of Jack Sparrow’s in Pirates of the Caribbean

Mykelti Williamson was in Season 8. Not Live Another Day.

Ah yes, of course

Making friends with Le Kief (which both Kevin McNally and Greg Ellis) did really tends to pay off for your career.

Greg Ellis has appeared with Kief in: 24 (obviously), Forsaken, Metal Gear Solid V, The Confession and Touch.

Not to mention Kal Penn who was a terrorist in Season 6
Who worked in the White House

Now in Designated Survivor as the Press Secretary and consultant for the series itself

And Lou Diamond Phillips in season 1

There’s a movie with Le Kief and LDP where they play cops on the trail of a magical stick or something. Was quite a fun watch!

Never seen that one, only seen them in Young Guns 1 and 2. Just looked it up, Renegades. Have to see if I can’t find it.

You know im really excited to see tony almeida back i wonder wat his role will be im hoping he will be on the good side this time.

Since Tony is officially coming back, then I guess that makes 24: Solitary a true prequel to 24: Legacy.

Barefoot and Buckwild
December 13, 2016 at 10:49 pm
I think the Season 7 plot with that secret cabal is one of the worst plots in the show. That was almost James Bondish in how over the top it is, and this is supposed to be a serious show.

Joseph Piervincenti
January 3, 2017 at 10:16 pm
Doesn’t the fact that he’s playing the role of Tony again indicate that this show is NOT a reboot?

Bad news , on IMDB for the cast list on 24Legacy, it has Carlos Bernard for only 1 episode for Legacy !!!!!
We’ve been duped !!!

Just one episode???!!!! Is that for real??? Are they… killing him off in the premiere???!!!!

Check for yourself on , cast list and how many episodes for each actor/actress .
Says ond episode for Carlos Bernard .
They duped us !!!

Joseph Piervincenti
February 23, 2017 at 9:48 am
you can’t go by that, because he was originally listed as appearing in the second episode and clearly that didn’t happen… you can’t always go by that, since sometimes they put out misinformation to avoid spoilers.