Michael Massee
Michael Massee

Michael Massee has died

Actor Michael Massee who played villain Ira Gaines in the first season of 24 has passed away today at the age of 61. His cause of death is currently unknown. Michael leaves behind a wife and two children. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


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October 26, 2016 at 4:37 pm
Damn. He was one of the best villains on 24, as he actually had some slight comedy to his character. (That’s right, I’m watching you, Jack) and his character’s death was memorable, too, wishing Jack good luck.
He was a fine actor. Curious about whether he was sick or if he died under different circumstances.

24spoilers, he hasn’t died today, he died yesterday!

Depends on what part of the world you’re in

RIP – was a great actor.

TIL – he was the actor that accidentally shot Brandon Lee from The Crow

Michael Massee in a few hours: Hey Brandon! About The Crow… yeah, I’m really fucking sorry about that mate!

Brandon: Don’t mention it mate, it’s alright here!

Didn’t know that Michael Massee was the actor that accidentally shot Brandon Lee during the filming of The Crow. He’ll always be Ira Gaines from 24 not to mention his work in films such as Se7en and guest starring roles like Alias and Fringe among others. RIP :-(

In the GROUND!!

Gutted! In many ways Gaines was the best villain 24 ever had, certainly the most entertaining.

100% agree

That’s a sad loss in many worlds, including the 24 world.

Great Actor, will be missed, one of my favorite 24 villains! I got my first autograph through the mail from him.

Gaines had one of the best lines in Season 1 that went something like this: “There is no such thing as sorta dead. You are either dead or you are not dead – here let me show you” – and then proceeds to kill Dan.

Always been the best villain on the show in my eyes. So many great lines.

“Leave the shovel, unless you plan to use it on me.”