Marisol Nichols wants Nadia to return to 24
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Marisol Nichols thinks Nadia returning to 24 “would be amazing, very timely”

Although she will not appear in 24: Legacy, actress Marisol Nichols says returning to the 24 series as her character Nadia Yassir would be “amazing” and “very timely” given what is going on today.

If Nadia could come back to 24, that would be amazing. I think right now in America it’s such a hot button racism, bigotry and hate speech and all of that. My character in 24 being arabic, and the position she was in, I think would be very timely to come back. And why, do you know anyone? Just kidding (laughs).

Marisol can be seen in The CW’s drama series Riverdale.

Source TVGuide