Cast of 24: Legacy Reveal The Wildest 24 Hours Of Their Lives

“The wildest 24 hours of my life would probably be a marathon of the original 24 gearing up for the new 24: Legacy,” the Straight Outta Compton actor told us while promoting the Fox show.

His co-stars also chimed in on their most memorable two days awake and whelp — they were also seemingly lackluster, but somehow very refreshing.

“I went to the White House three weeks ago for the the Obamas season celebration. I hopped on a flight and then in a few hours I was in the White House,” Ashley Thomas said.

He added, “For me, that’s the wildest 24 hours I could remember quickly.”

Actress Anna Diop said, “I’ve had nights that are insane and I’m up all night. They aren’t interesting, it’s just me being crazy with my girlfriends.” And when asked if that ever includes dance routines, she happily responded by saying, “a little Beyonce.”

Source HipHollywood