Jimmy Smits on 24: Legacy’s second half: “they’ve got me running around”

Jimmy Smits dropped by ESPN’s Los Angeles studio to sit down with No Hablo Español host Danny Corrales and weigh in on topics such as his new show, the iconic nature of “24” and the need for anti-inflammatory medication after running around on a day of filming.

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You were a big fan of the original show?
Fan in the sense of the fact that I realized that show at the time with the multiple boxes and the real time, with everything taking place in one particular day, was really kind of a game changer in terms of the way people watched television. So it was really iconic and Kiefer did a wonderful job on it.

Action scenes coming up for John Donovan?
I really got engaged in this because they were kind of expanding the universe, and I hadn’t done a lot of action. I hadn’t been in that lane. I played a cop on television once, so I had to do a lot of running around with that. But here I’m doing this political thing, but I’m finding in these latter episodes that I’m taking a lot of anti-inflammatories because they’ve got me running around and stuff.

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Judging by press release, I think he will be abducted in Ep 9 and 10.