24: Legacy Episode 11 Video Preview

Corey Hawkins previews the next episode in 24 seconds.

via Fox Broadcasting

We just found out that Ibrahim Bin-Khalid is alive. He has Rebecca, and he intends to execute her as the world watches. Carter teams up with Donovan to try to find her and stop Bin-Khalid. But before this episode is over, Carter will have to get into the Pentagon and face off against…


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Eric Carter is facing off against…Tony Almeida or Asim Naseri?

Ryan Burnett! Erm, sorry, I meant Donald Simms

Zzzzzzzz. These are horrible.

Director Sims?

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April 7, 2017 at 3:39 pm
Wow these video previews for episode 11 are beginning to wreak of desperation by FOX. the original 24 series never had to give the entire plot away of an episode ahead of time just to entice fans to tune in.

My feelings exactly…


Yeah it’s quite telling that they’d release so much ahead of time. Between Dana’s comments about being sad about the ratings (which have since dropped), the aggressive promotion of Tony, and now this, I don’t think 24 Legacy will return without another major overhaul.

April 7, 2017 at 7:03 pm
The only way the ratings will rise is if they get Donald Trump himself to show up and play himself for Eric to take on.

*whiny hipster voice* OMG OMG right?! Donald Trump, am I right? HuuuuuuuWHITE people right? It’s 2017.

April 7, 2017 at 9:49 pm
I meant because Trump attracts audiences.

Eric taking down Trump would certainly get me loving Eric Carter a lot more! I’m in!

They’d have to film on location at Mar-a-Lago. He doesn’t hang out much anywhere else.

Eric Carder and Tony Almeda are carnival barkers!

I don’t care who Tony faces as long as Tony faces someone on Monday Night

Imo in kiefers absence this is where they tarnished 24. But maybe that’s just me.

it would not be tarnished if 24 legacy was 24 episodes and tony is in all 24 episodes as a series regular

David Palmer, Chloe O’Brian, and Jack Bauer were 24; and 24 jumped the shark with the nuclear explosion and the killing of Curtis Manning in season 6. It has all been downhill ever since. In season 7 they hedged their bets by bringing back Tony and having a female president. It was a gimmick and I don’t think the outcome was very good and they wrote Tony’s character into a corner. The writers here have rolled the dice with a completely new cast of characters while suffering with a very serious case of writer’s block.

Repeatedly I have seen Kiefer Sutherland on TV pitching this series as “really cool”.

If they continue down this road with this spin-off, they should bring back Chloe O’Brian and a handful of the other characters we liked from the original show. They should kill off Jack and make the season about trying to solve that mystery.

Or another direction would be to give us a day 0 (or a season between seasons 1-4) with Nina, George Mason, and Darlene from Roseanne. You will have to bleach Jack’s hair and put anti-aging makeup on the cast. Have fun with it; but this 24 Legacy isn’t fun. I don’t like it.

April 9, 2017 at 1:45 pm
8 was good. Tunnel scene with Logan goes down in history.

I remember thinking going into 7 that it could be the greatest day of them all, or at least up there with 1 and 5 as my faves. Turned out to be a horrible, convoluted mess with very little payoff.

I remember going into season 8 thinking it sounded like one rehash too far, Muslims with nukes? Jack back because of attacks? Chloe just happening to be in the same fucking city again? “Fuck that!” I thought, and never bothered watching it live. Instead I waited until it was finished, and watched it all spoiler free. Indeed it WAS a rehash… but it was a really fucking good one, and there was enough new territory explored, so I really enjoyed it and rank it very highly.

But I agree with Jay in the sense that after season 6 episode 4, 24 was fated to never be the best show on television again like it once was.

When you get right down to it though, Season 8 wasn’t really all that much of a rehash. It was extremely fresh in the way it subverted all the major tropes that characterize the show. Jack is pulled back into the game, but it’s to save a single life he feels responsible for as opposed to countless innocent lives. There are nuclear fuel rods, but they are principally intended to reconstitute a foreign nuclear program rather than target innocent Americans. A couple of episodes feature a WMD (the dirty bomb), but it is intended to lure out a single individual rather than threaten or make demands of the American people.

And, then, once Hassan is assassinated the terrorist threat dissappears *entirely*. Episodes 17-24 have no imminet terrorist threat whatsoever – no race against the clock to stop a bomb, prevent the dispersal of a biological weapon, or thwart an assassination. It was *groundbreaking* for the series. Jack’s heroic status is destroyed and Taylor is corrupted in one of the most powerful stories of the series – a story that echoes the warning Jack gave Nina in the *very first episode of the series*.

Season 8 is the only other season besides the first where the threats are almost entirely levied against individuals. These subversions, coupled with the more cinematic direction (thanks to the absence of Jon Cassar) and incredible thematic content, create a masterpiece of a season that virtually *no one understands*. It baffles me.

Season 8 is the closest the show ever came to reaching the insurmountable heights of season one – the most bold and the most daring they’ve been since deciding to do a real-time television show.

2 thumbs up!

I think David Palmer, Tony Almeida, Michelle Dessler, Mike Novak, Kim Bauer, George Mason, Nina Myers, Mandy, and of course Jack Bauer is 24

Amen, andy! Albeit with Kim in small doses.

I like that you left Chloe O’Bollocks out of those names.

Exactly. The fan love for Chloe mystifies me. I find her mostly annoying and really dislike how the writers seemed to institute her character into the series as some sort of techie plot device. “Oh, we have an issue with a door lock/key card mechanism. Let’s ‘Chloe’ it.”

I agree with everyone on your list but Mandy (I never understood the fan fascination behind her and find her HIGHLY overrated).

Kudos to the XAM comment about Chloe–I find her overrated and hate that people rank her above legends like Tony, Palmer, etc.

Would anyone mind telling me what’s so essential about Chloe? All she does is sap any tension and excitement out of the story by cheat-coding Jack through every single situation, in lieu of him using his wits. At least in Legacy you have Carter getting into tight spots and having to figure shit out on his own. Furthermore Mary Lynn is a shite actress, and doesn’t even serve as eye candy to compensate for it.

April 9, 2017 at 3:24 pm
I agree about cheat-coding Jack out of every situation.
However, I think 24 needs a sort of slightly comedic/awkward or sarcastic character in it somewhere (because otherwise it would just be too bleak, I guess?) and since George Mason was no longer there and most people took a liking to Chloe, they just never bothered coming up with new ones. Also, I believe the writers just felt more comfortable having Chloe around to hack everything. I like Chloe, but I agree that they’d be forced to be more creative without the Chloes and Andys of this universe.

That’s why Redemption and Day 7 felt fresh to me, among other things. Because Jack didn’t have Chloe to rely on through most of it. Except for Tony’s escape from the FBI.

She’s overrated for sure. And “Girl With A Dragon Tattoo” Chloe from LAD was just embarrassing.

And “Girl With A Dragon Tattoo” Chloe from LAD was just embarrassing.

LMAO! Absolutely, it’s cringeworthy when a 14yo girl does it, never mind a grown woman.

That’s the MO though when you’re dealing with a shite actress; resort to a drastic wardrobe change to demonstrate a massive evolution in your character, when you don’t have the acting talent to do so.

In Legacy they actually are using a “Chloe”, thats basically what Andy is. Yet another rehash of course

I’m two minds about Chloe. Yes, she’s a convenient cheat code and I never much cared for her until season 8 when the writers decided to actually do something interesting with her. Her becoming director of CTU followed by the loss of her family mirrors both Jack and Tony. It round out a trio of tragic central figures in the show that whose parallels and differences I find interesting.

How is that girl Edgar’s cousin? She said was trained by him but she is way too young.

Edgar was constantly being corrected by Chloe. This girl saying that she is good at hacking computers because she is Edgar’s cousin would be like me saying that I am great a shooting free throws because I am Shaquille O’Neal’s nephew.

24 day six and eight are the worst. Until this came around. Legacy is a joke no one laughs at

Haven’t seen the last 2 episodes (dunno if its time constraints or lack of interest), and correct me if I’m wrong, but all of them have had the ‘Events Occur in Real Time’ card.

If so, take it every single one (except the finale, cause of the time jump) will feature it. That’s 11 instances. The same number of times Kiefer has said the line during his stint (1st 3 of Day 1, 1st of Days 2/3/7/8/LAD, last 2 of 8, & Redemption).

Despite what people may have thought about season 7 I liked season 7 a lot actually. I also liked how ctu was part of the story as opposed to just another day @ ctu or something. I liked the new cast for the FBI except for Janice. So season 7 didn’t bother me. 7 8 & 9 except for another psychotic chief of staff in season 9 had good casting. Lagecy is just horrible in there choice of casting. It’s just not watchable except for tony. But as far as the direction they took those three seasons I didn’t have any complaints. But where I thought season 8 went bad is where Chloe was put in charge of ctu over Hastings I still don’t get that. But I just hope we don’t see 24 again not like this. Close out jack’s story like they keep insisting & then return with a better cast choice. I don’t give a crap if lagecy gets cancelled. This just didn’t feel like a thriller.

April 10, 2017 at 12:11 pm
I haven’t heard where they want to close out Jack’s story, but in principle I agree…the ending was unsatisfying with Jack going out like that in LAD.

so what does Tony do and what happens to Tony tonight on 24 Legacy?

As he’s about to open fire on Carter, he realises they’ve brought replica guns so they turn back and go home

All in a 1 min. cameo, of course.

24 spoilers: give us the Tony spoilers for tonight’s episode before it airs tonight.

No spoilers, but I will give you my predictions for Tony’s story.

Carter will attempt to take Naseri’s daughter out of the safehouse. Tony will be hired by Simms to prevent this without knowing the details behind it. They’ll “collide” in the final few minutes of the episode, and when they do, Carter will explain that he’s doing this to save Rebecca Ingram. Once Tony learns this he’ll offer to help due to his past with Rebecca and they’ll team up together.

Then in the finale they’ll exchange Naseri’s daughter for Rebecca. Eric will handle the hostage exchange while Tony provides hidden backup via a sniper rifle or something. It won’t go smoothly and Tony will maybe get to kill some random unnamed henchmen while Eric/Rebecca takes out the important bad guys.

Sounds interesting. What if Tony takes out Naseri? I think Tony has to kill someone big if Tony is to kill tonight. And why does Tony follow Simms orders? What’s Simms connection with Tony?

there is literally nothing compelling here at all. I am so disappointed. at least it seemed to be going somewhere in the first 6 episodes. ever since the attack on the bridge, this season has been the biggest mess I’ve ever seen.