24 Season 6 Press Releases

Milo Pressman and Nadia Yassir inside CTU Los Angeles

24 Season 6 Episode 7 Press Release (12:00PM – 1:00PM)

THE COUNTRY AND ADMINISTRATION COPE WITH THE FALLOUT FROM THE NUCLEAR ATTACK AND THE THREATENING DAY ON “24” MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, ON FOX As the horrific day unravels, Jack Bauer, reunited with his estranged father, deals with unthinkable challenges. While the nation copes with the nuclear attack and the threatening situation, developments in the Administration… View Article

Jack Bauer interrogates his brother Graem in 24 Season 6 Episode 6

24 Season 6 Episode 6 Press Release (11:00AM – 12:00PM)

JACK FACES HIS FAMILY WHILE THE COUNTRY FACES A WORSENING DAY ON “24” MONDAY, JANUARY 29, ON FOX As the nightmarish morning ticks toward what appears to be another long afternoon for Jack, the untimely and surprising faces of his family surface. Meanwhile the country reels from the threatening situation and additional terror attacks. Savvy… View Article

Jack Bauer rescues a pilot from a plane crash in 24 Season 6 Episode 5

24 Season 6 Episode 5 Press Release (10:00AM – 11:00AM)

JACK, CTU AND THE PRESIDENT COPE WITH THE UNTHINKABLE EVENTS FACING THE NATION ON THE TIME PERIOD PREMIERE OF “24” MONDAY, JANUARY 22, ON FOX The fight against terror takes a new turn following the shocking events of what appears will be another horrifically long day for Jack Bauer. As a series of lethal terrorist… View Article

Jack Bauer collapses after being forced to kill Curtis Manning in 24 Season 6 Episode 4

24 Season 6 Episodes 3 & 4 Press Release (8:00AM – 10:00AM)

JACK IS BACK AND THE NATION REMAINS UNDER ATTACK IN PART 2 OF THE SPECIAL 2-NIGHT, 4-HOUR “24” SEASON PREMIERE EVENT MONDAY, JANUARY 15, ON FOX In the second half of the Season Six premiere, the fight against terror continues after the frightening first two hours set the tone for what appears to be another… View Article

Jack Bauer returns from China in the 24 Season 6 premiere

24 Season 6 Episodes 1 and 2 Press Release (6:00AM – 8:00AM)

JACK BAUER IS BACK AND THE CLOCK STARTS TICKING IN PART 1 OF THE SPECIAL 2-NIGHT, 4-HOUR SEASON PREMIERE EVENT FOR “24” SUNDAY, JANUARY 14, ON FOX Part 2 of the 2-Night, 4-Hour Premiere Event Airs Tomorrow, Monday, January 15 Season Six picks up 20 months after last season’s shocking season finale, when Jack Bauer… View Article

Rick Schroder as CTU Agent Mike Doyle in 24 Season 6 Episode 14

Rick Schroder cast in 24 Season 6 as CTU Agent Mike Doyle

RICK SCHRODER KILLS TIME ON 24 Season Six Premieres with 2-Night, 4-Hour Event Sunday, Jan. 14, and Monday, Jan. 15, on FOX As the Season Six premiere rapidly approaches, Rick Schroder (NYPD Blue) joins the award-winning cast of 24. The clock for Day Six starts ticking with a highly anticipated 2-night, 4-hour television event Sunday,… View Article

Chad Lowe

Chad Lowe cast in 24 Season 6 as “savvy politico” Reed Pollock

EMMY AWARD-WINNING ACTOR CHAD LOWE TO SPEND TIME ON “24” Season Six Premieres with 2-Night, 4-Hour Event Sunday, January 14, and Monday, January 15, on FOX As the highly anticipated premiere of 24‘s Season Six approaches, Emmy Award-winner Chad Lowe (“Life Goes On”) joins 2006’s most Emmy Award-winning television series. The clock for “Day Six”… View Article

James Cromwell

James Cromwell, Eddie Izzard cast in 24 Season 6

JAMES CROMWELL AND EDDIE IZZARD CLOCK-IN ON “24” Oscar- and Emmy-nominated actor James Cromwell (“Babe,” “Six Feet Under”) and Emmy Award-winning actor Eddie Izzard (“Dress to Kill,” “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”) join the season six cast of 24, this year’s most Emmy Award-winning television series, including Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Kiefer Sutherland) and… View Article

Regina King

Regina King cast in 24 Season 6, D.B. Woodside returns

THE “PALMER FAMILY” UNITES AS REGINA KING AND DB WOODSIDE CLOCK IN FOR SEASON SIX OF “24” As 24‘s “Day 6” approaches, the cast continues to assemble, with Regina King (“Ray”) and DB Woodside (24’s “Wayne Palmer”) joining last season’s most Emmy-nominated series as series regulars in season six. The clock will reset for 24… View Article

Peter MacNicol as Tom Lennox in 24 Season 6

Peter MacNicol Cast in 24 Season 6

“24” CONTINUES TO ATTRACT EMMY AWARD-WINNING ACTORS AS PETER MacNICOL JOINS THE CAST Just days after 24 topped all network television series with 12 Emmy nominations, the heart-stopping drama continues to attract award-winning actors as Peter MacNicol (“Ally McBeal”) joins the cast for season six. The clock will reset for 24’s “Day 6” in January,… View Article