24 Season 7 Premiere

24 Season 7 DVD cover

24 Season 7 DVD Audio Commentaries

Here are all twelve audio commentaries from the 24 Season 7 DVD. 24 Season 7 Episode 1 commentary by Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) and director Jon Cassar: 24 Season 7 Episode 3 commentary by Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) and writers Brannon Braga, Manny Coto: 24 Season 7 Episode 5 commentary by director Jon Cassar and… View Article

Kiefer Sutherland at Jan 2009 Fox Party The Insider

Kiefer Sutherland Grateful for Solid 24 Premiere Debut

“We waited a long time for this day, we’re just grateful that the four hours [premiere] went well and that people responded to them. You could do the best job you think you can, but it’s the audience that really decides where you’re at. And so far so good!”

Jack Bauer is on trial in the 24 Season 7 premiere

24 Season 7 Episodes 1 and 2 Press Release (8:00AM – 10:00AM)

JACK BAUER IS BACK AND THE CLOCK STARTS TICKING ON THE SPECIAL 2-NIGHT, 4-HOUR “24” SEASON PREMIERE EVENT SUNDAY, JANUARY 11, ON FOX Part 2 of the 2-Night, 4-Hour Premiere Event Airs Tomorrow Night Season Seven picks up in the months following 24: REDMEPTION after Jack Bauer sacrificed his freedom for the safety of innocent… View Article

Howard Gordon on 24: Redemption, 24 Season 7

It’s been a long wait for 24 fans. A whole season was pre-empted last year due to the writer’s strike, but it’s brought back the show energized and better than ever. And the long break even afforded the creative team to craft a stellar two-hour prequel 24: REDEMPTION which airs Fox on Sunday, November 23… View Article

Jack Bauer stops terror in Washington, DC during 24 Season 7

Official 24 Season 7 Trailer Press Release

24’S SEASON SEVEN CLOCK STARTS WITH WORLDWIDE SNEAK PEEK AT 24TRAILER.COM AND LIVE FROM TIMES SQUARE THURSDAY, OCT. 25 Season Seven Premieres with a Special Two-Night Event Sunday, Jan. 13, and Monday, Jan. 14 As the clock ticks closer to 24‘s highly anticipated return, a special, extended “Day 7″ trailer will have its worldwide premiere… View Article

Tony Almeida's death 24 Season 5

24 Raises Dead, brings back Tony Almeida for 24 Season 7

It’s official. ‘Day Seven’ of Fox’s monster hit “24” is in production, and you won’t believe who they brought back from the dead. Embattled widower and Bauer best-buddy Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) was not killed at the end of season five after all, Fox said yesterday. Despite being left for dead in the CTU infirmary,… View Article

Jon Cassar Filming Update on 24 Season 7 Premiere

Nine days in the can, seven days to go on the shooting of episodes 1 & 2. So far, so good. Shot the action finale for the 2nd episode last week, in the small coastal town of San Pedro. A great ending to the first night premiere in January. I shot the first scenes with… View Article

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman turns down 24 Season 7 role

Gary Oldman has turned down a role in the new season of 24. The English actor, who most recently appeared as Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, was being lined up to play a villain in the seventh season of the terrorist drama. A source told the Daily Star: “He’s… View Article

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman to play 24 Season 7 villain?

Comic-Con has started some crazy rumors on possible character returns for 24. Tony might (again) be alive! Any news of that sort on your end? I’ll tell ya, these Tony resurrection rumors just won’t die. Ba-dum-bum. According to my 24 mole, producers briefly toyed with the idea of making Tony the Big Bad of Season… View Article

Entire 24 Season 7 plot scrapped, production delayed

Season 7 of 24 promises to be its tensest yet – at least on the set. Execs at the Fox hit have scrapped virtually their entire story line for the season, delaying the start of production by roughly three weeks. According to sources, the 11th-hour time-out was called after the network put the kibosh on… View Article