Jon Cassar Filming Update on 24 Season 7 Premiere

Nine days in the can, seven days to go on the shooting of episodes 1 & 2. So far, so good. Shot the action finale for the 2nd episode last week, in the small coastal town of San Pedro. A great ending to the first night premiere in January. I shot the first scenes with Kiefer and Annie and there is some good chemistry there and the FBI bunch are starting to gel and grow on me. We also shot the first days with Cherry as the president, and wow was that some fantastic casting. I kept shouting out “I’d vote for her” after her performance in every scene.

As you can see by the casting news we have some great talent joining us this year. Bob returns in the same part he started last year and I’ve worked with Peter and John on other projects and they are solid guys.

Source Jon Cassar website