Gary Newman

Jack Bauer UN Steps 24 season 8

Official 24 cancellation press release from FOX

“24: DAY EIGHT” WILL BE THE AWARD-WINNING SERIES’ FINAL SEASON Two-Hour Series Finale Airs Monday, May 24, on FOX In a joint decision made by 24’s star and executive producer Kiefer Sutherland, executive producer and showrunner Howard Gordon, Twentieth Century Fox Television, Imagine Entertainment and Fox Broadcasting Company, it was determined that the acclaimed series… View Article

Gary Newman, Dana Walden, and Kiefer Sutherland

Fox chairman Gary Newman looking to extend 24 beyond season 8

Fox studio chairman Gary Newman has stated that they’d like to find a way to extend 24 beyond the eighth season, suggesting that the series could continue “in some slightly altered form”. How many times can Jack Bauer defeat terrorists? It’s a question on the minds of fans as they await the finale of the… View Article

Kiefer Sutherland Creates New Production Company

Acclaimed 24 star and co-executive producer Kiefer Sutherland has signed a production deal with Twentieth Century Fox Television, it was announced today by Twentieth Century Fox Television Presidents Dana Walden and Gary Newman. Under the terms of the new deal which is effective in June, Sutherland will hire a development executive and begin to develop… View Article

24 Season 3 DVD to include Prequel to Season 4

Update 12/7: Watch the 24 Season 4 Prequel here! The upcoming DVD release of the third season of “24” will include a mini-prequel that lays the groundwork for the drama’s fourth season. The new footage — slightly less than 10 minutes — on the Dec. 7 seven-disc season-three release will introduce many of the characters… View Article