Kiefer Sutherland
Kiefer Sutherland

FOX wants Kiefer Sutherland back for 24 revival

FOX made waves last week by saying 24 might continue without Kiefer Sutherland. Thousands of people have voted in our poll with 70% saying of you saying that Kiefer is essential to the franchise. For those worried that Sutherland would be sidelined this time around, fear not – that seems more like a backup plan. FOX boss Gary Newman explains in a new interview:

Newman says he’s not concerned about backlash after announcing that the next installment of 24 might not include Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer. “If [Sutherland] wants to, he’ll be in it and it will be built around him,” he says. “That would by far be our preference.”

But Newman says the star has given his blessing to continue without him. “I think the idea of real time is a powerful franchise. Rebooting 24 in another way, with a different character, is actually an exciting reimagining,” Newman says.

So basically, the project is moving forward with or without Kiefer Sutherland. FOX has now made it clear their preference is to have Kiefer return, but if for whatever reason they can’t make it happen, they’ve left themselves the option of a new lead.

Somewhat interesting is the news that 24 producers Evan Katz and Manny Coto are attached as showrunners of FOX’s potential live-action X-Men series (the duo was also attached to a ghost-hunting drama in September). Depending on how all that shakes out, it’s possible there might be a new writing crew for this upcoming 24 revival.

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Kiefer come back if the money is there. It is all about the $$. And frankly some new writers might be refreshing, nothing against the old writers. 24 has always thrived by bringing in new characters – so why not new writers…..or bring back Cochran and Surno-didn’t they write some the early season 1 episodes?

Cochran and Surnow created 24, so yes they wrote much of S1 I believe. I think they also wrote for later seasons.

Kiefer Sutherland will say yes to a 24 movie. He’s already been there and done that with the television series. Get some new writers with a fresh take and hire a director who can take the franchise and elevate it to the next level and take it to a whole new territory. I know it’s a pipe dream right now but I will always be hopeful that it will happen one day.

yes!thats is true!keifer shoud be back to 24!

Yeah Keifer should return eeeish

no keifer no 24 jack!

THANK GOD. I’m crying tears of absolute joy. They do listen to us after all. But FOX BETTER KEEP THEIR WORD and KEEP KIEFER AROUND because, hell he is – plain and simple – what the audience wants. Him and Tony, and Chloe if possible.

#NoJackNo24 #JackBauerISTheShowDAMMIT

Yes, but what if Kiefer is really tired of the training and preparations that go into the series and is seriously wanting to retire from it? Sounds like we’d all have no choice but to either ignore the series or accept a replacement.

Hopefully, Kiefer acknowledges that another ’24’ season is better for him than signing on for flops like ‘Touch’, ‘Pompei’ and all the other forgettable work he did between S8 and LAD.

During all post 24LAD interviews, most notably the San Diego Comic Con last August, Kiefer was all game and ready for filming the next season. Him and Jon Cassar. Someone uploaded the whole thing on Youtube and you can see the enthusiasm Kiefer still has for the role.

So it boils down to negotiation of contracts and $$$$ moolah (again), which FOX is notorious for being a cheapskate at. Hell, when they got rid of Mulder back then, X-Files went straight to hell. Now they’re reviving that show with the two original leads. Some pricks up there in the boardroom take a LONG time to learn. They should just WATCH the shows and see that the audience have already established their loyalty for years and years with the main character, instead of just busy counting money, looking at profits and changing their minds all the time.

With you 100% Jack is 24

I would ordinarly love a new writing staff but on this ocasion after how LAD ended I would like to see how Manny and Evan would have resolved that.

Just give him the money that he wants, and start already! Damnit!.

I would like the idea of some new writers and crew. But you gotta leave some of the original team in. They know the bauer character as if its their child. Don’t create 24 without kiefer. He need to get saved from those damn russians! And tony needs to break out!

and im guessing that fox knows that the show most likely will bomb without jack bauer..

With or without Kiefer, I have a feeling that another 24 should be its last but what are the chances.

shut up tran!24=jack and jack=kiefer

casser! thank suterland!

lol you’re cute….idiot

I think trying to continue 24 with Kiefer really wouldn’t make sense considering how they ended LAD. THAT needs some proper conclusion, they couldn’t just leaving hanging there.

Yes I agree it’s all about the money. But what would spoil it I think would be if Kiefer reluctantly agrees to it but with his heart not in it. I think this would destroy the great reputation the series has.

If such were the case, then much as it galls me to say it, someone fresh would be better.

Well maybe what they could do is half Yvonne take over the lead role and have everyone Jack is dead, but then he comes back around Episode 9 and reveals he faked his death AGAIN and escaped the Russians. Then he comes back to give a lot of DAMMITS!!!

But does Kiefer want to return ? that is the question…
In the end of this interview Kiefer says he’s working on a new show called “the bond”

Hmmmmm… dont know what that show will be about but hopefully we will hear more soon.

Kiefer having a new show might not necessarily affect any new ’24’ season with him in it, I’m presuming that show he’s developing wouldn’t be as long as a network season – 22/23 episodes – so if shooting begain in mid-2015 on that new show, it would be finished by late January 2016 when a new ’24’ season would begin principle photography.

I think Kiefer is just playing the industry standard hard-to-get game in advance of actual contract negotiations getting down to brass tacks, both sides do a little dance, and eventually it’s all worked out and the greenlight is given… I fully believe (although I could be proved wrong) this is what we’re seeing here, Kiefer lives and breathes Jack and would be content to play him for the rest of his career whilst able (he said so for LAD-related interviews), whilst FOX know full well a Bauer-less ’24’ season would not be a viable commercial prospect, the character of Jack Bauer is just too synonomous with the franchise at this late stage.

Have patience everyone and let the players involved do their ‘thing’. Kiefer played hardall in signing on for LAD and he’s doing it again now, he’ll be back… and if he isn’t, well it was nice while it lasted…

Dammit, meant to say hardball not hardall… whatever that is.

As you were…

I truly believe Fox should add Jason Statham not to replace Jack Bauer but possibly to help him escape Russia and then come to find out he was his long lost brother since is evil dad had no conscience and probably had many affairs and he would be a badass on the show keep Chloe keep Tony there’s so many that we should keep on the show mike doyle except the douchebags this would be an excellent idea I hope Fox reads this…

Please no…

I think Jason Statham is a bloody awful actor. The only movies i liked with him in it, were the expendables.

You are sorely uninformed. Sure, Statham isn’t going to be winning any Oscars but he has done some pretty good work that didn’t just rely 100% on his physical stuntwork. Go rent “The Bank Job”, “The Mechanic” and “Killer Elite”.

He was good in The Bank Job, true!

New West Virginian
January 27, 2015 at 5:41 pm
They should do one where Jack is rescued from the Russians and I think that plot would be very timely given the Russian aggression and colonialism in Ukraine right now which should be featured.

I feel the same, atleast 2 or 3 episodes would be jack being stuck in russia.. With Cloe and Belcheck trying to locate jack, because one way or another they put a trace device on him.

or the story picks up from where it left off.. the helicopter leaving with jack in it. but he escapes midway, one way or another taking out the people in the helicopter.

Anywho.. It should definatly pick up from the point the russians got him, and not where he’s already free, Personally i think it be a great season jack VS the russians.

BTW there could be more then one timeline..

Cloe & Belcheck trying to locate jack
Jack & The russians.
Tony breaks out of prison.

And who knows.. Maybe logan can finally return? he always had a good relationship with the russians ;)

Storyline i mean

No major insult intended, but Connie… You are clearly retarded. I hope Fox reads that too!

I saw a good friend of mine this past Sunday. She is very close with an individual who has a great deal to do with 24. My friend told me that she was recently told by this individual that Kiefer will be back. Most of us know who this individual is by name, and this person is 100% credible. Take this as you may.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but, aren’t you the same person who told us Howard Gordon said behind closed doors that LAD “would be the last season ever, period.”?

Guess I’ll just have to wait for official news.

Prior to the completion of LAD, Howard Gordon indeed say that the original plans were for 24 LAD to be the final season. After the broadcast began, a second ending was filmed because of favorable ratings of LAD. It was this 2nd ending that was used in order to leave the door open.

Is Howard the source again?

Ronnie how can I trust this intel when I don’t know where the original information is coming from?

I remember that interview from Gordon – he did say that the entire cast & crew reassembled to send the series off properly but FOX wanted the ability to continue on in case the ratings proved to be solid – which they were.

Who is this person we need more info than individual.


Ronnie, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to call your friend so I can get clearance on the identification of the source.

I still have to email 24 Spoilers and tell him I did everything I could. I would like to cover my own ass.

I nodded sagely along with all your claims of inside knowledge and thought “cool, let’s wait and see”.

Now I think you’re full of shit, and urge you in the strongest possible terms to put a fucking sock in it!

XAM…I could not care less what you and your garbage mouth think. The reason I relay what I have been told is to bring a bit of hope to those who have loved 24 since day 1 and are sincerely hoping that a 10th season is in the mix with Keifer. I am not doing this for my self-aggrandizement. (Look it up if you don’t know what it means). I have also stated that just because I was told something, anything can change at any time, because that is how the industry opperates. I have also reiterated that until whatever happens with 24 is confirmed to the public, it would not be proper of me to name names. As far as you are concerned, I have read your remarks on more than one occasion, and what I am left with is the knowledge that you are not really a nice person and your use of the English language needs reforming, to say the least.

I’d be surprised if they did go ahead and make a Kiefer-less season. These recent articles feel like ye olde hype machine, so it’s more of a story when they get around to announcing that it’s all official. Just a straight up, “Oh yeah BTW we’re making another season of 24” story is kinda dull compared to, “After months of questions and speculation, you can all breathe a sigh of relief, because Jack WILL be back again after all.”

I do not think that it is proper to mention names when there has not been anything officially released to the public. Someone very well connected with 24 mentioned something to a very close friend, and this close friend, being a close friend of mine and knowing that I am a 24 freak, passed the info on to me. That does not give me license to reveal names. It is just not the right thing to do. And, as we all know, until something is official, things can and often do change. So take what I said about kiefer returning with a grain of salt.

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George, just watch the very first episode again, then come back and say “ahhhhh, I get it!”

What is the joke first of all.

I promised myself I wouldn’t tell you, and I can’t break that now.

You can look the other way once, and it’s no big deal, except it makes it easier for you to compromise the next time, and pretty soon that’s all you’re doing. Compromising. Because that’s the way you think things are done. You know those guys I reported on this site for not following the comment policy? You think they were bad guys? Because they weren’t, they weren’t bad guys. They were just like you and me. Except they compromised… once.

I recconise that from the pilot Jack Talking to Nina

Just pay the man already – – Fox is being so cheap – – Sutherland is the reason i watch 24. He is bad A$$ – – this last season was the best one i have seen. I would love a story line of Jack in Russia and trying to escape or Tony saving him etc – – The only part of this last season i didnt like or understand is why the president didnt try to fight for Jack or save him from the russians – -so many un answered ?s

The only part of this last season i didnt like or understand is why the president didnt try to fight for Jack or save him from the russians – -so many un answered ?

Huh? Not sure why you’d wonder that when a) Heller didn’t know anything about the gunfight with Cheng at the end other than Jack capturing Cheng and Audrey being killed; and b) even if Heller knew of the Russians capturing Chloe, he would have forgotten it. Remember, he was succumbing to Alzheimers.

tj!because he dont know the jack is rested with russian!

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Personally, I think they have to bring Kiefer back if they’re going to do another season. My suggestion is that since the show has taken such a toll on Kiefer physically, they reduce/eliminate the physical nature of his role, and bump Yvonne up to co-lead and let her be the agent in the field. Something along the lines of season 1, where Jack and David Palmer were essentially the co-leads. Give Kate the more action oriented storyline, and Jack a more character driven, less physically demanding storyline where he can get a proper ending. Hopefully Kim would return for such a storyline.

The thing is, if there’s action in the field, Jack’s gonna be drawn to it like a magnet and there’s no telling him to not get involved. If they want to believably have him not get completely involved, I think they’d have to force him to the sidelines by having him lose a leg or be paralysed or something, (frankly I don’t think there’s any scenario they could show that could believably kill Jack Bauer, but he could totally get maimed).

For someone as active and independent as Jack, it’d drive him nuts having to sit on the sidelines giving directions, instead of being out there in control of taking out the bad guys with his own hands. Have him move in with Kim and Co because he can’t deny that he physically needs the help day to day. It would make Jack have to redefine his purpose, and would give Kiefer plenty to work with even without the gruelling physical aspect of the role.

Something like that probably wouldn’t work until a Day 11 though, still gotta spend Day 10 getting him out of Russia. Have him blown up in the final moments of Day 10 and start Day 11 with a shot of him in a wheelchair. A Day 11 like that could work if they wanted to transition someone else (like Kate) into being the full on lead for a Day 12 (and beyond).

Give Ashton Kutcher the lead role if kiefer is not willing to do more 24

N0! That would N0T work it will just be like Two and a Half Men all over again.

I REALLY hope you’re not my cousin Tom, he’d never say that shit… even in jest!

tom Ashton Kutcher is ababy!this role is very heavy for him!

No Jack! No Watch! I hope he will come back. I love my Jack Bauer!

On an unrelated note, can we finally get a proper 24Spoilers forum instead of constantly talking in this comment section?

One full final season about Jack, Tony and Chloe would be sweet, but they need equal enemy, not just another arabs/russians/government conspirators. Someone worth one last season to make.

Eh, I kind of like the idea of Kiefer (and Jack) steeping back a bit. Not entirely, mind, but enough so as to freshen the series up. I truly believe that a Carlos-led season would be a super interesting one.

“24 without Jack Bauer is like porn without sex” – I agree with this wise tweeter.

I have a fantastic pitch for fox. I think a new season should take place in the middle east. We open in the desert. We zoom in on a terrorist camp, through the lense of a sniper rifle. Who’s aiming it? Jack Bauer. Is he there on government assignment? Hell no! He has finally had enough and he wants to hit these people, that constantly threaten to destroy us, where they live. Before they have a chance to make a move in the first place. I love 24. Always have, but I think it would be very interesting to move Jack Bauer away from cleanup duty, and into a preventive state of mind.

not a bad pitch

I want charles logan to return next season, he didnt die but has brain damage.. it would be cool if logan turned out to remember a few things he has done and is planning to get jack killed once and for all.. in the meantime fooling everyone that he doesnt remember a thing.

the fun part would be that he shows up when jack is being held in russia. showing his face. as logan always had a good relationship with the russians.

Forgetting the implausibility of Logan surviving and functioning after a gunshot to the head for a minute, there’s some merit in Logan appearing in a Russian plotline – by his own admission, the Russians always appreciated him more than the US did. It’d be a comical – but somewhat credible – theory that he could somehow be brought back to the series as the leader of the Russian faction that wanted Hassan assassinated and is after Jack.

But, again, expecting viewers to believe Logan isn’t incapacitated from the gunshot injury would be stretching reality – and I’m not sure bringing him back from the dead, so-to-speak, wouldn’t feel like a tired plot being recycled again. Logan had his run over 3 seasons – that was good enough.

yes but logan wasn’t dead, in the episode it was made clear that he survived but will have brain damage, but they could make it credible. It wouldn’t be that resycled, They could cut back kiefer’s appearance a bit (if they want to) with him being held by the russians, and logan behind it all (mostly remembering his hate towards what bauer did to him). Logan was a strong character, I’d like to see him back one way or another.

Logan doesnt need to walk for his appearance, he could be paralyzed for a part, which would make it interesting.

Worked for ‘Homeland’ in the just-completed season 4……

It didn’t work because they haven’t done it. Carrie Mathison was still there, I don’t think we should confuse Brody as the main character of the show.

I was referring to Adam’s suggestion for a middle east setting for the next season of ’24’ – which is the same successful strategy ‘Homeland’ just used in S4 to revive their interest/ratings.

That it worked for homeland does not mean this will work or ”24”.. homeland has been on TV since 2011.. where as 24 has been on since 2001.. It can’t be compared

Thats not a terrible idea Johnny. I’ve never been able to decide who I liked better as president. Palmer or Logan. I love the righteousness of Palmer, but Logan was a more fun character in hiz delicious evilness. Either way, it would be a fun loose end to tie up.

We can’t decide because they were both equally good and at opposite ends of the spectrum. We can appreciate each because of the extreme contrast between them – comparing one against the other makes us see each one’s good or bad traits clearer.

I liked david palmer as president the best, but i always liked logan for his evilness, and the way he could manipulate people (Like president Taylor). It would certainly be a way to reintroduce martha and aaron (For intel, and maybe only for an episode or 2, like they did in season 6 i believe. We never knew got an explanation what happened to martha after that, and aaron only mentioned that he ”didn’t wanna talk about that” in Season 7)

and aaron also just dissapeared after season 7 without an explanation. We need some loose end solved

What more explanation is needed? He came into S7 as a retired agent and only temporarily served as Olivia Taylor’s guard. Once she was ousted, it seems common sense that Pierce would have resumed his retirement in the private sector.

What is the next season was Kate and Chloe working together to rescue Jack from the Russians? He might not be in every episode and be reduced to a supporting role? How’d that be?

Bad.. Kate is too fresh and new to be the main character of the show.. She hasn’t grown the part enough yet..–2 Edgars back!!! Carlos Bernard just tweeted this about Louis Lombardi new project buddy.

I hope for the new season they do it the netflix format (for the UK and Ireland) each episode goes up on Netflix after it airs in the US like they are doing Better Call Saul!

Kiefer Sutherland was on Top Gear last week here is the episode:

*Note: If you are outside of the UK you will need to get Hola (

Maybe they could bring back Logan Star Trek style. He could be in one of those weird machines, and only communicate with beeps. Then, bring back George Mason as a nuclear zombie!

If 24 is to continue without Jack then at least he should be a given an assistant who he breeds before leaving in this way I don’t think we will miss him that much. NOT the way he was abducted by Russians. At least he should have a happy ending. #DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank Fuck! 24 did’nt end like Two And A Half Men
A piano falling from the sky killing the main character and the creator
that was pure shit!

I would love to see Jack Bauer return. I think they left his story line unresolved, but I think 24 could continue without him. The real time concept is still cutting edge, and they created a strong character with Kate Morgan. Either way espionage and counter espionage/terrorism doesn’t end with an agent. If David Fury comes back to keep things grounded, they can continue for years.

Not with Kate Morgan they can’t! Get real people for fucks sake!



Not sure if this is a good sign, but Kiefer doesn’t have any major projects announced. There aren’t any films in preproduction listed and he hasn’t been cast in any of the new pilots. Hope this means he’s returning for season 10 and an announcement is imminent. Fingers crossed.

I hope we get some real news soon, whether it will be another limited series run or a feature film. I’m hoping for the film.

Did anyone catch the latest from Deadline on a new Expendables series event being developed by FOX? There was mention of several classic action-series actors possibly playing a role including Kiefer Sutherland. Exit question … in this format, could FOX actually return actual action characters to a series like this like Jack Bauer, or Chuck Norris’ character from Walker Texas Ranger, or others (Scott Bakula from Quantam Leap). Think about it … you have popular characters from past shows joining forces to tackle the world crisis of the day. Is this where Bauer shows up next? Please check the link and offer your opinions. It’s all speculation of course!! Note: a fully developed event series of 24 is still much preferred and desired!

Hrmmmmm….interesting idea which could work – with good writers maybe.

I just hated the Expendables and don’t really want Jack Bauer associated with their brand

Nothing last forever! I hope they make one more season of 24 episodes. The final episode he is on the beach drinking with Denny Crane!

The Following returned to a series low 1.1 rating in the demo and 3.45 million viewers. That’s way below the lowest rated episode of 24 LAD. I think 24 would pull in much better ratings in the same slot a year from now if they do season 10.

Correction: The Following returned last week, and these are the ratings for week two. It’s reportedly a series low.

Cumon Guyz be realistic….24 With out Kiefer Sutherland.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????….Tht’s the reason why i stopped Watching 2 & half Men.

same, i dont like the show without charlie

I hated the finale

Hey guys

Nice. Just heard that Mary Lynn has a new pilot. Wonder if that means no 24 for a while.

Hopefully it means more 24 but without Chloe.

That might not be a bad thing. They’ve pretty much exhausted her storyline.

Trevor, you lucky bastard you. Why can’t I meet Mary Lynn?? Or why won’t she come to Ireland???

I REALLY hope the pilot works out for Mary Lynn, ‘cos I’m fucking sick of Chloe.

I want Chloe back

I want bill back and aaron!

Same @XAM’s comment – not Trevor’s.

Chloe rules and we all know it

I love Chloe. The only issue is what can they do with her character now? Can she always be in the same place as Jack Bauer without it being too many coincidences? Also what would her role be after her actions in LAD?

Does anyone apart from Chloe and Belcheck know where Jack ended up at the end of Day 9? It may be that she’s the only person in a position to know that he’d need rescusing from somewhere. Or if they went with a story where the American govt needs Jack for something, but they have no idea where he is, Chloe could be their go to person for information that could help them track him down.

That sounds like a great storyline. I think that would work.

We all know if there is another season Chloe will be in it no matter what

I hope so!

I was board so I made a 24 version of the 2048 game. Here: Here is the icons in order (24-Nina-Logan-Michelle-Bill-Audrey-Kim-Palmer-Chloe-Tony and Jack Bauer)

Brian Grazer did an AMA on Reddit earlier. He answered one of my questions about 24, saying that the writers have completed an outline that producers and FOX execs are reading and doing notes on.

He also said that it’s 50/50 on announcing it in May or some time this summer.

FOX’s Upfront presentation is on May 11… I think we’ll be getting our official 24 announcement on that date.

Here’s Brian Grazer’s complete Q&A.

It would be great if there is something released in summer 2016 as I will have finished all my exams then. I agree there WILL be some announcement on May 11 as FOX’s ratings have been very poor recently.

I’d be keen for two 12 episode runs in quick succession. e.g. Run for 12 episodes, take a break during the Xmas Period and start again late January. Or something like that. With linked storyline. A 1st Act/2nd Act thing.

Seems like the 12-episode format is the popular option though for most series these days. How the attention span of the viewer has changed over the years !

If Kiefer returns, my guess is that season 10, which will air in 2016 and probably be another 12 episode mini series, will absolutely be the last run of 24 as we know it. Keep in mind that Season 1 first aired in 2001, which, if there is a season 10 next year, will give 24 with Kiefer a 15 year run. What could happen after that is a spinoff series about terrorism with a different format, possibly having Kate Morgan as the main character. If what I thinkwill happen is correct, 24 season 10 will be the last we will ever see of Jack, Chloe and Tony. Hopefully it will be a well-written mini series with an ending that is satisfactory to the millions of loyal 24 fans. (Unlike the ending of LAD). Lastly, if there is a season 10, and season 10 is the final season, FOX should make that announcement at the same time that they announce that season 10 is happening.

It’s not like you to make a post with words like “guess” and “probably” Ronnie.

Hey, does anyone know where (or if) I can stream the FOX Upfronts on May 11 online?

I don’t think so, but if you follow all the right people on Twitter your timeline will be updating every 4 seconds.

Thanks, can you tweet to me those people I should follow? I think you know my twitter but here it is anyway @John_Gormley

EW, TV Guide, Deadline, Michael Ausiello, Matt Mitovich, Diane Gordon

That’s enough to get every update.

Of course, just follow 24 Spoilers and everything we need is usually retweeted.

Ok thanks

Do you kbow why 24spoilers hasnt been very active recently on the website or on twitter?

The site admin posted in January “Haven’t been able to update the site in a while due to personal family stuff, so just catching up on a few older posts now to get back on track. Apologies.”

Hope everything is alright

I don’t know him myself. I hope everything is ok did you say before that you met him in London and he looked like Jon Cassar or was that you just messing? Anyway I hope he is back soon or gives an update on what is happening

Nah man this is Jon Cassar:

This is the guy I met in London:

Wow they do look alike.

probably cause there’s nothing to update!

In my opinion I don’t think Fox would announce a new season of 24 at the May upfronts. I am sure they will want to keep it a surprise and announce when people least expect it. People expect it to be announced at the upfronts. So its likely they will announce at the Summer Press tour later in the summer when people least expect it.

What makes a difference wheather or not people expect it. FOX like $$$ so they would want this out as soon as possible.

The FOX Upfronts Presentation 2015 will be on at 4pm (New York Time) on May 11 in:
The Beacon Theatre,
2124 Broadway,
Followed by Post-Party,
Wollman Rink,
Central Park &59th Street
Hopefully there will be some sort of announcement for the future of 24.

Brian Grazer tweeted this about a month ago. I think we’re getting a season 10 announcement at the Upfronts.

@bauermulder24 Apr 1
@BrianGrazer that’s awesome but we wish we had some 24 info to hold us over…..#grazeriscurious

@BrianGrazer Apr 7
@bauermulder24 stay tuned, I can tell you we are working on it.

@bauermulder24 Apr 7
@BrianGrazer I’m totally buying your book. Anyway you can let us know if Kiefer might possibly return? #GrazerIsCurious

Brian Grazer ‏@BrianGrazer
@bauermulder24 we really don’t know yet! Thanks for loving 24!

If 24 season 10 is announced at the Upfronts, I think the premiere date will be in the first quarter of 2016. Kiefer’s schedule is still wide wide open and he hasn’t worked on anything major since he got back from London. Hopefully he’s resting for a fall 2015 start to filming for season 10. :D

Here’s what IMDB lists for potentially returning cast members:
Kiefer: nothing announced
Mary Lynn: supporting role in pilot. Not sure if it will be picked up.
Carlos: nothing announced
Yvonne: nothing announced. Recently completed Astronaut Wives Club for ABC, but I think this is a one-time limited series.
Branko Tomovic (Belcheck): has two films in preproduction and is filming something.
Gbenga Akinnagbe: had a recurring role on The Following, which may be cancelled. Not sure he would return for season 10 though.

I don’t think anyone else from last year’s cast would return.

I think Elisha Cuthbert has a possibility of returning I dont think William (Heller) would be back. I hope they bring back Cole Ortiz just to piss off Freddie Prinze Jr. and not pay him (plus for Kiefer/Jack to kill him off).

Not pay him? I’m sorry but I don’t think it works that way, and apparently they’d need to pay him quite a bit to get him back.

Sorry I wasnt really thinking I was just ranting. But I hope they drop a piano on him like in two and a half mem

1 year later…

2 More Days

According to Howard Gordon in an email asking about the potential about a 24 announcement Monday, he replied saying he doesn’t think so about an announcement happening on Monday. Looks like we may have to wait a bit longer for an announcement about a renewal.

Remember that Howard Gordon is not as involved with 24 than he use to be. Katz and Coto are the current showrunners.

If I had to guess, my thinking is that we will get an announcement about a renewal either June, July, August or September or if not this summer, for sure this fall or January 2016 the absolute latest. Fox announced back in January they were thinking 2016 to bring it back. I still think they need more time to develop a new season before they officially announce a renewal. It will be back, we just have to be patient. It will get announced when we least expect it to happen as thats what happened with 24 Live Another day. That was announced when we least expected it. Announcing it when we least expect it, creates more excitement for the fans! So we just have to be a little more patient if it does not happen Monday.

FOX really dont care about annoucing it when we least expect it. Their ratings are extremly poor at the moment so they need shows that they can trust will produce good ratings. The Upfronts is dedicated for events like this. With the LAD announcement it was nothing to do with expecting it or not. It was just the fact that Gordon happend to have this idea which was announced at the Upfronts, becase that is what the Upfronts is for. I am almost certain that there will be

… news about season 10 Monday.

What are the summer press tour and winter press tours for then? Aren’t they events to announce stuff too?

They exist but the May Upfronts are the main ones and FOX have been in talks for s10 for months now.

You make very good points! I guess we have Monday to look forward to for a possible announcement. What do u think the chances of an announcement happening are?

I would say about 75+% chance of an announcement.

I would say between slim and none, and slim just jumped out of the window.

Would you like to explain why you think this?

Last week Isaid the chances of an announcement by Fox today woulld be slim to none, and slim just jumped out of the window. I was asked why I said that. Ihave a friend that I talk to quite often. This person’s best friend is one ot the top executives at Fox television. (you all have heard of this person) Because of this, my friend has kept me up to date on any news regarding 24, because he/she knows that I am a 24 freak. If an announcement was to be made today about the future of 24, I would have known of what that announcement would consist. I knew nothing.

Ronnie, you need to tell us who his ”friend” is . For all I know you could be making up BS. You can’t say you know someone without giving us a proper source.


Ok I get it.

What does it mean?

Why slim to none? Why did slim jump out of the window?

May 10, 2015 at 6:16 pm
KS as James Bond would be major brand confusion. KS as some other role that is not a police officer or spy or government agent makes more sense.

These were the plans for 24 back in January of this year, can’t see why it would not be announced tomorrow. Unless Fox wants to keep it special as an event series, in that case they would announce at a later date.

I hope it is announced tommorrow and released next summer cause I will be finished all my exams then.

Unless Fox decided not to greenlight it or the timing is not right

We will see tomorrow…

Though its hard to see why they won’t. Brian Grazer even hinted at it. Plus its one of their biggest shows and it did well last summer for them! Plus they have a great relationship with the writers and creators

No announcement!

With no announcement of a new season at the FOX Upfronts, we can safely rule out new ’24’ in 2016… unless Kiefer changes his mind in the next week or so. And ultimately, that’s what it boils down to, does the star of the show want to come back for one more season or not? And until he makes his mind up, Jack Bauer will be absent from screens.

If Kiefer had decided not to come back, it’s likely that a new ’24’ season without Jack – likely with Tony as lead – would have been announced by now, the fact nothing has been announced yet means either FOX weren’t serious when they mooted a ’24’ without Jack (as I never believed they were anyway), or Kiefer is still on the fence; he hasn’t said yes but he hasn’t said no either.

It would be interesting to know what the pitch that HoGo, Manny Coto, and Evan Katz gave to the studio for a new season, and whether it could be adapted into a ’24’ feature film…. I guarantee THAT would get Kiefer back, and with notorious cheapskate Tom Rothman gone from 20th Century FOX, it might actually get a decent budget (around $40m) this time if they were genuinely serious about making one.

Brew up some coffee guys and gals, we still have a wait ahead of us for more Jack…

The delay isn’t a bad thing. One reason why 24:LAD felt fresh was it had been off the air for four years. Maybe 2 years isn’t quite long enough. Perhaps Fox would rather it wait until 2017, where they can have Super Bowl promotion yet again.

But they will definitely not be doing 24 without Kiefer Sutherland. That was never going to happen. They wouldn’t even do it with an A-list movie star in his place.

The delay isn’t due to FOX wanting another year to pass for a new ’24’ season (Dana Walden stated explicitly they hoped for a new season in 2016), the delay is entirely up to Kiefer not knowing whether he wants to play Jack again. It’s ironic that after trying so hard to get the movie made only to be rebuffed, and after the resounding success – creatively, commercially, and critically – of ‘Live Another Day’, Kiefer seems so reluctant about getting back into the fray one last time; at this stage of his career, I don’t think typecasting is an issue, but his age may be and the fact that ‘Live Another Day’ took a lot out of him physically, who knows?

And you’re right, FOX were never serious about a ’24’ season without Jack, but that’s no surprise to anyone…

Agreed that 24:LAD likely took its toll on Kiefer. I wonder if the delay is due to creative reasons. Kiefer likely wouldn’t sign on for season 10 if he wasn’t happy with the storyline. Perhaps contract negotiations are taking place, but aren’t finished, and that’s why they can’t announce it. But I still find his wide open schedule a good sign that he’s leaving room for another 24.

But I still think there is time for a 2016 airdate. They didn’t start filming LAD until late January in 2014. If they intend to air this in the same time period, they still have 8 months left until they’d start filming. Or they could always air it in late summer or even the fall instead of May-July.

Somebody missed this?

”We have been developing another version of ’24,’ but it’s still fairly early in the development process,” says Newman, “so there just would be nothing we can tell you at this time other than we are working on something.”

Yep, saw it. At least it means they are working on something.

”We have been developing another version of ’24,’ but it’s still fairly early in the development process,” says Newman, “so there just would be nothing we can tell you at this time other than we are working on something.”

If there’s an award for an executive saying something without really saying anything, this quote would be a contender…

This better not be a reboot. When they say another version that seems to be what they are implying by that statement.


I know nothing about the possibility of another season of 24 – the only people that know are executives at FOX – see my next tweet for more

“We have been developing another version of ’24,’ but it is still fairly early in the development process” – from FOX execs

When they say “new version” do they mean a new season, because new version sounds like a reboot.

Pretty sure they mean another limited series like 24LAD.

Hopefully; but this is very little info to currently work off. The they described it as well doesn’t seem as if it is their top priority. It seems like it is just a project on an unsteady hiatus. Fingers crossed for the summer Upfronts but they aren’t as big a deal as the May ones.

A season without jack will be the end of ”24” in my opinion.. They could have done this after the first 2 seasons.. but now it’s just to late to do a season without jack and focusing on someone else.. He’s the headliner of that series.. take that away and ratings will fail miserably

They will never do 24 without Jack. They would be announcing another season already if they were going ahead with a Jack-less 24.

I know for sure if Jack was removed after season 2 it prob wouldn’t have lasted to season 5, as there was no real character that I feel wouldn’t have been any characters capable for this lead role. Not the likes of Kate, Tony and maybe Chloe are proven to be strong enough to take on this part. I still can’t imagine the show with no Jack.

Anonymous Source
May 11, 2015 at 12:28 pm
The only way Fox would greenlight a new season without Jack would be if there was the very real possiblity that he would return for the next season (as implied by Gary Newman), but why would Kiefer say no to one season only to say yes to the next? There could be other factors happening behind the scenes we don’t know about publicly, maybe it’s just protracted contract negotiations, maybe Kiefer just simply hasn’t decided if he wants to do it again yet, maybe there’s creative reasons we’re not aware of, maybe it’s schedules needing to be aligned, it could be any of these, none of there, or a combination thereof.

If Kiefer wants to do it, Jack will be back, if he doesn’t then let 24 end gracefully, it may not be the ending we would have wanted, but it will be a graceful one nonetheless, I’m still hopeful Kiefer will be back however.

My guess is Fox will still do 24 in 2016 with Kiefer but probably in a different time frame. I am guessing we will get an announcement about a greenlight in August at the summer press tour. Fox stated back in January they were looking at 2016 and they received a great pitch from the creators. Today they said they are in development and working on something. In August, they know at the summer press tour that the press and critics will want updates, so its likely they won’t say the same thing again in August either than they have a greenlight for an update in a few months. So I would say it will premiere July-September 2016 or even Fall 2016. 2017 is a possibility after the superbowl, in that case we would get an announcement early 2016.

Its better they take their time with development and announce out of the blue when we least expect something that way it creates more excitement

I agree, part of the reason LAD was much better than season 6/7/8 was because the writers took time and actually put decent effort in. I don’t this to be a half-hearted season I would much prefer a good season in 2017 or 2018 than a rushed sloppy attempt in 2016.

Agreed that they shouldn’t rush, and there is no reason for them to do so. The television landscape is so different now, and they don’t have to bring 24 back during the same time frame every year. True Detective and Fargo’s second seasons aren’t airing in the same time frame as their first seasons. 24 can air anytime of the year. As long as they take the time needed for a quality season 10, and Kiefer returns, then that’s all that matters.


Season 7 didn’t have time? It had a whole extra year lol

No Season 7 didn’t have much time. That whole year was the writers strike and there was redemption as well.

Season 7 had plenty of time, compared to normal seasons; they didn’t start filming until late September 2007 (usually it began in late July) because they couldn’t crack the story, but once they did and filming got underway, they had eight episodes in the can before work had to stop in early November that same year because of the Writer’s Guild strike… an event that saved ’24’ because had it not happened, the show would have been in serious trouble; two full months behind schedule and the writing team running on fumes following the troubled Season 6.

But the strike gave the writers an unexpected full three months of needed holiday, time to recuperate and regenerate their creative batteries. When the strike ended in early February 2008, the writers got together and mapped out in advance the remaining sixteen episodes of the season, something they never had time to do before, and filming started up again in late April, finishing in December that same year, with ‘Redemption’ part of that shooting schedule.

So as you can see, Season 7 did indeed have considerably more time than normal, which is why it was such a strong season overall…

That is just confirming my point.

You stated they didn’t have much time for Season 7, I showed they did, but whatever…

I said the weaker seasons they did’nt have much time for. You consider S7 a good one, thats your opinion which is fine. You also said they had time for S7 so both those pieces fit together. Do you see where I am getting at…

Yeah, I agree that it likely will air during a different time frame than 24:LAD. The ratings for LAD were higher than most programs on the Fox schedule. So I think fall 2016 or winter 2017 is the likely time frame for the next season to air.

Its only been 10 months since 24 ended. I am sure it will be announced this summer 1 year after it ended for a 2016 release date. But if not 2016 for sure in 2017 or 2018 it will be back! We all have to be patient. Fox executives have a great relationship with the creators and Kiefer Sutherland. It will happen, its just a matter of when, not if.

They are developing it and working on something. As the months go by they will move along in the development process and closer to a greenlight

Which means we’ll get an announcement in August, this fall or January 2016

There better be an official announcement in August with an approx air date. As I am sick of rumours and constant use of words like ”might” or ”probably”. I don’t care if it does not air till 2018 I just need to know if it will happen.

As that says there is very little info known already. We seem to be jumping like it is on tomorrow but we really aren’t much closer than we were back in January. We really need some more questions to be answered mainly about returning cast and how much of a season are we getting?

Of the likely returning cast members, Mary Lynn seems to be the only one with another show lined up. She’s supposed to be part of a new Starz comedy series. I’m sure something could be worked out for her to do both though. Also, Elisha Cuthbert’s show was recently cancelled, so maybe Kim can return for season 10. It would be great if Jack and Kim can reunite in season 10.

Unfortunately Mary Lynns comedy pilot wasn’t picked up. I actually just found that out yesterday. But that might be good for if 24 comes back and she, Carlos and Yvonne are almost guaranteed a spot in this new season.

The Starz show she’s doing is a one season miniseries, from what I understand. Her ABC comedy pilot was not picked up, she’s filming the Starz now and it would not interfere with 24

Yeah I updated wikipedia earlier about the new info. Although there wasn’t much to add.

Remember there were talks about a Kate Morgan Spin-Off several months ago perhaps a prequel. I wonder is this a connection especially when they say a new version besides a new season.

So basically the ’24’ news for today is that there is no ’24’ news today. Ho hum.

The news is that they are working on something.

That’s the same news as stated in January this year, the same news four months later isn’t new news…

In January they were planing. Now they are developing.

Back in January they announced they received a pitch. Usually a pitch is the first step for a series, then comes development after a pitch. They r further then they were in January, just not where they can announce something. A green light happens near the end of the development process and from there casting, writing, pre production, production, editing and airing will all be worked out

Is there such thing as middle of development process and very late in the development process? What is the process of development?

More news about 24 development! New season of 24 is in the script writing stage at the moment. First is pitch, then creating an outline, and now a script is being produced. So an announcement could be made at the Summer Press tour in August or shortly after that in the fall for a fall 2016 premiere date. It is usually after the script writing stage when a series gets the green light. After a greenlight, casting, writing, pre production, production, post production and airing begins.

Sounds great. Just get Kiefer involved and we could see a 2016 release. But I really don’t want it rushed.

The biggest thing I am worried about no Kiefer is who will say ”Previously on 24.”

Maybe Kiefer will still be involved as an executive Producer or they will have Kiefer record voice overs. They are not replacing Kiefer, just taking a break with his character. If its a series, there is plenty of opportunities for Kiefer to come into the story either half way through the season or in future seasons. Remember they are not replacing Kiefer, just creating a season without him, so one day 24 can live on its own without Kiefer. I would rather see 24 continue in the long term than get cancelled after next year again

I was half-jokeing with my last comment. I would personally like to see 2 more seasons. 1st one have Kate and Tony main roles but not really working together. They are both trying to save Jack but in different ways. Jack comes back in the season finale. In the next (imo final) season, Kate is still main and Jack and Tony have secondary/recurring parts. Hopefully with a good solid strong ending. Anything but kill off Tony!

sorry, but kate is not strong enough as a lead.
what if the plot can surround tony escaping prison and following him for the season, political issues could be applied to because he be out of prison.

Yvonne Strahovski is very capable of leading this series and the Kate role showed only a fraction of what she’s capable of as an actress. On Chuck, she played a very tough, badass CIA agent for five seasons and got to show a lot of range. I highly encourage anyone who hasn’t seen Chuck to watch this show on Netflix. It has become my favorite show in the past few years, even pulling ahead of 24.

That being said, I don’t think I want to see Yvonne leading this show. Not because she isn’t capable, because she is. This is Kiefer’s show, and nobody else should lead it. It would be the same thing if Kiefer replaced Adam Baldwin in a new season of Chuck. That wouldn’t work either. But I think Yvonne shines much more in roles with a comedic side to them than purely serious roles like 24.

I agree with you Yvonne is well capeable of the lead role. I watched the first few ep. of Chuck last year. It has good action sceens but a lot of it is just too cheesy for me.

Chuck improves significantly after the first 6 episodes. The second half of the season is definitely better than the first. But it really picks up in season 2, which is considered to be the best season. Yvonne’s character really develops nicely over the series too. It wasn’t a perfect show, but I loved it.

I hope the comedy gets better as I found that to be really cheesy. Especially that guy with the beard I think his name is Morgan am I right???

Morgan’s character improves drastically in season 2, although he was still annoying at times. I think the Buy More stuff can be a little annoying sometimes. But the rest of the show is really great. Season 2 has some amazing episodes though and lots of great guest stars.

Almost every comedy show season 2 is WAY better than the first. E.G. The King of Queens, My Name is Earl, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men… The list goes on and on and on.

FOX floated the idea of a Jack-less season once before and got a very resounding negative response. It seems they laid low for a while and are now back with the same goal as before, a Jack-less season, and they’re just being a little more coy and tight-lipped about no Jack so as to forestall any negative backlash. I am not interested in a Jack-less 24. If they don’t want to bring back Jack as the lead – not as some cameo or some lame carrot of Jack in some “maybe” future season – I am not interested. For me, Jack is, and always has been, the heart and soul of 24 and the reason I stayed loyal throughout the years.

I see your point but I really do feel it is necessary to have a Jack-less season for the clarity of the show. This shouldbe only a one off season to tell new storylines. The show needs something different than an attack and Jack has a bad day.

May 15, 2015 at 7:05 am
Howard Gordon says a script is being written. My guess is the script is the “pilot” episode. This pilot would be without Jack but bringing Jack into the plot would be easy to do. I would be OK with Kiefer Sutherland as a special quest star in the series with limited role – as long as some of the old characters return ie. Tony and Chloe and Kate and of course Belchek.

Yeah, don’t forget Belcheck.

Personally I think a Jack-less season is not a problem if they get some returning characters. Otherwise they would have to sacrifice plot time in favor of introducing new characters. Unfortunately there aren’t many left.

That’s surprising that they’re still considering a Jack-less 24, and I just don’t see how it would work. Even with a strong cast, I think a lot of people would boycott a season without Kiefer. If they had done this earlier, then it definitely would have worked. But the show has always been Jack vs the world, and everyone else has been supporting.

This is not a knock against any of the supporting actors in the show. It’s just that this show has always been about Jack as the protagonist. It’s hard to change that after 9 seasons. Even if they put some A-list movie star in his place it still wouldn’t feel right.

And as a fan of Yvonne I don’t think it would be a great career move for her to take over the 24 franchise. She already did the CIA agent role in Chuck and was amazing on that show. Honestly, I’d much rather see her do something original, instead of taking over someone else’s job. Plus she should be Captain Marvel. :D

I think everyone is way off base thinking that FOX will do either a 12 or 24 episode season 10 without Kiefer as the main character. It is possible that they do a spinoff with Kate Morgan as the main character, but it would not be called 24 nor have the 24 format. But if they do another 24, Kiefer will be, as ususal, the main character as opposed to having a lesser role.

Is this what your source tells you or your opinion?

That is just my opinion.

I think that the executives at FOX realize that if the want ratings, they cannot bring back 24 in its original form, either in a 24 or 12 episode format, without Kiefer as the main character. It jsut won’t work. Keifer needs to be all in or out. And if he is out, it can’t be 24. Maybe a spin off with Kate as the main character, but not 24.

what would they call it then?

24 is what it’s known as

May 15, 2015 at 7:02 pm
I think the “24” brand is the real time format and the “Jack Bauer” brand is Kiefer Sutherland. They are two distinct things. If they did a real time format with Kate and Chloe and no Jack it is still 24. How well it is received is another matter. I would still watch a Jack-less 24 if the acting/characters are compelling, story line is tense and suspense filled and they leave you begging for more at the end of each episode. The original 24 series had plenty of compelling characters other than Jack.

May 15, 2015 at 7:04 pm
… but that said I would still love to see Jack back no question but I do not think a Jack-less 24 would necessarily be fatal.

Anonymous Source
May 16, 2015 at 12:22 pm
Before people start frothing at the mouth over a potential Jack-less 24 (and I’ll admit the idea doesn’t exactly fill me with anticipation), they first need to read what Fox exec Gary Newman said about a possible next series, quote “there’s nothing immediate on the horizon”, end quote. Just because Evan Katz and Manny Coto are writing a single spec script, likely no more than a treatment, does not automatically equate to a greenlight and definite airdate, anyone who knows the industry will tell you spec scripts/treatments are written constantly that never get further than the page for any number of reasons, that’s the way both the creative process and industry functions. Reading between the lines, I would hazard a guess that the studio are hedging their bets and seeing where it all goes, hence the spec script being currently written, but at all times with the strong hope that Kiefer will eventually relent and agree to one more season, which is what they really want, and don’t think for a moment they don’t. I don’t blame the studio or writers, the blame lies with Kiefer Sutherland and his keeping everyone hanging on without a definite answer, if he doesn’t want to do another 24 then just say so and let them continue as they will, if he thinks he might want to do another but it’s still too soon then tell them and let them move on to other things in the interim, it isn’t rocket science and would give both fans and studio a modicum of certainty either way.

No Jack = no ’24’.

If Kiefer wants to give his signature role a break, then give it another couple years and then make another one, why the need to rush out a new season out if it’s lead star isn’t ready? If HoGo or the bigwigs at FOX seriously think that ’24’ is a strong enough brand to continue without Kiefer, they’re either delusional or desparate, they tried that with ‘The X Files’ after David Duchovny left in 2001, and the ratings cratered from the first episode and only got worse. Clearly they still haven’t learned the lesson over at Century City so I’ll repeat one more time for emphasis what I believe to be the overwhelming majority opinion among ’24’ fans…

No Jack = no ’24’.

Enough said.

Gerry, I completely agree. A perfect example is the BBC show Top Gear, starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. The BBC just dumped Clarkson (the main host) because of a dispute, and plan on continuing the show with a replacement, hoping that Hammond and May will stay. It so happens that Top Gear is the most watched weekly series on the planet, beingshown in 214 countries and territories. Their estimated viewership is 350,000,000 per week worldwide. Many polls were taken and the overwhelming majority of folks said no Clarkson, no Top Gear. As it turns out, Hammond and May quit the show and the BBCis getting 3 repalcements. The new show will be a total flop. If there is a show called 24 with 12 or 24 real time episodes without Kiefer, I, along with many others, will not watch it. For 9 seasons, 24 only had one main character, and everyone else was a supporting character, including Chloe and Tony. Bottom line: no Jack…don’t come back!!!

I half agree. With Top Gear Clarkson is doing another car show on a different network most likely ITV. Clarkson is gone from top gear for good. With 24 it is just 1 season Kiefer is gone for maybe not even a full one he may return at the end. This is an oppertuinity to tell new stories other that Jack has a bad day and $#!+ happens. I feel this is the right way to go, but I do agree if he is gone forever than it will be nogood

In fact, I was thinking about starting an online worldwide petition that I can eventually print. I can get it personally delivered to the # 1 decision maker regarding the future of the show, for a good friend of mine is best friends with this individual.

I would title the petition “No Jack…Don’t Come Back” with a paragraph explaining why the world needs Jack Bauer. (I wrote an article called “24 Returns. Why is This Show So compelling Why We Need Jack Bauer”. The artickle was published on the FOX Television web site prior to the airing of LAD. My article would be attached to the petition) I would suggest to the powers-that-be that it would be announced prior to airing that season 10 would be the final season, and also suggest that the writers come up with a satisfactory ending. If anyone knows how to start and circulate an online petition, I would appreciate the input.

I would sign if S10 was made to be the last. But if Kiefer is just gone for 1 season and returning for a S11. I would like to see how the storyline goes without him for a bit of change. If you notoce 24 has changed a lot over thw years, this could be the bext big change and I am well aware of the fact that it might be complete bullshit. But I would like to see so for myself and if it does turn out to be complete rubbish. Then we sign the pentition but I would like to see it first.

Sorry about the typo’s. I was typing quite fast.

Here is the article that I wrote for FOX that was published on their web site prior to the airing of LAD. Enyoy!

24 Returns!
Why Is This This Show So Compelling?
Why We Need Jack Bauer?

On May 5, after a four year absence, the television thriller 24 returns to FOX. Originally airing in November of 2001, 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland as federal agent Jack Bauer, ran for 8 seasons ending in May of 2010. (Because of the writers’ strike, there was not a season in 2008.) Each season consisted of twenty four one-hour episodes that took place in real time, meaning that each season took place during one twenty four hour day. This approach was considered groundbreaking, for it was a television first. The central theme of each season was based around terrorism. Jack Bauer was a field agent for the Counter Terrorist Unit (C.T.U.) Los Angeles.

Coincidentally, the first season of 24 aired two months after the attacks on 9/11. The country and much of the world had not come close to healing, and here comes a series showcasing terrorism, political corruption, assassinations, torture and violence. How would a wounded public react to 24? Was the timing so not right that it would garner media criticism and be one and done? Not a chance! As it turned out, the show was so popular that it became the longest running show of its kind in history. During it’s run 24 received 68 Emmy nominations. Furthermore, it is unheard of for a series to return after four years replete with much of the same cast and characters. 24 has a worldwide audience that is so passionate about the show that FOX decided to break precedence and bring 24 back. The questions is…why? What makes this series so different in so many ways?

The three basics necessary for any series to be successful are a really good story, great characterization, and fine acting. 24 easily won the triple crown! The stories dealt with presidential assassination, kidnapping, blackmail, murder, torture, political corruption, and terrorism by the use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Watching 24 reminded me of watching the old time movie serials when I was a kid. Each episode left me on the edge of my seat, with great anticipation as to what was to come the following week, not knowing who was really a “good guy” or a “bad guy” and who would live or die. Furthermore, and just as important, each season had subplots within the main theme that often involved the personal lives of the characters. The writing was so extraordinary and the casting so perfect that the viewer had no choice but to become emotionally attached to most of the characters, either positively or negatively. This was helped in part by the superb talent of the cast. In the early seasons, African -American President David Palmer was so loved and admired that it has been said that he had a small role in the election of President Obama. On the other hand, President Charles Logan was so despised that he was compared in many ways to Richard Nixon. The acting was that good! Characters such as Chloe O’Brian, Tony Almeida, Michelle Dessler, Kim Bauer, George Mason, Ryan Chappelle, Audrey Raines, James Heller, Nina Myers, Sherry Palmer, Wayne Palmer, Noah Daniels, Mike Novick, Aaron Pierce, Martha Logan, Bill Buchannan, Edgar Styles, Tom Lennox, Allison Taylor and so many others were, to the viewer, more real than the actors that portrayed them.

The task that sat before the writers of 24 was immense. This is because over the first eight seasons, there was about one hundred-thirty hours of script. Think about it. In the last fifty one years, there have been twenty four James Bond films that equated to about fifty some odd hours of Bond on the screen. The writers of 24 had to develop sixteen hours of drama per season for eight seasons! Their accomplishment was so extraordinary that, for the 24 fan, the
characters became a weekly part of life.

By far and away the main component of 24 was Jack Bauer. Jack was an extraordinarily complex character…a hero but a very flawed and damaged hero. He lived by the premise that the right thing must be done, and the wellbeing of the folks and the country was paramount, and whatever it took to get the job done he was willing to do, and that included torture.

During the eight year run, the subject of torture in 24 was brought up many times in the press. Generally speaking, most of us don’t really condone torture, but we did not mind seeing Jack use it. And why was this? My guess is that if we were put into certain situations, we would do exactly what Jack did. When, in the beginning of season seven when he was in front of a senate sub-committee investigating the use of torture, Jack explained that if he was interrogating a hostile who was involved in the immediate future bombing of a bus full of people including children, he would do whatever it took to prevent the tragedy. In reality, if I had a child on that bus, I would want a Jack Bauer. And, most likely, so would you.

Unlike most fictional heroes, Jack’s life was tragic and flawed. And that made him more real than most. He was haunted by the decisions and choices that he had to make involving both his work and his family, for he was an extremely moral man. He both loved and lost deeply. And, unlike most fictional endings where the good guy always wins, Jack did not. He always “got the bad guy” but did not win. His life seemed very real. We saw the suffering and the tears. We can relate to Jack Bauer, and because of that, we wish that there was a Jack Bauer to protect us from the bad guys. The fans of 24 all look up to Jack, because he is the alternative to most of the real folks who headline the news today.

In reality, Jack Bauer is a fictional character created by Joel Surnow and portrayed by Keifer Sutherland. But quite often in life it is both necessary and beneficial to escape from reality and go to another place…a place that feeds the mind and soul with something, although not real, welcomes us in with open arms. For so many, 24 is that place. And for all of us, Kiefer Sutherland IS Jack Bauer. After more than one hundred-ninety two episodes of 24, most fans realize that no one other than Keifer could have ever been Jack.

It has been just about one year since Fox announced that 24 would return, and on Monday, May 5, Jack is back! The anticipation is over the top witnessed by the world-wide chatter on the internet and in the press. It’s called “24 Live Another Day.” Here is hoping there are many more days to come.

The people saying Jack = 24 and they would not watch a series without Jack makes me despair. It would be a very different series to the usual 24 yes, but that can be a good thing. Presumably you watch other television shows that don’t feature Jack Bauer? So it is something you can handle?

As for examples of the X-Files etc. not working, I could point you to stuff like McNulty from The Wire to show that sidelining the main character can be done well as long as the writers are able to come up with interesting other characters.

This kind of fan reaction of “we don’t want anything different, we want the same as the stuff we already like” is what completely drains all the creativity out of film and TV these days. It’s the reason Jack Bauer has been hauled back year after year to retread the same storyline and lose any sense of groundedness and humanity that he once had in the first season. Jack should have played less of a part much earlier than this, and I fully welcome 24 without him. Unfortunately due to the above kind of reactions, it may mean the series doesn’t get picked up so we get no more 24 whatsoever. Fans shooting themselves in the feet.

I’m able to watch other shows without Jack Bauer in them because Jack Bauer was never the central character in them to begin with, so I’m not sure what you were trying to say there…

I’m not saying I absolutely would not watch a ’24’ season without Jack Bauer, but it would be an altogether less compelling prospect from the outset; Jack Bauer isn’t just a character in ’24’, he’s THE character, and without him, it’s just another show no matter how well-written it is, Kiefer’s portrayal of that character is so iconic, that no matter how good the Jack-less season was, his presence would loom over everything like a silent spectre, and the new lead – whoever he or she would be – simply wouldn’t have a chance, less so if everyone knew Kiefer would be back the following season. George Lazenby was able to take over from Sean Connery as James Bond for ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ (arguably the best 007 film to date) because everyone thought Connery was gone for good, but if everyone knew the latter would be back for the next film, it would have been an altogether different reaction for Lazenby once the aforementioned film was released.

As said here, by others, if Kiefer feels it’s too soon for a new season, then tell FOX and they can wait for him, if he doesn’t want to do it again, then let FOX know that upfront and let them act accordingly… either way, this will-he-won’t-he parlour game is just plain boring and more than a little frustrating for fans.

C’mon Kief, do right by the show and fans and get off the fence, one way or the other…

The fact you think that OHMSS is the best James Bond film surely makes you realise that perhaps a Jack-less 24 could be a really good thing for the series? If you were around in the 60’s, then I would guess you would be saying all the things you’re saying now about Kiefer Sutherland about Sean Connery and James Bond, and thank goodness fans like that weren’t able to express themselves over the internet then or OHMSS may never have been made! It did something different, and it really worked! Why do you seem so positive that this won’t be the case with 24?

The fact that the show has become reliant on one central character is a bad thing. They need the ability to give life to a broader range of characters and being completely Jack-focussed is what is jamming 24 repeatedly into the rut it has fallen into. Unfortunately, it’s the fault of fan opinion such as yours that is doing this – they’re scared of doing anything different and original and interesting because the majority of fans want the same thing year after year, rehashed again and again.

I just watched the last episode of 24:Live another day again.. And sorry but this can not be the end of jack bauer!, Jack will need to make the russians world come apart!. Nobody can replace him, and those last moment of this episode prove it.. No way jack is staying moscow!. Kiefer sign back on and get the hell out of russia!, It’s time you go back and reunite with your family!

You’re right. I watch lots of shows without Jack Bauer as the lead. As has already been pointed out, they never had Jack Bauer as the lead.

But I became invested in 24 because of the character of Jack Bauer. It has been his journey that has brought me back season after season. Not the real time concept, which to me was and is just a gimmick. And sometimes even seemed to hamper the storytelling. Many times I felt the writers wasted opportunities to explore a scene or character development or relationships more in depth because they were tied to the real time format and had to move on. It’s not CTU that brought me back year after year. Not who the season’s mole was. Though I have enjoyed many of the supporting characters, they were never the reason I returned week after week, season after season. I also enjoyed when the writers were capable of surprising me or catching me off guard. But it was always Jack’s story arc and his heart and soul and his struggle within that brought me back every season.

Where I disagree with you is that by having a new lead it will make 24 a whole new creative and different show. Whoever there new lead is, they are still going to have the same real time conceit. They are probably still going to have a mole or moles. Will they do something different from a 3 arc threat, which starts as one thing and then progresses to a bigger threat, and then ends on the ultimate threat? Are they still going to have the lead character making tough moral decisions that will start to compromise their own principals and values and maybe even having to go rogue?. Which is why I never saw the Kate character as anything more than a female Jack Bauer from season one. She was someone who is highly skilled, incredibly intelligent, and adept at reading people, quick to read and adapt to situations. Her personal life was messy. Able to withstand torture. Started out the day with a strong belief in right and wrong and then started down the road of making compromises to save the innocent and stop the ever escalating threat because they were running out of time.

Is that the kind of new creativity you’re talking about? Sorry. I’d rather watch Jack.

TV is notorious for breeding spin-offs and cannibalizing the original successful show, which is what this sounds like to me. CSI bred CSI NY. Miami, Cyber. NCIS bred NCIS LA, New Orleans. Law and Order had several offsprings. Personally I considered them all very duplicative spawns of their parent show and lacking in any kind of new creativity or innovation, as you are so hopeful this new iteration of 24 will be.

So I do not feel I am shooting myself in the foot by not wanting a spin-off version of 24 by whatever way they want to sell it.

I’m not saying it will definitely be good and more creative – but I’m saying it might be, if given the chance. But they will never have the chance to do it, because of fan backlash like we’re seeing here.

I agree, people need to give it a chance. 24 Solitary did not have or enen feature Jack and that was great. This Jack-less season has strong potential to be very very good. Now people are jumping off the walls before they even warched the darn thing.

24:Solitary was only 7 minutes long, jack wasnt needed for that scene, It would have been weird if Jack showed up in prison..

What I am saying is 24 is still good without him.

Guys, remember Jack is not gone forever they are just doing one season without him. Which I think could work.

Unless it fails in ratings, and that would mean the end for 24..

If the ratings fall which could happen then Jack will come back. Just give it a chance withoit him before judging the show. I really think it could be quite good. Everyone is treating this as if it is the last season but it is not. Jack will be back in the future but for niw a Jack-less season isn’t a bad idea.

I don’t know where anyone gets the idea that in 2016 there will be a 24 season 10 without Kiefer, and then 1 or 2 years later Kiefer will return. He will be 50 years old in Dec. of next year. Furthermore, the idea of dropping the lead character for one season makes zero sense. And prior to next year, do you think Kiefer will say go ahead and shoot seasn 10 without me and I will return for season 11 in 2016 or 2017? Not a chance. Either he returns for season 10 or he is done. Also, the comparisons of Jack to Bond makes no sense. This is because we had 23 Bond films once every year or 2 for less than 2 hours, spread out over 60 years for a total of maybe 50 hours, played by 6 different actors. We have had Jack for almost 140 hours covering 9 out of 14 years, played only by one actor. All of us 24 die hards are far more attached to Kiefer as Jack as opposed to anyone as Bond. If Kiefer does not re-up for season 10, FOX will most likely do a spin off, possibly with Kate as the lead character. But it will not be called 24.
What makes the most sense, if Kiefer is willing to do one last 12 hour mini series like LAD, is to announce prior to filming that season 10 is the final season of 24, and write an ending that is satisfactory to all of us. Then Kiefer and Jack can sail off into the sunset (along with Chloe and Tony) and FOX can start a new spin off with Kate. I think FOX screwed up bigtime thinking that, during filming of the 12th hour of LAD, that it was a slam dunk that Kiefer would be back for season 10. Because of this lack of insite, the end of LAD, if it is indeed the end of Kiefer and Jack, could be the worst ending of any series in memory.

Ronnie, if you remember Newman said that were not talking about getying rid of Jack for good were just talking about doing one installiment without him. If there is any storylone to do 1 Jack-less season it is now. Kiefer just wanted to take a break not stop for good.

After the airling of LAD, Kiefer NEVER said he wanted to take a brake. However, he did say more than once that he was done. Do you really think FOX would say that thay are going ahead with season 10 without Kiefer, but that he will be back for season 11? NO WAY!

Howard Gordon said Kiefer was taking a break. Even Kafz said Kiefer was taking a break. Manny Coto said Kiefer was taking a break. Gary Newman said Kiefer was taking a break. Dana Walden said Kiefer was taking a break.

Kiefer’s definitely taking a break. He’s been off since July and has no films or TV roles announced. They usually announce stuff months ahead of time (except for TV and supporting film roles).

With Kiefer’s return still questionable, does anyone think some of the other actors might already be signed for the next season? If not, wouldn’t they potentially risk losing some of the actors to other shows? If any of the actors are uncertain about their 24 future, I think they’d probably look for other work. And if they’re already writing a pilot, perhaps they already have Tony, Chloe, Kate, Belcheck and others in there.

That would be nice to know if anyone is signed on yet, and if so, who.

Fox has pitched a new limited series with a completely new cast. Kiefer and Yvonne could guest star.

Completly new cast will not work for me. The only character other than Jack that I think could be main role is Tony. Brand new cast is not for me. Although I am willing to see who they have in mind.

Yeah, I’m not really enthusiastic about watching 24 with a completely new cast. The real time format was not the reason why I loved the show, it was the characters.

They said they will keep the real time format. But new cast is a bummer.

If you read the article Kiefer will appear as a guest star and so will Kate Morgan!

I can see a great possibility of a 24 movie being made as a prequel to the 24 spinoff! Last September Brian Grazer was keen on a pitch for a 24 movie, which could be a two hour prequel to the 24 spinoff which would show Jack being rescued from Russian Prison! I can see this being announced when the 24 spinoff is announced!

No Keifer , No 24

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