Kiefer Sutherland discusses 24 at TCA Press Tour
Kiefer Sutherland discusses 24 at TCA Press Tour

FOX planning more ’24’ in 2016 without Kiefer Sutherland

FOX bosses Gary Newman and Dana Walden revealed at the 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour they’re in the very early planning stages for another installment of 24.

“We would love nothing more than to do another 24. That’s a constant focus for us,” Newman said. The network has “heard a great pitch” from producers Howard Gordon, Evan Katz and Manny Coto. “We’re thinking 2016,” Dana Walden revealed when asked about a possible return date for the show.

There’s a big catch, however. After the panel ended, Walden told a group of reporters that the series might continue without star Kiefer Sutherland.

“We have discussed it with [Kiefer]. Potentially, he won’t be in this installment, we’re not sure yet. We’re not that far along, but I know he supports us doing more 24. We are not talking about continuing the show without him; we’re talking about whether there’s one installment that he’s not in.”

“I think great characters with that creative team… I look at everyone that surrounded Kiefer in that last installment — I think it could work. [The pitch] was in the very origin stages and it could have gone either way,” said Walden. “There was a point at which Jack Bauer could come in and fit very organically into their story or they were prepared to do something that would be the one installment without him.”

What do you think about another season of 24 without Kiefer? The two most obvious candidates to take over are Yvonne Strahovski’s Kate Morgan or Carlos Bernard’s fan-favorite Tony Almeida character (who has resurfaced in the 24: Solitary special feature). Would you give it a shot without Kiefer?

Would you watch 24 without Kiefer Sutherland?

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Roberta M. Coleman
January 17, 2015 at 11:41 pm
As long as they aren’t considering replacing Kiefer Sutherland or killing off ‘Jack Bauer’, I’m in! I think they already knew they would try a season without Kiefer Sutherland. I believe they set up the possibility of Tony Almeida returning with the video “24: Solitary.” More people would probably watch if Tony Almeida AND Chloe O’Brian returned. They could spend a season searching for Jack.

For what it’s worth, Solitary is the first piece of canon to not even *mention* Jack and it was amazing. 24 can definitely survive without Jack and I bet it would even benefit by not having him around for a little while to give his story more oomph when he returns. There’s also enough there to keep us entertained and plenty to draw out the suspense.

That said? No way did they just break Tony Almeida out of prison so that he can promptly get busy with never seeing Jack again. Tony being back in the story alone proves that, eventually, there has to be more Jack.

With the exception of S4, the other 7 seasons of 24-episode stories always had two arcs with different villain focuses surrounded by mini-stories on the peripheral characters. I could see the next “installment” (which I interpret to be a season rather than a single episode) being written in similar manner where maybe Jack isn’t even seen for the first half of the season and the lead is taken by a different player – but that he would appear in the second half as the lead.

To go an entire season (12 episodes) without Jack appearing at all – especially if it seems FOX and the writers are working on an “every-two-years” pace – would be ridiculous. If Kiefer has pause now about returning because of his age, how will it be any easier if the next season in 2016 skips him only to ask him to return in 2018 for another season? He’d be 52 then.

If FOX has any vision of a Kiefer-less season of ’24’ with some hope of modest ratings, they have to do it with Tony because of the fanbase behind him and backstory he has in the series. To spotlight a new or recent character as the lead would spell terrible ratings and a flop waiting to happen IMO.

If Fox wanted to make 24 without Kiefer Sutherland, they’d be doing it already.

I’m no expert but this sounds like kind of typical contract negotiation stuff. Kiefer would (justly) like a raise. Fox counters with “well, we could do this without you” but tempers it with “or you could, you know, show up for an episode or two or um…” and they all sit around and wait out the clock on the Live Another Day contract before starting formal negotiations for Day 10.

For what it’s worth, I’d love to see 24 continue on past Jack Bauer’s character but the time isn’t quite right yet. Day 9 is like… a beat or two away from Jack’s last chapter. There’s more story there before the end. But a season or two down the line opening with the death of Jack Bauer a la Palmer-Michelle on Day 5, with Kate and CTU investigating? I’d watch that. Jack is really nothing without the other characters on the show and if they organically segued it into Kate Morgan’s series, then I think it would still be excellent.

That’s what I think too. I also think the Fox execs put the idea of a Kiefer-less 24 out there to see what the reaction was. The reaction has been overwhelmingly negative so far, with some being okay with Tony and/or Kate leading or co-leading a series.

For a Jack-less 24 to work I think they’d have to go one of two options:

A. The plot has to be about the mission to break Jack out of prison with Tony, Chloe, Kate, Belcheck, and possibly Aaron on the team. Casting a few established actors to join this cast would be very important.

B. They could go the True Detective/Fargo route and start with a completely new cast and storyline which has nothing to do with the original series.

Kim would have a better – and more realistic – chance of appearing in your scenario “A” than Aaron. With all the talk about Kiefer wanting to retire Jack, there’s even more logic in acknowledging Aaron’s age – not to mention he was already retired in S7 before helping out Taylor.

How do you involve Kim in a storyline that’s playing out in Russia though? I could see it if maybe whatever goes down in Russia causes the Russians to get super pissed and put a hit out on Jack’s family…at which point maybe Chloe puts in a call to get Aaron to protect Kim and Co?

You just show her hiding from a cougar in some random forest in Russia. That’d work.

Back in the day, Pacino wanted a bigger payday to portray Michael again in Godfather 3, at which point Coppola stated that the film would now be rewritten to open with the funeral of Michael Corleone…suddenly a deal was struck.

Really hope that by 2016, this would be the end for 24. Without Kiefer Sutherland, no one should replace him as the lead. If only they should bring back Kate Morgan and Tony Almeida and even Chloe O’Brian.


DUDE a season focusing on Tony wherein Kate ends up working with him and at the end they break Jack out and then they all 3 run off together to stop crimes and save the world, YES

Okay, I could live with that.

In my eyes this is only money-talk. Even the Fox-People know that they would lose most of the audience without Jack. Maybe they want to try a season without Kiefer to see if they can save the money for him. I am sure if they do a season without Jack, they will never ever get Jack back in again.

Matt Damon turned the “Bourne” movie franchise into a bonanza; as soon as the movie studio produced an edition without him, it flopped. FOX can’t be that naïve to think dumping Kiefer while returning the series would work, either in ratings or fan support.

Supposedly, budget costs became a big issue at the close of S8; producing a season without Kiefer would amount to an even bigger waste of money.

I really hope this is only a negotiation tactic otherwise I will be pissed
I wouldn’t be if they gave Jack actually closure first but nope poor guy is being tortured while we get a series with Kate

I would be ok with a Kate spin off if they wrap up Jack Bauers story first in a limited series (or tv movie) and also give us closure regarding Tony and Chloe

Then they could go on and make a new 24 series with Kate as the protagonist with completely new characters Anyone here agree?

It would just feel weird having a miniseries with Tony and Chloe but instead of Jack they are suddenly with Kate WTF?

I might watch if Tony is in it but if it’s just Kate I probably won’t be getting up at 5 am for new episodes.

I think too it’s a money game between Fox and Kiefer…

As 24 without Jack, that depends on the script: I will be glad to have 7, 8 episodes with Chloe, Tony, Kate and…Belcheck in a mission to free Jack, and then Jack reappears and they kick ass all together, and then Jack come back home with his family…final countdown…after that Fox can do a spin off …

If Kiefer doesn’t come back who will say “Previously on 24” and “The Following Takes Place Between…”


I totally agree, there is no 24 without Jack Bauer(Keifer Sutherland.) Just like avengers needs iron man(Robery Downey Jr)and the borne movies need Borne, (Matt Damon.) just like the terminator movies need Arnie, even when hies old. Just like…anyway you get the point :P

If season 10 is based around Tony and Chloe rescuing Jack. Yes I could deal with that. Hoping it would lead to season 11 including Jack.

My answer is YES as long as there is TONY!!

I’m sorry Chloe fans but she needs to die soon. She CAN’T be so invincible, otherwise it ruins the “nobody is safe” aspect of the show.

I tend to agree – but moreso because she is becoming a cliché, if she isn’t one already. It’s almost as if she’s the Robin to Jack’s Batman or the Tonto to Jack’s Lone Ranger. One of the clumsiest parts of LAD was when she volunteered to run COM for Jack inside the van and again later at the docks in the finale – despite the writers’ attempts to turn her character into a different person heading into LAD with all this tragedy she had suffered, she went back to the exact same purpose as in S3-8. Plus, while suspension of disbelief has always been necessary to accept some of the plotlines in ’24’, Chloe’s ability to hack into anything on a moment’s notice from a laptop has really been stretching the limits of credibility IMO.

The trouble with killing her character off though is that it almost demands another revenge arc for Jack’s character.

Don’t kill off Chole, she can be really annoying but seriously, Jack has lost everyone, can you not kill off his admitted best friend too? Seriously…

Stelios Theocharis
January 18, 2015 at 10:38 am
Well, I think we should stick to the facts. 24 Live another day ends with jack being handed to the Russians. That’s an ankward ending for a man like jack. I mean he definitely gave himself up for Chloe, his beloved friend sacrificing himself, but that’s not the ending we were expecting from a series like 24. Therefore there is 24 Solitary. We see Tony attacking a lawyer in order to take her glasses in which there is a map to get out of prison. So I think that long before season 9 Tony was up to the task of taking over at season 10, a season without Javk Bauer. Let’s all face it. Kiefer is not able to make a full 24 episodes season, he’s old. So producers want to keep Jack on the table without him starring. I think that the upcoming 24 season/ seasons (?) will be about trying to find jack, with jack being found and returning to the last season. A season we will all be waiting for, a killer final series. Actually , I think that the ” jack is back ” moto of season 9 will be back on the table, one last time. 24: The final return would be a nice name for a killing final series !
That’s all from the biggest Greek fan of 24 !
P.S sorry if I made any mistake regarding the language, I’m pretty sure I’ve being understood

Let’s all face it. Kiefer is not able to make a full 24 episodes season, he’s old

For those clamoring for Tony taking over the franchise from Jack, keep in mind this fact: Carlos Bernard is 4 years older than Kiefer Sutherland. Yes, an argument can be made that Kiefer’s body has more wear and tear on it from the heavy action requirements he’s done over the series compared to Carlos – but still, if Kiefer feels too old to play the part full-time, would Carlos be any more capable?

Carlos is a genetic freak! You could put down his youthful looks to luck, genetics and makeup, but let me tell you this. In person, he actually looks even younger – shockingly so in fact.

Carlos could play Season 3/4 era Tony in a flashback season if he had to.

Stelios Theocharis
January 18, 2015 at 11:52 am
I’m not talking about Tony taking over Jack. I’m just saying that it would be nice if Tony was taking over for a season or two. I love Jack, he is the best ever and, totally, 24 will be feeling like “12” without him. But with Tony taking over to save Jack and then Jack retuning for the final season , then yes I think Tony should be the one to take over. In this case we want Tony, in case he’s taking over once and for all 24 then no thanks. That’s all… I didn’t know that Carlos was older than jack. I just assumed that since they made a mini season 9, then jack is too old for this. Sorry for that. Let’s just wait and see what happens. I’m pretty sure my scenario is the most realistic regarding the latest news.

Well, well, Kiefer is old with 48 years? *snickers* Have a look at Bruce Willis still doing the “Die Hard” movies!

Noooo, don’t have a look. Die Hard 5 will rot your mind, it is one of the most horrible movies ever made. You can tell Bruce Willis is too old because he does nothing in the movie, what he did you can’t even call acting. Kill 24 before it ever gets like that.

The only way you can do 24 without Jack is to do it continuing with Kate Morgan (a female Jack). I would watch that for one season.

Only if she has a torture scene like Jack had in S2…. ;-)

I only watch the show because of Kiefer Sutherland. As far as I’m concerned, he is the show and if he’s gone I can’t imagine it being successful. When he dies the show need to end. Maybe a spin off when its done with other cast members, but not called 24.

Wouldn’t that be just dumping another meaningless copycat show into the already flooded-market of cop and spy shows on TV?

Exactly! Fox would damage the 24-heritage bigtime!

It’s impossible to have the next season without Kiefer for Jack Bauer! Bring Tony back! I’m sure with higher capability of Tony and Kate, they both can breakthrough the Russians to take Jack out of the prison. Remember no Kiefer as Jack Bauer, no 24! And that would make 24 is a great series ever!

Tony and Kate teaming up to save Jack. What a brilliant idea. Of course, in the usual 24 fashion, there are stumbling blocks along the way

It kinda seemed like they were making Kate a female Jack… hope that they get KS to do another season though

The same could have been said of Renee in S7 but she obviously wasn’t of Jack’s training or caliber. Hard to envision Kate being anything more….

Having seen all of Chuck, Yvonne is certainly capable of taking Kate Morgan to the next level. She was crazy good in Chuck vs Phase Three (where her character terrorizes half of Thailand while looking for Chuck).

Honestly, I’d still watch it. No one could replace Kiefer but the show itself with its unique concept is still amazing. Hopefully, Kate, Chloe and Belcheck will return though!

I would at least check it out if it is cast right and the writers have plenty of time to do it right then I will check it out and hopefully have another chapter to go with the rest of the great history of 24.

Who will be the narrator saying “The Following Takes Pace Between…”

So I believe that most of these comments where made by someone who works for FOX planting the idea that if they had Tony or Kate to take the helm that “24” would survive. As a devoted “24” fan I can tell you that without Kiefer there is no “24”. We do not want a female Jack or a fake rescue mission for Jack, we want Jack.

Nice try FOX…but time to work out the negotiations

“So I believe that most of these comments where made by someone who works for FOX planting the idea that if they had Tony or Kate to take the helm that “24” would survive. ”

You cannot actually be serious…

I have been a loyal fan for more than a decade, purchased the box sets and have seen every episode 2-3 times. But, I will not watch 24 without Kiefer. Preferably with Mary Lynn Rajskub – in fact, it’s just like Laverne & Shirley without Shirley and look at what happened there.

Yes… Jack is 24. It’s like watching The Flintstones without Fred. Or making a Thor 3 without Thor. JACK is necessary. As everyone has said, bring back Kate and Cloe as they are working to save Jack from the Russians. The Russians are starting to torture Jack. Tony hears about this and joins with Kate and Cloe to save him. When they do, they all 4 join together and are victorious. And then Jack returns to the USA and is hailed as a hero because of everything he has done (and claims his pardon from former Pres. Heller). Then he gets to go home with Kim and see all of the cougars she is chilling with.

I would be down for this. As long as Jack is still part of the story, I can think of a ton of scenarios in which 24 could work without Kiefer as the central character. Everyone here is up in arms about the idea, but some of 24’s best episodes were like this. If we take the “No Jack = No 24” mindset, we ignore the fact that the show has a history of great supporting characters, as the case especially was in Live Another Day.

January 18, 2015 at 1:08 pm
Working without Kiefer Sutherland can be possible only because when Live Another Day ended, it ended with Jack Bauer taken by the russians. It was therefore made to seem like he would be an asset to the russians, the question is whey they took him and why did Jack Bauer seem disturbed. Therefore when I say it can work we can assume that 24 will start without him, then due to some issues that will arise when he would not be there as a result of terrorist attack that requires very high level of intelligence O’Brian will find out maybe that the target being looked for is far beyond CTU’S intelligence and therefore a search for Jack Bauer will be made first priority in Russia and therefore making that season to end when Jack Bauer is found.

I don’t think that 24 can’t continue without Kiefer Sutherland,but 24 is more about Jack Bauer than the others,so i think that he can be back for the last season.and also LAD ended ina really dark way and we couldn’t find out what will happen for Jack,so we all need another season to know what happened to Jack and what happened to the unsolved stories like Alan Wilson,Yuri Suvarov and the others.The fact is Jack doesn’t want to be rescued,so the reasonable way to get him back is just for the revenge for Renee’s death.And also it is hard to believe that Anatol Stolnavich and Cheng worked alone and no one supported them,so Jack goes to Russia to find out who is really behind all of these.I don’t know maybe I am the only person who wishes that 24 writers didn’t kill off Audrey,but i really want her back.After Teri’s death we saw a hard and crazy Jack in S2 and S3.After Renee’s death,we saw a savage Jack,who wants only revenge,but after Audrey’s death,we saw a devastated and hopeless Jack that even didn’t try to get Chloe out and demand Heller to negotiate with Russians for his freedom.Audrey absolutely died for nothing and we didn’t even see a closure between Jack and Heller,so i think she deserves to be back again not only because of her character,but also for repairing the past mistakes and also get Jack a will to be alive.WE NEED MORE 24

I completely agree about about Audrey… it was senseless. Kate felt horrid, Jack was completely empty. I KNOW he would have taken himself out with the handgun had his motivation to get the device and his promise to get Cheng finally shake him out of the daze. I had hopes that she wasn’t dead, but that it was a ruse to hide her but the Presidents final walk down the jetway probably squashed any hope of that. They need to bring Jack back. And I agree he let himself get captured not only to free Chole but to find out who was hiding his nemesis for so long and why but to also get revenge on them as well. Kate needs to come back, Chole needs to tell her what Jack has done and the trio needs to get crackin to get Jack back… with or without Tony… albeit that would be an interesting twist to be sure and I would watch for sure if it took a few episodes for them to “find” Jack.

How can Tony take over as the lead when he killed federal agents and just recently broke out of prison ( Solitary)??

Tony’s character was ruined at the end of day 7 when they turned him into a raging lunatic. I love Tony Almeida but he can only be Jack’s adversary because of the way his character has turned.

The days of Tony Almeida helping Jack Bauer saving the day are long gone .

Kiefer said at one time that as long as he can run he can play Jack Bauer – so I think this is about money. I for one, would be happy with a season with Tony, Kate, Chloe, and Belchek as the main characters with Jack as a lesser character.

The single most expensive line item on a 24 season budget is Kiefer’s pay. After all during the heyday of 24 he was the highest paid TV actor in the industry. I hate to say it but I do not think 24LAD returned the profit margin that they had during 24’s heyday years. Therefore, one way to cut the budget and still produce a 24 season is to reduce Kiefer’s pay. I would think Kiefer’s pay would be less if he were in only 2-3 episodes.

Another way is to make a movie instead of a TV season….

I’d take it any way they would make it!

I will not watch 24 without kiefer.. If he wants to do less episodes then the most possible scenario (for me) would be the first few episodes focusing on tony breaking out, eventually running into cloe (and belcheck possibly). Cloe and Tony eventually find jack around hmm 5 or 6 episodes in. but jack intercepted intel that cheng didn’t work alone, and he refuses to go back until this plot has ended, because he wants to make things right after audrey’s death because of this loonatic. (Guest star, Yuri Suvarov).

These episodes don’t need a president. So they wouldn’t need one for this season. It keeps jack in 24, without him being in there full time, yet also focusing on the supportive cast (Tony, Belcheck, Cloe). And to be honest what would kate morgan need to do in another season, I don’t see the advantages of her in the whole story arc that’s about to come one day..

why does everyone assume the short with Tony end game was to break Jack out? That relationship didn’t end on such a positive note. Tony was tied into some super secret organization during S7 which could easily pull off what happened in that short. (Jonas Hodges and his suicide pill). If anything, Tony could go back to being a heel and blowing shit up and the only person that can stop him is Jack.

Sure, Tony had connections to evil folks who could be trying to bust him out of jail for nefarious reasons, but how many of them would have a reason to use George Mason’s voice on the other end of the phone line? That’s what makes me think the breakout is a plan of Chloe’s, (or at the very least someone on the side of the good guys), and not any of Tony’s evil associates. Assuming Tony has had a phone conversation with that particular voice, the fact that it’s George would clue him in that whoever was orchestrating this is/was CTU-affiliated without the person on the other end having to say anything overt that would give the game away for anyone else listening to the call.

Whatever their relationship ends up being in present day, I need to see Tony and Jack interact again, which is the main reason why a Day 10 without Jack in it would fall short for me. Admittedly I’m all hopped up on the bromance feels at the moment because just the other day I was rewatching some Day 4, the eps where Tony came into it, and it makes me bounce in my seat grinning like a damn fool when I see those two crazy kids working together and I NEED MOAR.

Assuming at least some of what Tony said in Solitary was grounded in truth, (the bit about knowing Michelle would hate what he became), I can believably see him having a shot at redemption by trying to save Jack from Russia, to try and make up for that stuff with almost killing him that one time.

I can see Jack being beyond pissed that Tony is out of jail and wanting no help from him because he can’t trust him any more. But he begrudgingly and warily cooperates with him, and then there’s one of those scenarios where it’s like they share a brain and they throw down against some bad guys just like old times, and Tony gets in a shot that saves Jack’s life. (And then I cry.)

That’s assuming they want to give Tony a redemption arc of course, but I do think that’s a pretty decent bet. But even if they kept him bad, I’d still need to see him and Jack interacting again in some fashion in order to be really satisfied with the season as a whole.

I strongly believe that 24 without Kiefer would be an empty show. Jack has to be there otherwise just change the name of the show.

24 without Jack is worthless!

Exactly! No Kiefer, no watch for me!

I will not watch 24 without Keifer Sutherland in it. It’s that simple. I love the incredible range of characters, the intense subplots and the sheer excitement of 24, but Jack Bauer has always been the focus and hero of this series. The magical way 24 interweaves all these subplots is amazing and I would expect that to continue but Jack ahs always been the one central character that has been there through all the losses of many of our favorite characters – President Plamer, Michelle and even Tony at some point but Jack has and always will be 24. He’s the one we expect to save the day! To make even one installment without him would be cheating the audience of the special edginess he brings to the show. This would make me sad because it would be a mssing season in my collection! I love 24 more than anyone I know, so I hope they re-think this plan. I’d love more 24 but not without Jack!

Kiefer is 24, he needs to come back.

This is what they should’ve done about 5 seasons ago, in my opinion. Forcing the character of Jack to become so heavily involved and central in every storyline felt tired, contrived and cumbersome long ago. They could’ve done so much more interesting things with the concept if they hadn’t made it all about this one character. Take “The Wire” as an example.

Bringing Tony in would be great. Kate to leave Jack in Russia less it’s to do a job is a bad idea. Russia should pay for taking his girl and instigating preventing the peace treaty. He was at fault so they were at fault too.

The show would be fine without Jack. You see Jack as the central character because of day 1, but they haven’t made any season so personal since although they really tried the 2nd half of 8.

I feel pretty confident in saying that Tony Almeida was *always* the second protagonist of the show. His journey closely mirrors Jack’s and his impact has been significant. He’s always had a presence in the show even when he hasn’t been on-screen (Season 8 in particular). Carlos Bernard is the *only* viable candidate to replace Kiefer. Even then, I think it’s vitally important that Jack maintains a presence in the show even if, like Tony in Seasons 6 and 8, he’s not physically seen on-screen. For better or worse, the character of Jack portrayed by Kiefer has become inextricable part of ’24’s’ DNA.

24 is Jack Bauer, if the show wasn’t called 24 then the show would be called Jack Bauer, so Jack Bauer needs to be in it.

Also i don’t get the obsession people have with Tony, yeah he was a good character but his story ended in season 7, it was good and he was a bad ass in it, it was a great ending for him.

So I don’t get why people want him back and to help Jack, it doesn’t make sense. Did people forget he killed Federal agents? tried to kill innocent people on a subway? and not to mention tried to kill Jack?

So why would he ” save Jack?”

Did you see ’24: Solitary’?

wake up shady!

To me, 24 IS Kiefer Sutherland and although he has had terrific support from all the other cast members, 24 is essential Jack Bauer’s story. It’s following all the many ups and downs (mostly downs) of his life that is so magical because the character is unique. I just don’t think it would work without him. It would be just another TV thriller.

Please Fox, pay Kiefer a few million to come back, it would be SO worth it!

All this talk of bringing back Tony, has everyone forgotten exactly what he did in S7? He was going to blow Jack up, he killed any number of innocent people, the brutal way he killed Larry Moss and all for revenge. How exactly could you reconcile him and Jack given the circumstances of their last encounter?

I did like the Tony character a lot but the way S7 ended, well I think he was beyond redemption really. Yes, I know we have the intriguing story of his apparent escape from solitary, but for what exactly? Just to do more bad, double-crossing stuff? It would be stretching credulity to have him participate in any rescue mission for Jack.

If anyone should return it should be Kate as she was brilliant in LAD.

“How exactly could you reconcile him and Jack given the circumstances of their last encounter?”

I don’t really expect that they could be BFFs, but nevertheless I’d like a resolution where Tony is repentant and Jack acknowledges that. They have so much history and so it’s a bit unsatisfying IMO if they just remain completely estranged and hating each other. Jack could have shot him dead at the end of Day 7, but he didn’t, because despite how far he’d fallen he still used to be a close friend, so I definitely think there’s the capacity for them to reconnect on some level.

Jack knows what a bitch revenge can be, he’s killed a few people whilst motivated by it. Sure he killed Nina in part to protect Kim, but it was also in part because of Teri. Sure he killed a bunch of Russians because they’d been up to some bad shit and Pres Taylor wasn’t gonna hold them accountable, but it was also in part because of Renee. Sure he killed Cheng because the bastard had tried to start a world war, but it was also in part because he’d had Audrey killed. He even killed Henderson in part as revenge for Tony, but claimed he’d killed him in self defence. So for Jack to dismiss revenge as a motivator for people to do murdery shit would be a tad hypocritical. There’s gotta be some level of empathy that he has for what Tony’s been through.

The difference is that Jack tends to be targeted when motivated by revenge, but Tony was just taking out anyone and everyone, even to the point of orchestrating a biological attack on public transport that would have killed a bunch of innocent people. That’s the sort of thing I wouldn’t expect Jack to really be able to reconcile, or forget, no matter how sincere an apology Tony might make to him personally for the attempted murder.

I guess it wouldn’t necessarily be a real “redemption” for Tony in everyone’s eyes, because really how does one make up for some of the stuff he’s done? But for his own sake it’d be nice to see that he truly does realise what a massive dick he became, and he wants to go back to helping the good guys and taking out bad guys. We know that he had that in him back in the day, and it’d be nice to see him come full circle and be able to make some peace with himself. I think that’d be a far more interesting way to continue Tony’s character development, rather than just having him run amok and keep being bad.

” Jack knows what a bitch revenge can be, he’s killed a few people whilst motivated by it.”
” So for Jack to dismiss revenge as a motivator for people to do murdery shit would be a tad hypocritical”
” There’s gotta be some level of empathy that he has for what Tony’s been through.”

No it’s not a tad hypocritical there’s a big difference

The people that Jack killed all deserved it..

Tony killed Larry Moss, a bunch of FBI Agent’s, and tried to kill Jack himself and they all had nothing to do with Michelle’s

So their can be no empathy for Tony, Jack isn’t gonna be like oh you killed Larry Moss, killed a bunch of FBI Agents, tried to kill a bunch of people on a subway and tried to kill me also? You did all that for revenge for Michelle? Even tho they all had nothing to do with Michelle’s death? ok i forgive you… lets work together.

Yeah i can’t see that happening, it doesn’t make sense, it’s reaching.

I believe it was always Tony’s path to end up being bad, he was always headed down that road and their were always foreshadowing / signs of it in seasons1-5. He had a great story arc and it ended great in S7, he was a badass and a great villian in Season 7. I hope they don’t bring him back and ruin his character and ruin season 7 by trying to make him good again.

Are we forgetting that Jack came *real* close to starting World War 3 which would have caused the deaths of untold innocents? Jack wasn’t ever as far gone as Tony but he came awfully close.

Tony killing Jack was more of a mercy kill anyway, a means to an end yes, but he thought Jack was dead anyway. Larry and the FBI guys and the subway though, yeah he went postal with that.

He could easily be brought back, not redeeming or anything, just out to kill the cabal again. Whether or not Nina/Henderson/russian guys deserved it, Jack still took revenge and killed them, the first two in cold blood. So he knows revenge and what it can do. He just didn’t completely go off the deep end.

Oh and what about hacking a guys head off? Means to an end, just like Tony killing Jack to get to the bigger fish.

Also, Tony was right when he said to Jack that he’d saved lives that day. Without him, a lot more people would died.

You guys cannot compare Jack’s killings to Tony’s killings, Nina/Henderson/russian guys they were involed in the days events or were behind it, they deserved it….

“””Oh and what about hacking a guys head off? Means to an end, just like Tony killing Jack to get to the bigger fish.”

Marshall Goren – was charged for eight counts of kidnapping a minor, two counts of child pornography, and first degree murder

Yeah I dont think i need to say it again…

“”Also, Tony was right when he said to Jack that he’d saved lives that day. Without him, a lot more people would died.””

that goes out the window when you kill Larry Moss and a bunch of FBI Agents

”Tony killing Jack was more of a mercy kill anyway, a means to an end yes, but he thought Jack was dead anyway.”

And he was gonna see to it that Jack’s body got burned up in an explosion so that the bad guys couldn’t use it to replicate any nasty bio weapons, so that’s…considerate (for want of a better word). The situation is FAR from ideal, but given how up shit creek they were, Tony was able to rationalise it, (just as he was able to rationalise a lot of things that day that no rational person would bring themselves to do).

Yep, he didn’t want the virus to go any further. He just wanted Wilson dead. Jack was dying anyway, so when up shit creek, have to use the paddle you got.

”No it’s not a tad hypocritical there’s a big difference
The people that Jack killed all deserved it..
Tony killed Larry Moss, a bunch of FBI Agent’s, and tried to kill Jack himself and they all had nothing to do with Michelle’s”

Soooo I guess you didn’t read the rest of my post where I too pointed out that there was a difference in how Tony and Jack went about their killings?

I just don’t believe their situations are totally black and white, (and shades of grey make the characters, their relationship, and the story far more interesting IMO). They both have the root in the same thing – revenge for loved ones that were murdered, but they each veered off in different ways and Tony’s course went off the rails. That doesn’t mean that Jack has no comprehension of the mindset Tony got himself into in the first place though.

Tony was always more emotionally volatile. That much was seeded back in Season 3.

I can’t believe that some fans would actually sign up on this
especially with Jack getting such a shitty ending in LAD

they could have easily ended LAD in a satisfying way and then proceeded with their spin off plans but nope

That was an amazing ending. Jack almost assassinated the Russian President in S8, so then taking him was a perfect ending (and adding in Mr. Gibbs from POTC). This opens up a wonderful new season. But if they ended it with him getting taken by the Russians, then how could they make a S10 without him?

They’d have to start a completely new story!

If they bring back Tony and Chloe, they need Jack.

Without Jack, Tony and Chloe are pointless. And no, we don’t need Kate Morgan. She is just like Kate & Marie Warner (they both make me want to fast forward through the episodes… or even Larry Moss… uggh… I miss the times of Karen & Tom, Bill Buchanan, President Wayne Palmer… good times…)

Jack Bauer is essential to 24. I love Tony and others characters, but without Kiefer Sutherland 24 could be everything else but not 24.

24, after almost 140 hours of broadcast time, is not mainly about CTU, the story, or the cast of characters. It is, first and foremost, about Jack Bauer played by Kiefer Sutherland. Everyone and everything else, although important, is secondary. If, in the future, FOX wants to do a spinoff with Kate Morgan as the lead character, fine. However, one final season of 24 with Kiefer wrapping up Jack’s story must come first. Case closed!!!

Tony lead 12 episodes, hell yes. Kate lead 10 episode, hell no. Why the hell would I want to watch a female Jack Bauer rip off? At least Tony would bring something different to the table. I swear if they shot Solitary and then ignore it for the next season like they wrote off the end of season 7, they can stuff it. I hope it fails then as they shouldn’t feck with the fans.

Another 12 episode season….hopefully

E1-6 focus on Chloe finding a way to connect with Tony, who’s escaped and is on the run himself in the US. She gets him out of the country and they then track leads to Russia to find Jack.

E7-11 bring viewers up to speed on what’s happened to Jack and the rescue by Tony and Chloe. Jack has a plan that takes care of the Russian faction working against the government leadership with support by US government, ending their pursuit of him.

E12 sees Jack, Tony and Chloe return to the US, tying up all 3 storylines.

Yes Yvonne is a hot babe and a decent actress but…

No Jack means I will not watch 24

No i dont think it would be oossible maybe if he was present indirectly,say like him advicing the kead team would really work as i dont see anyone who would advice n handle wat jack does we need him more he steers the wheel cant wait for 24 2016……………..

I for one and am all for a season (or part thereof) without Jack.
I will agree with most of you that a season without Jack is not 24.

But, if we go back to the original concept – it was all about the 24 episodes thing, the split screens, the subplots, the cougar, the cliffhangers etc
and I hope the 24 team want to try and focus on that concept

Hell, it would be great to have Jack return un-announced whilst Kate, Chloe and Tony are involved in some other plot.

Ultimately, I want the Russians to get their asses kicked for Season 8

”the cougar,”

Russia has Siberian tigers and snow leopards, bring it on!

How can anyone be so naive and think that after a 24-season without Jack Fox will ever return to make seasons with Jack? If they succeed, they will realize how much money they saved without paying Kiefer and rub their hands in delight! :((((

Carlos Bernard and Mary-Lynn aren’t strong enough actors to carry a series. Nor are Tony and Chloe strong enough characters to work a season around.

No Kiefer = No 24.

Really? Carlos isn’t strong enough? Tony isn’t a strong enough character? You must be joking.

Go back and watch the scene where Tony tells Wilson that Michelle was pregnant. He’s rubbish.
Then try and explain Tony’s arc in the last few episodes of S7 and tell me what they could possibly do to redeem him.

I agree Tony and Chole arnt strong enough character’s to carry a season and as i said before they shouldnt bring Tony, it just wouldnt make sense

24 without Jack isn’t 24 but if they decided to go in that direction for a season then i could only see 2 previous characters coming back to carry a season and that would be Chase or Kate. If i had to pick i would pick Chase, i liked his character alot in season 3 and he worked good with Jack and he was like a mini Jack Bauer but i doubt they would bring Chase back into the show, so it would mostly like be Kate Morgan carrying the season.

hey casser!god dam you!son of bicht!keifer sature land must be continiue his role as jack bauear!god dam you!you must change your divide!

Wow. This is some powerful stuff.

casser and fox must be shame of their dicide!

i am sure that casser fore keifer that he get this decided!

Shafagh no one understands what you are saying. Shady im so glad you are not writing the script, if there is one to be written.

hey aaron pearce!you are stupid that cant understand what i say

I’m glad im not writing the script and im definitely glad no one in the comments section is writing the script either.

Tony and Kate teaming up to save Jack….


I like you.

One thought: I remember during a previous watch thru of the 24 seasons that there are several episodes where the Jack Bauer character has very little screen time. His presence was there but he was not the main focus. I think they could do a 12-episode season with him having relatively little screen time. But any follow-up seasons after that he would need to be brought back as the main focus.

I would really love 24 INSIDE to come back as well.

hey guys!wat are you saying!the imrortant thing of the palying keifer saturland as jack buear!we that:no keifer no jack no 24!so lets talk about jack!and we understod to the casser that cant change keifer!

hmmmmm :)

Whats interesting the most is that they basically say that 24 has been revived. i recall a few months ago that they wanted atleast one more season. But now they say they want one jack-less season and then return to 24 with him again.. Could it be that we are getting more seasons over the coming years?

Yes, we must not loose sight of the fact that 24, with or without Jack, is going to continue. Last summer, another FOX exec said there are “many more 24 stories to tell” implying there will be more than one season or movies coming. So lets all be patient and make sure we clear out more space in our bookcase to add several more DVDs/Blu_rays to our 24 collection.

Without Jack it is definitely not 24. So it is not a revival. It will be only a spin-off. When Jack should return (which I highly doubt – once they have saved Kiefer’s salary, in case a Jackless-season should work, they would not make him return), it could be called 24 again with good conscience. Anyhow, I need not to clear space in my shelf for a 24-season without Jack.

yes guys!i fannaylly find the evidence that show casser has resposibility for the no playing keifer saturlan as jack bauear in season 10 and we dont let casser to do thing!

yes guys!i finnally find the evidence that show casser has resposibility for the no playing keifer saturlan as jack bauear in season 10 and we dont let casser to do thing!

I’m really not goin to watch 24 if they leave jack out..
A few episodes where there is no jack (maybe only insert shots) for a story that involves saving jack from the russians, okay i can understand that, i mean who gets saved from russia within an hour?.. but a jack-less season would be the end for me… And i’ve watched all seasons atleast twice in the last year.. Thats more then 400 hours dedicated to 24..
They will lose all the viewers they had, and probably got back with live another day. That’s a Guarantee. and it will end 24 completely.

If a jack-less season works, I doubt they let kiefer come back.
If a jack-less season don’t work, They jeopordize any future 24 has.

Guarantee huh? Wow are you psychic? lol can you guarantee me the lottery numbers too?

The jeopardize its future? That is kinda tough to do because unless they do seasons without Jack it’s future is already written in stone, i.e. no more as Kiefer gets too old to do it or when he croaks.

First time to comment … love this site! As a big league 24 fan, I’m confident 24 will return in another 12 episode “event” or movie. Let’s summarize the possible scenarios:
1. Kiefer returns as Jack Bauer, perhaps in a more limited capacity.
2. A 12 episode event focuses on a Jack Bauer rescue, or search, with perhaps a brief Kiefer appearance towards the end.
3. The James Bond model is used with another actor playing Jack Bauer.
4. 24 moves forward without Jack Bauer.

The first two scenarios might offer finality for the Jack Bauer character with either his death or clear-cut retirement, cutting to scenes of Jack with Kim and family (cougar not included). The third scenario provides the best chance of keeping 24 alive for future series/ movies. A movie might attract high profile actors to play Jack, like Bradley Cooper. Or bring Chris Pine to play Jack (Zachary Quinto could reprise his role of Adam from S3 for a weird Star Trek connection). Remember, 24 was ground breaking, must-watch television for its “real-time” format, ticking clock, and split screen action. The format could survive without Kiefer assuming the stories are compelling, and perhaps some old, fan favorite characters return for continuity. However, the character of Jack Bauer is the DNA of 24, thus I cannot imagine the franchise moving forward without Bauer in some form and believe scenario 4 is the most unlikely for that reason. XAM often makes the point that introducing fresh writing and directing might energize the franchise, and I firmly believe he has a point. Carlos Bernard would be a welcome return … lots to explore with Tony’s character! Bottom line: 24 will return in some form. It’s a no brainer for Fox as the franchise is still popular and is capable of raking in an aircraft carrier’s volume of cash.

I would probably still watch 24 with Jack in fewer episodes if the plot was a Tony, Chloe and Belcheck collaboration to free Jack but 24 with no Jack … way!

I put jack bauer again yes, but not in such prominence as they did in an episode of the seventh season. would further highlights tony almeida or other jack and closing its history and retiring.

The idea of continuing the series with another actor playing Jack is just idiotic. And the fact that it was done with James Bond does not hold water. Why? Because Sean Connery and Roger Moore, who played Bond more than any other actor, each played the roll for what…somewhere between 10 and 14 hour each?
And each time they played bond was once a year for 2 hours. Keifer played Jack for almost 140 hours over 13 years! Sorry. if another actor resumed the roll, 24 would loose a huge amount of its audience. But not to worry. Over the weekend I heard that Keifer will be back.

And what about a prequel ? a season 0 ? months before season 1, Jack in Kosovo for Operation Nightfall and back with Teri…and Nina ..I would like that

Hell no. Prequels are nothing but pointless money grabs. No sense of danger in prequels at all. Oh he is about to die. Whoops he is alive 9 seasons later. Dumb

It will be cool if Behrooz was the presidents chief of staff lol

i can only see Tony Almeida being Jack Bauer cause we already know him since 1st season, in 7th season, there was an episode where he has a good acting stopping the misilea, he is a strong character in the show like Chloe O’brian

I myself will not watch 24 without Kiefer taking the lead in his own show. 24 belongs to Kiefer. He got the best action hero of all time with 24 2014, while it was airing the 12 episodes. So glad Mary was in show last year right through.

Kiefer Sutherland was on Top Gear last week here is the episode:

*Note: If you are outside of the UK you will need to get Hola (


chase Edmund, curtis Manning and Mike Doyle have tried to become the next Jack Bauer, we all know what happened to them!!!!
No one tries be like him.if y’all want to make 24 fans happy,just bring Jack Back.!!!

Agree that first half of season could not have Jack but he has/will come back into it…

Speaking of spoiler alert it’s not long before the return of David Palmer either…
He faked his death to protect Jack and his family, but also to lead a secret agency targeting mafia/cartels and it’s infiltration into world governments and corporations (think back to earlier seasons). Jack was left out as he was only incorruptible agent that would not succumb to this group and help identify there identities by just doing his job. David Palmer will be the link between Tony and Jack being partners again as Tony knows David is alive and is working with him (remember Tony goes to see a contact in his last series but we never see who he actually meets)…

David Palmer had a closed casket funeral…. David Palmer can also serve as President for one more term…

Put Chloe in charge. She can be “M”.

Have one subplot be rescuing Jack from Russian prison.

Kate Morgan + Michelle Dessler + Tony Almeda….fine. Add some new agents.


Stallone Kowuor
May 16, 2015 at 2:46 am
I cannot imagine 24 without can it even work? i dont think so

on my on view actually 24 deserve only for buer couse only him fit the show.

24 without Kiefer Sutherland , wtf ! most stupid thing i have ever heard !
if you want to make a series without Kiefer Sutherland , they shouldn’t name it “24” !! just make a new series !!!!
anyway i only like 24 because of Kiefer Sutherland and at some point i always thought they should have named it “jack bauer” and not 24 :d !

Bring back Rene.
Chloe is a must, Kate as well.

Hey, it’s Charlie’s Angels !!!!

24 without Kiefer Sutherland is so bad plan. because without him it was very very bad. anyway i only like 24 because with Kiefer Sutherland. please agree with him.

I think a season in which Jack is not the main character is actually the only logical way to go. 24 has always been under the motto “the worst day in jack bauer’s life”. Well, after 9 seasons they have practically killed of every single person that jack ever cared about, except for chloe and tony (who he doesn’t care for anymore). So Chloe is basically the only potential shocker (from Jack’s point of view) they could deliver if Jack stays the lead character. However, I feel like they should only kill off chloe for the definitive end of the entire series. I wouldn’t mind if she is not in a news eason either, but knowing this character is dead and the series is continuing would feel extremely weird to me.

I think it would be perfect if they introduced a new lead character with Jack appearing as a supporting character in the first couple of episodes and then getting reduced quickly and be finally out for the season. And Tony has to come back, but since I saw solitary, it’s pretty obvious they’re already planning for that. Just wish they bring him back as a character in a moral grey area instead of a black one.

And please don’t ever bring back former President Allison Taylor. By far the most annoying character that the series ever had! No villain or dumb idiot character was ever even remotely close to the level of disgust and hate I had for this character. Just have someone in the new season mention that she is dead so I can put my nightmares of her returning some day to rest. Or for that matter, please mention that the entire family has been killed. I hated all of them because mother, father, daughter – all unbelievably stupid and naive characters.

Mike Mulligan
June 15, 2015 at 4:21 am
Jack Bauer is essential. He is 24.

There is no 24 without Jack.

Mike Mulligan
June 15, 2015 at 4:22 am
Jack Bauer is essential. He is 24.
There is no 24 without Jack.

David Millward
June 18, 2015 at 4:01 am
Jack and Chloe are a must

Jack Bauer is 24! Is he no longer the person telling a story about the longest days of his life? No Jack Bauer, no 24.

I think that the next season the story based on tony almeida working wiht kate morgan and chloe o’brien for recue jack from the russian’s it could be awesome and in the last episode jack be saved and then he apareance in the next season!!!
All the time jack was rescuing people, it’s time that somebody rescue him!!!

July 7, 2015 at 9:22 am
To my view, i think no one and i mean no one can replace Jack Bauer. 24 is 24 because of Jack…..
he was the first character to know in season 1 and i guess he should be the last to appear before you kill 24.
to be sincere i would watch it without jack but i dont think its a gud idea to replace him..
the show will have a big blow without jack..


Justin Mayembe
July 8, 2015 at 5:35 am
There can’t be a perfect 24 without Jack Bauer, He is the one and without him 24 is useless.

Conor McLoughlin
July 8, 2015 at 3:25 pm
The only way i see it possible that the season excluding Kiefer or Jack would to base it on Tony’s time in prison and of course at the end of “solitary” how he escapes and his time when planning and at the end of the season how he possibly crosses paths with Jack or a set up on how they meet in the next season whether it is as friend of foe. Plus who doesn’t love Tony Almeida?

There can be no 24 without Kiefer Sutherland. He is the man of the show.
FOX shouldn’t make a mistake that would cost them money. I think they should just settle Kiefer because there cannot be a 24 without Jack Bauer.
I just don’t see it happening and I don’t see myself either watching a 24 without Kiefer Sutherland.

24 is Jack Bauer and Jack Bauer is Kiefer Sutherland.

without jack, one may as well throw your money away.

I agree with Julie and katie, Jack is the key for 24, don’t even make mistake of releasing 24 without Jack.

without Jack the movie won’t be interesting..

The only way I see it working, and without ruining the “Jack Bauer” experience for me making a spin-off series. Something like The Walking Dead is doing, a prequel maybe? I don’t know because it just seems weird watching a show that you’ve watched like 8 days for years now… without Mr. Bad Ass.

I think that Season 10 will be involved around 24: Solitary, where Tony, Chloe and possibly Kate help Jack escape from the Russian prison and Jack saving the day in some way to make him hero on the both fronts the Russian and American for one last time (not saying that Jack can’t be brought back in Season 11) but if FOX is thinking doing a story where he is being rescued and then shown as a hero for last time I think it would be ideal for him to end his story there with his family in USA. It would also make sense because Kiefer mentioned that he will be included in a ‘cameo’ suggesting that he will be a guest star atleast for now. As a huge fan of 24 I think there are many possiblities for 24 with and without Jack in it. Back in June this year when Kiefer and FOX bosses mentioned this I was upset and told my self 24 is Kiefer (Jack). I still agree with this he should be atleast in half of the season for a cameo. I also hope my scenario is less right because I would love to see more Kiefer playing in future seasons.

In my opinion 24 would be good without jack. But I think they should bring the last remaining characters from season 1 like tony almeida, aaeon pierce and mike novic. If I was to make a season 10 I would get tony out of jail and to show he’s a changed man he works with Chloe o Brian to help jack escape from prison. Also aareon pierce is set on a mission to save kim from an old enemy of jacks. So tony has to help jack escape hecasuwe he’s the only one who candsave kim and save the day. Also tony is very skiled aswell as you can see in s7 when he takes out all them men. Usually you onlky see tony shooting a couple of people but I shows you he’s very trained. So yeah s10 would work well. Even if kiefer is only in the last episode.

Nice thought Adam

September 15, 2015 at 7:13 pm

I think any other season without JACK will definitely look awkward. With the exception of Jack and Chloe, other chatacters operates by the book. Tony has his unique part he played unless if there won’t be anymore threat.


If I could hv a moment with kiefer, would convince to go back ad watch d season finale of season 10 ad see d dilemma he’s left his fans without a last season of probably retiring ad would hv trained a successor n d series to pick up frm whr he left..NO 24 series whatsoever without kiefer would I sit to watch cos he’s just d perfect being for 24…

June 1, 2017 at 4:21 pm
Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Bauer, should be there. Not necessarily in the beginning but he should appear.24 without him!!!no.

Really the 24 movies is very interesting.
But the guys are making a mistake from the replacement of the movies to 24 legacy.
I do like the name but I don’t like The way they made the transaction. Because Normally Kieft come with another history deffrent then Jack’s history. But the replacement of this two actors maybe possibly and peoples can understands and accept Kieft as they did to Jack…etc



Jack Bauer is not only needed in the story he is the leading man he is the hero thats why 24 hours cannot survive or its useless with out Bauer.You can not even replace him what more if you remove him