Could 24 continue without Kiefer Sutherland?

Kiefer Sutherland at Comic-Con 2009, Day 3
Kiefer Sutherland at Comic-Con 2009, Day 3

Yahoo TV has an interview with executive producer Howard Gordon discussing his four television series – 24, Homeland, Tyrant, and the upcoming Legends. He made some interesting comments about the future of 24.

Switching to 24: Live Another Day, Jack Bauer fans have embraced his return. Were you at all concerned they wouldn’t?
Oh, completely, absolutely. The biggest fear was, is this going to be a nostalgia tour of a rock band that should have hung up their guitars a long time ago? I think it’s interesting, because I go to the critics, and some of the more generous critics made that the story, and I really, really think — I’m sensing, anyway — that people are really happy with the way this year turned out, and I think despite themselves, even among the naysayers, [they] are pretty surprised with how compelling this year’s story is turning out. It’s good; it’s really gratifying. It’s been challenging too, and [filming in] London was certainly a challenge as well. I think putting the band back together again turned out to be a really good thing, though.

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the season finale, does it feel like there’s a future for the 24 universe?
I think right now everyone is sufficiently exhausted from getting through this year at this level, that no one is willing right now to even ask the question. I think in a couple of weeks, when the dust settles, I really hope somebody takes it seriously, because I think it’s a special format. And I hate to use the word “format,” but I think a real-time thriller is something that is a very robust format. I think, whether or not it will be all about Jack Bauer… that’s the challenge — can you take a character and keep him fresh and engaged, and can this be a franchise that lives past Jack Bauer? That is a question I’m not sure anyone is willing to ask, let alone answer. But there may be something in between, as well. So I don’t know, but I think all options are on the table certainly, and I know that a lot of people behind the scenes are willing to consider it.

Very interesting response to that last question. Reading between the lines, it seems like this might be the end for series star Kiefer Sutherland. Notice how Howard Gordon is mostly talking up the “special” and “robust” real-time format itself and questioning whether another season can revolve around Jack Bauer?

Kiefer Sutherland told NPR in May “my instinct is yeah, this is it.” He also told USA Today “My bones are creaking. What am I going to do, Jack Bauer in a walker? So, yeah, this is it. For me, it’s done.”

The writers seemed to have prepared for this scenario by introducing the Kate Morgan character. She was established as Bauer’s equal in the very first episode and shares many of the same character traits, with fans and critics alike praising Yvonne Strahovski. She might very well be the future of this franchise if Kiefer decides he’s finished.

When asked about a potential Kate Morgan spinoff last month, series co-creator Robert Cochran responded “I think it’s a possibility. There are no specific plans right now, but that’s the kind of thing we’d consider.” Executive producer Howard Gordon added “The format itself is very sturdy and with the right story it can be compelling. So if a [Jack-free] story presented itself to us, we would be open to it.”

But Howard Gordon also said “there may be something in between” which sounds like Kiefer could possibly return in a more limited capacity – maybe as an occasional guest star or perhaps in a less physically demanding role.

Or FOX could offer Kiefer Sutherland a truckload of money and convince him to lead another season. Many fans are probably hoping for this outcome.

What do you think about all of this? Would you give a “24” spinoff a chance if it didn’t star Jack Bauer?

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Sorry, but 24 without Jack Bauer doesn’t work for me. :(

No Jack Bauer…….NO ’24’! I love the Kate Morgan character, but Kiefer brings so much to the table as JB! I really hope he comes back for another year or 5! :-)

nope no Bauer no 24. thats final

Hope Fox won’t do more 24. Time to end the series before or after the finale on July 14th. Don’t know where the real time thriller goes from here but I can’t wait to see if Jack Bauer is going to have a “happy ending” or some sort of a Breaking Bad-like ending (where
Walter White falls down on the floor and Baby Blue plays

Steve Gomez and Jon Cassar – separated at birth.

Happy ending for Bauer’s family is great. But it’s much better to put Bauer back to next Season.

I don’t think 24 should ever end! The main message in the show is something that is going on every day. #long live 24!

If a Kate spin-off happens then no, sorry not watching it as it won’t be the same without Kiefer Sutherland. 24 is Jack Bauer, no one can take his place, if Kiefer decided enough is enough then fair enough but not another character takes his place.

If this happens to be the final series ever then it should rest and stay dead, not making another one where Kiefer Sutherland doesn’t feature in the series.

I do hope however there will be a series 10 next year.

i agree to that!!!24 is for jack bauer ONLY!!!

I for one did not read Howard Gordon’s closing comments and come to the conclusion that you did, which is “Reading between the lines, it seems like this might be the end for series star Kiefer Sutherland.” All I heard/read him say was that he doesn’t know, all options are on the table, and some people might consider it. I don’t “read between the lines” and infer based on those comments that this is Kiefer’s last season.

If we assume that Jack Bauer doesn’t die in this season’s finale, then I see one of two options. Either let this be 24’s last gasp and don’t do anymore, or do another season with Kiefer as Jack Bauer starring in every episode again. To me, “24” is not only about the real-time format – it’s about Jack Bauer. And without Jack Bauer, there’s no 24. Maybe some people disagree, in fact i’m sure some people disagree. If they did a 24 with Kate Morgan as the star without Kiefer, would I watch? Probably. Would it be as good as 24? No. Would it be 24? No, not without Jack.

I suppose it depends on how you interpret Gordon’s comment. He could have ended his response with just the first sentence but then he started bringing up “the challenge” of keeping Jack’s storyline fresh and questioning whether the franchise can survive past Jack Bauer, which wasn’t something the Yahoo interviewer specifically asked.

The fact that Howard Gordon even mentioned any of this stuff as a possibility leads me to believe he has doubts about Kiefer’s future participation in the series.

Certainly all valid points; i’m not necessarily disagreeing with your logic and thinking, I just personally don’t read his comments and come to the conclusion that a Kiefer-less 24 is definitely in the cards.

I personally would like to have one more season that’s entirely personal to Jack without the political, “save the world” stuff. Not that those storylines are bad, it’s just that Jack Bauer saving the world again is the epitome of something that’s not “fresh.” That in my mind is what made Season 1 so good.

The other point which you brought up is to what extent the decision of whether to keep Jack Bauer lies with the writers, and to what extent it lies with Kiefer. I would honestly hate like hell for the writers to have an idea for a Season 10, only to have Kiefer say “eh, well, I don’t feel like continuing playing the character anymore.” I don’t know if that would happen, but there are obviously lots of variables.

In any event, I still think 24 = Jack = Kiefer, and when you remove one, you basically lose the show entirely. Not worth discussing though until we see how this season plays out.

The thing Matt is that, as far as FOX is concerned, 24 is no longer an emmy-winning drama series. Even though the critics came around to LAD and are giving it good “farewell” reviews, it’s not the dark and gritty show it once was. LAD really crystallized that for me, even though I’m really enjoying myself with it, especially episodes 6-10. It may have been the 12 episode format, but so much of the darker storylines like the plaza hotel sequence in season 3 or even jack being contaminated in season 7 would feel very out of place in LAD. As such, there’s no way a season 10 would be as personal a season for 24 as many of us would want it to be. It would have to be mostly shootout action (something which there was relatively little off in the earliest seasons for example).

What I read into his answers is, “We’re all itching to do more, we’ve already brainstormed potential plots, so fingers crossed TPTB give us another go at it.”

I dunno if a completely Jack-less 24 could survive, but if they wanted to try it, I’d hope they’d save that for Day 11 and have Jack continue his mentoring role for Kate throughout Day 10 to establish her more strongly as a fixture in the 24iverse before having her go it alone.

I do think they could keep Jack around without the character getting stale if they transition him into more of the mentor role in the background. Have that be part of his redemption quest, that he’s passing his wisdom onto the next gen “him” so she can learn from both his successes and his mistakes. He’s still a worthwhile character with potential even if he’s no longer leading field ops. It’d give Kiefer something new to do with the character which was easier on his body.

It’s more than just that. When Kiefer was doing interviews before the premiere, he kept on pushing the point that LAD is the last. I strongly believe that 24 needs Kiefer and vice versa. His post 24:Day8 work have been less than interesting with Touch ending after2 seasons. So even they do a 24 sans Kiefer, it won’t take
long before hr agrees to come back.

I agree with the consensus – for the writers to even entertain a ’24’ without Jack Bauer is absolute lunacy and a sure recipe for a short-lived series axed by poor ratings. The Kate character, while easy on the eyes, isn’t as believable an action hero as what Kiefer made Jack.

I hope someone making decisions at FOX comes to the same conclusion.

totally agree NO BAUER NO 24

I got the sense from that last answer that Gordon didn’t really know how to answer the question. I mean, it’s an interesting question that could sort of stump anybody, but imagine how difficult it would be to answer that question if you know something viewers don’t, such as, maybe, the fact that Jack dies in the finale?

One could also stretch the interpretation of Gordon’s words into a theory that he probably has doubts how many more seasons ‘Homeland’ will run. They killed
the Brody character off
last season, and the writing has had some lulls since the impeccable first season.

Something in the middle could mean, very very very slight chance, but it could mean that Tony shows up in the finale, then the next season follows him, 99.999% doubtful, but then season 11 could merge the two and away they go. That way at least they could ditch all the ctu wannabe stuff and the political stuff that seems to be synonymous with Jack and just do something different. Again doubtful.

Kate spinoff although possible, would just be female Jack Bauer, that is it. So point? I’d rather it be Jack Bauer or nothing over a female version of him, whoopi. She’s exactly like him, so it would be nothing new. Rather she go make a Chuck movie.

Also they could mean the middle as two hours tv movies like the 24 Redemption one.

Or it could just be the end, who knows until we know.

Oh my goodness, If Tony comes back to take over next season, then I will be so thrilled. Of course I will be upset because Jack will not be there, but I would def be excited about Day 10, featuring Tony and Kate Morgan

The next best thing, if Kiefer does walk away and the writers/network want to do another season, is to bring Tony back (presumably out of prison). That would at least allow the series to continue on a parallel track with a familiarity the loyal fans would embrace, and Carlos Bernard is a far more capable actor for an action hero than a female lead.

’24’ wasn’t meant to morph into another ‘La Femme Nikita’ or ‘Alias’, which is what would happen with Kate being the new lead.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s is nothing wrong with a female lead for an action series. Even for 24. I agree with you that Carlos Bernard/Tony Almeida would probably be more believable than Yvonne/Kate Morgan. But I think that has a lot more to do with the built-in audience than anything else. Kate Morgan is a character the audience is just now meeting. Tony Almeida was a lot like Jack and has history with the viewing audience. THAT is the reason that Almeida would work better than any female lead for 24, as well as why viewers would have a hard time letting go of Jack.

Renee Walker probably could have been a great and believable choice for a female lead had she lived. But alas…

I disagree, Tony Almeida would never be allowed out of prison and certainly wouldn’t be given a government job after all of the terrible things he did in the seventh season. Tony was lucky enough to escape the death penalty on his treason charges in Day 3, he’s not going to get another free pass for doing something much times worse.

Kate Morgan would be way more believable in my opinion. The only reason to bring Almeida back is fan service. Though the writers have already brought Tony back from the dead, so I guess we can’t rule anything out.

Agreed. Kate could easily lead a new show, especially since Yvonne Strahovski has several years experience playing a CIA agent. Kate has been a very compelling character after only 10 episodes, and there’s so much more they could do with her character over an extended series.

And then what… Tony hooks up with Kate? The duo stars of a new series?

The biggest fear was, is this going to be a nostalgia tour of a rock band that should have hung up their guitars a long time ago?

Hilarious! That’s the exact same metaphor I’ve been using to describe LAD from the off. So your biggest fear Howard came true. Next time
if there is one
, put new songs on the setlist yer clueless prick!

Just like when that old, past-it fucker McCartney comes on stage and murders “Hey Jude” for the millionth time, 24 becomes more of a joke the more it insists on reusing the same tired old dreck again and again.

Don’t get me wrong, I am now enjoying LAD and will continue to do so as long as it doesn’t bore me shitless like the first few episodes did… but I still feel the whole thing was a wasted opportunity.

I thought you liked the premiere.

I did like the premiere, but it was south from there until episode 6.

For 24 to have a new lead, EVERYTHING about 24 would have to be renewed as well. If they got rid of Howard Gordon, Jon Cassar and all the current writers, then I would definitely get behind a new lead, in a new world, conceived by new writers 100%.

If 24 came back with the same people at the helm, then considering how creatively bankrupt hogoandco are, it would absolutely NEED Jack Bauer and Kiefer Sutherland – he’s the best fucking thing about this show, and it would be a complete and utter pile of wank without him.

Samurai Snake
July 5, 2014 at 12:07 pm
While also I think that Day 9 isn’t all that great (just good), I thnk that you don’t know what you want and that you are acting like a child. “OLD WRITERS ARE OLD! I DON’T LIKE THEIR WORK! NEW WRITERS WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME AND WON’T MAKE 24 EVEN WORSE!”
Think about it for a second – you want the guys who understand the show out of the picture (not just become consultants, but “to get rid of them”, which is a stupid idea) and hire some new and inexperienced people to make show this complicated. Are you mad?
Do you remember Dexter post-season 4? Well, they did exactly that – when old crew quit, they hired people who had no idea how to make the show about the serial killer. Instead, they made it soap opera. Or remember Die Hard 5 (which is actually BAD version of 24: Live Another Day, if you think about it)? Yeah, that worked out good.

Don’t you understand that it’s not the writers’ fault that the show isn’t as original as used to be 10 years ago? It’s the premise that got old. The CAN make it original – like, 24 in space, 24 without Bauer or 24 with dinosaurs – but it will still go through the same plots no matter who writes it, because its an action show about the war with terrorism in real-time. They already did everything with it (and did it good).
And the quality is good (don’t believe me? go watch some action movies or other TV shows and compare). And you are just spoiled, because you watch this show for many years and you got tired of it. I guarantee you – you wouldn’t like the new 24 without Bauer and current crew just as much as you don’t like LAD, if not more.
I personally just want 24 to end. But if they will decide to continue, I hope they keep Gordon, Cassar and writers, because those guys get results. They might not be perfect, but they are better than many other TV crews out there.

Wow! You put ALOT of words in my mouth there. I never said new and inexperienced did I? I meant putting 24 in the hands of someone like Vince Gilligan, Graham Yost or Shawn Ryan, not to put their own spin on the established 24 universe and Jack Bauer, but creating their own world and characters from the ground up and telling their stories within a 24 hour day.

And yes, it is entirely the writers’ fault for the lack of originality – even with the argument that they’re constrained by genre. There is in fact hundreds of different stories you could tell in that genre, but the 24 ptb INSIST on telling the same one and reskinning it every season. Danger Man, The Saint and Man in a Suitcase ran for a very long time and manage to blow you away season after season with all original plots, situations and classic spycraft and ingenuity to get out of scrapes – rather than Chloe and her magic computer.

Samurai Snake
July 6, 2014 at 7:43 am
“I never said new and inexperienced did I?”
Well, inexperiened doen’t mean “amateurs”, it means that the new writers don’t know how to write real-time drama. Or you think that’s an easy task? Well, it took current writers whole first season (or maybe two even) to understand how to make it work. Listen to interviews – they learned how to do it slowly and painfully.
Your suggestions are alright (though Yost never managed to write anything better than speed), but, again, you don’t have to fire all the old stuff. It is too radical.

“creating their own world and characters from the ground up and telling their stories within a 24 hour day”
As I already said – this won’t make the show original again, they will be retelling the same stories, but without the characters we care about. Also, many good stories can’t work in 24 hour format.
How do you propose make, for example, court drama in one day format, if proceedings take at least few? Or crime drama in one day? Jack Bauers days were so exiting because there was a big threat and big scale (even is season one), that made some characters undergo certain changes fast, and everything happened way faster than it should. How do you condense something like Breaking Bad (a series that show main characters slow evolution that took many-many days and months) in 24 hours? Well, you can’t, unless someone puts a nuclear bomb in Walter White’s house and forces him to do something. Like 24 already did.

“There is in fact hundreds of different stories you could tell in that genre”
And they won’t work in a real-time format. The only thing the writers and showrunners can do is change the format – but this won’t be 24 anymore.

“Danger Man, The Saint and Man in a Suitcase ran for a very long time and manage to blow you away season after season with all original plots, situations and classic spycraft and ingenuity to get out of scrapes – rather than Chloe and her magic computer.”
1. They aren’t in real-time, so writers have much more creative freedom. And I doubt “all-original plots, situations” part. I even think that in 60s people said that those shows lost originality by the end of the run.
2. Chloe IS a problem, yeah but really? You make it look like this happens every episode (because it doesn’t). Yeah, Heller’s “death” was a filthy cheat, but c’mon, we live in XXI century and the show takes place in the near future. For the most part I can suspend my disbelief (exept for Heller, that was a dirty trick). Or do you think Q in James Bond movies was bad also because he and his always handy gadgets were essentially the same thing?

You do realize The Saint lasted for 6 seasons, Danger Man, only one and Man in a Suicase, again only 1. In total all of those shows combined only ran 8 season… or if you want to get technical, combined they ran for 141 episodes. So 24 has got all them beat.
Not the point, I know but I love to nitpick, how can you deny me?

Without a doubt, Kiefer/Jack is the best thing about the show and the real impetus to keep watching. All of the other parts of the show is just icing on the cake and not enough on its own to keep tuning in IMO.

Somewhat off topic, but Kiefer is on The Tonight Show on Monday. Maybe he share some thoughts on the future of 24.

I’d prefer a completely new, non real-time spinoff series with Kate, than have Kate take over 24. If they paired her up with a compelling supporting cast, and a completely new direction, it would be a potential hit. But if they’re going to bring back 24, bring back Jack.

Kiki Vanderway
July 5, 2014 at 9:15 am
I agree Kate Morgan as a character is great and compelling enough to build out a franchise around, and I agree it could be successful in a different format as well but not houseful about its prospects.

HoGo and the writers are firmly wedded to the real time platform and cannot envision 24 without the clock. It’s a true limitation on the creativity they can draw on for format, Storylines and arcs.

To the original cast and crew of 24 the point is the format. The show exists because of and not in spite of the format.

I think the writing cast and crew would be strong enough to support a series told in a non- real time format.

clearly they are just not interested or able to radically alter the format– here they shaved off 12 hours and had no idea what to do with it so the first 11 were in order and faithful to the format then all the sudden the last hour takes place over 12 hours — it betrays the innovation they wanted to make to the past seasons’ format.

Therefore as much as this group knows and understands the show they can’t flex creatively and bring it to the screen and they don’t really want to.

The 24 conceit is their respective career legacies so ego and tv history wise it’s not something they have the heart to change

I don’t think it’s creatively viable to continue this series with Kiefer Sutherland in a starring role. They have exhausted nearly every possible story for the character. You can’t keep taking things away from Jack Bauer and have him go on vengeance sprees over and over again. I was perfectly happy with the way Season 8 closed out the series, but with Live Another Day, the only way to end it now is for Jack to have finally *gained* something. Give him the opportunity to forgive himself, redeem himself, gain something for himself, and find peace in the idea that someone else like him (Kate Morgan) has taken up the mantle.

I’d be okay with watching a Kate Morgan spin-off, but I do think the whole thing will have to be thoroughly reinvented. It can’t retain it’s current formula because Kiefer is inextricable from it.

I’d be interested in a ‘Who Killed Jack Bauer’ spin-off. That’d be pretty cool with Kate Morgan leading the investigation.

As a Chuck fan I would be 100% behind a Kate Morgan spin off. My Chuck feels are real and I miss Sarah Walker.

As somebody who has never seen Chuck before, I’m also 100% behind a Kate Morgan (+ Tony and Chloe!) spinoff. I find it pretty disheartening how many people are so quick to say “no Jack, no 24.” I love Jack Bauer as much as the next guy, but I also LOVE the real-time thriller concept that only 24 can deliver.

I think the format has legs. I think Morgan has legs (nice legs ;)

She has a story to tell, so why not tell it? Kiefer could provide a role in a new context.

Sure 24 IS Jack right now. But when we all started watching it was for the format and the action. That’s the hook. You fall in love with the characters because the narrative makes it possible to discover their story.

Fazil's Beard
July 5, 2014 at 1:00 am
I for one would be very interested in watching a season of 24 with a different lead besides Jack Bauer. I would hope Kiefer Sutherland would come back to guest star at least for a few episodes.

Kate Morgan would seem to be the obvious choice to take up Jack’s mantle, and I would like that; however, another intriguing possibility occurred to me.

Shortly after the season 8 finale, I seem to recall reading a rumor on the 24 wiki that the writers were considering the idea of doing a 24 spinoff starring Freddie Prinze, Jr. as Cole Ortiz, and I think it said that if such a spinoff were to be realized that Mandy could be one of the series’ major recurring antagonists. I think if they do 24 not-starring-Jack Bauer, they should have Kate Morgan and Cole Ortiz be the two leads more or less equally.

And I also like the idea of bringing back some mysterious characters that either never got fleshed out much or that got Behroozed or that were still viable characters that just didn’t come back for another season like Mandy, Behrooz Araz, Alexander Trepkos, Arlo Glass, Chase Edmunds, Mitch Anderson, and many others. I know some of those characters I listed are pretty unrealistic considering how long it’s been since they last appeared, but maybe one or two of them could make it.

A series with Freddie Prinze Jr. as an action hero lead is sure to bomb in the ratings – I’d hate for him to drag the reputation and name of the series down with him if he were ever given the job.

I’ve said this constantly: I want 24 to end, for good. At least this 24 universe. I don’t want it to become a series with spinoffs that never ends like a crap procedural show like Law & Order or CSI.

Is the real-time format ripe for someone besides Jack Bauer? Absolutely. I always felt this would be a wonderful format to have different lead characters with every season or every other season.

But I love what we got with one continuous story following Jack Bauer. To make it with a new lead. and then probably cancel it, would sour the 24 legacy.

And if the real-time format could have worked so well for other characters or situations, why didn’t they do that with Jack Bauer?
All they did from Season 2 was retread the same formula until it became a parody of itself in Live Another Day. Which is still entertaining, but pales in comparison to all other seasons, especially because everything is a repeat of a repeat. You can pull from any single situation or scene and its been done before (usually more than twice) on 24.

I feel like anything more will be the same, with or without Jack, and it will pale in comparison.

I like my stories to have an ending and not be raped as long as possible. 9 seasons is way too long for any series. All series should bow out after a few seasons because the story is told, its done.

Season 6 already soured the legacy of 24, this show didn’t have a 100% flawless run. People recommend 24 with the caveat that the sixth and eighth seasons were terrible and they also point out the silly subplots like Teri’s amnesia and Kim Bauer vs. the cougar.

24 series isn’t held in such a high regard anymore that a spinoff would damage the brand. If anything a spinoff/reboot could breathe new life into the franchise and address the criticisms of the series being repetitive and stale.

The eighth season wasn’t terrible. I really loathe this imposition of consensus.

Eighth season only picked up in the final arc and even then a lot of those scenes were rehashes. It has the lowest rated episode of 24 on IMDB, was the least watched season, everyone agrees Dana Walsh was horrible (and she was in 20 of 24 episodes). There was serious problems with that season.

You could argue over the use of the word “terrible” but nearly everyone would agree the eighth season is of lesser quality than the others.

Fazil's Beard
July 5, 2014 at 2:26 am
I liked Dana Walsh, but that might have been mostly because I thought she was hot.

I think hers was an interesting dilemma, though. She had to help the Russians in order to have a shot at a decent life, but helping the Russians was also what put her at odds with Cole, whom I think she loved, and all the other good guys, so to speak.

Fazil's Beard
July 5, 2014 at 2:29 am
And I think I have a very unconventional hierarchy in terms of which seasons I liked the best, but I think season 8 is roughly my second favorite.

Fazil's Beard
July 5, 2014 at 2:31 am
Though I do agree that season 6 was the worst.

On the contrary, Santiago, Season 8 was mostly pretty solid from start to finish.

I liked Season 8 a lot. Thought when Renee died to the end were some of the most intense episodes of the series.

I liked season 8, but the Dana Walsh/Redneck DiCaprio plot really dragged the show down. The role was a waste of Katee Sackhoff, who didn’t get to do anything awesome until she was revealed as a mole.

Season 8 is the worst to me; it was a difficult season to watch on TV, and I only watched the first 7 or 8 episodes, and then the last 7. I didn’t watch the whole season until I got the DVD collection a year later. I feel that Season 6 was better to be honest. At least S6 had the battle between Fayed and Jack, those four solid episodes at the beginning, Bill, the two Russian consulate episodes, Cheng, and Jack’s speech to Heller from 6x24.

But a mediocre season of 24 is still better 99% of television series as a whole.

Sorry, but the 2nd half of S8 was some of the best the series ever had. As a whole, I still would rate that season ahead of the first season.

Season 6 and Season 8 are phenomenal. Absolutely great and wonderful.

People are stupid and hate them because there was a bandwagon proclaiming it in the press (critics). Just like Season 5 is heralded by people just because it got praise and awards in the media. Yes, people outside of critics and media feel that way, but its a snowball of gossipy chatter and people that have never watched 24 accept that opinion as fact.

Season 5 is my least favorite behind LAD.

And Dana Walsh was fucking great.

Teri’s amnesia only seemed ridiculous because so much had already happened, but that’s THE perfect reason that retrograde amnesia would happen.

The cougar hate is so fucking stupid because it was blown out of proportion like everything else. Kim is stranded and there’s a cougar in the distance. That’s it.

Fuck off with your bandwagon bullshit.

The same shit is happening with Live Another Day: people saying how its refreshing and the best 24 ever is so full of shit. Its all a repeat of things from before including 6 & 8, which were vastly superior. LAD feels tired and out of ideas. Every single thing is a retread of a retread.

I disagree about LAD and 5, and agree with everything else.

Except the Kim stories. Wish they would’ve written her out of Day 2 after Jack coming to see her in the first episode, and not had her in Day 3 at all. When she was in 5, 7, and 8, she was fine. Her story in Day 2 was absolutely ridiculous and incredibly irritating. Detracted a lot from the other things that were going on.

Fazil's Beard
July 5, 2014 at 12:28 pm
Agree with 24Nathan about Kim in Day 2, but I also agree with X that the cougar appearance is not a huge negative.

I’ll say I’m not crazy about Day 5 either, but I don’t think it’s the worst. I wonder why season 5 seems to be a consensus favorite. I guess it limits ridiculous things; I mean there are no cougars in Day 5, nobody has to get on a plane to pilot a nuclear bomb into the desert, the audience doesn’t know yet that one of Jack’s family members appears in Day 5 as a conspirator, the 25th amendment doesn’t come into play until the 24th episode, etc. Other than that, it features often heavily a handful of characters that lots of other fans love that I either don’t like much or toward whom I have lukewarm feelings, like Charles Logan, Christopher Henderson, Audrey, and James Heller.

Much of the subplots and tropes of Live Another Day are familiar, but I disagree that it feels “tired and out of ideas”. I think my biggest complaint about Live Another Day, and I imagine most critics and many fans will consider this a good trade, is that with only twelve episodes, the subplots often feel rushed, I think. Karl Rask was a really awesome character, and he only got one episode! It looks like Cheng is going to be the final primary antagonist, and he makes his first appearance halfway through the tenth episode. I was rarely if ever bothered by implausible subplots that were said to be “filler” episodes in previous seasons. That and I wish they would have brought back a few more familiar characters, preferably from seasons other than 4, 5, and 6, which, to make the story plausible, might have required that it be set primarily in the US.

I think the cougar scene was simply the straw that broke the camels back. Kim Bauer’s plot was absolutely ridiculous all season long:

1) Battling a psycho father with a tire iron
2) Taking Megan to CTU which exploded immediately
3) Megan having a seizure and going to the hospital where another ridiculous fight broke out between Kim’s boyfriend and Psycho Dad.
4) Stealing his car and then getting pulled over by police who find his murdered bloody wife in the car trunk.
5) Starting a fire in the police car, causing an accident (and her boyfriend to be amputated)

So of course she escapes into the woods and immediately gets caught in a bear trap with a cougar looming over her. And of course she gets rescued by a lonely weirdo creeper who tries to lock her in his bomb shelter. And then when she gets out and stops inside a convenience store of course there’s a double shooting. etc etc. The writers had no idea what to do with her character and just kept constantly putting her in dangerous scenarios.

I think when most people mention “Kim and the cougar” it’s just a quick way to summarize all of the awful plots that Kim Bauer was involved in that season by using a distinct and memorable scene. That’s how I view it anyway.

Yeah, I hear “Kim and the cougar,” and feel like it’s shorthand for the ridiculousness that was her Day 2. One thing they got right with her that day though, the phone call with Jack from the plane still makes me sob, even though I know he’s not really about to die.

Wow, her storyline is even worse in writing than it is onscreen, LOL. That doesn’t even include her time spent with Lonnie in the fallout shelter or all hell breaking loose at the convenience store.

When a HD release of Day 2 becomes available, I’m going to edit together an ultimate edition. Meaning ALL Kim’s scenes, bar the driveway reunion/bomb call/finale reunion will be mercilessly cut out!

I often wonder if the writers ever stop to think what we the viewer are going to think at home.

*Kim goes into the convenience store with a shady looking nutter*

Writers think we think: “Oh no!!! Get out of there Kim!”
What we really thought: *deeep sigh* “efuckingnuff already!”

And you should add the scenes from the game with MAX dying, just for completion haha

I always tell people that when watching season 2, fast forward past every scene that Kim is in except for one scene. Her only worthwhile scene is when Jack is about to take down the plane and is saying his goodbyes to Kim over the phone. Their conversation was probably 24’s most heart-felt moment of the series.

The ironic thing about the cougar criticism is that the particular episode where the cougar appears was excellent despite the idiotic cougar stuff. The very best stretch of episodes of 24 are the 7 or 8 episodes leading up to and including George Mason flying down the plane over the Mojave Dessert (which is the best episode of the series).

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 11:32 pm
Not quite true on Kim and worthwhile scenes I love E22 when she is in Gary’s house and he comes after her and Jack tells her to pick.up.the gun and shoot him….twice. It’s so well.done both Kiefer and Elisha are amazing in that scene it’s not often discussed but one of my favorites.

Wow, X, I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with someone on every single point they made as I did with yours. I did like the second half of season 8, but the first half, and most of season 6, were some of the absolute worst writing from the 24 writers that I’ve seen. In season 8, the Fayed/Jack storyline was intriguing, but there were too many side plots going on to make it run smoothly. You’ve got a Vanilla character as POTUS (Wayne Palmer), romance happening at CTU (Milo and What’s Her Name), Bill and Karen’s sappy talk to each other, it just wasn’t 24, which really had no place for romantic focus. Katee Sackhoff may have done her best job as Dana Walsh in Season 8, but again, blackmail from a former lover? These side stories draw away from the 24 storyline, IMO. Season 9 has been incredible, as it has been extremely focused on the subject at hand, with the only real side plot being the tension between Boudreau and Audrey Heller, which I believe has played nicely into the main focus of the storyline. This season has moved along smoothly, eliminating all the nonsense that detracts from the main storyline, which is and always has been, Jack getting his hands on this Override device and destroying it. While the Teri/Amnesia thing could have been a possibility, it has been done over and over and over and over (and over) in soap operas, so to have 24 compared to a soap opera is bad in and of itself. The Kim/Cougar thing was simply stupid writing. If you understand TV Script Writing, you know that what you write into a story should always promote that story and move it forward in some manner, otherwise it’s pointless nonsense. This story did absolutely NOTHING for the main plot of 24, and had no place or point to the viewer. Finally, Season 5 WAS the absolute greatest season written of 24, not because the critics said so, but because you started off the first 12 minutes of the season with more shock and awe and loss of GOOD, Long Time characters that the viewer had grown attached to. That just set the stage for the rest of the season, which, again, was primarily focused on the main storyline with very little side plot going on. I’m not sure what you look for in “good” TV, but I AM sure it is not the same thing that I look for.

July 5, 2014 at 1:12 am
Be whatever the outcome may, if “24” still exists, I will watch it. Much like a great band—Animals as Leaders, for instance—the creative minds behind this show do not strive to utterly reinvent the wheel with each and every go-round. I have always preferred artists who exhibit a gradual growth which lends itself more toward refining the sensibilities of previous work, building upon and tinkering with what is already established. To that point, I would opine that this current season is turning out to be flawless (by “24” standards, that is: plot-holes and all)! I don’t think every season needs to be a complete departure from familiarity.

Think about the “mole” trope: A lot of people complain about this go-to plot thread as though it is a tired, mined-for-all-its-worth cliche, but I beg to differ. I love the many ways in which they subvert and even lampshade this trope throughout each season. Gael, Jamey, Stanton, Cummings, Spenser, etc…; all different takes on the same, initial concept. Obviously, there we some failures: Marianne (her character was just a hate-sink even from the beginning), Dana Walsh (I’ve gone back and forth on this one throughout the years, but the fact that this “arc” is almost almost universally hated should say enough, regardless of my opinion). There are some good ways to retread familiar ground, and there are some not-so-good ways.

All of this is to say that I would absolutely love another season—“tired”, “rehashed” ideas and all.

I don’t want to speak of the Jack Bauer character as though he is anything but indispensable to the series (and my television watching!), but I think “24” can certainly move forward without him (or in a limited capacity).

Is “24” more than just Jack Bauer? I suppose that is the question we should be legitimately asking ourselves. Knee-jerk reactions like “no Jack, no watch” and other responses don’t really have any weight. Really, really think about it. I haven’t seen one credible argument in this comment section as to why “24” is 100% dependent upon his character.

I’ll probably spend tomorrow thinking about it, and may or may not return to this thread to discuss it. :-) As for now, my thoughts on the matter are unfocused and lacking in the nuance department.

What I would want if 24 continues:

A whole new 24 universe. The current iteration of 24 absolutely ends.

So now, there’s a remake of 24. This time, it will have science-fictional / horror elements. Basically, I’m talking about a zombie apocalypse of some sort.

During the second season, they escape the planet.

Third season, they awake from hyper sleep and find they’ve crash landed on a planet. Explore that world, and of course at the end, find out its still their planet, but hundreds of years later. Perhaps aliens are involved.

Fourth season, paradise found and their battle clash with these new people.

And on.

You can do amazing things with this real-time format. But please, remake the 24 universe. Then when they are done with this new universe, create another 24 universe if they so desire.

Big Gucci Sosa
July 5, 2014 at 2:44 am
cho! ah weh eem tink eem ah guh duh?

I’m sorry, but ugh, please no.

24 is 24. It’s a real time action/drama/thriller with political and government agent stories. If they’re going to do science fiction, fine, but don’t relate it to the 24 brand at all.

24 is simply a real-time format that can contain anything that happens in a day.

I disagree with you 100%. 24 is a show about counterterrorism with drama. The real time format can exist in many ways, definitely, but a sci fi 24 would be ridiculous and they would obviously be farming the brand out and slapping it on anything in real time to gain from the established popularity.

“24 is a show about counterterrorism with drama.” Going by that logic, its also a show about Jack Bauer, always has been. So if there’s no Jack Bauer, no show, in your eyes.

You can still have political stories through science-fiction. Actually all good science-fiction involves politics.

You can do a western, science-fiction, superhero, fantasy, or anything as long as its a real-time format within a 24 hour day.

I think a season centered around police or the FBI searching for a serial killer would really work with the real time format. It would probably require an entirely new cast though.

No. A show about Kate Morgan could happen, a show with Cole Ortiz could happen. A show with Chase could’ve happened had he returned after he had his hand put back on. There is nothing in my statement that dictates I would end 24 without Jack Bauer, you are simply trying to simplify my feelings because I disagree with you.

Police or FBI hunting down crime would work. CIA or CTU could work. Doesn’t HAVE to be Jack Bauer, though I’d love to have him back full time…I just don’t see them up and making 24 into sci fi or a law and courtroom show or an underwater diving documentary. Real time is fine, but don’t use the 24 name, it’d be a very cheap and transparent grab for money.

Quote: “You can do amazing things with this real-time format.”

Quote: ” So now, there’s a remake of 24. This time, it will have science-fictional / horror elements. Basically, I’m talking about a zombie apocalypse of some sort. ”

I don’t buy it. Is true that real-time format is great, but it has to be in this universe. What is unrealistic about sci-fic will kill the reallity of real-time. Why would you like to stay in a real-time universe if they can travel in time?

Jack al menos quedate con Kate Morgan , Un beso y que ella sea tu pareja.

Jack please stay with Kate Morgan. Dammit! Please don’t go

No spin offs No replacements 24 will drop if they leave Jack out & I’ll be done.

No its not possible! No one can play Jack Bauer as better as Kiefer Sutherland!

Yeah… except nobody has suggested recasting the role of Jack Bauer, have they clever tits? Not one person!

“Tom Cruise is back for Jack Bauer’s next harrowing day…only on Fox!”

That idea is being done to death & it’s getting old look what the Bourne movie the recent one. Either end it with Jack or continue with him. Getting rid of Jack to keep it going anyway with out him seems like a desperate Idea to keep the franchise alive.

July 5, 2014 at 3:33 am
Eh, I don’t know if that comparison really works. For one, “24” isn’t called “Jack Bauer”, whereas the Bourne series is obviously named after its primary character. Secondly, “24” isn’t based on a series of books (I’m not saying that “Legacy” was faithful to its literary counterpart, though), and as such, it wouldn’t seem like as much of a cheap, cynical cash-in to continue the series without Jack Bauer as did “The Bourne Legacy” without Damon (or Bourne, for that matter).

no Kiefer Sutherland no 24….

like Anil Kapoor that unsuccessful in the role Jack Bauer in indian 24

so no one can play as Jack Bauer just Kiefer Sutherland can play

Kiefer Sutherland and Yvonne Strahovski are good actors, the pair should continue for the next season as this season has been particularly successful. Also I see Jack Bauer finally gets to have something with Kate Morgan. My recommendation is that Kiefer continue one more season, I expected four years so that this does not end well. 24 is part of my life, I have followed from age 13 is the best series that none of them could match or replace. Come on, everything is possible. that they continue with the 12 episodes.

Samurai Snake
July 7, 2014 at 7:51 am
Kiefer is a good actor (more or less, but in 24 he is great).
Yvonne isn’t. She is so wooden most of the time, and her character is so boring. Even more boring than Cole Ortis in S8.
I don’t understand why people like her so much.

I disagree with you completely, Snake. Yvonne has portrayed Agent Kate Morgan masterfully. She has struck the perfect balance between Angry Agent with an Edge, and Grieving Widow. Her apparent loss of control toward Navarro was so intense that I will bet virtually no viewers thought in that moment that it was all a set up. She was able to go from completely out of control and ready to kill without regard for the consequences, to completely in control and obvious in her victory over Navarro in a matter of seconds. She also has shown (well, the writers have shown) that she has a back story that could be told over several seasons. I would love to see her continue in the role, providing they continue with the franchise. I am not in ANY way saying that the character of Jack Bauer can or should be replaced, but what if next season, for example, they are back in the States, maybe CTU has been resurrected, and this time Jack is at the helm, a la Bill Buchanan in Seasons 4-6. He would see very little physical action, but could be drawn out into the field on occasion, if necessary. He could be the ultimate mentor for Agent Morgan, and/or anybody else in Field Ops, out in the field. Unlike many posters on these boards, I did not have a problem with Cole Ortiz (Freddy Prinz Jr.), and wouldn’t be opposed to his reprising the role for a season or two. There are things they could do with this, but they can’t just go on without Jack, abruptly and without any story leading up to it, they have to be able to transition somehow. Like weaning a heroin addict off the drugs, the viewers can’t just quit Jack cold turkey. :-)

They should make season 10 called 24/7 a seven episode series which is based over one week each episode is based on one day of the week e.g. episode one is Monday, episode two is Tuesday it would give the writers a lot more flexibility with what they can do and it would be cool to see what they do with this advantage.

I think that would actually work and it would allow more events to happen due to the bigger time frame.

Wow that’s a really good idea and it would get us to know Kate a lot better if they upgrade her to the main character if Kiefer leaves.

Horrible idea. It must be one day in 24 hours.

Would you rather nothing at all

Yes, Stephen, I would rather nothing at all.

That is actually my hope, for 24 to just end for good with LAD.

24 is about Jack’s life.
” I’m federal agent Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life”
No Kiefer Sutherland no 24! :(

I think they’ve written Jack Bauer into a corner that they can’t get out of. He can’t go back to America and start yet another series working for the government. It would be completely ridiculous even by 24 standards.

He’s gonna die. One last act of heroism in the finale me thinks. (cue someone telling me I’m an idiot because the writers have said they aren’t going to kill him off…)

You’re not an idiot. He might very well die. But the writers could also be telling the truth and he might very well not. He might just end up with an injury that prevents him from ever working again. Or he might just straight up say he’s done after the death of a major character (he has had his fair share of deaths to deal with, and more are rumored to come in 24: LAD). Point is, he doesn’t have to die to have a final act of heroism in the finale, and he certainly doesn’t have to die for his character’s story to be over.

I’m willing to try. What else is on Television? If it doesn’t work…it doesn’t work. But seriously, what else is there? It can’t be that bad even with Morgan.

A few years ago I would answer: no.

But I’m realizing now, that although Jack Bauer is Kiefer Sutherland (And no one else. There is no other Jack Bauer) and 24 cannot exists without Jack Bauer, there is only one possible shot to make it happend without the “person” of Jack. If the essence of Jack Bauer is still there, maybe it could work.

Talking about the still-living-characters, Tony Almeida, Chloe O’Brian, Charles Logan, and so on, they all make 24 what it is. And they gather in one story all the components that we love in 24.

The “person” of Jack is irreplaceble. Kate is not Jack. She’s 9 days behind. But he’s character could be there without him, but not portrayed by one person alone.

Oh yeah…use the Blonde Bauer…I mean Kate. She is just rocking this season.

She has the same skill set as Jack. She’s blonde. She’s a she. It’s win all around.

She can’t even hold a gun convincingly.

Hers is what should be done if Fox is smart and wants to bring about satisfaction and closure. Within weeks of the end of LAD, have a press conference to announce that 24 will return in 2015 for a 10th and final season starring Kiefer. And that is all that needs to be said. Then come up with a really, and I mean REALLY good story that will be told in 24 episodes. It will take place in LA back at CTU, Kate Morgan will be a central character as will Tony and, hopefully, Chloe. It would also be cool to bring back Brian Hastings as the director of CTU. Then in 2016 they can come up with a new series having nothing to do with 24 and CTU, based on the Kate Morgan character. The keys to season 10 are Kiefer and a killer story that has a fabulous ending. There you have it. All problems solved!

YES Ronnie! They absolutely need to go into a season knowing it’s the last. None of this “let’s see what happens” nonsense which inevitably leads to an unsatisfying ending.

If we are to believe Kiefer and the writers statements, they’re approaching Live Another Day as a way to wrap things up and provide closure. A tenth and “final” season may not be necessary.

I just don’t think it’s fair that we have to watch the LAD finale not being certain of if we are watching THE end or not.

The way things are playing out with Jack vs the Russians + Cheng, I can believe that they went into this with the plan to get some closure for those two massive, unresolved thorns in Jack’s side. And with both of those wrapped up, it’d be a satisfying end for Jack’s story if nothing more came after it.

If they got a chance to tell Day 10 as well though, I reckon they could do it in a way that didn’t detract from the closure achieved on Day 9.

Even if we get Jack’s personal trials largely wrapped up by day’s end, we’ve still got Tony. I haven’t given up hope that he could pop up in the final two eps, but even if he does they’d be pushing it to give him a proper redemptive arc, which I’m guessing lots of people would like to see. Maybe that’s a potential Day 10 plot that would keep Jack involved without them having to tear apart his Day 9 personal closure?

Fuck no to a Kate Morgan centric 24 though! Although she would be a bit better than Cole Ortiz and his bulging ******* eyes of peace.

I agree. I think Cole Ortiz and Dana Walsh were the worst characters ever created in 24 history. I think their characters are up there with that little kid’s father in season 2, you know, the pervert that was checking out Kim without her pants on.

Samurai Snake
July 7, 2014 at 7:55 am
“I think Cole Ortiz and Dana Walsh were the worst characters ever created in 24 history”
No, Gary from season 2 is the worst. Cole is just boring. Dana is bad, but that stupid maniac from Season 2 is awful.

I agree about Gary. His character and storyline were pretty awful.

As I said before, if 24 continues with Kate and without Jack, I’m done. No Jack, no 24.

Yes absolutely there could be “24 without Jack and I Think it would be a great idea. I would watch a replacement/spin off show with Kate. The show needs new Characters and should not keep relying on the older ones. Give Jack a heroic end hopefully without killing him but maybe a serious injury or something try starting a season with Kate and either bring him in during the season or have that be one when the bad guys win and then she gets him to come help in season 11 and they win the day gain.

The fact that i see “24 without Jack, yes that would be good” and “Season 5 and LAD is the worst seasons” in the comments makes me go “what”? Everyone got their own opinion i guess, but WTF? Okey, let me just say that Kate Morgen is one of 24’s (at least this season) best chatacers. But for me, that does not make up for a 24-series without Jack Bauer. Jack is what makes this show great. Sure, his kind of stuck into a corner now for a 10th season, but that he was with this season too. Never thought he was going to work with the goverment again, but he did…

They blew any chance of a 24 spinoff when they killed off Annie Wersching’s character.

Well, I half agree with you. Renee Walker was the best chance of a spin-off with a female lead as bad ass as Jack Bauer. But I think Tony Almeida could work QUITE well in a spin-off if given the chance.

Other than that, I wouldn’t watch a 24 spin-off.

The show 24 could survive without Jack. It’s not the Jack Bauer Power Hour. It’s 24. A show revolving around threats both personal and wide spread that is in a special real time format. It just so happens that Jack Bauer is involved with these events. Would 24 be ok with Kate as the lead? NOPE. Could someone else take the lead? Yep. Someone fresh…not someone we know as an established character. Cole Ortiz would be an exception. He was the Jack of the NY CTU and he’s still alive.

Would there be backlash if the show didn’t have Jack? Sure. However if Jack isn’t killed and finally goes to California to be with Kim and her family, we would have closure. If need be, they could always bring Jack back in a cameo to assist the new lead. If Jack is killed somehow and the person in charge is running around free, then fans would be upset and angry.

Are they going to kill Jack? I’m 99.9% sure they’re not. If this series continues (which I doubt) it needs to establish someone new in the first episode. I’m not sure that can happen since CTU isn’t around. It would feel like a Law & Order: SVU or CSI show in a different format. Best case scenario is have Jack go to Kim’s house to stay and end it. Don’t have him go to Kim’s house and find the family dead.

Kate isn’t even the ranking officer for the CIA unit she works for. Jack was head honcho at CTU in S1 ep 1. Besides…Kate was already “fired” at the start of the season.

To to wrap it up, the ideas for terrorism plots is running kind of thin. We had nuclear threats in S2 S4 S6 and S8. S7 and S9 involved override devices to breach security. S3 and S5 involved some type of bio weapon.We had kidnappings of political figures in S4 and S7. There was an attack on the internet in S4 and S7. We had bombings in S6. Personal threats like killing the family of the main character was done in S1. Invading the White House was done in S7. I don’t know about you, but outside a weather machine causing global warming or a giant space laser aimed at the US, there isn’t much more new realistic threats I can think of.

Kate almost certainly would have been Second in charge until being pulled back to the States and now there is proof that her husband was innocent, and that she was aswell it is not to much of a stretch to assume that the CIa would give her any Job she wants to make it up to her. That accompanied by the fact that she has been instrumental in helping Jack with the current threat, saving Jack, Saving Heller, would guarantee that she has White house approval.

I personally think that this has been a great way to wrap up the series as Jack has already got the Presidential Pardon, They mentioned Kim and her growing family at the beginning so it would be wonderful if he can see them, and it would be a great moment of closure for him to get Cheng.
As the Russians are after Jack and Audrey and Heller will know about it that he can finish the series without worrying about them coming after him. I don’t particularly want to see him go off into the sunset with Audrey, and I don’t see it happening but Jack should be able to get his life back.

I would completely agree with you that the show is getting old so many of the plots are being reused, faking deaths, Moles in senior positions, people doubting jack then seemingly 20 mins later begging for his help, the multiple layered threats. As you say I cant think of anything that is a big enough threat that they have not done already.
I think that this series has been great and quite well received by critics anf fansiad that in my opinion that is the way that the show should bow out.
My final thought is that Jack Bauer is 24 but 24 is/can be bigger than Jack Bauer and so if they can reinvent the franchise with Kate or another New Character I would certainly give it a try.

No, absolutely not. No Jack Bauer = No 24. Kiefer is the KEY to this series. There is no “hook” to get me to watch 24 without Jack. Even if Chloe were still on, that still would not be enough for me. If Kiefer’s not coming back, just can the show. Period.

July 6, 2014 at 7:59 am
It would be an absolute disgrace if 24 returns for a Season 10 without Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. 24 is Jack Bauer and 24 will always be Jack Bauer. Ratings for a Season 10 without Jack Bauer would be dreadful, I guarantee it.

There is no 24 without Jack (Kiefer). I like Kate but only as she plays to Jacks’ character. When Kiefer is done, so am I.

24 without Jack Bauer wouldn’t be the same.

abhinav kaushal
July 6, 2014 at 12:46 pm
plz dont say lyk dis kiefer we luv 2 c u back i knw age is one of the factor thats why u r nt going to continue wid 24
i don knw kiefer whether u will b able 2 continue 24 or nt bt wht i knw is plz donb leave it n stay wid 24 for only next season plz i m begging
24 is one of those shows wich nt only in US it is reverd bt it is also revered in all ovr the world n dats y i m telling no one cn replace jack aka kiefer sutherland
we all luv u kiefer stay blessed bt plz mr gordon come wid anothr show wid kiefer wich doesnt require much physical strain lyk 24 bt it shld b rom-com romantic we will luv 2 see kiefer in romantic show plzzz its my humble request

Ricardo Montero
July 6, 2014 at 1:32 pm
24 IS Jack Bauer and there is much more to see from his days. Don´t make mistakes like X-Files without Mulder, I can´t never watch those episodes, even now in NETFLIX are inwatchables. Please make the correct call and Live Anothers Days.

Muriel Scheuer
July 6, 2014 at 3:13 pm
24 without Jack Bauer / Kiefer Sutherland is not 24 and I won’t look at it. Please, don’t stop now and give us few more season with Jack. Mister Sutherland, you are not so old to stop being Jack, please, give us two or three more Seasons (at least). Please, please, please…. And give us a happy end to end the show (with Kim Raver !).

People watched 24 for real time format…at the beginning, but very quickly they watched for Jack Bauer !

If the producers want to make a spin off, it’s not a good idea to do that with the same character as Jack: Kate Morgan. To have another Carrie Mathison ??? no way for me !!

If Kiefer doesn’t want to play Jack any more, why not to do a prequel ? before season 1: “24 the origins” ?

Season 1 started with jack..How do you see a prequel work without jack? They could show us some of Jacks past thou before hè started working at ctu.

Offcourse not with some one else Playing jack.. Kiefers gotta play jack.

I have loved Yvonne since watching Chuck and Dexter, so I would be excited to see more of her. 24 without Jack at all would be rough, but if they have him in a less physical role, I could see her being on the front line with Jack in charge of either CTU (if they resurect it again) or a CIA station somewhere. Or they come up with a partner for Kate to be in the field with. Maybe with Jack in the station he would be responsible for all of the interrogations.. lol That would be fun.

Kiki Vanderway
July 6, 2014 at 6:45 pm
Well, all you Tony Almeida fans, would you watch 24 without Jack but with a strong and more permanent cast? What if it was Tony and Kate? What if the CTU techs did not get hired from Moles-R-Us and that issue was taken off the table?

I agree that in its traditional format Kiefer Sutherland is everything to the show. There is nothing else to hook into because everything else is unstable– even the arcs unravel at times with no resolution. But perhaps if there was a more solid feel to the rest of it it would have legs.

LMAO… first off, I want to commend you for that “Moles-R-Us” burn. Let me get a second to get my bearings after that…

Ok. Yes, I would watch 24 if Tony Almeida was the central character. It’s not that I have anything against Kate. In fact, that’s the problem. Kate is a new character, so I don’t care that much about what happens to her. Almeida I have history with as a viewer, and therefore I’m interested in seeing his return (and I’d obviously like for him to have converted back to the “good guys” side).

Absolutely the show could continue with Kate Morgan, and I would watch. Come on, it’s Yvonne Strahovski, for god’s sake…

I think it can be done but what i don’t hear is the possibility of a prequel type of show? still can be jack bauer with the bad ass he is and still have kiefer in it ( kind lost style flashbacks) so we get to keep jack the bad ass, kiefer still involved and its new and fresh with a younger actor playing hard stuff with guest spots for kiefer and we still get to keep 24 as is. what you think of that?

HoGo and company have always maintained that 24 would always be told forward, and not ever go backward. That’s why there have been absolutely no prequels and NO flashbacks in the show. If they were to stray from this formula now, what would be the point of even recreating 24? It would be a different show altogether.

My thoughts after watching episode ten was Jack was training Kate Morgan to continue the show if there is a season ten and the British guy with the blue shirt and tie on the computer at CIA HQ was the next Chloe. So in my opinion I think Jack and Chloe are dying or maybe Chloe ends up in jail, and Jack dies.

Just end the damn thing already. Judging by the ratings, people don’t seem to care much about Jack Bauer, Kiefer Sutherland, Kate Morgan, Yvonne Strahovski or even 24 regardless of how much 24 fans hype these out of proportions. 24 could have launched a spinoff a few seasons ago when it still had a strong brand name but that boat sailed long time ago.

Actually, their ratings are higher than they have been in years (since season 5), the only problem is so many more people are now watching shows like this on DVR, On Demand, or online, so the live Neilson ratings aren’t telling the whole story. When the series first began, those mediums were either not popular yet, or not even in existence. So yeah, I’m thinking that people might care a lot more than you think they do. :-)

Joe Larry Gallagher
July 7, 2014 at 10:33 pm
Like the new series, a bit of a slow burner but definately gathering momentum heading towards episode 12. Face facts folks, any 24 fan worth their salt will admit life is better when jack bauer is on tv! Disappointed they didnt decide to do a movie, i thot it wuda been the perfect way to end the best tv show ever but anyway. Have a bad feeling jack is guna take a bullet for audrey. Kill off jack bauer you say?? Why not.. sure the undertaker lost at wrestlemania.. ;-) hope im wrong tho

not just no but heck no, without jack ?? I wont watch it., I want FOX to do the right thing this time and bring back 24 WITH JACK and Chloe. they could make jack head of an office back in the states and use him and his amazing knowledge and talent. they wouldn’t even have to put him in the field all of the time he could solve problems from his office.
so much crap on tv today FOX BRING IT BACK FOR MANY YEARS. and don’t\ you dare give up JACK

@ I think you missed my point of my comparison my point wasn’t based on the titles themselves…….of the bourne movies & 24 comparison My point was you can’t replace Jack Bauer just like you can’t replace Jason Bourne. But yet they did it anyway. The same thing applies to 24 if the writers do this & Kiefer leaves & they go on with 24 anyway. The audience won’t like it.

@TheGestaltist Sorry forgot to put who I was addressing my post to.

I can’t see it working although I love Kate.

It won’t work the audience will be disappointed if they leave Jack out.

I have so enjoyed this season and I really enjoy the relationship of Jack and Kate. She is great in her own way and definitely brings the excitement, but she is no Jack. No one can replace Keifer as Jack Bauer; however, that being said I don’t want the series to go away and I would watch if Kate were there to carry on the drama and suspense that Jack does soooooooo well. Kate and Chloe could be the new dynamic duo saving the world..

Here’s a fantasy to mull over: Jack retires due to a permanent injury/disability from action but asks Kate to get Tony out of prison for a new mission that has a villain Tony knows from the past. Then Tony and Kate are the centerpieces of the next season and Jack only has some guest spots as “advisor”….

Actually, scratch that – any ’24’ without Jack/Kiefer leading the way is more of a nightmare than a fantasy!

Kiefer Sutherland is 24! But maybe, Kate can be the leading star and Jack a guest star. I think about a plot where Jack is retired and Kate takes over his work at CTU or CIA. But one day there’s a new threat and Kate calls Jack to help her, and they fight/work together side by side against this threat. I think it would be amazing that they would work/fight together. Like Jack and chloe do, but Kate is the younger one and Jack is the older one.

If that kind of scenario were to work, it would be an easier sell if Jack is retired/injured when an incident happens. The government contacts him for intel, and Tony is recruited to come back in Jack’s place. To help Tony, Jack recommends reinstating Kate.

I don’t think the Kate character is strong enough to lead / carry a show on her own but if she’s in a secondary, supporting role like she was this season to Jack, it would be more palatable.

NO JACK…24 would never be the same!!!
Love you Kiefer

Sorry, didn’t mean to double post

NO JACK…24 would never be the same!!!
Love you Kiefer

I totally agree 24 without Jack is not 24, not even close

….for me no Jack no 24 as well!….can’t see anyone else bringing the character that Keith brings1

Kathy in Florida
July 8, 2014 at 5:18 pm
Nope. No Kiefer — no 24.

I adore Kiefer Sutherland (he’s been my favorite actor since his early career); I love Yvonne a lot but there is no 24 w/o Kiefer’s – Jack Bauer; I couldn’t imagine not hearing that sexy voice say the time in the beginning of the show; Kiefer just rocks as Jack Bauer – No Jack Bauer No 24!!!

I never watched 24, for a variety of reasons. So I don’t know the history. But I’m watching now for one very good reason: Yvonne Strahovsky. And I found that I like the show; I like it all; I like it a lot. And I will now go back and watch at least some of the previous “days”.

So the franchise has gained a fan. And it is because of the new generation, aka Kate Morgan.

For the fans who haven’t warmed to her: you haven’t seen the extent of her abilities yet because this “day” still belongs to Jack. But you did see some glimpses of the force she can bring to the screen (read: the continuing saga) if the producers so decide.

And I will be watching.

I’ve watched 24 from the beginning, and it wouldn’t be the same without Bauer. Thought that Season 8 was one of the better seasons, but wouldn’t want to go back to the full 24-episode seasons. I like the 12 hour/episode format, and hope that it remains an early summer show. LAD has provided just enough to whet the appetite and keep me wanting more seasons.

Joe Larry Gallagher
July 9, 2014 at 4:52 pm
President Bauer perhaps?? Hahaha :-D

Hey screw the format. Yeah it was quirky and gimmicky in the first few seasons, but I think it was the format that screwed up the original series is to begin with. Think about it, 24 40 minute episodes and all are trying to be as exciting as the last. It was too much work and too hard to stay creative. After season one ended with the death of Terry, the show stopped being about the format and became all about Jack Bauer. I didn’t tune into this season because I cared about the 24 hour format. I watched it because Jack Bauer is the most interesting character on T.V. Honestly, if you take Jack Bauer/Kiefer out of the picture, I see no reason to continue to watch the show. To prove my point, ask yourself this. Would you rather see a 24 without Jack Bauer, or Jack Bauer without the limitations of the 24 format?. If you suddenly heard that Homeland was bringing on Jack Bauer? Hmmmmm…

Why not bring Jack back as the head of CTU/FBI or whatever they are calling the unit, that way he could still be directing the assaults just not in them.

Would you watch Superman if it was only Robin?
No Jack, and I ain’t comin back.
Come on people without Jack it is just another show on TV.

Well, there has been a large amount of Robin-only comics.

In the movies Batman/Bruce Wayne was played by Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and soon Ben Affleck. The franchise didn’t die when they switched lead actors.

And there was a quite successful animated television series “Batman Beyond” when Bruce Wayne passed the torch to a younger guy Terry McGinnis.

The only possible way the series could continue without Kiefer/Jack IMO is if they switch to Tony being the lead hero and bring him in under some storyline that is indirectly connected to Jack and the support characters have some past history on the show.

To try a spinoff on a new character like Kate or to invent an entirely new cast using the real-time format would never succeed or get the ’24’ following behind it.

I noticed in the url the original title was “will 24 continue without kiefer sutherland” it now says “could”…

I checked next week’s schedule on, and the 24: LAD finale is labeled as “season finale.” That means that there’s going to be more 24.

No, that doesn’t mean anything.

Unless a network publicly proclaims in advance as part of its marketing to increase viewership that a series is ending, they don’t list “series finale” – FOX did that at end of S8 IIRC. As of now, FOX hasn’t decided yet about a follow-up season so the only context is that the 12-episode season ends tomorrow night.

Interesting that the general consensus here is what I think as well. This is a story about Jack Bauer and that’s the way it is. I don’t see the show successfully continuing with it’s current audience with another lead.

The idea of Tony taking over gives a lot of people not a knee-jerk no (but not everyone). If Jack has managed to avoid prison for his crimes, they should be able to get Tony out if they really wanted to.

Kate in the lead is pretty much Homeland. I like that show, but it’s no 24. The intensity just isn’t there. IMO, (and I’m a girl too) 24 needs a male lead.

I’d be out if it was anyone other than Jack or maybe Tony.

Jack Bauer makes the series. Without him I’ll watch the XIII series on Netflix. They are actually very similar. I liked Cloe in the other 24 series better. I feel you ran this series into the ground to fast. With what’s going on in this country today you can’t extend this series?! Come on! There are a 1,000,000 sequals. I have an idea try thinking out of the BOX!

The show should continue but hopefully with Sutherland in a lot of episodes.

sharan kandhai
July 14, 2014 at 10:42 am
24 without Kiefer/ Jack Bauer??
No way in hell thats gonne work out…
Anyone remember what happended to the X -Files when David Duchovny left… They still had Gillian Anderson but it was never the same… 24 IS Jack Bauer and Jack Bauer IS Kiefer Sutherland

Luv 24 series! Glad it came back and would love for Jack and Kate to return together as a “kiss a**”team…and, take no prisoners!!!

NO Jack…NO 24…It would not be the same without him. PLEASE bring him back. Please……

You can do a 24 that stars Kate Morgan and has Jack Bauer in a more limiting role it would work. It even felt like with some of the other seasons when Tony Almeida had a big role that there was a real universe around him they can get back to that.

I can’t get enough of 24. I tried watching it from the beginning and didn’t warm up to it…. but eventually I became addicted to ” what is Jack going to do next”. I really hope 24 will continue and evolve. I also feel the way this season finale ended up left it again open to another season if they feel it is worthy. I am hoping it will but if the show morphs in to something different I’ll be there for the ride. Hopefully they will eventually end it all with a movie…. All the other great shows had closure and 24 hasn’t given us loyal fans that and when they do I will be able to move on.

After last night I could totally see another season where Kate Morgan is on a mission to save an “unknown captive” in Russia, since it is assumed only Chloe, the Russians, and Belcheck know of Jack’s fate and then about 18 episodes in after a few glimpses of a shadowy prisoner in a Russian prison it’s revealed to be Jack. I would totally watch that.

After last night I could totally see another season where Kate Morgan is on a mission to save an “unknown captive” in Russia, since it is assumed only Chloe, the Russians, and Belcheck know of Jack’s fate and then about 18 episodes in after a few glimpses of a shadowy prisoner in a Russian prison it’s revealed to be Jack. I would totally watch that.

Not without Jack no way!!!

If jack wasnt in it i wouldnt watch a single episode of it

24 Live Another Day is best TV show there is should be back next year i even know how Jack escapes the Russians he takes out the Russians in the Chopper and drops into the thames come on Jack Live another Day.

Jack Bauer is 24.

Loved the “reboot” this season. Still my favorite show of all time.

Sincerely hope it continues for another season or more!

Come back Jack Bauer………….we love the show and want more…… Would not be the same without Jack……we need Jack!!!!!!! The show has been my all time favorite show ever…

24 with out Jack Bauer is like an oreo with no creme= I’m not a big TV watcher, but this show is my all time favorite. Please bring it back along with JACK!

More 24 with Jack! Story is everything to me, more so than action sequences.

Kate Morgan could be a great lead actress in a 24 without Jack. However, a lead male actor should team with Kate (a younger Jack). I would expect him to be an excellent actor as well as having the good looks and athleticism demanded of this role. And perhaps Kiefer could do a few guest appearances to be a guru in the adventures to follow, perhaps be the boss in charge of a newly installed CTU.

Travis Jefferson
October 10, 2014 at 12:13 am
I think Jack Bauer should come back, because he is the best man for this role. 24 won’t be the same without Jack. Why make a change when something is so good.

Exactly, why make a change when something is so good? continuing 24 without Jack Bauer would be just testing the fans and I am pretty sure it wont turn out well for neither the show or the fans.

NO!!!! Spin offs are 50-50 at the very best. The fans watch 24 for Jack Bauer. Kate can’t act good enough to pull off a franchise. If want to change things call it 48 or something. Keep something on the air that you can watch be sides reality shows .

I love the show – and the latest season was AWESOME.

24 is the ONLY show I make time to see on TV anymore – and honestly – I try to patronize its advertisers.

Mr Sutherland, stay with the show. FOX, please keep it going.

Araujo Rodrigues
December 1, 2014 at 3:28 pm
Sou Angolano e sem Jack Bauer 24 horas não terá a mesma postura. I am looking forward for the next season certainly with Kiefer Sutherland playing Jack Bauer

NO!!!! 24 without not only Jack Bauer but also without Keifer Sutherland playing the part would be like apple pie without the apples, a banana split without banana, strawberry shortcake without the strawberries!!!! How can you even consider such a ridiculous idea!!!

As for me, 24 it”s over without Mr. Sutherland as Jack Bauer! Don’t you see that the show was all about him in a great fast paced story that you really had to focus on to keep up! I can’t even imagine it without the character of Jack Bauer and Mr. Sutherland in that role!!!

24 is so good because of Jack mainly! Please maintain Jack!! He is awesome and crucial for he series success

No Jack Bauer, no 24 give him more money. Please…………………..

24 without Jack Bauer, is Harry Potter without Daniel Radcliff!

Terminator without Arnold Schwarzenegger
Married with Children without Ed O Neill (Al Bundy)
Seinfeld, Without Jerry Seinfeld

24- is amazing absolutly love it! So clever and so addictive. 24 has to have jack bauer but if you brought back another 24 one off series Jack cannot die!! Carrying 24 on would be brilliant but leave jack out to enjoy family life for once. Hes owed that as a character!

Not a chance!!!, no Kiefer, no Jack, no Series, but if series continue without Kiefer in the lead role as Jack Bauer you have 1 pissed off fan

I am even shocked that the producers are even considering the option to continue 24 without Kiefer as Jack Bauer. 24 was all about Jack and the CTU. Kate is good I mean she is even pretty but the show should be about Jack and Kate should be part of it but no one can replace Jack and I am emphasizing in every way possible that Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida should be back in the show as well but Kate Morgan should be a lesser priority when compared to bringing Kiefer and Carlos back to the show.

No Jack..won’t watch the show

I am a huge 24/Keifer fan and will not watch a the show without Jack Bauer – I named my pit bull Jack!

casser and gordon shamt to you

24 isnt 24 without Jack and specifically Keifer Sutherland playing him!!! Please please make another series !!

I love the atuation of suterland, 24hs IS him

LaRhonda Thomas
March 9, 2015 at 10:44 pm
It would be a shame if Surtherland would not return in 2015! I love what he brings to the table. He is a very talented actor just perfect for 24. LA in KCMO