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24: Solitary Recap – Tony Almeida returns

Tony Almeida is back and up to no good...

Here’s the 24: Solitary “story extension” featuring the return of fan favorite character Tony Almeida. Based on information revealed during the video, this seems to take place more than two years after the 24: Live Another Day finale. We’ve written a transcript with photos below.

A prisoner in handcuffs and legcuffs is being walked down a hallway into a secure room. The prison guards handcuff him to the table. Also in the room is U.S. Attorney Vanessa Diaz and the prison administrator.

Guards: He’s secure. Sit down.

The camera pans up to reveal the prisoner – it’s Tony Almeida! He’s got long hair, a beard, and scars above his eye and neck.

Tony Almeida requests to be moved to general population in 24: Solitary

Prison Administrator: Let the record show, motion to transfer Anthony Almeida from supermax security segregated housing unit to general population. Ms. Diaz?

Vanessa Diaz: Eight years ago, Mr. Almeida was sentenced to life in solitary. D.O.J. opposes any reduction in security.

Prison Administrator: (Reading Tony’s file) Conspiring with a terrorist group, hijacking an airliner, homicide, possession of weapons of mass destruction… Mr. Almeida, why should I even consider this?

Tony Almeida: (Stands up) Every day, gangs, Mexican cartels, Al-Qaeda, they’re all plotting behind these walls. You could use an inside source, undercover in general population.

Prison Administrator: If you have information on criminal activities, you should alert the guards.

Tony Almeida: If you want actionable intel, you need to let me out of solitary.

Prison Administrator: Do you actually think prisoners would talk to you? A former CTU agent?

Tony Almeida: They know what I’ve done. They think I’m one of them now.

Vanessa Diaz: What he’s done is kill federal agents. He can’t be trusted.

Prison Administrator: Noted, Ms. Diaz. Why now, Mr. Almeida?

Tony Almeida speaks about Michelle in 24: Solitary

Tony Almeida: Sir, every night I wake up in a cold sweat. Reliving the moment my wife was killed in a car bomb blast. I hold her in my arms, her burnt face next to mine. She was everything to me. After her death my desire for revenge consumed me. My actions cost a lot of lives, I know that, I take responsibility for that. And I know now that Michelle never would’ve approved of the man that I became. She would’ve hated that person just as much as I hate that person now. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m going to die inside this prison. But if I could do this, if I could save even one life on the outside, then maybe I’d feel worthy of my wife’s love again.

Vanessa Diaz: Sir, if I may. This file was sealed after Mr. Almeida’s final court appeal two years ago, to protect an ongoing investigation. But I took the liberty of asking the NSA to declassify it. Note the transcript of a conversation between Mr. Almeida and an as yet unidentified man. I quote, “I wanna see that judge’s wife and kids murdered in front of him and then see what he thinks. I’ll do it myself, if I get out of here.”

Prison Administrator: In light of these recent findings, the motion to reduce security is denied. Mr. Almeida, you are lucky to be in solitary.

Tony Almeida: Sir, you can’t send me back there. You can’t!

Prison Guards: Let’s go, Almeida.

Vanessa Diaz: Thank you, sir.

(Tony headbutts a prison guard, rushes towards Vanessa Diaz, violently tackling her to the floor and strangling her) You bitch!

Prison Administrator: (screaming for help) Guards!

Prison Guards: Code three! I need help in B-18! Get him, let’s get him!

(The guards tase Tony Almeida as he screams out in pain)

Vanessa Diaz: Get off of me!

Prison Guards: Get him on his feet. Come on. Open door B-18. Move, damn it! Move it Almeida! (Throws Tony into cell) Get in there. 13-E, close. Rot in hell.

Vanessa Diaz runs into a nearby bathroom. She looks in the mirror at the redness and swelling of her neck, in pain after being choked by Tony. Diaz takes out her cell phone and dials a mysterious person.

Vanessa Diaz calls a mysterious voice on the phone in 24: Solitary

Vanessa Diaz: It’s Diaz. Is this a secure line?

The Handler: It’s secure. Go ahead.

Vanessa Diaz: Almeida nearly killed me for Christ’s sake!

The Handler: He had to make it look good. Did it work?

Vanessa Diaz: Yes. Almeida has the plans.

Tony is inside his cell. He reaches under his orange prison jumpsuit and pulls out the glasses Vanessa Diaz was wearing just a few minutes ago. He secretly took them in the scuffle – it was all a ruse so that she could pass off the glasses. Tony puts the glasses on and presses a hidden button on the right side of the frame.

Tony Almeida sees prison schematics in 24: Solitary
Tony Almeida sees the prison schematics in 24: Solitary

It’s the schematics to the prison with a carefully planned escape route. Tony is in cell 13-E, exactly where he needs to be. He takes a breath and smirks, confident that everything is going according to plan. Soon he will be a free man again.

… beep … boop… beep … boop

Show End Credits

Directed by:
Jordan Goldman

Written by:
Adam DaSilva

Executive Producers:
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Howard Gordon

Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida
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Barry Livingston as Administrator
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Norman Howell as Guard #3
Katie Eschen as Vanessa stunt double
Xander Berkeley as Voice of The Handler

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Special Thanks
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So that was shocking, but the craziest part is actually the voice of “The Handler” on the phone – it’s none other than Xander Berkeley (aka George Mason). What the heck?! They made no attempt to alter his voice and even listed his name in the end credits. Did the writers go batshit insane and resurrect Mason from the dead or is this simply a neat little easter egg for us hardcore fans?

This short poses a lot of interesting questions. Who is Vanessa Diaz working for? Who is the mysterious handler on the other side of the phone? Why do they want to break Tony out of prison? For good purposes or bad? Was Tony legitimately sorry about the things he’s done or was that all an act? Will Tony actually be successful in breaking out of prison? Is this setup for a tenth season?

What did you think of 24: Solitary?


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Holy Crap, that was awesome!. This has got to be a setup for a 10th season..

Jack In Moskow or breaking out of the helicopter Story Arc and Goin after the Handler, Discovers Tony
Tony Breaking Out of Prison, Meeting up with ”The Handler” Gets involved with Jack during the season
Cloe trying to find a way to get jack back. Helps jack to find the handler, First to spot tony on her laptop

What i wonder thou, We hear the clock… But we dont see one? Could it be a teaser as in ”The Clock will keep ticking!”

I LOVED how they did the clock in this and I agree, it’s very teaser-like for Day 10. But it’s also that there is no clock at all until we see the blueprints with the times laid out for the escape. I thought that was great, considering that Tony doesn’t have a sense of time in Solitary, as there are no clocks there for him to measure it by. Tony’s escape is supposed to be what was it? 3:22-3:28? Does Day 10 start in 3am or 3pm, maybe?

I’d say AM because that clock was probably in 24 hour time. Might be less guards on duty at 3am too because it’s just folks sleeping, so that could make it easier to sneak around. If ep 1 starts at the top of the hour, 22 minutes in would give enough time to catch up on what Jack’s doing first, then pick up with Tony.

This makes sense. And for the few hours in the meantime, he’s going to catch up on his Netflix. He’s all excited to catch up on the final seasons of Chicago DMV.

This could very well be the setup for Season 10 if it’s going to be its last. That ending was awesome.

It’s real odd to hear George Mason again after so long!…
What if it turns out george escaped the plane before it blew up?

Yeah. Maybe it turns out that there was a 3rd guy on the plane and he told George to get this experimental radiation treatment drug, and he was cured. And know he wants to break Tony out of prison.

I vote evil twin brother

No, George Mason was such a paranoid sob that he had himself cloned. The cloned busted loose and is now on a terror spree.

George could already be a bit of an arsehole, so just imagine what the evil twin would be like. :-p

yea even if george mason escaped the plane beofre it blew up he was gonna die anyways from radition poisoning

That was awesome !!!
We can forget about redeeming Tony, looks like he’s working with criminals who will break him out.
Evil Tony lives on !

If I were Tony and my evil non-pals from my time on the dark side were trying to break me out, I would not be smirk-smiling, happy as a pig in mud to be getting the hell out of prison when said evil non-pals from my time on the dark side waited EIGHT YEARS to break me out of a concrete box. I would not be all that thrilled to see them, nor trust that they actually were going to help me. I’d be a little anxious about the whole thing. Tony’s cool as a cucumber but not *cold*, he seems invigorated, he’s really jazzed to do this thing and the hell out, and he seems really confident that it’s going to work. Somehow, he’s less dreary after eight years in prison than he was on Day 7, which is kind of hilarious, as well as sort of telling. Regardless of who is helping Tony get out of there, I don’t think his plans when he gets out are to go burn down the world. He seems like he’s got his loyal puppy on, which means it’s either Jack or the government out to give him a shot at being his old self again.

but y do that when he could’ve helped but she made him guilty so hes bad

He Had To Make It Look Good….
George could have done the same.. George was making it look good as if he died!

Please season 10

I don’t see why they would show this clip if it weren’t a set up for season 10. So hopefully…!

It has all signs of a prequel !

Apart from the bit where none of it takes place after Day One, you mean? Apart from everything it’s exactly like a prequel.

Bringing characters back that have already received “silent clocks” disrupts the continuity of the show; especially in a situation where there was a silent clock combined with a non-ambiguous death in a case of a radiation stricken death-bound man plowing a jet into a desert with a radioactive explosion. Howard Gordon had eloquently explained this in regards to Tony Almeda and his ambiguous “death” scene. So bringing characters back who have received silent clocks shouldn’t happen; otherwise the silents clocks are meaningless.

What is likely at work here is
a voice changing device such as the Hewitt’s voice-manipulating program which we saw in Season 2 (“Day 2: 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.”)
which would explain why George Mason is relevant throwback to the same time period. Remember, 24 likes to re-run their “best of” moments. So why not? Plus the
true handler would not want their voice/identity to be exposed
. So it is a perfect answer that fits.

What they SHOULD do (and I originally that this is what they were doing until I really thought about it – which would be brilliant) would be to have a prequel season that took place between Seasons 1 and 2. Sort of like the comics and other merchandise such as the video game did. But I realized once Tony started talking about his wife (who died in season 5) a storyline such as that would be impossible; unless Tony has been in prison multiple times and had a 2nd wife who died earlier under a similar set of circumstances as Michelle. [Honestly, that would be much more believable than George Mason surviving a plane jump under his purported condition] A new season 10 taking place between Seasons 1 and 2 you could bring back the Allstate Guy, his wife, Nina Meyers, and anyone else you wanted like Edgar Styles and an un-compromised Charles Logan.

The writers of 24 should not try to confuse the storyline with far fetched stories that don’t pass the giggle test.

Absolutely loved this, has to be a set up for another season. 24:LAD was awesome, can’t wait to own it on Blu-ray.

All signs point to a new season unless this was just a ploy to sucker us in to buy the blue ray dvd , it worked !!!!
I really hope they have sincere intentions of returning and hope this is not just a way to milk the fans .

Am I the only one who thinks the guy on the phone sounds like Mandy Patinkin?

Oh, never mind — I see the note about that being Xander Berkely. That is the most interesting part.

Holy crap , epic I really hope this leads into a 10th season and on a side note Carlos Bernard still has it as Tony

Doesn’t he?! He totally killed it. I missed this damn character so much.

I think that this means that there will be a S10, and they have some kind of script that includes the return of George Mason.

By the way: Awesome clip!

Holy shit. That was amazing! Why did it have to end?

Please be a set-up to Season 10!

Wow! They can’t leave us hanging after that, there must be another season! So many possible storylines can be spawned from that clip. George Mason? ?? How does that work? I’m intrigued, which I expect was what the writers were aiming for. Those glasses…genius!!

I know time would have been an issue but I would have lovede if they put this as the last scene of lad say 3 years later and show this scene and have Bernards return a surprise because the casual 24 viewer proberly doesn’t know this exists.

Please upload Youtube. Thanks :-)

Am I the only one who is 100% convinced that Xander Berkely’s voice is nothing but a coincidence/easter egg, and there’s no way in hell George Mason is still alive? Remember not only was he supposed to have died in a plane crash but he was also a few hours away from dying of plutonium exposure. Even if he magically jumped out of the plane AND got outside the blast radius, he would have died anyway.

Yeah, I’m convinced Mason is dead. I wouldn’t be against Xander returning as a different character though under heavy makeup a hairpiece and a drastically different costume to Mason.

Yeah he is toast, burnt to a crisp. But he could come back, 24 has done it before, as a new character. Tony Todd I think was the biggest actor in the series, having the most prominent roles, that they did it with.

Well, the series did use the same actor a few times in different roles / seasons so while Mason was a major one hard to forget, it wouldn’t be implausible to hire Berkeley to play someone else.

Mason’s completely dead, there’s no way they could retcon the circumstances of his demise. I’m 98% convinced it was just a fun little Easter Egg of a cameo to give us hardcore fans a thrill and nothing more. The remaining 2% wants to come up with a conspiracy theory of some sort. *ponders*

Would Tony have ever had the opportunity to speak to that voice on the phone? How strictly are things like phone calls and visitation regulated for those in solitary? Like, if he got a call from a voice that had been doctored to sound like George Mason, that woulda got his attention in a “Deep Sky” kinda way, so that whatever mundane thing the call was actually about, it would have been a hidden message that someone who knew him was up to shenanigans.

Deep Sky Shenanigans is totally why I think Xander’s voice is not a coincidence. Plus, the idea of Tony getting coded assistance to escape from prison delivered in Mason’s voice is just awesome. Besides the fact that it’s Mason, that’s also the character whose actions led to both Tony’s command at CTU and his relationship with Michelle and died a redemptive hero in a literal blaze of glory on the same day he kickstarted the last twenty years of Tony’s life. Seems only right that he’s ghosted his way back from the great beyond, in the only way possible on 24, to push things along for Tony now.

Also, when George was being a bad boy and trying to run, it was a phonecall from Tony that steered him in another direction, which ended up leading that big redemptive moment for him. So having Mason’s voice down a phoneline be the one directing Tony towards a situation where he can get his own redemption is kinda nice. It’s all poetic and junk.

Oh Phee… marry me. I *completely* forgot about that. You are so right, that makes it even more awesome. Dammit, now I’m going to be so annoyed when this is just an easter egg. ;) I want more Xander Berkeley on Day 10, dammit.

Provided we can get Tony to officiate the ceremony, sure, why not. LOL

So. Who is using the voice-cloning technology that faked the Cyprus audio recording from Day 2 to disguise their voice in order to help get Tony out of prison? Because George Mason ain’t happy about it. Amused, yes, but not happy. :)

I, however, am very happy! Badass and now bespectacled Tony Almeida!!! And like love letter to old school 24– a bathroom-made mole call to a handler, “copy that”, a parallel scene to Jack and Penticoff on Day 1, a prison break on the horizon.

Does anyone else think that Tony’s actually got a gig lined up here with either the CIA or CTU and has to go undercover so, in order to keep up appearances, he has to legit break out of prison?

Lastly, if you’re still around these parts here in the off-season, RonnieTheC, aren’t you excited about the spoiler that the voice of Tony’s Google Glasses is going to be none other than Edgar’s mom? :)

Mary…I am totally stoked about the possibility of a return of Edgar’s mom. However, I seriously doubt that there will ever be a season 10. Most of the folks involved with the series are now involved in numerous other projects. Ido see the possibility of a movie that would hit in 2016 (which I am completely against) but I think we have seen the last of Jack on Fox TV.

I must disagree greatly. I think we might have to wait until 2016 for it but there will totally be a Day 10.

Mary, I sincerely hope you are correct. I would love to see a day 10 and even moreso a day 10 with 24 episodes rather than 12. To be honest, I was disappointed in LAD, both in the length and the general story lines. Yes, I enjoyed it, but not as much as days 1-8. My feeling is that I feel that if the folks at Fox want to do a day 10, it needs to air no later than January of 2016, but a September of 2015 would be much better. They just can’t take 2 years off again. But I have not heard anything that leads me to believe that a season 10 will happen. Maybe a movie, but that would be a huge disappointment. I have been trying to get in touch with Nancy Linehan Charles, who played Lucy Styles, mother of one Edgar Styles, to see if she has heard from H. Gordon or anyone at Fox about a possible season 10 or film, but I have had ZERO success in trying to reach her. She may be undercover and involved in some kind of covert operation, but who knows.

We must find her! Her presence is vital to Day 10. I mean, who do you *really* think was behind that hit on Audrey? Did you think we’d forgive your inexcusable bitchiness to Edgar on Day 4, Audrey, just because you’ve been the foreshadowed next Teri Bauer Death Of Woe since your very first scene? No. You should have sent that helicopter for Edgar’s mom. What goes around, comes around!

Sorry you didn’t dig Day 9. I enjoyed it but I get your comments on the pacing– I was really struggling with that towards the start. Some plot seemed to crawl in slo-mo while others were going way too fast for me but I felt it got better. My biggest complaint seems to be what a lot of other people liked, which was the trimming of subplots not directly tied to the plot but which affected the characters. Yeah, some of them on 24 were bananas and time fillers but they always meant something symbolically and gave you a better insight to the characters. You cared more about them and I found that a struggle a bit on Day 9. On the other hand, though, the well-drawn characters on Day 9 were just out of this world. (Mark Boudreau!!!! Classic 24 character.)

re: You being against a movie– I can relate to that. I’m not against one but I really don’t want one that is 2 hours representing a 24 hour day, the way they’d suggested they might do before. I *loved* Redemption and I think two hours of real time works really well for a film. It also has the urgency of 24 and I think that’s why they keep saying they’ve had difficulty adapting it for big screen film. If you try to make a 2 hour movie representing a day, you’re no longer doing anything especially unique, as there are quite a few movies that take place over the course of about a day while running around 2 hours. It’s one thing to jump 12 hours and come up with an epilogue after a whole season, but it’s another thing to try to do a whole day in 2 hours. If they were to do a film that is 2 hours of real time, I’d be excited about it but anything else seems kind of pointless. I really do feel like 24 works just so much better as a series because of how it builds as the stakes and the tension rises. The more time you log with the story in a day, the more intense it is, and that’s hard to translate into a film where what drives the whole suspense of the story– the real time element– gets all messed up. Just my two cents.

Jack is back. 5-5-15 Jacko es backo. 24 Season 10, 24: Live Another Day Season 2

Did anyone saved the video?

Without directly linking to copywrighted material, I will say that there is a torrent out there, and it kicks ass.

thanks, XAM.

By far the most intriguing prequel in all of the 24 series. Nice touch to honor a former 24 actor, Xander Berkely. No way that George Mason is coming back — that would stretch all credulity to the breaking point. Besides they would not publish his name if he was coming back from the dead. I am 99.9% confident there will be another series. Damit I just wish they would make an announcement soon – at least before Christmas.

Why are you guys calling this a prequel? It takes place two years after Live Another Day.

It actually takes place 3 years after LAD. Think about it. The attorney says that Tony’s been in solitary for 8 years. The earliest his sentence could’ve been was, say, 6 months after Day 7, which would be 5 years before LAD. So, this takes place anywhere between 3-4 years after LAD.

It is 3 years. Which also means that it’s past the next Presidential election, so either whoever Heller’s VP was (Ethan Kanin maybe?) either won re-election or there is a new President. That actually might factor into the timeline of Tony’s appeals, as it’s not hard to see him keep getting rejected by the administrations in power following Day 7 but there’s a high likelihood that the opposite party won the election that took place two years after Heller resigned/Heller’s VP took over. New administration leading to new people in positions across the country. Tony tries again with the new (Keith Palmer, dammit! Come on! :) ) administration. The excuse of the appeal then becomes part of the escape plan*

*which is a very elaborate excuse to get Tony into really sexy glasses for an entire plot arc. (This was not a complaint.)

Mary! You’re back!

Christ! I’ve missed your theories and ideas, almost everyone elses have been shite in your absence.

Although having a new prez… especially Keith Palmer would be a terrible idea.

No, on second thought I’m not convinced you’re actually back.

Aww, hi XAM! Hope you’re well… Dude, forget that I’m back– GEORGE MASON is back*. *laughs* Obviously not but Xander Berkeley at least and suddenly Diaz is the one mole I’ll be fine with seeing forever, if only so we can hear George all the time again. Mason and Nina are the two characters that I would loooove to have the presence of again, in some way, and I’ll take the fantastic surprise of “George Mason” again, even if it’s sorta like those old vacuum commercials with Gene Kelly and Audrey Hepburn dancing around with a modern Hoover or whatever. It’s a little creepy. But with George, it’s creepy in a good way.

While they’re at it? Can we have Ghost!Nina from 24: Deadline? Because if we could have Sarah Clarke playing, like, Jack’s hilariously snarky Nina projection while he’s reuniting with Tony, that would be pretty much the best thing ever. Nina just walking around unseen adding commentary. I don’t care that it’s not the way 24 does ghosts… it’s Nina Myers. More Nina Myers can’t be a bad thing, ever.

Great to see you back, Mary! What were your thoughts on the finale? Liked it? Disliked it?

That’s nice of you to say, thank you. re: the finale… This will sound a bit odd but I absolutely loved it despite it giving me pretty much nothing at all that I wanted. *laughs* I wanted Jack in the hands of the Red Squares, so I was fine with that because it’s an absolute humdinger of a plot for Day 10. I think part of why I enjoyed it more than I feel like some people on here did (from what I’ve just been reading anyway) is that I’ve never seen it as the end of 24. It didn’t and still doesn’t make any business sense to me for it to be the end and all participants seem willing so there’s always been a Day 10 and possibly beyond that in the back of my mind. If this had been the very end of the series ever? I would have loathed it. I would have been fine with Jack with the Red Squares (but would have wanted him to voluntarily do it. As it was, I wasn’t wild about him only taking responsibility because they had Chloe hostage) but the rest of the story would have been a disaster for a close, IMO. It felt very much like a season, not series, finale, so it worked for me. I also didn’t have a problem with Audrey as the sacrifice because that’s been brewing for awhile and it was appropriately awful enough that it had the impact it was designed to have, I feel like. Though, to me? The real emotional gut punches of the finale were Heller and Kate. The scene where Heller talks to Davies as they’re loading Audrey’s casket pretty much broke me and I haven’t been that teary from 24 in a long time. Kate’s end was devastating because you longed for her to win at something and to fall just shy of that, in her own estimation, was pretty brutal to watch. Viewed as I did as like Part One of the final seasons of 24, I liked it very much. And now that there’s Tony afoot? It’s all good. :) How about you? Is the story to your liking lately?

Honestly, my thoughts on the subject still aren’t very defined. It wasn’t much to my liking at all initially. I had a very negative visceral reaction to the finale and the season as a whole. It’s difficult to distance myself from that. Truthfully, it had a lot to do with expectations and, against my better judgment, wanting something perhaps too particular out of it. I expected the season to do some interesting things with Jack that were constantly hinted at but never explored. I expected characters like Steve Navarro to have more interesting dimensions (though Mark was *fantastic*). I expected Chloe to die rather than Audrey which felt gratuitous. I felt that Audrey’s death validated Heller’s comments to Jack in Day 6 which seemed like too conclusive a statement for me.

Anyway, I think my negative feelings stem from thinking that ‘Live Another Day’ was going to close Jack’s story once and for all. I went into Day 9 with that expectation. Instead of seeing that happen or, indeed, seeing anything particularly original or fresh happen throughout the season (it really was, in large part, a ‘greatest hits’ season) it ended on a very inconclusive note ala ‘Redemption’. I thought Season 8 was as good an ending for the series as was possible so ‘Live Another Day’ was kind of anticlimactic.

Like you said, though, this probably isn’t the end of the series. A 10th season looks inevitable so maybe in hindsight I’ll feel better about Season 9 if it opens up the opportunity for a kickass 10th season. We’ll see.

What would have really satisfied me would have been if they made the love another day final two hours maybe include a world war three scene but have it end as was but after the silent clock cut to black for about three seconds and show this scene. Instead of the solitary sign at the start maybe say three years later.

It would have been so cool to reversal Carlos Bernard and keep his return a secret from both us and other casts of the show. I love it when the actors in a show didn’t know something was going to happen until it airs.

It would have been a perfect story arc for another season and maybe would have soften
Audrey’s death
a bit more. And most 24 viewers proberly don’t even know this exists and let’s just say 24 did return for a season 10 including Tony people would be thinking didn’t he go to jail.

I also would have been just fantastic to see the big reveal of Tony but with the Bluray/DVD we knew it was coming so it wasn’t a shock when he was revealed.

I’m very curious about what you would have wanted the finale to look like if they didn’t stop World War 3 and we had a scene implying it, like you were suggesting. Would you have wanted everything else to happen the way it did, more or less, just with failure to stop the war, or would you have rather had the war happen but see some of the characters succeed on a personal level? Or just an across-the-board epic fail for everyone on everything?

I would have liked a 10 minute war scene and the President in China gets the video after the war occurred and he then stops as does Heller. With everything else the same happening I just mentioned it to fill out the other hour.

XAM, I’m unabashedly fond of the cheeseball platter that is Keith Palmer for President. I adore this idea and you will not break me down with your charming negativity. I will stand tall and defend to the death the need for Keith to be in charge by the end of 24’s story, so look out ;)

“Prequel” as in for a Day 10, like the other in between seasons stuff we’ve had in the past to set up the next Day.

I hope its not bad Tony again. The writers have already assfucked his story with the bad-good-bad bullshit.

This was more Tony of old than has been around in a long time. His motivations seem legit no matter how he’s planning on getting out of there. I think the only thing he really told the prison administrator that was a fundamental lie was that he’d accepted that he was going to die in prison. No one still that mentally present after 8 years in a windowless box has accepted death. He had too much fight left in him for that and acceptance of that also sort of directly contradicted the hope he had to have at least one shot of becoming his old self again. I think he lied about the circumstances of how he was going to gather intel for the government but I do think that’s his plan– just not from inside the prison. Eight years in solitary confinement with Tony’s track record is, without doubt, the best undercover cover story anyone could hope for and I think that’s why the escape now. They need Tony and Tony specifically for a mission but he can’t go undercover with terrorists if there’s even a shred of doubt that he might really be working for the government, so it has to be that he actually escapes.

And since Jack’s spent the last three years doing who knows what for the Red Squares and has had exactly zero ground to stand on in a moral debate with Tony since Day 8… and since even Chloe now went all dark and broody… it’s time to get the band back together and love on Tony again. His glasses reminded me of Jack’s Ernst Meier bit on Day 8 and the fact that this is a prison escape (Day 3, Jack & Ramon) that led to Jack undercover and the whole Nina reappearing plot and stuff… I kind of feel like either the CIA or CTU could be behind his prison break. Vanessa Diaz could be a mole for the CIA easily because they’d need someone with her DOJ-related access to prisons to move intelligence and other stuff in and out. (That would also be a nice break for the mole plot– like, now that our main characters are all on the wrong side of the law, being “a mole” means working for multiple government agencies– ha! Kind of in keeping with how Jack had a mole in the CIA on Day 9.) It’s obvious that wherever Tony is going, it’s going to be where Jack is. They go together like cream and sugar and Sonny and Cher and sunshine and rainbows and wow, is it ever past my bedtime… :)

I can see what you’re getting at, it would indeed be a convincing cover to have been in prison like that for 8 years. But I just don’t see any government agency trusting the dude who blew up a building full of FBI agents like they were rats in his trap.

Also, that twitchy little almost half smile at the end where you could tell he wanted to happy dance but couldn’t, I just dunno if he’d be that jazzed to be working for the government again. The prospect of getting free, he’d be jazzed. Getting the opportunity to redeem himself, he’d be jazzed. Having just pulled off that scam and confirming to himself that he’s still a badass, he’d be jazzed. But being in deep with the government again, I just dunno that he’d be jazzed about that. Unless he’s scamming the government just to get his freedom, in which case we’re back to him being jazzed because he’s a badass.

PS. Welcome back, was starting to think you’d been taken out by one of Wilson’s goons or something.

Aww, thanks. Nice to see you, too. I can see your points but I think it’s not that he’s jazzed to work for the government (or didn’t mean to say, anyway)… I think he’s jazzed for a chance to be his old self again and that means saving people and saving his friends. Look at the plot where it was left on Day 9– it’s bleeping *dire* for anyone Tony knew from the old days. Audrey’s dead, Heller’s dying of Parallel to Prion Variant Virus from Day 7, Chloe is adrift and still trying to figure out what happened to her dead spouse and kid (her New Year’s Resolution is to be nicer to Tony now that she’s lived his life) and Jack, well… good gravy. If Tony became a terrorist to avenge his family, Jack’s become a terrorist to protect his family. And this is *after* he went on a killing spree that led him down the path to this whole mess. We know that there’s no way Day 10 doesn’t have Tony and Jack cross paths (and ditto Tony & Chloe) but the setup here is really interesting– it’s not as clear-cut as ‘Tony needs to be redeemed and Self-Righteous Jack might be willing to get off his soapbox today’. It’s more like… Jack’s so in over his head in trouble that if Tony showed up in his life again with that old spark in his eye and a willingness to regain his footing as Jack’s measure for what a good man is, then Jack would take a couple episodes out of pride where he’s not quite so sure about anything other than the plot is a lot of fun when he and Tony circle each other so, why not :)… before he’d do the stoic, Jack Bauer version of falling at Tony’s feet and sobbing in relief that there might be hope for him, if there’s hope for Tony. That Tony might have shown up with an agenda– literally ANY agenda you can think of, it really doesn’t matter what you slot in here– but that now that he’s here and he sees what Jack has become? He’s going to double up his redemption arc with helping Jack take care of the Red Squares and get himself out of this mess.

At the same time, Tony’ll relate better with Chloe now. He might even be the only one who could help Chloe if things get rough enough for her because Chloe kind of did this whole common plot she, Jack, and Tony are sharing backwards from how the others are doing it. Chloe lost her family and she became a traitor but she took out her grief on herself because she couldn’t be sure that it wasn’t all her fault. She then got her redemption arc at the end of Day 9… but the end of Day 9 is also when she learned from Adrian that it is possible to find out what actually happened to Morris & Prescott. He died before he could tell her. Chloe isn’t just going to let that go and what’s going to happen when she finds out who killed her family- when she can put names and faces to them? Her path, too, is going to cross into Jack and Tony’s stories again. Her story is now similar to Tony’s story and I’d be that if he could spare Chloe from making the mistakes he did, he would do his best to do so. (Otherwise, why are they bothering having these stories all crop up at the same time?) I think Tony is sincere when he tells the prison administrator that he wants to be again that guy that he used to be- the one who saved lives- and I think that Tony would team up with whoever he could find who would give him that opportunity. He doesn’t exactly hate the U.S. government anymore than Chloe did when she released thousands of classified documents and otherwise worked against them. They were both pissed that Uncle Sam had destroyed their lives after they had given so much to their country. I’m sure that they have bitterness but they also have that kind of work in their blood and I could see a Tony who, eight years on from Day 7, is less embittered and more just wanting out. He wants that chance again and he hates that he’s been denied it, so he’s going to get it, dammit, even if he has to do some crazy shit to get there. It’s honestly not really that much different than Jack resurfacing on Day 9 willing to save Heller because of who he is to him and Audrey and what he represents in his past and all the lives that will be lost if a third world war breaks out because Heller dies. Jack wants to do the right thing and get that one last chance to work for the government and save civilians and be a damn hero. I’m pretty convinced that this is why he smiles when walks to the Red Squares at the end of Day 9– it’s because even though pretty much everything went fubar, the things Jack could control didn’t. He stopped the war, he saved people’s lives, and he even saved Heller, even if Heller was dying from something Jack couldn’t control. Yes, he lost a lot that day, but he was also oddly successful. He was even going to go out a hero, having saved Chloe. He could walk towards death with a smile on his face because it was all mercifully over and he could live with himself in the afterlife. Jack didn’t know if he’d die in a Russian prison somewhere, if they’d just kill him there on the spot, all he knew was he was done and he did what he resurfaced in London to do. That’s what I think Tony wants, too– that kind of opportunity. Whatever this plot is, he’s found a way, and that’s why he’s all keyed up for this mission, IMO. (That and… you know, a good steak, seeing the ocean, an actual bed, preferably with Jack Bauer naked in it… you know, his usual fantasies ;))

As for the government not trusting Tony to carry out the mission, I’m so with you. But that’s why we have the new kids, who also have to be in the plot. I’m thinking maybe they know this all has something to do with Jack at the onset, which is how Kate Morgan is brought back into the plot. She might have resigned but she is so far from done in the story, it’s not even funny. When Jack pops up on the radar, she gets a call akin to what Jack got at the beginning of Day 2: a mission has come up an d you are conveniently the only person on earth who can lead it, so you must return to the plot! We know you’ll say yes so just get here already!

Now, we’d be cooking with characters who all want basically the same thing– redemption– but will do different things to get it because it is defined a little differently by each of them. Kate’s got to bring in Jack Bauer for what he’s done for the last three years. Jack has to keep on pretending that he’s not working for the Russians while helping them– he’s the mole of the story now– or else his family is in danger. Tony gets into all of this to save lives and stop Jack but then crosses into Jack’s story and, upon learning what’s going on with him, will prioritize helping Jack out of that mess more than he will anything else. Basically? Tony on an undercover mission is the easiest way to explain why he’s getting out now, who is helping him, and why it’s so urgent that it happen right away after he’s been in there for eight years, and even why it needs to be an escape to maintain his cover.

Besides… we don’t know that Tony’s planning on escaping by himself. I think it’s mighty suspicious that they kept Sergei Bazhaev alive on Day 8. Not only that but they made it abundantly clear that he’d be spending the rest of his life in federal prison on terrorism and espionage-related charges. If I were the CIA or CTU and I got wind of the Red Squares stirring up some trouble and knew that this was the Russian mob, so I don’t even really know how to get to them, I’d say that I really needed Sergei Bazhaev to somehow miraculously get out of prison and restart his relationship with the group. I wouldn’t entirely trust him to do it but I also wouldn’t trust him *not* to do it, either, since his family is still in the U.S. and under American protection. But a seventy something year old guy escaping a federal prison on his own? Nah. Requires a highly-trained, highly-experienced, highly-capable covert operative with a reputation that would allow him to go with Bazhaev to the Russians and not be seen as a spy for the U.S. because of his history… oh wait! Just so happens there’s one of those in need of a new pair of reading glasses a couple cells down from Sergei… :) Or something like that.

Great post. I’ve missed reading these.

On the topic of Jack’s smile at the end of the finale…I felt like it was more him looking at Chloe and seeing someone whose life he hadn’t yet managed to ruin. In fact, his presence left her in a better place at the end of Day 9 than what she was in at the start of it. That’s kind of rare and unusual for Jack. I think he found some comfort and happiness in that.

”but the end of Day 9 is also when she learned from Adrian that it is possible to find out what actually happened to Morris & Prescott. He died before he could tell her. Chloe isn’t just going to let that go and what’s going to happen when she finds out who killed her family- when she can put names and faces to them?”

It hadn’t really ocurred to me that Chloe would take that up like a new cause that leads her down a dark path. If it honestly was an accident, if Chloe did look into it enough to get the name of the driver, I’d think she’d consider that closure, as opposed to a thing she’d persue for violent revenge. She’s seen how that can fuck a person up, she’s the one who talked Jack off the ledge. If she discovered it WASN’T really an accident, then she might be at least tempted to go after the party responsible, I guess. Honestly, I found it suspect that her family were killed when a truck hit their car, and we saw an actual truck full of Russians ram into Jack’s car on Day 9, but that’s not really anything conclusive I guess, just me being paranoid.

”I think Tony is sincere when he tells the prison administrator that he wants to be again that guy that he used to be- the one who saved lives- and I think that Tony would team up with whoever he could find who would give him that opportunity.”

Agreed, I think he’s sincere, because he wouldn’t use Michelle’s name in vain like that. He did some bad shit in her name, but he was messed up and misguided because of his devotion to her. If he’s saying now, with the benefit of reflection, that that devotion to her now means he wants to be the kind of man she could love again, I believe him.

The more I’ve rewatched Solitary, the more I wonder if he actually even knows any specifics about who’s getting him out. I wonder if he even knew exactly what was gonna go down in that meeting apart from a vague, “She’s gonna pass off information to you somehow,” and her constant messing with the glasses was because, “Lookit the glasses, see the glasses, hint hint the glasses are what you need off me, you need to get the glasses and put on the glasses, see how I keep putting on the glasses.” If so, if he doesn’t even know who’s getting him out, it could be anyone and anything waiting for him on the outside, and he’s playing along anyway, that opens up more questions about what he’s personally planning for once he gets free. Is he prepared to play along with whoever and whatever, or does he already have a secondary escape plan in mind?

The more I think about it, the more I think the use of Mason’s voice was deliberate to tip him off that the person helping him is CTU affiliated in some way, but that’s as much as he knows about their identity, but he’s not particularly fussed who it is because they’re just his ticket out the front door. Building schematics embedded in high tech glasses just screams “Chloe” to me, (she’s the BOSS when it comes to getting a schematic of a thing).

”(That and… you know, a good steak, seeing the ocean, an actual bed, preferably with Jack Bauer naked in it… you know, his usual fantasies ;))”

LOL And don’t forget a beverage out of his favourite mug.

”Jack has to keep on pretending that he’s not working for the Russians while helping them– he’s the mole of the story now– or else his family is in danger. Tony gets into all of this to save lives and stop Jack but then crosses into Jack’s story and, upon learning what’s going on with him, will prioritize helping Jack out of that mess more than he will anything else. Basically? Tony on an undercover mission is the easiest way to explain why he’s getting out now, who is helping him, and why it’s so urgent that it happen right away after he’s been in there for eight years, and even why it needs to be an escape to maintain his cover. “

That’s a possibility I’ve pondered too, that the Russians would be using Jack as a soldier for their side, against his own country. That’s salt in the wound kind of stuff that they’d get off on making him do, and when you’ve got someone with Jack’s skill set, may as well keep him alive and use him instead of just killing him or leaving him rotting in a cage.

Like I said a minute ago though, my main suspect for who’s getting Tony out is Chloe. Her motivation could be that she’s found out what the Russians are making Jack do and wants to get him out. Or getting back to my earlier point, maybe she discovered it WAS the Russians who killed her family, and that’s also a factor into her taking action, on top of wanting to get Jack out. Maybe her investigation of the car crash is what leads to her discovery of what the Russians have had Jack doing and it all ties together.

Anyway, Chloe with a personal mission wanting Tony on the team makes more sense to me than CIA/CTU/FBI wanting Tony on the team, but really there are so many options, they could take it in all sorts of directions. Halp, I’ve fallen into a pit of Day 10 possibilities and I can’t get out.

Jack dodn’t hand himself over to Red Square, he handed himself over to the Russian government… not sure which show you were watching there, Mary.

Oops, meant to write didn’t not dodn’t.

As you were.

Yes, I got the impression he was handing himself over to official channels. What I found interesting about the exchange was how…amicable it seemed. I have a feeling Jack wasn’t handing himself over to be incarcerated. Rather, I think he’s handing himself over to work for them – whether he likes it or not.

Well, on Day 8, they tell us that the Red Squares basically own the Russian government. The Russian mob are so deeply entrenched in power there that we learn they have a President in power on Day 8. (Odds are Suvarov is not the President still in the 24 world by Day 9 but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have a reach, or that the Red Squares have just replaced him with someone else.) This enormous power and high levels of corruption was why it was so impossible to infiltrate them, why Renee’s mission before and during Day 8 was so near-impossible, why a pretty powerful guy like Bazhaev was completely terrified of them. To hand yourself over to the Russian government, if you are Jack, is to hand yourself over to the Red Squares. Especially since it was some definitely corrupt members of the Russian government in Novakovich, Renee’s killer whose name I always forget, etc, whom Jack killed. I’ve no doubt that the “Moscow’s going to suck for you” guy at the end of Day 9 is some official representative of the Russian government but, if not he himself, at the very least the boss he’s going to take Jack to see in Moscow, is/are also Red Squares. By doing what he did to save Chloe, Jack just handed himself over not only to the government of the diplomats he killed but to the same group of people who want revenge on him for those deaths.

It opens up a plot down the road where there are some non-corrupt Russians (probably like the guy Jack turned himself over to at the end of Day 9) who just thought it just but weren’t personally motivated by revenge. They’re just like okay, we got the guy who killed our people, we’ll have him stand trial or get him to work for us or throw him in prison or something. But what about Stolnavich’s dying words to Jack on Day 9 and the foreshadowing there? When he went all Ted Cofell on Jack and was like “you vil pay!” Earlier in the season, Stolnavich was talking to Mark and referred to Novakovich as “my good friend.” He was a Red Square member of the Russian government who wanted revenge against Jack for Novakovich’s death and used his dying words to put that OMGNO expression on Jack’s face. That’s all likely foreshadowing for the fact that one day (probably Day 10), it’s not going to matter that Jack just spent three years working for the Russian government in penance for his killing spree on Day 8 because there is a faction of Red Squares who don’t think this a just punishment. Jack himself also foreshadows this as well. He tells ProbablyNotRedSquare!Guy who picks him up at the end of Day 9 that he’s only going to do this if nothing happens to Chloe and his family and warns that if the Russians go after Jack’s family in revenge, then Jack will unleash the fire and brimstone like they’ll never believe. ProbablyNotRedSquare!Guy is all nah, we just want you. We don’t want revenge, we just want justice.

That’s the official mandate of the Russian government when it comes to Jack but it’s not going to be the unofficial decision of Novakovich’s pals down the line.

Awesome! Best little addition they ever did, beats the car commercials any day.

Any one think maybe it wasn’t Mason at all? Maybe for some reason Chloe or whoever used Mason’s voice to disguise her own? But then that would be kind of dumb since she never knew Mason, never mind.

I totally think someone is using Mason’s voice to disguise their own voice. And since Mason was never a terribly public figure and has been dead for twenty years in the 24 universe by the time of Solitary (WOW! at that), then anybody who didn’t know him personally might not recognize his voice, so it’s kind of the perfect cover. The technology to do this also exists in the 24 world and is something they didn’t pick back up on after telling us it existed, so it’s totally possible. Plus, voice scramblers in the future apparently are terrible in the 24 universe because who couldn’t hear Adrian Cross’ voice in that thing on Day 9? ;)

Tony also was very much aware of the plan and what he needed to do to see it through, so he has to have had some kind of contact with someone. It also probably wasn’t Vanessa Diaz, since that would be pretty suspicious for her to go up against him in the appeal but visit him prior to that, plus they seemed like they were sort of signaling each other a bit in the meeting in a way that was kind of… unfamiliar. Like, they had both been told what to do by someone else but it wasn’t like they could rehearse it, so they kept looking at one another to keep on the same page. I’m pretty sure the prison administrator wasn’t in on any of this, as otherwise why bother with the whole charade when he could just subtly help along the escape, and Tony otherwise sees his (charming!) guards, and that’s about it. Based on the total b.s. file that Diaz created and brought up to get the administrator to quickly deny the appeal, it seems like Tony can get phone calls, because it didn’t seem odd to the administrator that Tony would have talked to a man they had yet to identify (even if all of this was fake.) That would have to take place in a phone call because if it were a visitor or another inmate, they’d know already. So, Tony’s allowed phone calls from time to time. But anyone who would be involved in helping him escape from prison can’t call him using their own voice or else they’d be identified and the mission wouldn’t be secret (since all prison phone calls are recorded) and they obviously can’t use a voice scrambler so…. good thing Alex Hewitt invented that voice scrambling thing from Day 2! *laughs* The Handler is like “dammit, Tony, stop your moping and get ready to escape, or next time I’m calling as Ryan Chappelle!”

Sure makes sense that it could be someone using old voices that he is familiar with that others aren’t. I mean if he does get phone calls they are probably monitored by every agency on the planet, so what better way to avoid suspicion then to use a dead person’s voice that he knows.

lol theyre gonna have tony kill innocent civilians again like its some kind of lifelong agenda since season 1. can we petition the directors to not write and produce any 24 episodes anymore thanks

Tony’s more upbeat after eight years in a concrete mausoleum than you are. And over the nice makeup sex of a prequel they just gave us after we threw all their stuff on the lawn over the awesome but OMGsodepressing ending of Day 9. Chin up, grasshopper. There’s only one story here and it involves a man reuniting with his freedom, his past, his mug, and his now-Rogue CTU.

How do we know this story extension takes place 2 years after Live Another Day?

Day 7 + 1.5 years = Day 8.
Day 8 + 4 years = Day 9.
So Day 9 was 5.5 years after Day 7, and Solitary is 8 years after Day 7, which makes it 2.5 years after Day 9.

I really don’t think the writer are too arsed keeping the years in proper continuity.
I think they just plucked that ‘8 years’ out of thin air without having done any of the maths beforehand.

Also it wouldnt be the first time that there would be a long time jump..
Remember jack on that ship with cheng for i believe a year? or a year and half?

24Tom, the one thing 24 is really good with is the timeline of how many years have passed between the seasons. There are at least two different ideas (that I’ve seen anyway, probably more) on in what year Day 1 took place (and, obviously, every season following it.) So, it’s not totally set in stone what years things happen in but the amount of time separating the seasons is always right on the money. They’re better at continuity than they sometimes seem to be.

This minisode has reinvigorated my desire to see the series continue. I’m suddenly feeling quite optimistic about a 10th season. I could put ‘Live Another Day’ behind me if another season featuring Tony lived up to its potential.

Ah, Tony. You do tend to have that effect on me.

Tony makes everything better. He’s chocolate cake and sunny beach days and Christmas trees.

You simply don’t go out of your way to make a short like this if it’s NOT a tease for Day 10. They could’ve just shown us a bit of Tony as a fun little farewell to his character, but no, they introduced a whole new mystery and left it open ended. This can NOT just be a one off thing. This MUST be a teaser. (Right?)

Surely. I’d be amazed if it wasn’t.

If they get a green light, then sure, this was retrospectively a teaser, but it’s not like FOX signed a check for another series when this was conceived and shot. They made this speculatively and also as a way to push Blu-rays.

There’s no Day 10 unless FOX says so, regardless of what the writers were thinking about when they came up with this.

Ah but what a way to twist Fox’s arm into comitting to making another season. It’s like they threw a chunk of fresh meat into a pack of wolves and now the whole fandom is baying for MORE, so Fox would be stupid to not greenlight it ASAP.

Fox wants a Day 10 badly. They unofficially checked the box for a Day 10 from the get-go of Day 9. It’s one of the only things on Fox TV that’s made money since, oh, when 24 was still on Monday nights. No one’s twisting their arms. It looks (to my armchair t.v. nerd observer eyes) to be a contract hold up. The option to greenlight another series of 24 with Real Time and Imagine and everything ends at the end of 2015. Fox wants to greenlight it now because then they don’t have to renegotiate contracts with the producers/production companies in order to get a Day 10. In other words? They don’t have to give them all more money because Day 9 was such a hit. But it’s in the best interest of everyone involved who doesn’t work directly for Fox to wait a little longer until the contract made for Live Another Day expires and then renegotiate with Fox, who will still absolutely be interested a year from now. It’s better marketing-wise and fiscally, to wait longer to release Day 10 anyway. Let binge watchers get caught up on DVD/Bluray, let even more new viewers find it, ride the Tony hype wave that’s designed to keep us interested for their hiatus, release another novel or something next summer while we wait. Give the brand a little time to breathe and it’ll do better because it’s an “event series” not something that is guaranteed to be on again the following year, so it becomes a show we take for granted as returning and don’t feel as compelled to watch. I think this is why Kiefer went through that coy ‘oh, aren’t I getting too old?’ phase and then flipped it around two weeks later with how much he loves playing Jack and wants to return and blah blah blah. It’s a song and a dance to delay negotiating a contract for Day 10 until everyone involved can make some more (well-deserved) moolah off of the success of Day 9. Fox is just kind of riding it out because it works out for them pretty well anyway, since Day 10 is a guaranteed slam-dunk for them, so ponying up a little extra cash for it a year from now isn’t going to kill them. Just my humble opinion.

There is no Real Time Productions anymore, Mary, ’24’ has been co-produced under HoGo’s Teakwood Lane production company since Season 7. And how do you know the options for a season 10 expire in 2015, do you have a copy of the writers/producers contracts? Some of the production team – like David Fury – signed two-year development deals with FOX in 2013, but they could very well include an option for extension should another season of ’24’ be greenlit, such options are standard in the industry, in which case, no further renegotiations would be required.

I have no idea what the legalities or contractual stipulations for another ’24’ season are, and neither do you, but considering what both Manny Coto and Dana Walden have all said since the finale in July, it’s clear that the only thing holding up a new season is the writers/producers deciding they have another compelling story to tell and actually formally commiting to another season…

Sorry, I meant Teakwood Lane. I still think of it as Real Time but yeah it’s not the same company.

I admitted I don’t know for sure but I can for sure speculate based on the facts available to the public and a little reading between the lines. But I think arguing about whether or not there will be more 24 following Day 9 is a bit like arguing over whether or not there will be green grass somewhere on the planet tomorrow morning. Shy of meteorite obliterating the planet by this time tomorrow, it’s a given. When it’s happening? I’m as clueless as everyone else but I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t know when until after that contract with the production companies expires and they renegotiate a new one. I’m not an expert by any means but that just seems logical from a business perspective.

Just got to hope Kiefer can be persuaded to come back for another season!

I think since 24 likes to keep the time between series the consistent with the storyline, this suggests to me that if this happens immediately before Day 10, then we’re going to be waiting until 2016 for a new series (2 years after LAD). This doesn’t provide any closure to Tony’s story and has no details on Jack, so they’re not wrapping up the whole show with this, which means it might be the writers trying to convince Fox to give the green light on at least 1 more season. I can’t believe they would make this feature just for the sake of a Blu-Ray release.

It also leaves options open for 2 different arcs if Tony is involved in day 10. As his handlers could be good (CIA/CTU/whatever) or bad (terrorists/arms dealers/whatever). So we could have good Tony helping Jack get out of Russia, or evil Tony trying to hunt down Jack. Or Jack breaking out after finding out evil Tony is on the loose.

With some of the rather unrealistic arcs the series has done in the past, I seriously doubt the writers could bring back George Mason. So it’s either a dummy voice to hide ‘the handlers’ identity, or it could be Xander Berkeley in a new role. To be honest, I’d like to see Xander in a new role as to me he’s one of the best actors to appear in 24, and was killed off too soon. But there is no way the writers could have found a way for Mason to survive radiation sickness for 15 years. TV shows and movie franchises have done it before where one actor has played more than one role and it’s been almost 15 years since Berkeley was last in 24.

24 has used one actor in multiple roles many times, most just small ones though, except Tony Todd

I think, handler’s voice actor being Xander Berkeley was just a fun easter egg for fans. That’s it.

What are all the references to “easter eggs” about?

Easter eggs are little fun winks to fans or clues to the story left by the production team inside a story. They sometimes don’t follow the rules of a story’s universe or even stories in general. For example, on Day 4, the number on Debbie’s phone is shown when it rings while Behrooz is trying to get rid of her body. It’s a real number that led callers to the 24 set, becoming known as the “fan phone”, where viewers wound up talking to people involved in the production by calling the number shown on screen. To keep it going during Day 4, practically every time a phone number is shown, it’s the fan phone number. That’s an easter egg for the fans because it is impossible in the story for characters like Audrey to share Debbie’s phone number. It is something put there for the fans that, in this case, doesn’t fit within the realm of possibility in the story.

By saying that Xander Berkeley’s voice is “just an easter egg”, they’re saying it was just something fun thrown in for fans of old-school seasons of the show, who would recognize the Handler’s voice as Berkeley. Which is for sure possible and highly probable but since it was just his voice and the technology exists to replicate audio samples of voices in the 24 universe, it’s also possible it’s not just an easter egg.

I worry if they wait 2 years to make S10 that Kiefer’s willingness (and age) will become bigger issues at that time then they are now – if he’s already expressed hesitation that his body can’t handle the wear-and-tear of the action the role demands, he’ll only be 2 years older in 2016.

I hope as soon as FOX announces the renewal, the entire writing & production team gets going followed by the cast led by Kiefer.

Plus he could be dead from lung cancer in 2 years as well with the amount he smokes. It is probably a ploy for more money and he should let stunt men do more work, that would save on some wear and tear.

tony is older than jack

Is there still a way to watch 24: Solitary online? I didn’t find it.

Personally, I think Mary should write the next season. Hahaha

I second that! Haha


One thing I will say about Solitary, is that it’s showed how new writers and directors can really freshen things up.

It was written and directed by guys who made Season 8 and LAD, though.

I liked the writing in this a lot and the directing had a very old-school 24 feel that I liked but, like Samurai Snake said, it didn’t come from people wholly new to 24, plus it all would have had to be okay-ed by the showrunners, who were producers on it.

It felt “fresh” to me too but also felt really like the first few seasons of 24 and that’s why it felt like a relief to me. It’s headed back towards the parts of the story that were dire but not quite so ungodly dire and where a sense of hope existed stronger than it does in the second half of 24. It looks like Day 10 won’t be quite as depressing an experience as Day 9… I hope :)

*blushes furiously* So flattered.

Mary couldn’t write the next ’24’… they haven’t got 47 episodes to cram all her whacked-out ideas and theories into a single and coherent season!!!

Clearly when ‘Solitary’ was conceived and shot, there was some kind of end game in mind, but they didn’t go to the expense and effort of making the short just to shift a few more DVD’s or Blu Ray’s… at least, I hope not.

Damn right! Wherever would I put my ‘Jack is an alien who had to come to earth because he got his family killed on a planet in another galaxy and now he’s a mole for the intergalactic alliance of aliens about to attack Earth’ idea?! I’d need at least three seasons to roll that out properly. ;) *eyeroll but also laughing* :)

I’ll cop to Audrey the Chinese mole as being wackadoodle (but would have been endlessly more interesting than the ‘Audrey’s PTSD made her bitchy and dead-eyed and then she was murdered while trying to be more likable again’) but other ideas are not so out there. ;) Play nice, Gerry or you don’t get any of the cake I made this morning.

As the 1st vid was deleted, I posted on another site : http://www.wat.tv/video/24heures-chrono-solitary-71fpl_3i21n_.html

Did we miss another return in all the Mason talk? Because Tony’s neighbor whose cell he passes by in the hallway looks an awful lot like the guy from Day 2 and Day 4 who got his kneecapped by Jack in the Day 4 premiere: http://24.wikia.com/wiki/Tomas_Sherek

haha could be any bald guy though

For sure. We barely saw him. But, uh, it was weird that we even did see him. Like, why make the camera stop there and have Tony see him? It didn’t really serve a purpose in the story and it would be a funny sort of moment if he popped up later inside the prison on Day 10. Like, Tony’s neighbor being a terrorist arrested for being connected to the plot that got Tony his mojo back on Day 4 is all sorts of funny.

True, it would be a fun little easter egg, but I’d think if it was him they would have at least gave a quick look at his face. Unless they are trying to hide that for day 10 for some reason. Be funny if he, tony, behrooz and the like were all locked up in there.

What would have really satisfied me would have been if they made the love another day final two hours maybe include a world war three scene but have it end as was but after the silent clock cut to black for about three seconds and show this scene. Instead of the solitary sign at the start maybe say three years later.

It would have been so cool to reversal Carlos Bernard and keep his return a secret from both us and other casts of the show. I love it when the actors in a show didn’t know something was going to happen until it airs.

It would have been a perfect story arc for another season and maybe would have soften
Audrey’s death
a bit more. And most 24 viewers proberly don’t even know this exists and let’s just say 24 did return for a season 10 including Tony people would be thinking didn’t he go to jail.

I also would have been just fantastic to see the big reveal of Tony but with the Bluray/DVD we knew it was coming so it wasn’t a shock when he was revealed.

It sounded like to me that they used part of the sound track from 24 Redemption after they brought Tony back to his cell. Did anyone else notice that?

As I’m in the middle of binging through the early season DVDs, the soundtrack theme for this clip is definitely not the same as the traditional music played at end of each episode. I haven’t gotten to the S9 yet but wondered if the latest season had the same as the clip or not….

I think it’s an original piece but it’s composed of variations of old music. In a really interesting way. Starting with Diaz in the bathroom and going through to the end, it’s like the clock music getting steadily louder, played in tandem with the rapid heartbeat-type music of Tony’s quasi-death from Day 5. The music then sped up as he died, kind of evoking his fatal heart attack but also not sounding very, uh, for lack of a better way to put this, ‘permanently dead-like’. It wasn’t terribly mournful, even if it was very dramatic. That music’s disappeared in other Tony moments since his quasi-death, probably to symbolize that even though he was revived, he wasn’t *alive*. Zombie!Tony has been all we’ve seen since Day 5 and solitary confinement is thought to be akin to a “living death”– you’re not dead but you’re certainly not living, either.

But the rapid heartbeat music kicks in again after he’s thrown back in his cell and as Diaz talks to “Mason” and we learn that it was all a ploy. The seconds ticks and the heartbeat sounds start going back and forth, one louder than the other then switching back, all one piece of music, until the rapid heartbeat gives way when we see Tony’s view of the plans on his glasses and time appears for him again. The clock music similar to the DVD menu starts playing– hurrah! time has found its way to solitary!– but when we pull back on that final shot of Tony’s smirky smile, what happens to the music? The clock is still there but it fades a little and the more prominent sound evokes the sound and pacing and rhythm of? A *steady* heartbeat. Tony’s got a pulse :)

Tenth Season !!!

I remember Carlos saying that ‘his (Tony’s) story isn’t over…” on a youtube clip earlier this year.

Am I the only one who doesn’t see this a teaser for anything upcoming? It’s just a little bonus, that’s it. I have no reason to believe there’ll be a another series.

This is like 24 proposing marriage on a jumbotron and you’re all ‘I didn’t know you were serious about settling down!’ :b

I interpret it as a definite teaser for two reasons. One, the producers said that LAD would provide closure. Then all of a sudden they started fiddling around with different endings as they saw the ratings increase with DVR viewership, and obviously began to deliberate whether to make the finale more open ended. That’s the direction they chose to go in. Further, the initial reports were that Tony’s “fate” was to be revealed in the DVD extra. This is clearly not the case. “Fate” implies closure – but Solitary clearly is not. We don’t even get to see IF the escape plan works – presumably it does, but when you combine the open-ended revised LAD finale with the open ended teaser trailer on Tony Almeida’s (a fan favorite BTW) “fate,” it all leads to one thing – a new story.

Fate doesn’t imply closure. Closure doesn’t imply anything either. Stop that nonsensical notion that characters should either die or get a “happy ending” in order for it to be a “closure”. All you knew about Tony at the end of S7 is that he was caught by the police. This video shows you that he’s been in prison for a long time and he’s going to escape. That to me is simply showing us that he didn’t rot in hell for all we knew. To me LAD had also a closure for Jack. Anyone claiming it didn’t just doesn’t understand what the word means. Jack sacrificed himself, that’s it. He die in Moscow for all I care.

Bring Audrey Back!! For the next season/movie

OK, at least Tony was easy to bring back b/c of hypothermic compound crap. BUT AUDREY WAS SHOT RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED. Tony’s return was (somewhat) believable, but they can’t bring Audrey back. SHE IS DEAD!!!! But I still <3 her, though.

You’ve right… But the death of Audrey was extremely painfully for me, and personally i want see a “decent” conclusion with Jack…
In all LAD they share just one meet and some calls…
Is not enough for me.

Ah, but what is a ‘decent’ conclusion for Jack? All of his love interests are relationships that don’t work by design and over half of them don’t survive being with him. The two most prominent relationships he has with a woman are with his daughter and his sister-like figure in Chloe. Every time one of his love interests dies, especially Renee or Audrey, it seems like people think he no longer has a shot at a happy ending because he’s lost a major love interest but think about what would have happened if the show had picked one of those love interests over one another? They all were significant for different reasons but none of them are the one Jack’s supposed to ride off into the sunset with. The love interests are sacrifices to the story gods so that Jack loses something while saving the world. They’re all important for different reasons and some of them were around for longer than others but none of them are “the one.” Jack could have a happy-ish ending when all is said and done– a fate that isn’t completely and utterly miserable. But he will always have to lose something.

In the past, the love interests are the easiest thing for him to lose because they all eventually represent for him a life for himself that is separate from his work. The fans also would argue into the ground the decision to send Jack off into the sunset with any love interest over another one and while I know there are some who want Jack and Chloe to hook up, there are just as many who don’t want that at all and the show doesn’t really give any support for it happening. Jack’s happy-ish ending isn’t necessarily going home to his family, either, because while he loves Kim and her family and wants them to be safe and happy, Jack’s core conflict is what he tells Chase on Day 3– “you can’t do this job and have a normal life.” Jack isn’t going to be happy if he can’t go save the world. He’d never be happy at something other than being Jack Bauer. A normal life in the traditional sense is not a happy ending-ish ending for Jack is having lost something or someone dear but knowing his family is safe, that he’s free of the burdens of his past and any mistakes he’s made and literally free in the non-imprisoned sense, and walking off into the sunset/sunrise not alone but with someone who means something important to him, understands him, and can co-exist in both the greater good action-y side and the personal side of Jack’s life. Who also is someone the audience won’t argue over being there as the end game of Jack Bauer relationships. In other words? It’s either Tony or it’s no one.

In many occasion during day 4-5-6 Jack “opening” for a life with Audrey…
But tragic circumstances denied that every time (the D5 finale could be perfect if Jack won’t kidnapped).
And i think that a “love interest” could fit PERFECTLY in Jack life, give us an epic ending for an epic series.
Plus the Audrey’s death was completely unnecessary for the story (she died for nothing…), this was probably a “director’s” mistake, looking for a “forced” dramatic finale…
Imho the final scene with the “exchange” could be enough, even if Audrey was alive…

Agree to disagree here? For the record, I’m not saying that I don’t think Jack can or should have love in some form, I’m saying that the decisions he makes in his life don’t allow for a lot of romance. That doesn’t mean, though, that a happy ending can’t fit into his life. I just don’t think he’s going to settle down in the suburbs and pick out some curtains and have meatloaf night with a woman and I don’t think he needs to do that to have a happy ending or be fulfilled.

Very true Mary. I never believed Jack could exist in Audrey’s rarified diplomatic world. Seeing him with a briefcase negotiating budgets at the beginning of S4 was just wrong and the minute he was given the chance to go back to Action Jack he took it. The writers said after LAD that the relationship between Jack and Chloe was the heart of the show and I agree. The producers may not want to put them together romantically even though she fits in his world perfectly, but her friendship is so important to him likewise if Tony came back into his life. On the Xander point I wouldn’t think any true 24 fan would swallow him coming back as anyone else. George Mason was an iconic character who died an heroic death which would be cheapened if he turned up as someone else.

From what you can see even in day 8 with Renee , Jack declares himself “ready” for a relationship that would take him away from the action, proof that he himself is the first to want to share a life with someone.
After the death of Renee we see a Jack completely out of your mind (like never in the series), conscious of the fact that with her is gone the last chance of happiness .
I’m not interested ” meatloaf ” or their private life …
But only you can see Jack with someone who loves at the end of the day.
Obviously I exclude Chole for the role of lover …
They are just friends and it would be RIDICULOUS to see them together in a love story.

October 3, 2014 at 11:26 am
Considering Cole’s actor hates Kiefer, yeah we won’t be getting any love scenes between Cole and Jack. Also, I think Jack is still straight.

They should bring back Cole Ortiz so Jack can punch him in the face and shoot him.

Brilliant idea!


I didn’t know Tony wore glasses.


This should’ve been a scene in the episode


That is hilarious.

It’s hilarious because practically nobody in England talks like that… ever! Not even the most foppish Etonian fuckwit talks like that.

It’s like a South Park interpretation of an English person.

It’s very possible Xander Berkeley plays a different character not mason. Same thing they did with Tony todd.

It’s just that Tony Todd didn’t play a major character for a season and a half… He’s kind of like how they recycled, like, 80% of the actors who play Second Wave terrorists on this show.

Bring on season 10 with tony on the good side and mike novick as the president, that would really rock!

can someone who bought the dvd/blu ray set make a unboxing video @youtube plz?

What’s with the “God Damnit” and “For Christ’s sake” using the Lord’s name in vain not once but twice with this Season 10 prequel?

The regular series NEVER uses those terms yet here we are constantly slandering God’s name. Does this actress have any idea what she is doing?

lol, no one cares.

God gave you a brain to use for many things, among them creativity. Creativity involves reflecting life. In life, people sometimes don’t use God’s name in the nicest of ways. You’re letting God down by pushing your world views onto everyone else and not being open to art.

But, really, you’re probably just a massive troll.

October 4, 2014 at 6:39 am
Besides, the actress didn’t write the script.

Frank, while your sentiments are admirable, it needs spelling out what exactly using the Lord’s name in vain actually means in the context used in the Bible.

The Hebrew word used for vain is shav, broadly meaning to be deceitful or untrue, it has no implications regarding to profanity. What God was commanding the Israelites not to do was use his name – whether one of His many titles (Adonai, el-Shaddai, etc) or His actual personal name (YHWH) – in a way that disrespected or dishonored Him, that could include using God’s name in a cursive manner, but that’s not the actual intended meaning of the text, it was more to do with misrepresenting His teachings and His Word, that if you were going to represent the Lord as a believer then do it in a truthful and respectful manner.

As with so much of the Scriptures, a tradition has built up around certain texts and their supposed meaning when that is not what is meant, many people have read English translations and inferred a meaning to a particular verse based on their understanding of a particular word, the translated verse “take the Lord’s name in vain” is an accurate and correct one but the exact meaning has been misunderstood throught the years because of a lack of understanding as to the the given meaning in the original Hebrew text.

Just thought I’d share that with you, food for thought.

Oh gosh please dont just tease and not come through.. Please make another season or a feature length movie.. there is still a lot of rich material left with us after the Russian cliffhanger at the end of 9 ! Fox studios head said there is still more to tell.. we fans agree!

When the two minute teaser came out I was extremely excited that Tony was sorry for all of the things that he has done and that he has finally realized it. I loved the full 7 minutes but I also didn’t like the thought of the whole Michelle speech being an act. I hope that he was using his real feelings to find a way to escape from prison. Tony is still a bad ass and I’ll defend him till I die.

Who says it’s all an act? There were some serious notes of sincerity in there, even if the delivery was purposefully ham-fisted. (I enjoyed how much the prison administrator was buying it and Diaz’s hilarious look of areyouserious?! in response.) I think the idea of him having accepted he’s going to die in prison was pretty much bullshit and I think the word choice was stupendously over the top intentionally. But… so was Tony’s reaction during faking Jack’s death at the end of Day 4. Tony sold the dickens out of that thing to Jack’s would-be assassin, all hysterical with grief and furious with blame, when it was part of their plan for him to react like that… *yet*? He then turns around and is panicked because Jack really isn’t coming back to life. We see his *real* reaction to the idea of Jack really dying and it’s dramatic and messy and grief-stricken… the same reaction, just with more sincerity. The fact that the entire appeal hearing was a ploy to get the glasses doesn’t mean that Tony wasn’t being at least partially honest in what he said.

Plus, let’s be real here: if Michelle could chat with him from the afterlife, she’d be all okay, you’ve paid enough. Get your sh*t together, do *whatever* you have to do to get out of there, and go be Tony Almeida again. She wouldn’t care, especially if it was the only way out for him.

I’m not sure Michelle would be all “Let go and let God” with Tony– I’m thinking she’d wash her hands of him — granted she has been through it all with him and his flexible morals wouldn’t come as a surprise to her. But she would not be able to reconcile his deeds with her own views of right and wrong.

I’m not sure Tony would even try to square anything with her.

LikeJack he put himself on a path that guaranteed his going it alone with no hope to reconcile the choices made with the price paid by those around him.

I don’t think she’d ever be cool with what he did and feel like he’s sufficiently paid for it just by going to jail, but I also can’t see her washing her hands of him. She did walk away from him once, but that didn’t exactly stick, because she still loved the guy, still believed in him, and thought him worthy of another chance. The fact that that happened might even play into his current mindset of why he hasn’t given up on himself and is now willing to make the effort to turn things around. If one strives to do and be better, it should primarily be a thing they do for themselves, not someone else, but if he’s taken the time to look at himself through her eyes and that’s given him a much needed kick in the arse, then thank you GhostMichelle.

PS. Relevant gifset is relevant: http://mcinskis.tumblr.com/post/98855028648
*brb sobbing forever*

I smell spin-off

Aside from Jack B, the Tony character was always the best thing about 24 (good or bad)! Hopefully, they’ll be a new season and will center around T.A. & J.B. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!

OMG! I am so glad Tony is back hopefully this leads to a tenth season, he has to save Jack from the Chinese, please Fox reps bring this exciting show back!!!!!

Ummm… Jack was kidnapped by the Russians this time. I think you’re thinking about Season 6.

Well this actress is being recycled because she already dia a reporter in season 3 and 4 as a reporter at one episode in each of these seasons, well Tony being back on the scene, is because he is going to be bad guy again, but he can show mercy and turn to the good

There’s no way they can just leave us on the ending note of 24 LAD and this clip right??

If FOX plans to revive George Mason from his death, I think better if FOX revives Bill Buchanan

For me Bill is a better team mate whereas George is a suck person , remember him in 1st season, Palmer should persuade him to help Jack

The character I would like to see again is Aaron Pierce :)

October 6, 2014 at 9:51 am
This. We need an epic Aaron return after a 2-season absence!

Agreed, he needs to come back.

Yes, these characters need closure in future movies/series: Aaron Pierce, Mandy, Tony, Kim and family. And perhaps the season 7 cabal of anonymous conspirators which really were behind the season 5 conspiracy too. In this I assume that Chloe and Jack will always survive and be the two main characters until the very end.

I hope not. If Chloe does not die next season, every season is doomed to end with Jack saying “Thanks Chloe, you’re my best friend” again.

Yes, the cabal needs to be brought back and dealt with, stupidest thing ever. Chloe needs to die too or at least the writers need to think up a new ending.

i am not agree Chloe does not have to die
Maybe Chloe is Jack’s best friend but she may absence on season 10

I thought FOX has killed many main character on season 5 was to raise the rating

But in the other hand FOX revive Tony and maybe George (solitary)

its not consistence

There is no way George is being revived, no maybes, ands, ifs ors or buts. It was just an easter egg or a voice changer. Mason is dead.

I’d like to see logan back next season, He didnt die, But he could ”fake” he has memory loss ;)

So what all does everyone think we are going to get?? Feature film? Day 10? And how soon?

I’m hoping for a day 10, but I don’t see it realistically happening until summer 2016. They announced LAD in may which gave them a year for writing and production. If the announced for next summer they would have significantly less time. .

I hope no feature film, because Die Hard and many many many other movies have already been there. And when it comes right down to it, I am 99.99% certain it would never gross more than 20M at the domestic box office. And they want more than that to make it. Which would mean it barely, if ever, turns a profit and mark the end for 24. So keep it on TV.

Sad but true, TV to big screen never goes well. Not to say the movie can’t be good, but the box office haul won’t be there. Keifer doesn’t have the draw on the big screen and besides, Fox fecks good series up anyway in movies, as they get their hand in the pot, just look at one of the worst movies of all time, Die Hard 5. Stay on TV or 24 is done.

I don’t see than on an annual Jan-June schedule either. The writers would be toast as they have currently airing series . Maybe we will get some info out of Kiefer during his appearance at the New Yorker Festival this weekend?

If (and in my opionon that is a very big IF) there is a season 10, I am sure that it will have nothing to do with getting Jack out of Russia, and the season will begin with Jack out of Russia and back in the states, probably in L.A. Of course it will be explained that Jack made it to Moscow and was let go because of a deal made between the 2 governments, or possibly Jack never made it to Moscow at the end of LAD. Remember that Jack was taken out of London by chopper. It is over 1500 air miles from London to Moscow and that distance cannot be flown nonstop in a copter. Most likely the chopper headed to an airport outside of London or England to a waiting airplane. And Belcheck, with Chloe’s help, made it to that that airport to rescue Jack. Logically, season 10 will be a 12 hour mini series and the entire story will take place in the states. Even with a 12 hours jump, it makes no sense to waste any story time in Russia.

I agree that getting Jack out of prison is not worthy of a whole 12 -episode event series but perhaps a 2-hr TV movie could focus on a prison break. This could be a prequel to a follow up S10 like redemption was a prequel to S7. Or the first 2hrs of an event series could be the prison break followed by a 12-hr time jump for the flight home then a 10-hr beat the crap out of the terrorists. Or, the prison break could be covered in another novel.

Considering how long it took the Russians to get him and what a big deal it was, I’d feel cheated if we didn’t get to see his escape play out on screen. Dunno that I could see them cranking out another prequel TV movie, but the travel time from Russia to the States is just right for a time jump in another 12 ep season.

If they went all out for a full season, then it’d have to start with Jack already in the States. Maybe…Jack’s been used as a solider by the Russians and they give him one final suicide mission that involves him doing something on American soil, it’s the ultimate insult to turn him into a traitor against his own country as the last thing he ever does. Jack has to comply otherwise Kim, Teri Jr and Co are instant toast. He can get into the country to do the thing because of the pardon, which is why the Russians pick him for the job. Chloe’s got wind of it all and busts Tony out to help her help Jack escape the clutches of the Russians once he’s back on home turf. Or something? But I doubt we’ll get a full 24 ep season anyway.

I think Tony escape only need about 7-8 minutes , see on glasses time started on 03:22:00 and ended on 23:28:30
Also i think FOX will not set season 10 on Russian, remember Jack season 6 never shoot on china

But I am agree if there is another 2 hours TV Movie before season 10

i means
see on glasses time started on 03:22:00 and ended on 03:28:30

This was awesome! but I intentionally bought the Blue-Ray disc because it had Solitary in it. I was under the impression that Solitary was longer (like a full episode of 24), before I purchased this 3 disc set. Had I known this, I would have just got the DVD instead. I just watched online the exact same clip of Solitary, but thought it was just a piece of it. Turns out, it’s exactly the same clip on the Blue Ray set. Wasted my money! That said, I sure hope this is the beginning of what’s to come in the next season. Also hope they give us more of Solitary instead of just a 7 minute clip! Bring on Season 10!!!!

Uhh.. It was made clear before release it would be 7 minutes long

Mason never got a Silent Clock when the nuke went off. Only once when he left CTU.

If next season is truely the last season, Then i want logan to make an appearance! We need one final vendetta from Logan!

Am i the only person that noticed this fail in the map?

Look at the image below and see if you can spot it.

He has to go back in to time lol

ignore the to in the last sentence lol

it’s approximately the year 2022/23 in terms of the timeline

I’m sure google figured out a way to make the user of their glasses manipulate time somehow

totally plausible

Yeah seems about right :D

Great Scott!!

The timecircuits must have malfunctioned, This could create a paradox, Eventually leading to the end of the world as we know it!

I’m now thinking were they referring to Xander in the DVD promo saying “a character from the past returns”

Nope, that was just Cheng

No it was either Carlos or Tony. It wouldn’t be cheng as that just wouldn’t make sense. It was a character that wasn’t in LAD. They were advertising this feature which made us presume it was Tony. But I think maybe it was Cancer.

Sorry predictive text 24 spoilers can you cancer to Xander.

its myers and teri revenge

24 spoilers please put a message on the page.. Megan (The little girl kim tries to protect for her abusing father) has just died

My bad for my message, I meant to say it was just announced she died in july, Because of a accidental drug overdose

We are all aware of her death man, 24spoilers posted this around the time she passed away

It has just been announced the cause of her death.

Yup that’s what i meant with my message, my bad. English is not my first language.

Saw a friend of mine this past weekend who is in “the business,” He told me that he very recently had a meeting with someone who has been involved with 24. I will refrain from stating his/her name other than to say that every fan of the show would immediately know who it is. The meeting that took place had nothing to do with 24. However, this individual did tell my friend that 24 will return as another 12 hour mini series. Very exciting news.

Nice one! I hope they make this one the last, do something different with it and most of all make it GOOD!

Good thing Tony can always be relied on to make things better.

Do you know when this will air & who will come back?

I have no idea. MY best guess is the latter part of next year or sometime in 2016.

Excellent! Thanks to you and your friend for the goss! :-)

That is exciting. I just wish they would go back to having 24 episodes.

WOW thats surprising. Is it official or just another false rumor. But if it is true I hope the make it for late 2015/ Early 2016 as Kiefer isn’t getting much younger.

A friend of a friend huh? My friend’s wife’s sisters dog also says George Mason isn’t really dead. Should I believe him?

lol hopefully it is true, but this is the internet.


“A friend of mine is a TV writer and he told me that Howard Gordon vary recently said that this season is absolutely the last.”

“a friend of mine, a TV screen writer, told me that Howard Gordon said that this is absolutely the end”

“last week I saw a friend who is a TV writer and he heard that Howard Gordon said (privately) that this season is absolutely the last.”

“Also, keep this in mind, folks. We have 7 hour left, and then 24 will be history, never to return. I know this to be true because a TV writer friend told me that Howard Gordon said that this is absolutely it.”

“I think that the chances of 24 returning for a 10th season are nill. A friend of mine is a TV writer and he told me in May that Howard Gordon said that 24 LAD is absolutely it for the series. I beleive him.”

Something tells me we shouldn’t be believing this guy folks.

I know I have my suspicions too but I hope to God it is true!

Jack. First of all, I could not care less as to what you do or don’t beleive. However, I will say, as did Clint Eastwood, that it is dangerous to form opinions without any facts, so let me lay some on you. First of all, Howard Gordon did indeed intend, prior to filming, for LAD to be the last season of 24. However, since the show was so well received, and also because Dana Walden (I assume you know who she is) is a huge fan of the show, an alternate ending was shot and eventually used.

Secondly, when I had coffee with my buddy last weekend, he mentioned to me that he met with so-an-so, (a person whom is known to all the wonderful fans of 24) regarding a TV project having nothing to do with 24. My buddy was proposing a project to so-and-so, and was told that much of his schedule is up in the air, partly because 24 is returning for another 12 hour mini-season. My buddy was not told as to when, where or who would be involved, because none of this is, as of yet, known. Is a 24 day 10 official….of course not! It will not be official until FOX makes it so. However, I felt that it would be a nice thing to do for all of us fans to relay what I had been told. It’s really that simple. Jack.

I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m just saying you are changing your mind as much a girl changes her knickers. I have always believed that ’24’ will return for another season.

Apologies if I came across as rude.

Can you give us a clue as tho whom you are talking about?

Apparently his friend (a writer) is in contact with Howard Gordon.


HoGo, Manny Coto, and Evan Katz are indeed working on a new show, called POTUS, so what Ronnie has said makes sense and complies with facts we already know, and I have no doubt a new limited season of 24 is very much on the cards, all involved have stated their desire and wish for at least one more, it’s just a matter of finding both the right story idea and indeed the time to do it.

I’m still betting on a 2016 or at latest 2017 airdate…

Other than to say that you know who this person is, it would not be the right thing for me to do to reveal the name, since nothing has been made official by FOX. I will say that I may have been sceptical if this individual was anyone other than someone who is extremely connected with 24, and well known to most of the 24 fans.

Once it becomes “official”, then can you tell us?

Could you email me their name at [email protected]?

No. It would not be right to tell you via email and no one else. There is a question of ethics here, and ethics dictates that I am not the one to make this public by exposing any individual connected with the show. If FOX ore anyone connected with the show wants this public att his point in time, they will make it so.

Is it one of the three names mentioned above, though? Howard Gordon, Manny Coto, or Evan Katz???

Maybe. Or maybe not. The point that I have been trying to make, somewhat unsuccessfully, is that I am not going to say who it is or is not, and I am not going to give hints, clues or any such thing. No initials, no gender, nada!!!
The only thing that I have said or will say that has meaning is that when you hear the name (which I will be happy to disclose once FOX makes an announcement), everyone will say “yes..I know who that is.” Of course IF AND WHEN Fox makes an announcement, it really won’t make a difference. Lastly, keep inmind that in the TV business, things can and do change, meaning there is no guarantee that 24 will return until FOX says it one way or another.

That was so crazy! I am so excited because this has to mean another season of 24. I’m just so confused though, because the handler on the phone is George Mason, and he is supposedly dead. I don’t know how because he had radiation poisoning, and he flew the nuclear bomb into the desert in season 2. Anyways, I can’t wait to see what they have for us next on 24!

What I would like to see it 3 Fimls based on the one day.
Film 1: The first 8 hours.
Film 2: The second 8 hours.
Film 3: The final 8 hours.

After the film series make a special limited series called “24/7” where thee whole season is based around 1 week with 7 episodes and each episode is a day of the week.
Episode 1: Saturday
Episode 2: Sunday
Episode 3

… And so on It would be a great oppertuinity for new plots.

Finally finished with a full 24 episode season like the old style entitled: “24: One Final Day”

The title Jack is back in itself fascinating, I wish there be at least 3-4 more seasons of this show… I would love to see Tony Almeida coming back on the show and saving Jack from the Russians… I know there are lot of haters of this show but I would say there are 10 times more lovers of this show than haters… we love this show here in India too… bring it on… eagerly waiting for the next season…. Season 2 was my favorite season…what about you all?

I hate to mention something off-topic, but when is that western movie Keifer made just prior to shooting 24LAD going to come out? I have heard nothing at all about it. I thought it was supposed to come out in late 2014 which is NOW.

Bring Back Audrey

Bring Back Hanging.

(especially for shippers)

Almeida to Chappelle (Season 2 Finale): “The thing is…either fire me…or get out of my chair.”

Great line !

where can I download this video in HD quality?post a link please.

I’ll have a dl link up by this time tomorrow.

when you post?

Not that I’m not as thrilled as everyone about the possibility of a tenth season but since I haven’t seen anyone commenting it I will point it out…

There is an error on the time scape blueprints, there’s a clock that says 3:27:45 an the next one on the scape route says 3:36:30. May not be a big issue but I felt the need to point it out, and you may say I’m exaggerating but a mistake is a mistake.

Back to the main subject of this rant, this short with Tony is awesome. I can’t really wait to see if there’s an upcoming season, I really love the whole franchise.

Best regards to all!

November 18, 2014 at 11:41 pm
Check out Fma965’s post on October 8, 2014 at 7:59 pm

Just to add something to the exciting news that I posted on November 3rd about the confirmation about the return of 24 as another 12 hour mini series. This past Friday I ran into a good friend. Her best friend on the planet is someone who is, how can I put this, “in the know.” My friend knows I am a 24 freak, and told me that her best freind mentioned to her that 24 is coming back for a season 10. I asked her if she had any other info as to when, 12 or 24 hours, who may or may not be in it, etc, and she said that she had no idea. All she was told is that 24 is coming back. My freind has never seen and has no interest in 24.

good news Ronnie! I’ll take that and will wait with anticipation for it! Hopefully next year!

Seems you have friends in the know falling out of the woodwork lol

Be nice if they would know up a date.

If there is any tentative date, it has not been disclosed to the two friends that told me what they know.
However, realistically, I would think the airing would be during the first half of 2016, or possibly, late 2015.

Yeah that makes the most sense

Just remember this: Whatever day they officially announce S10, you have to wait 359 days until the season premiere. That’s what happened w/ LAD.

Jan 24th they will announce it!

How did you come up w/ Jan. 24???

lol pulled it out of thin air, but it`s a Saturday, so I`m probably wrong. Still if it`s going to be announced for the 2016 spring or summer season, which is likely, then it has to be announced by the upfronts in May.

Xmas announcement then I hope

5 character that MUST return for S10 (or movie)

5. Kate
4. Belcheck
3. Chloe
2. Tony

Would like to see Aaron Pierce too.

Plus another hidden easter egg in the air date like this years one

I think S10 has great potential to be the best season IF they do it right and not coming up with somthing completely obscure that they can’t resolve. The LAD Finale set up many plausibly plotlines to come. I still feel Jack and Chloe… Is a possibility?

I would love to hear some kind of announcement shortly after the first of the year, but because so many of the folks involved in 24 are busy with other projects, I would be suprised if we hear anything before next summer at the earliest, especially if the show will not air until 2016. But the good news is that, at this point in time, season 10 will happen.

If there isn’t any announcement by March/April 2015 I think there will be none for a while. If it goes beyond July (which will be a year since the LAD finale) it will be very unlikely we see another season soon. As they do forget about it and move onto other projects. I think Kiefer only has at most 6-7 years left in his game as badass which is going downhill quote rapidly and I really don’t think Yvonne would be able to be the lead role. JACK IS 24.

Well, one of the producers revealed that in they have until Dec. 31, 2015 to discuss terms w/ FOX & all that, so theoretically, the New Year’s 2015 present will be finding out about S10 & New Year’s 2016 present will be watching S10.

DEC 31 2015!!! Gosh don’t think I can wait that long just for an announcement and another year for it to air. I’m thinking 2017/18 for it to air which is stuiped making us wait so long for each season. It better be good and the biggest thing they better put at least 10 minutes of thought into the DVD.

It won’t take that long to make an announcement. Since, at this point in time, the powers that be already know that there will be a season 10 12 hour mini series, logically the announcment will come in 2015, most likely in the first half of the year. However, I do not see the show being aired until the last part of 2015 at the earliest, or, more likely, in 2016. Remember that LAD was aired one year after it was announced.

I’d have to agree w/ you; Summer 2016 airing most likely.

Hope they don’t wait that long. Isn’t it better business sense to strike while the iron is hot, not give the viewers too long to cool off after S9 and Solitary, and get S10 on the air sooner rather than later?

Sure, But most of the folks involved are committed to other projects. That is the problem. Howard Gordon has 3 other shows, Homeland which is ending it’s 4th season, plus Tyrant and Legend will both be back in 2015, as will Homeland. Other such as Coto and Caesar are working on other shows. Remember it takes about 4-5 months to shoot the 12 hour mini series. All of this considered, I don’t see 24 returning until the first half of 2016. But, as the say, good things are worth the wait.

I get that, and I fully admit that I’m incredibly impatient and the thought of waiting more than a year for more 24 (in particular seeing more of Tony’s story now that we’ve been given a taste of it) just sounds like agony that I don’t want to endure. LOL

But if they’re at a significant stage of making things official, isn’t it possible that they’ve been working for a little while on everyone’s availabililty, (from writers to directors to producers to camera crews to actors) and how to balance their workloads to keep some momentum in the 24 project even while they’re working on other things as well?

If it was announced in Dec. 2015, it’d probably air during the winter part of the 2016-17 season, not 17-18.

2016/17 still a while away…

Not related to Tony, but this seems interesting. Didn’t know anything about Chloe almost dying. I would’ve liked to have seen it, lol.


That would have been better…

I know. Never been a Chloe fan. ://///

Chloe is nothing but a cheat code for the writers to get Jack through any situation without him (or should I say the writers) putting any thought or originality into it whatsoever. I’m absolutely sick of it.

I was immensely enjoying the Transporter series – Frank Martin’s sidekick was an awesome fat German dude who was his mechanic… but the silly cunts killed him off and replaced him with a genetic trash, hipster hacker who now cheat codes Frank through every situation with his magical computer – now that one character has made it complete shit!

Also James Bond’s trusty Quartermaster is no longer a guy that gives him trusty and innovative and downright cool gadgets anymore, but a paint-by-numbers “hack into the grid” type.

Fuck them I say, fuck them all! DON’T let hackers destroy the action/thriller genre any more than they already have.

Sometimes they are needed and relevant, but yeah, most times just a cheat. Even if they do kill Chloe, Kate will magically develop hacker powers and help or some other douche will come out of the woodwork and do the same. The writers need that cheat.

If they do make a season 10 I think they need to gibe it a new name because Live Another Day Season 2 will sound awful.

Yes, my guess is each new season will have a different suffix like 24 Escape or 24 Counter Threat or something like that

BTW, I think everyone on here is getting antsy about news of a new season. We all want some news. Did you know my fourth cousin on my mom’s side heard from someone who plays golf with the husband of a FOX executive that 24 was coming back as another event series? Just kidding.

I like the idea of something like “Escape” if Day 10 were along the lines of Tony escaping prison and Jack escaping the Russians. Gotta have a catchy subtitle for hashtagging purposes.

24: Night and Day. 24: The Last Clock. 24: The Russia Plan.

24: One Final Day

24: Season 10 out of 24 seasons, 14 of which will air over the next 14 years

So in this clip Tony has been in prison for 8 years , supposedly 2 years after LAD 6 after season 8. and of course 8 after season 7. The one thing I don’t like were these constant time gaps betweem each season

The time gaps were too extensive

I think the time gaps are great! I mean it makes the ‘day’ more interesting to watch. Makes you think what Jack got upto in between seasons.

but also makes you realise that the other characters have evolved during that time too (like David Palmer; Mike Novick; Tony; Chloe)

I agree. It seems to be the longer the time gap from the previous season the better the season is.

Hummmm, no golden globe nominations for 24:LAD?

Was expecting William Devane to get Best Supporting Actor for playing Heller especially with his story this year. Devane deserves a nod after playing so many brilliant characters over the years

(24 S10) Jack goes on a revenge killing spree for not getting any golden globe nominations.

24…24…24. The best.

We see Tony and Jack in different prisons in different countries.

How are they going to each other out. 24.

Mike Parker

did it come out already ?? is it a movie or a tv show??

All about the $$$$

You have to take everything the Kief says with a pinch of salt, he speaks from the heart and very much in the moment. The studio wants another one, the writers want another one, and the fans want another one, all it takes is someone to come up with a compelling new story premise and we’re off to the races again… Kief included!

after revisiting the final scene of day 9 when jack talks to chole, he grabs her hand. jack has his hand closed the entire time. i noticed this as it played out on tv but i’m kind of convinced that it was more than a sentimental hand grab. he probably handed her off a tracking device of some sorts so chole can track jack’s whereabouts if they can break him out. they focused on jack wiggling his hand so it had to be for a reason.

part 2: when the nuke went off, mason didn’t get a silent clock. he got one a few episodes earlier as he left ctu. he wasn’t the type of character that would get a silent clock. after all, he did become a pain for jack to work with. it was on par with the fbi director in day 7 or the hobbit from day 5. ryan and bill both got silent clocks for sacrificing themselves but mason didn’t? remember how pissed people were when tony didn’t get a silent clock only to find out years later that tony didn’t die? same with heller in day 5 and 9.

so is mason really alive? i’d say so but it would have to be a lot of explaining to do. jack went missing for 4 years. we only know that the past 2 years he was working for/against rask. the 24 comic with is canon, only picks up at the start of those 2 years. so what was jack doing the other 2 years?

tony was going to be used to go against jack like tony was going to be the boss. we never got that. by time tony showed his true colors, jack was dying so it became a 1 sided deal.

lots of questions are still unanswered. day 9 seemed like it was tieing up loose ends from day 6 which the tv movie never did. its still things from day 7 that needs to be cleared up. like how did jack avoid going to jail for the trial he was in at the start of the day? what happened to the group plotting the attacks? every other season had closure and while day 7 might not be in the top 3 of the majority, its #1 to me. not because of how ridiculous the attack on the white house ended up being but how fast paced each plot ended up being. went from kidnapping some nerd to hijacking planes to the first gentlemen kidnapping and cover up of his son’s murder to having an actual ending to that plot then we moved on to gas then starkwood then tony’s plot to gas the subway to the illuminati group

lmao Mason is not alive. Tony getting stabbed with a syringe and Mason going boom in a nuclear explosion, BIG difference in the ability to come back. If it were sci-fi maybe, clones, shape shifter, etc. but it isn’t, so no way.

January 7, 2015 at 9:39 am
Mason would have died of radiation poisoning regardless, no one remember that? He was dead either way.

Surely Jack didn’t need to hand over a tracking device to Chloe, he arrived at the handover site with Belcheck and could have given it to him before his exchange for Chloe.

What if Mason had a twin…

Sorry! I can’t speak English.

Do we see again Jack Bauer?

But I very miss him :(

no s10 announced

Ik ben een groot fan van 24 dus ik kijk er naar uit.

We kijken allemaal uit naar Seizoen 10 als goed, wanneer het gebeurt.

Why is 24 spoilers not posting any new articles?

Man I really want to see this story extension! Tony is one of my favorite characters from the show. I may have to buy the Blu Ray.

The story extension is embeded at the top of this page.


Its been like 3 months since a new article was posted on this site?

Not sure why it’s not being updated. I was under the impression there’d be a place for us to rate and talk about Live Another Day in its entirety.

This is a bit but does anyone have a link to Jack saying “I need a medic!”

please give me a link torrent on this video hd1080 bend or bluray.

پس چرا فصل 10 را نمیسازید و صد در صد کیفر ساترلند باشه وگرنه اصلا نگاهم نمیکنم



My guess is that somehow George is still alive and has joined forces with Chloe and Yvonne to covertly with the government’s knowledge (remember Heller pardoned Jack) get Jack out of prison in order to deal with a national crisis……Tony is needed for the plot to spring Jack and/or he is gonna be Jacks partner because somehow he has a connection to the bad guys either from his bad years or from a mission he and Jack were on together….Just a random question to all:If jack gets a “life” at the end of this new season (which would allow Kiefer to leave for good) Would it be possible since George is not dead could they resurrect Audrey for Jack to wind up with OR could Diane Huxley and her son show up again(remember Jack told her he was hoping he could have a normal life and felt with her he could OR for a wild twister could he and Chloe realize there is really more than friendship after all these years?…THAT WOULD BE WILD!!!!!

April 3, 2015 at 10:55 am
is 24 solitary a movie or just a tv show

April 3, 2015 at 11:04 am
we need jack in the coming day 10

Enough already, let’s get season 10 started. Nothing on tv compares to 24, as most of it’s crap.

Could not be George Mason as he’s history. Didn’t he go boom?

Wow. I just found this page purely by accident and I had no idea that they made or short with Tony going in front of the Prison review board.
A full season, a half season with Jack or without Jack, it doesn’t matter- I want more!
I have an observation that you might be able to clear up for me. Just before Jack boards the helicopter after passing Chloe and temporarily holding your hand in the last episode of LAD, it looks like he hands her something. (maybe a note.. I don’t know. it happened so quickly) Did anybody else pick up on that?
I’ve seen every episode twice and I’m ready to go back on Amazon to watch the whole thing through from Day 1. Pure brilliance both of the writing and the acting. and once I read the BIOS and some of these actors it’s no wonder at the show was excellent These people are the best of the best in the world.

Ps, Ps, continue with season 10 already.

Excitement is killing me!!!!!!

Please must have more. Love 24

May 12, 2015 at 6:27 pm

May 12, 2015 at 6:27 pm
test 2

May 12, 2015 at 6:28 pm
Test 3

May 12, 2015 at 6:29 pm
Test 4

Sorry about last few comments I was just experimenting something.

Just watched season 2 again…a question puzzles me:Why was there no silent clock for George Mason when he took the plane down in season 2????

There have been so many missing silent clocks e.g. David Palmer, Michelle Deasler, Curtis Manning and the top of them all Nina Myers (sarcasm). But I do agree with Mason there did feel an absence of a silent clock. That might also be due to the fact that they were still early days and he just wasn’t prominent enough to get this acknowledgment. Have that happen a few years later them yes perhaps he might have gotten one.

Season 10 is Awesome Sauce! We are ready for it. Great touch with Tony, we need see Chole and they have to get Jack out of Moscow somehow. He is the battery that keeps the clock ticking!!!

I am just now reading all of this & since then, there wasn’t a season 10, but a spin off called 24 Legacy which did not include Jack. The question i am having is that in Solitary, Tony was supposed to be escaping with blueprints in the glasses, however, in 24 Legacy, he was requested to be released from prison. So, did he not escape in Solitary or did they just figure nobody would remember that after so many years later?