First Photo of Tony Almeida in 24: Solitary

Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida in 24: Solitary
Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida in 24: Solitary

24: Solitary is an upcoming 7 minute “story extension” exclusive to the 24: Live Another Day Blu-Ray set. It features the return of fan favorite character Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard).

Tony was last seen in the 24 Season 7 finale when he was taken into custody for the attempted murder of Alan Wilson (the man responsible for his wife Michelle’s death). Solitary reveals that he’s been in prison for over five years.

In the photo above you can see that Tony Almeida has longer hair, a scruffy beard, and is wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. Actor Barry Livingston plays the Prison Administrator and actress Michelle C. Bonilla will be playing U.S. Attorney Vanessa Diaz.

This project was filmed in Los Angeles on June 30th and reunites some of the old 24 crew – cinematographer Guy Skinner, production designer Carlos Osorio, and prop master Sterling Rush. It was written by Adam DaSilva and directed by Jordan Goldman.

The short is being produced by Bagg Street Productions and is curiously described as an “exclusive bridge scene” on their website. Could this be bridging the gap between Live Another Day and a possible Day 10?

You’ll be able to watch this featurette when the Blu-Ray edition of 24: Live Another Day launches on September 30th. You can pre-order the Blu-Ray set on Amazon where it’s currently 33% off MSRP.


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Welcome back, Tony!

Maybe the U.S. Attorney is bringing Tony a nail file
or some papers

I know I said he looked like a cross between Classic Tony and Evil Tony, but by Christ does he ever look evil here?!

perfect .. now make a flashback and bring Renee back

No thank you.

Same thing can applied to Renee, since she was only dead clinically dead for four minutes and Tony was dead longer than that before he was resuscitated. A friend of mine worked in the ER and said that normally a doctor would have worked on a gunshot victim for a few more minutes. Renee was only worked on for a minute and a half before she was pronounced dead and she was only seen for at least four minutes afterwards, which means there is a plausible chance for revival. Tony was dead longer than that, which in real life he would’ve been brain dead.

So a possible fake dead victim protection storyline?

That would be awesome! I miss Renee.

Fingers crossed it means another series with Tony. Not the same without him.

God, I hope Tony Almeida doesn’t have a role in Day 10 — if there even is one.

You mean “does” :-)

He’s in Season 10.

There’s no other reason to have this bonus scene.

It would be a waste if the scene tells us what we already would have guessed – that he’s in jail for the rest of his life

So he’ll play a role next season for sure

I agree

Or it’s called “closure.” And who says it takes place after LAD?

Because all of the “bonus scenes” in the DVD editions of previous seasons took place after the events of the season.

That’s called an assumption, not a fact.

they said it was set 5 years later

Am I the only one that sees a resemblance to Syed Ali?

Lol, I see it!!

immunity granted!! #TonyIsBack

This has to be a lead-in to a Season 10, right? I didn’t read the details about Comic-Con but did anyone ask a question about this scene on the upcoming DVD? Why else would they film this?

Any thoughts on what this scene will be about? Maybe President Heller in one of his last acts pardons Tony and sets him free on one condition: Go to Russia and free Jack Bauer!

The problem with that is… the scene was filmed several weeks before Live Another Day had even finished airing. At that point, the public word on a follow-up season was still, “We haven’t even talked about that yet.”

I don’t think the scene will have anything to do with a tenth season of 24, should one even exist.

If Tony were to somehow be released from prison that could work both ways (closure for the character or set up by having Tony back in play).

The other option is he gets the death sentence but I don’t see them doing that.

August 21, 2014 at 7:53 pm
I hope Tony won’t be suicidal if they don’t let him out.

’24’ spoilers, can you add the thread for people to rank their favorite ’24’ seasons. Thanks!!!

I would love that.

That is what I was thinking. Great idea.

Is this 7 minute addition also available for the DVD set, or only for the Blue Ray set?

Only Blu Ray Michael….

That makes no sense at all – odds are that the DVD will still outsell the Blu-Ray because more people own DVD players than Blu-Ray players.

Thank god I own a ps 3 that allows to play blue-rays

August 21, 2014 at 6:23 pm

@Michael S. Only on the Blu-ray.

Why only on blu-ray? What about us who don’t own a blu-ray player? I am tired of being penalized for buying individual seasons of shows when they come out, or for not owning a blu-ray player! It’s not fair!!

August 21, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Welcome to life.

I agree with you 100% Sharon

And who said life was fair?? Where is that written?? Newsflash, life is not fair.

So we have to spend thousands of dollars, which we don’t have, and own 5 different copies of each episode??? Why????

“What about us who don’t own a blu-ray player?”
You have internet, relax.

What do you mean we have the internet?? We watch tv on the tv, not the internet. That’s why we own our tv.

Re. The DVD/Blu-Ray thing, my cousin tweeted the man himself asking about his involvement in LAD….

Like a true geezer, he replied, saying and I fucking quote…

“No, but maybe the DVD will enlighten you”
“but maybe the DVD will enlighten you”
“maybe the DVD will enlighten you”
“the DVD will enlighten you”
“DVD will enlighten you”

All it’s done is enlighten me to some shady business practice on Fox’s end. I myself have a blu ray player, but that is beside the point, I aint buying anyway because they still haven’t bothered with a blu ray release for 1-6 which was my condition for buying LAD -as part of a complete set- in the first place.

Many people still refer to Bluray as DVD. DVD doesn’t literally mean DVD anymore, it means home disc release.

Let’s hope Tony Almeida aka Carlos Bernard makes the cut in the tenth and possible final season of 24. Like his scruffy beard and that orange jumpsuit isn’t referring to the Netfilx series Orange Is the New Black.

He’s getting out to go rescue Jack in Russia !!!

That seems like the perfect storyline – and somehow Kate’s character could be woven in.

Tony has special knowledge that could free Jack.

Kate breaks Tony out of jail.

Kate, Tony and of course Chloe head to Moscow to rescue Jack.

You forgot Belcheck! He has to be in Day 10.

Yvonne Maldonado
August 21, 2014 at 8:38 pm
Best idea ever having Tony back, I hope as a good guy to help Jack, he needs someone like Tony. And then bring back David Palmer, as if he was in protective program Plssssssss. Think guys Think!!!!!

Uhhhh? I don’t think they will bring back a dead person from the show. It would be really dumb if they did Yvonne Maldonado.

Interesting thing to say in a story about a resurrected character.

Yeah, fuck that!

David Palmer in protective program?? No!!. Bring back Renee Walker for Day 10 instead. I won’t buy Day 9 because I hated it. ButI’d pay good money for a season 10 if Renee were in it.

And I most certainly agreed because Renee has a better chance for revival than some of the other dead characters.

Fuck that too!



The very first lines that will be said in 24:Solitary:

Diaz: – I want to talk to Tony Almeida
Prison Administrator: – Tony, someone is here to see you. Are you there?
Tony: Yeah.

Final words for the short film:

TONY: Alrigh

you made my day final words alright!!

I can’t wait. #gosavejack

Well seeing this pic made me flail like a crazy person. Tonnnnnyyyyyyy! *flails*

He looks weary, sad eyes, methinks the years in jail have taken a toll.

“Exclusive bridge scene” is indeed a curious description. I guess they had to write it so it could serve as a bridge between seasons should the need arise, but that they actually officially labeled it as such sounds hopeful.

Fun fact, Michelle Bonilla’s imdb page also has credits for:
– Day 4: 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. (2005) … Train Crash Reporter (as Michelle C. Bonilla)
– Day 3: 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. (2004) … Reporter (as Michelle C. Bonilla)
Guess she just had the reporter gig to help pay for law school. ;-)

Well I must admit I’d rather Tony in a season gap over chloe……. I get the feeling a deal is going to be cut with tony or something……. Maybe to get Jack out…….. It better NOT be pointless or for nothing………. But I have to ask Why are the writers sidelining Jack in these gaps now? So these 7mins better have a reason to it.

The main function of this particular additional scene is to show what’s up with Tony because they couldn’t work him into LAD, that’s why it’s all about Tony, no Chloe, no Jack.

I dunno that there will be any Jack connection at all with Solitary. Why would the US government want to go out of their way to make deals to get Jack out of Russia? The only reason he got a pardon is because the President was an old friend doing him a favour, it’s not like the government as a whole thought Jack had some great value and was worth protecting. The last time the American government got Jack back from overseas imprisonment it was under extreme duress from terrorists and they handed him over to (almost) certain death. As far as America’s concerned, Jack’s life isn’t worth much these days.

If Tony’s offered any sort of deal to reduce his sentence or be set free (a possibility because he’s having a 7 minute meeting with an attorney so something about his current situation might be about to change), I’d find it more believable if they need information that he knows from his years of working his way up to Wilson, (Wilson and his buddies were a secretive bunch, so I could believe that the government might be at a loss and need someone who already has the knowledge and connections). Maybe he’s kept a lot of information to himself, because if he blabs powerful people will try to have him killed, (people probably already want him dead which may be why he’s kept in solitary). Maybe his sentence is harsher because he wasn’t willing to cooperate. Maybe now they urgently need information he knows, maybe they need him to contact a former associate, maybe they even have an undercover gig for him, and there’s a reward of freedom on offer if he helps them, but if he agrees to help them he may not survive because people would be after him. Cue the redemption arc for Day 10. Maybe?

they could’ve used tony as chengs place I feel

I’m glad to see Tony again but I won’t buy the blu ray I’m waiting for all seasons released in that format with I hope some interesting features…not like in the DVD.

And Fox would be fool not to use the huge popularity of Tony’s character. ..and his numerous fans to make another season.


Yay!! This is going to get good. I’m guessing he’s going to be released or a deal will be made, and this is going to tie with what’s happening with Jack.

I can see the dialogue now.

Diaz: Tony?
Tony: yeah?
Diaz: I have a deal written down that lets you get out of jail, if you help us find Jack Bauer for an important mission. Only he can do this. He is the key to everything. I can’t explain the details, but you have spent a lot of time wanting to make this right.
Tony: Look uh, I don’t know what you thought, alright, but me and Jack. We have a history, alright now he shot me and wouldn’t let me kill Allan Wilson.
Diaz: That reminds me. (she takes out a bag and pulls out Alan Wilson’s head)
Diaz: Sorry for the mess, I had to use a hacksaw.
Tony: …..alright.

August 22, 2014 at 7:03 am

Mercy Fredo Garcia
August 22, 2014 at 7:39 am
finally he’s back

For people who saying this Tony episode is only available on Blu-ray DVD well I think you’re wrong.

According to Amazon, its on the standard DVD as well, here is the link:

Thank god because I would be so annoyed as I haven’t got a Blu-ray dvd player however I do have a LCD TV.

Common sense would say that FOX would make the feature available on both since fans will then be able to buy either version – but I wouldn’t place 100% faith in an Amazon description that’s 6 weeks ahead of the release date. They’ve been wrong before…..

Well, I clicked your link and it was for the sale of season 9, NOT the Tony spoiler. Plus it’s a UK link, not USA, so it may be different. I am also hoping for DVD for the Tony Spoiler, or just an online link.

Each regions DVD release is slightly different, from the cover artwork to what features will be available.

As far as I can tell, on the UK release they made 24: Solitary available in both versions (DVD and Blu-Ray) but made the “Destination London” feature exclusive to the Blu-Ray version instead. I’m trying to get confirmation from FOX.

In the US release 24: Solitary is definitely Blu-Ray exclusive.

Rut Roh,

It is the link for Season 9 (Live Another Day), it states at the bottom what the special features are on the discs.

That link is for the R2 (European) version. Can’t see a list of special features on American Amazon for either the DVD or Blu-Ray, but FWIW they both list the same running time (and the R2’s running time is longer, 526 minutes vs 552). Tried looking up the version we’ll get here in Australia but can’t find any info on special features.

This other thread is where it’s mentioned that Solitary is Blu-Ray only, I dunno where that info comes from exactly, but there’s lots of detailed info including specifics on deleted scenes, so I’m guessing it came from something official and press-release-ish.

BBFC has classified it as 12 so there will properly be some violence if it was just tony sitting down in prison it would probably be PG or even U.

Wooo Tony is back !!!

I’m glad they remembered the scars. Was worried that they’d forget that.

Kudos to the makeup department. Looking at the site’s main page just now, with the pic of Carlos right above the pic of Tony, it struck me how he looks about 10 years older in character, all worn and kinda haggard. They got his look perfect.

Even though I was very disappointed with how Live Another Day ended, I would be very compelled to watch another season if Tony returned. He’s my favorite character of the show. His resurrection in season 7 was outrageous, but now that he’s alive again, they might as well have him in a major role again. I could definitely see a scenario in which he is broken out of jail because he’s needed for some important mission or something.

I have a little thought. Through the whole series Jack was just killing arabs and russians – evil wasn’t personificated, just some evil force to deal with. Nina Myers was perfect, but writers killed her pretty fast. She brought chemistry, something personal in conflict with Jack.

I think that if they will make true final season, they shouldn’t bring arabs, russians or chinese people with nuclear or dirty bombs or some magical devices to control urban infrastructure. They should bring true villain, strong personality that will be equal to Jack – strong character, with his own beliefs and principles. Conflict must be personal for Jack and for us, viewers.

And I believe that Tony Almeida will be perfect last villain for the series. He has nothing to lose, he believes in nothing, he dedicated his life to his country and country ruined it to the ground. Jack is the same, but he still believes in something and has something to lose. They both have history. They were friends.

If someone should end life of Jack Bauer – it’s Tony. If they will kill each other or sacrifice their lives at the end – I will be crying and apploading at the end.

I can’t agree with you more !!
These storylines of bombs and mass destruction have become very repetitive. And Nina is for me the best 24 villain, because she had a personal history with Jack.
If there is a season 10 I’d like indeed a personal story, Chloe, Kate, and Belcheck deliver Jack and Tony is the season villain.

Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks a Tony redemption story would be lame and gay as fuck!

There’s often talk of Tony sacrificing himself for “the greater good” or for Jack, but not only is that such a horrible, vomit inducing cliche – but it’s something he would never do in a million years (even if he now realises his actions against innocents in season 7 were wrong). Jack was the catalyst for Michelle’s death, and Jack was the one who like a true hypocrite stopped him from exacting revenge on Wilson.

While I thought killing off Audrey was a pointless, criminal waste, at the very least it shows they’re not afraid to go against the wishes of the audience, so that gives me some hope (though I hope they listen to the fans calling for no more moles or wmds for once).

Yes, the last time we saw Tony, he was screaming to Jack “You ran away Jack…” Right or wrong, he thought Jack let him down, Michelle died because her connexion to Jack and, as you say, he stopped Tony from exacting revenge.
So it makes sense that Tony is the bad guy, but the problem is how Tony would be connected to Jack is in Russia ???

I suppose whatever they work out could go like this…

Jack and Tony work together to bring down Wilson’s empire, with Tony fully intending to kill/have it out with Jack when it’s all done, with Jack blissfully unaware of Tony’s intentions.

Would be a great way to wrap up the series.

That be perfect, not have him be a big bad like Marwan where he just wants to kill every american in his path, but have him just no longer give a sh**. There is no right or wrong with him, he is going to do what needs to be done to get what he wants. No faking it around jack and others like he did in season 7, until the end, just out and out doing what he wants with no respect for the law. Then he and Jack get to Wilson, blow him the hell up or whatever and as they face each other, a gun shot is heard and Jack falls to his knees. Tony drops his gun and walks off, leaving Jack dying and not saying a word.

it’s so awesome they’re bringing tony back, although it’s unlikely that this minisode won’t lead to tony being main cast in season 10, i’ll believe it when i see it, cant delude myself with false hope when we’re talking about tony almeida.

It would make sense for the plot to go one of two ways.
1. Tony is of value and can be of some use to either the US or Russian government, and this meeting with the U.S. Attorney is to determine almeida’s willingness to cooperate.
2. The U.S. Attorney is a mole, god knows 24 loves writing them, in this plot the U.S. Attorney could be using the meeting to facilitate tony’s escape.

My ideal ‘season 10’, ‘live another day season 2′, ’24: the movie’ would be to reunite loved characters who have managed to survive, anyone from Erin Driscoll to Brian Hastings, and i want CTU back! none of that season 8 set, that was to straining, a simple yet beautiful CTU, as we had in season 1-6.

The mission is to free jack, sanctioned by president…..kanin (come on bob gunton could ace that role and you know it) in order to re-establish some sort of cover with contacts who have invested time and money into facilitating tony’s escape. Jack returns to CTU, briefed by Hastings that they need to know tonys plan and location before intel on an imminent threat can escalate.

Returning character wishlist.
President Ethan Kanin
Chloe O’Brian
Tom Lennox
Brian Hastings
Erin Driscoll
Karen Hayes
Aaron Pierce
Charles Logan
Mike Novick
Lynn Kresgie
Arlo Glass
Alison Taylor
James Heller

What, no Cole? ;)

I mean, Jack needs someone to shoot in the first episode, right?

Take away all the characters from Season 8 plus Driscoll and Hayes and you may have something there.

I’d call it 24: Reunion where everyone can get together have a hug, a beer and a hoe-down.

James Heller and Charles Logan should be put in the same room together in the reunion. Heller’s like “Hi! Who are you? Have we met?” Logan’s like “Durrrhhhh”

How long do you think until we see anymore 24? I really want to go back to classic 24, the old ctu set style, maybe give bauer longer hair to make him look younger, what do you think

This is actually one of my pet peeves with Season 7. I loved the look he had at the start. It very much reminded me of the early seasons.

Don’t you know that being exposed to such a deadly nerve agent that you only have a 0.000009 chance of surviving changes your hair color and shortens it throughout the day?

I am withholding judgment on the 12-episode format vs the classic 24 until after I binge watch 24 LAD when the DVD comes out. I found that watching 24 LAD one episode a week did not have the same impact on me as watching any of the classic 24 in binge mode. My initial impression of 24 LAD viewing it 1-episode per week is that the pacing is too fast and not enough time to really develop characters. But I may change my mind after I binge watch it.

Keep in mind that the 24 episode season is way too taxing on the production crews and can lead to burn out. I would doubt any of them would ever agree to do another 24-episode season because it is just to hard physically and too time consuming. So I would be happy to get more 24 in any format they produce as long as it smells like, feels like, and looks like 24.

smells like?

they should bring terri back from the dead! wow

They should bring you TO the dead and leave you there.

Will there ever be a page for us to rank all the seasons and discuss LAD as a whole?

hey ….um …XAM? ye SMD then ethan kanin your toe nails

Best television series ever! successful due to the characters, this is why some seasons are weaker than others. From WORST-BEST
my ranks, including the characters that made the season special…

Season 8:
As a stand alone season, 8 delivers, however with the possibilities 24 has proved it can deliver on, season 8 for long term fans the season was overly anticipated, and it under performed. Leaving the Dana subplot at 2am when her and Cole bury the bodies would have worked, also bringing in Logan earlier would have been nice. good old Charles.

Season 6:
I think it’s a collective feeling that season 6 lost its way. My guess is that to many changes were made. Cast was swapped around more than any other season, leading to very few familiar faces, the CONSTANT battle for power over the presidency became tedious and the Chinese plot could have been far better utilized, however the CTU attack at 3am was golden TV.

Season 1:
What gets me about season 1 is the ground-breaking-ness of every plot, or at least, how that plot is portrayed. I have considered putting this higher on my list, as if it weren’t for episode 1 of this season, we wouldn’t have any 24….eww horrible thought…however the characters take too long to develop in some cases and the afternoon is a bit of a drag, much more could have been done between 12pm-6pm, a change of tone perhaps?

Season 3:
Starting off very slow indeed……season 3 delivered some very intense plots and performances, whether it was the good old CTU lock down at 3am with jack hunting down Nina, or the trade between tony and Saunders that went….well tits up! however it falls in medium ranking because it simply didn’t hook me until episode 10! oh well….perhaps every season has low points, just not 10 hours worth.

Season 9:
Jacks Back! all fans were shaking with excitement on the official air date and rightly so! the anticipation of seeing your old friend Bauer, the slight worry that it wont deliver after a poor season 8, the curiosity about a 12 episode format. Needless to say the event series paid up, Margo was as good as female villans getting, near on matching the standards of a ms Myers. Jack was back in form with some excellently added character development and a couple of welcomed returns in the form of Heller and Audrey. Lots of action, plenty of original scores from Callery and a healthy dose of cutting of a Chinese mans head…….it was provoked!

Season 2:
Every review i read for season 2, i’m overwhelmed with the word cougar! whilst i understand this isn’t the problem at hand, it only represents the problem at hand, I’m still unconvinced that the Kim airtime could have been much more gripping if used in other story lines, failing another subplot story, all stories worked together wonderfully, unlike season 1, Kim isn’t distracting her father, she is worrying us! Jacks doesn’t know of her daughters danger aside from a couple of 2 minute phone calls….i can live with that. This is many peoples favorite season, it did have some groundbreaking stuff, i’ll give it that, however i feel the Warner subplot is too slow at first.

Season 4:
Wow! what a season….yes it may share the same fates as many of the lower ranked seasons….a slow start! however take a look at episodes 16-24, bloody brilliant! we have jack, tony, Michelle, Buchanan, Logan, Novick ( we all love mike ), Audrey, Heller, Marwan, Behrooz ;) and Mandy! I loved the plots, Marwans strategic planning was a joy to watch as it unfolded throughout the day, this season also carries my favorite moment of the entire show…..
Jack: “I’m empty”
Audrey: “What?!”
Jack: “I’m empty!”
*Shots fired*
Tony: “Jack?”
Jack: “TONY!”
Tony: “You ok?”
Jack: “Yeh, we’re alright, move, move!”

Oh yes….Tony returns!

Season 7:
The return of Tony? Need I go on?
Ok so it was a bit of a blow to the bollock losing CTU, however Renee delivered in this season! Larry was a slight love to hate, and bill…..oh dear god bill! amazing character development, in season 4/5/6 he was the cool manager with the suit, and when you don’t think he can beat that, he whips out a gun! , losing him was the biggest heartbreak of the season….only downside….Olivia Taylor.

Season 5:
My own personal favorite….against a lot of controversy! i love Logan, 3rd favorite character, the whole 24 episodes work into each other like nothing else! 10/10, loved the Bauer look this season! hated losing Edgar and at the time tony, but that’s 24 for you, i didn’t like losing jack to china at the end….cant jack Bauer ever live happily ever after!

24 LAD isn’t 24 hours long. No i’m not talking about the time jump, the series starts at 11:06am and finishes at the following 11am, making this season of 24, 23 hrs 54 minutes long……has no one else noticed?

The season opens with a bunch of CIA ops wading through a crowd of bacon-dodgers looking for Jack, followed by a chase… or am I just imagining things?

it was because 6 min before the following takes place jack was captured hahahaa

how do people think this will go? I think tony will go down the redemption route as opposed to the final villan? I grew to love tony as the hero who would shoot the bad guy at the last minute =, (e.g. saving teri bauer in day 1, saving jack and audrey in day 4)

who is tony almeida? iv’e only seen season 8 & LAD, why does a 7 minute seen with this guy matter so much, can someone please xplain to me who he is, why he’s important?

Watch the old seasons and you’ll find out. I first started watching from Season five. Eventually I watched the other seasons and I realized why he was such an important character.

LOL- try watching the other 7 seasons bruh

right i am half way through season 1, and he is a tech at ctu, why is he now in jail, i dont think i can watch 7 seasons before the 30th, he isn’t even a main character, he is a guest star for cryin out loud, whats the big deal about tony almeira

Sorry whippersnapper, but you need to watch the rest of Season 1 plus 2-5 to understand why Almeida is important. If you’re a true 24 fan and want to see this character develop then watch these seasons at least.

Carlos Bernard is part of the starring cast from Season 2 onwards also

I won’t give you any further details on his and Bauer’s relationship as that would ruin things

It’s KILLING me that this will be delivered to my house on Tuesday and I’ll be at school…

I live on campus so I won’t be able to get home until Friday to finally watch this. I can’t deal with that.

I want to watch it in 1080p on my TV!

EW has a 2:24 clip of Solitary…

I don’t think I’m going to watch it, since the entire feature is 6 minutes as it is. But here it is if anyone else wants it:

Go ahead and watch it – it will just wet your appetite for more 24.

Nah… I’ll just have to wait until Friday.

I am planning on buying the Blu-ray 24LAD on Tuesday morning at WalMart..and rush home. The first thing I will watch is 24 Solitary. Will watch through 24LAD with my step-son on the weekends. He has not seen 24LAD but has watched all of S1-S8.

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