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24 Spinoff Will Revolve Around Younger Male Character

Kiefer Sutherland will appear as guest star throughout

Fox is developing a 24 spinoff that would revolve around a new twentysomething male terrorist hunter, but the intention would be for Kiefer Sutherland‘s Jack to weave in and out as a guest star, franchise overlord Howard Gordon confirmed to TVLine Sunday at the Critics Choice Television Awards.

The project would find the new male antihero working alongside an older, more seasoned female agent (not Yvonne Strahovski’s Kate Morgan, although she also may appear). It would also launch as a limited series, similar to last year’s acclaimed 24: Live Another Day, but I’m told the offshoot could easily become a long-term property for Fox.

24: LAD vets Manny Coto and Evan Katz will serve as writers and EPs.

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Like others have said, this is what kiefer wants. There is no getting jack Bauer back unless kiefer wants to do it. This could be good to get him some closure. There was a day not to far back we all thought LAD was just going to be about more closure for him. If any of you know Howard Gordon’s work, you know the man is brilliant. They all know how pissed/loyal people are to Jack and how this news would go with loyal fans. Give the creative team a chance and don’t write it off until you know more.

Ratings for 24LAD were decent, but I wonder what kind of numbers they’ll get without Kiefer.

Probably crap.

This is very upsetting. I’d rather they left the Jack Bauer storyline alone after season 8.
This is surely a result of Fox refusing to pay Kiefer what he deserves.

Yeah I agree with you. The show had a great final stretch of episodes in season 8, and I did enjoy LAD. But the ending of LAD was so unfair for the character and I’m not interested in seeing a new cast. The real time format was a gimmick to me. It was Jack Bauer and the great supporting characters that made me watch for so many years.

I think that if they’re gonna do a season with a new main character, at least revolve it around saving Jack Bauer from the Russians! After all, you can’t replace Jack, no matter how good the new character would be. It just wouldn’t be the same and 24 without Jack Bauer is NOT 24! My advise to the directors is please do not do this; you could be making a big mistake and lose a lot of fans! As said earlier, the only way that you can do it is if you based it around rescuing Jack Bauer from the Russians.

Its not a result of money issues. The new heads of Fox are Dana Walden and Gary Newman who both have long standing relationships with Kiefer Sutherland and Howard Gordon! This is more the writers wanting to give the show a refresh, give Jack Bauer a break and tell new storylines! I mean honestly how many seasons can they do with Jack having a bad day? I am sure they will give Jack Bauer closure next season with the russians and all that

I agree, new type storylines need to be told. And we already know they are keeping the “real time” format. It is just the whole issue for me, I don’t know who is the new actor. For all I know they could be a useless character. I think if there is somebody who is taking over lead role of a hit show they need to be introduced first when the show has its original main. They had this oppertuinity with Kate and she would be great as main in a spin off. Yvonne is definitly capeable of it, so why not? But we get a totaly new character I have never seen before and their first season on the show they are playing the main role. Don’t you think that is too much on them and the fans. But I will wait and see who it is first.

I think it’s very possible that Yvonne Strahovski was not interested in leading 24. She played a CIA agent on Chuck for five seasons, and originally was hesitant to do 24LAD. She did a limited series for ABC, but I don’t think that will be renewed. Honestly, I would not blame her for not wanting to replace such an iconic performance and character. If the show fails, her career would really take a hit. And she is very talented (I saw her on Broadway a couple years ago. She was incredible) so maybe taking over someone else’s show isn’t something she wants to do.

But at the very least, they should bring back SOME of the supporting characters from the original show. It’s just a shame that they killed so many of the great characters off. It would be awesome to see Palmer, Mason, Michelle, Sherry, Curtis, Bill, and Nina again.

Umm, all but Sherry are pretty much toast. Sherry is the only one that can really be brought back as the producers said she got shot where she did for a reason. No chance of any of them coming back though. Dead!

I meant, it’s too bad they killed all those characters off, because now they can’t ever come back.

Gotcha. Yeah it is a shame they can’t be used again.

I’d accept a Sherry return. I miss the hell out of Sherry.

Be easy to do. She could be part of the cabal, and be behind killing Wayne, blaming him for David in some twisted way.

5 recurring characters I would like to see back are:
Tony, Aaron Pierce, Mandy, Chloe and Belcheck

If that was Mason in Solitary and he is still alive then definitly him. (remember he did not get a silent clock)

Maybe Kim as long as she does not get kidnapped, which is very unlikely.

Aaron and Tony definitely. Belcheck too and maybe Mike Novick somewhere

Mason is not alive. That was “Mason”– Alex Hewitt’s voice imitating technology from Day 2.

Yep, no way in hell mason is alive

That would make ‘it’s all just a dream in the head of an autistic boy’ look like Shakespeare.

I always thought a Jack-less season would be a good idea. Simply for new storylines. But there needed to be a good character in replace for him. At the moment we have no clue as to who this new character will be. Personally I would have prefered somebody like Tony or Kate. People we already know are good characters. This whole complete refresh with maybe a Kiefer cameo does not seem very promising at the minute. But I will wait and see who is the actor before I say anymore.

Dumb idea to go all young and the restless. If they want to do a spin off use the Tony set up from the dvd. Unless they cast someone with a big name, I don’t see it taking off. Jack is 24 to many people, I’ll still watch to see if any of the old characters pop up, but that will be the main reason. Who knows though, may like the new characters.

Yes, it should be Solitary related. But there is nothing stopping Carlos from being in it. In an interview with Howard Gordon a few weeks ago he said there is a very good chance Tony will have a main part in this season.

Never saw that interview, where was that at?

Ahh, right at the bottom. Hopefully he gets off the damn table and into the action though. Feel less dicked around if they did that, as why put a teaser in if they aren’t going to use it.

No thanks! This is horrible news. You think you can just replace Kiefer with some hot, good looking twentysomething and it’ll be the same! That’s crazy talk.

The only way I’ll accept a spin-off was if it was Tony. I wanted Tony busted Jack out of prison. Not this. Sad.

That can still happen in this season.

They aren’t “replacing” Jack, they’re bringing in another major character. Recurring guest stars on 24 inevitably get some of the best story and are often just as much main characters as the series regulars. Look at Michelle Fairley on Day 9– no one would ever argue that Margot Al-Harazi wasn’t in the thick of the action on Day 9 or one of the day’s most complex characters. If anything, it means that Jack’s role gets *more* interesting on Day 10.

Think of the fact that now, for the first time since we’ve see him bust out the towel trick side to him on Day 1, he’s actually *mysterious*. What’s up with Jack? Where is he? What’s he like now? We don’t know and we don’t know until he pops back into the story. He’ll get a grand entrance for the first time. Just as Tony Almeida how fun those are ;) Jack no longer has to be the epicenter of the series– that thankless role can go to some poor new kid who gets to run around yelling about how there are rules and morality, dammit! while Jack can wander in after a few episodes with us having finally gotten to miss him.

This isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to the show– this is the best thing that’s ever happened to the show.

*yawn* not interested

This news should very well be the end of 24. The series still has a chance if Carlos Bernard will reprise his role as Tony Almeida.

Of course Tony’ll be in it. They want us to actually *watch* it so it won’t be entirely new characters. They didn’t just cocktease the hell out of us with Solitary only for there to be a Reddit AMA five years from now with them explaining to us that Tony changed his mind, broke his magic glasses, and decided to just stay in his tomb apartment forevermore.

That comment made me laugh. XD


This is the only actor who can do the job in my mind.

Everything I’ve seen him in convinces me he was born to do 24.

I like the look of this guy. Haven’t seen him in anything before but that’s a hell of a compelling stare. :)

He was in a British TV action series called ‘Ultimate Force’ about 12 years ago. It was based around an elite SAS team who basically each episode there would be a new terrorist situation and these SAS guys would make a plan and kick some ass. He was in the first 2 series as one of the main characters alongside Ross Kemp (another popular British tough guy actor) and then the show went a bit downhill after that and was scrapped after 4 series.

As great as he could be in the 24 world, I doubt FOX would but a British actor in the lead role of a very american TV franchise.

Thanks for the recommendation– sounds up my ally. I’ll have to check it out.

As for a British actor, well… David Fury on Twitter answered a fan suggestion that Dan Stevens should front the new series by saying that he’d made the same suggestion last year. For all of you who only think of him with regards to Downton Abbey, see The Guest. This should give you an idea: http://cdn.hitfix.com/photos/4884410/The_Guest_review_-_SUNDANCE_2014_featured_photo_gallery.jpg

I’m very disappointed to hear this. Jack is 24. I would much rather have a final season staring Jack for the character to have closure than to have someone new introduced to replace him. If they wanted it to focus on someone other than Jack, they created the perfect opportunity to bring Tony back.

They’ll bring Tony back. And the mug. And Chloe. And Los Angeles. And Kate Morgan. And I’d bet even the goddamned CTU ringtone in order to get people to watch this spinoff. And then they’ll bring Jack Bauer back, too, he just won’t be in every episode. Which… is not a bad thing. Who needs to see Jack in *every* episode for it to be 24, when he usually spends at least 2 every season doing little more than getting from Place A to Place B?

24 has always been an ensemble show. Always. Jack may be the main character but he is absolutely nothing without the supporting cast on this show and the same will be true of the new guy only now? The character of Jack gets to be a major supporting character. Which means he gets the really, really good, Tony Almeida-level stuff of plot. Best news ever.

IF this season is done well, then it could be up near the quality of season 5.

Agreed totally.

Very interesting news! At last, something quoted pointing to a new “24” season with Kiefer involved, albeit in a guest star role. Everyone should relax and allow more info to stream out about the new characters and the actors who play them. It makes great sense that Carlos Bernard WILL be involved in this project in some form with last year’s prison scene a leading indicator. The new male lead could bring a fresh breeze to the new story line. Should be fun to see a mix of old and new in the “24” world of problematic presidents and wild world crisis. The Russians won’t escape scrutiny!

June 1, 2015 at 11:55 pm
I am excited about the new 24 spinoff. New fresh young characters mixed in with some familiar characters (how about Chloe, Aaron Pierce, Ethan Kannan, Kim Bauer, Tony, Kate Morgan, Karen Hayes, Mike Novick, Tim Woods, Tom Lennix , Charles Logan and perhaps Martha, Suvarov, etc ) and Jack Bauer as a guest star. Remember how good David Palmer was in season 4 as a guest star? That set the 24 standard for a guest star role, IMO.

We need justice to be delivered to Charles Logan and to the anonymous “Goto Meeting” cartel from season 7.

Maybe the 20something terrorist hunter will be a grown up Derek Huxley character from season 5?

Hell no to Derek Huxley, he was so damn whiny.

Brady Corbet was one of the finest actors on the series, period. The stuff in the airport hostage situation is just amazing.

I’m really glad someone agrees with me about that. People just seem bitch and moan about young characters. Yes- he was a bit of a moody teenager at the start, and yes- Jack gave himself up to save him. But I really liked the Derek character, I thought he had the appeal of Kim Bauer (young, inexperienced, relatable to young people) without the negative points of the character too(seeming to get into trouble for the the most silly reasons). I was really disappointed when his character was only in it for 6 episodes. I really thought they could have done a lot more with the character, and especially when they had an young actor as talented as Brady Corbet. I still don’t know if it would work in the reboot. I think the relationship between him and Jack was a big part of what made it work. I think if we saw the character develop into an agent that would be interesting. But people don’t really want to see that as the full premise of the show. That’s maybe something that could have been part of the original series, and now it would be believable that’s he’s an agent, or something similar. Bit of a missed opportunity in my opinion.

24marathonman, if you are a straight male or an experimental female, would you please marry me? You are the first person I’ve encountered online who is also excited about the spinoff. I feel this is enough knowledge for me to accurately determine that we will be very happy in a long life together.

June 3, 2015 at 7:54 pm
Thanks, another character I would like to see again is a grown up Willy from 24 Redemption. But that actor rarely works as an actor or has given it up entirely. Anyway, a 24 spinoff done right could mean we will be watching new 24 episodes for a long time.

I’d love to see Willie and his brother again.

I’m hoping the new lead character is Ryan Chappelle, Jr.. :)

June 4, 2015 at 12:03 am
Maybe the new male lead will be a grown up Keith Palmer. He would have great respect for Jack. He would be motivated to fight terrorists since they got his dad. But please….never make Keith Palmer the President…we had one too many Palmer Presidents already. You have to be 40 yrs old (I think) to be Prez .. so Keith would be too young thank God… at least not for another 10 years.

If 24 is still going on in 10 years I would be ecstatic and by then would not care if Keith was the Prez.

I think Keith Palmer would be great if he turned out to be a closet bad guy. Or, if not completely bad, just at least able to be manipulated a bit by the bad guys. That’s kind of why I want him back because you know what this guy’s story is, for the most part, having just watched the show.

Assuming that Day 10 takes place not long after Solitary, that puts the story sometime around the next U.S. Presidential election in the 24 world. I’d go for President Ethan Kanin versus Senator Keith Palmer with a later in the day twist that Keith is being willingly manipulated by Logan. There’s some kind of crisis that brings both parties together and Ethan, knowing he is about to lose the election to Keith anyway, brings in Allison Taylor to talk some damn sense into him and set him on a better path. Keith inherits the Presidency on the twentieth anniversary of his father becoming the first black President but it’s a bittersweet kind of victory. He lost his way a bit and now has to strive to become a man his father would have been proud of.

And add Mike Novick in there somewhere, work for me.

June 2, 2015 at 12:01 am
What would be great is a made for TV 24 movie (i.e like Redemption) to come out a couple of months before the spinoff’s first episode. This movie would be a prequel to the spinoff and would feature Jack getting out of Russia with the help of Tony and the new spinoff characters. That would setup Jack and Tony as free men so they can pop into the spinoff storyline at the right moment to bail out the newbies.

I’d love another prequel movie. Redemption was fantastic.

I don’t think Jack is imprisoned in Russia, though… I think it’s ohsomuchworse…

What says 24marathonman is absolutely right. They NEED to make something to tell us how Jack breaks out from the Russians, I can’t imagine how the hell he would make any cameos if is in jail (or something worse) with the Russians… and I don’t buy AL ALL the thing they already have Jack free or far from the Russians in the spinoff without telling us how JUST for they can make the Kiefer cameos. It would be unfair for Kiefer and specially for the character, that storyline needs to be explained itself in its own space.

I think the next part of Jack’s story is the fact that the Russians have him by the balls & what he’s going to do about it. He’s not actually in prison. There were no handcuffs in his last scene in Live Another Day, no real intimidation, and they didn’t kill him. Because they know they have him– he has to do whatever they want or else they’ll kill his family. If Jack tells a government agency, it’s super-risky because if the Russians find out (really possible with all the leaks everywhere), then Jack just killed his family. If Jack tries to run or he tries to kill himself? They’ll kill his family. The only way out is to take them all down. That’s a very long time of playing an undercover version of yourself in order to get close enough to cut off the head of the dragon and oh wait, doesn’t that plot sound familiar (Day 7! Tony)? Which is amusing because guess who is going to get out of prison and then dive into a plot that will inevitably have him running straight into Jack? And heaven help this new kid if he gets in the way of Jack trying to save his family… making Jack the antagonist of the spinoff. Which fits perfectly with this line of dialogue from Day 1, Episode 1 that foreshadowed Jack’s entire arc as a character:

“You can look the other way once, and it’s no big deal, except it makes it easier for you to compromise the next time, and pretty soon that’s all you’re doing; compromising, because that’s the way you think things are done. You know those guys I busted? You think they were the bad guys? Because they weren’t, they weren’t bad guys, they were just like you and me. Except they compromised… once.”

Jack’s character arc has always been to become a compromised man when it comes to the greater good. His family has always been the only way this would be possible. The beginning of Jack’s story with Teri & Kim on Day 1 signals what will eventually come back around for Jack by the time Kim is the mom and the Teri is now her daughter. Even how it would come back around was foretold in this episode, as to whom does Jack give this hypocritical message about compromise to? His mistress (so, he’s already personally a bit compromised), Nina…. who is really Yelena. A Russian mole.

That’s brilliant. I like the way you think. Just when I thought they couldn’t full circle 24 anymore, you go and write something like this. I can see it no other way and I’ll have it no other way. This must be how it goes. And it should be the last season (for real).

Hopefully, Belcheck will be back though!!

They have to bring him back so we can officially learn that he’s Jonathan the Sniper from Day 1. My favorite pet theory :)

I’m pissed.. really pissed. You can’t just replace jack bauer by a 20 year old rookie.. as jack would say it ”He’s not an acceptable loss!”, And how does jack get the hell out of russia?
Unless Tony leads the show, and some old characters return (not just cloe).. then i won’t freakin’ watch this.. I wished i continued to sleep, this news ruined my day.. DAMNIT!

Yeah, I’m not planning to watch either. :(

I think it’s hilarious how many people now want Tony to lead this show when that and/or Kate in the lead was sending everyone for the hills a year ago.

24’s ensemble is its real power. Look at the number of characters put in as provisos by everyone in this thread. Every other post is like ‘dammit, I really want Jack as the main character even though they said he’d be back anyways and that’s it, I’m out unless Tony/Kate/Chloe/Belcheck/Zombie!Chase/Cubby/AnyonebutFreddiePrinzeJr is in the lead!

Jack is a mainstay of 24, no doubt, but there was a time that no one thought this show could survive killing off David Palmer. There was a mass exodus threatened prior to Day 4 when it seemed like a then-still-only-quasi-liked Chloe was thought to be the only non-Jack returning character… and you know what happened? We all just spent almost seven interminable episodes waiting for the picture of Jack, Audrey, & Tony that Cassar teased us with to happen. After Day 3, they told us they were “rebooting” CTU and that we’d get characters back but maybe not right away and they’d be guest stars and all that. And look what happened… every damn character came back. There was a question as to whether or not Tony would return and Tony turned out to be the most narratively important character in the whole damn day.

They aren’t writing Jack Bauer out of the show. They’re just writing in a new character, like they do every damn season, whom we’ll all fall in love with after we spent the whole time beforehand bitching about their impending existence. When the time comes down the road when Kiefer would rather saw off his own arm then have to yell “dammit!” one more time and Jack’s story is reaching the inevitable end, the show might then still be able to go on because, by then, we’ll be invested in the new kid, whose story will tie into Jack’s story anyway. Jack’s influence over 24 is eternal. Right now, the best thing that could happen to Jack’s story is to confront him with a younger version of himself who has no idea how much his life is going to go to hell from that day forward.

”They aren’t writing Jack Bauer out of the show.”

The way it was reported though, that’s how most people interpreted it. Having had some time to ruminate on it, I’m now in a pretty chill wait and see mindset about it all, and am looking forward to what we hear about it next, and await the inevitable day when they announce that Jack will indeed be in Day 10, (along with Tony…and Chloe). But when I first read the article it was totally my kneejerk reaction to think, “WTF HELL NO YOU DON’T REPLACE JACK FUCKING BAUER.”

After all the “will he, won’t he,” speculation about Kiefer coming back or not, the fandom is on edge and wants to hear a reassuring, “I give you my word,” whereas this news was more of a, “meh prolly, but in the meantime, shiny new guy,” and so everyone’s gut reaction is, “WRONG ANSWER.”

Kate Morgan was a younger version of Jack Bauer.

No, she’s really not. She has more in common with Tony than she really does with Jack.

An excerpt from the Live Another Day analysis I wrote about how Jack is facing the ghosts of his past, present, and future (in a sense). Kate is his ghost of the past.

Kate is the Jack that was betrayed by his trusted colleague (Nina Myers / Steve Navarro) and lost his wife (Teri Bauer / Adam Morgan) from that betrayal.

The result of that ghost is Kate (Jack) failing to save Audrey (Teri / Renee) from a second shooter (second mole). Her desperation to save Audrey mirrored his desperation when finding Teri’s body.

Audrey is shot in the stomach (just as Teri and Renee were). The obliteration of the future, where life is created.

“Oh my god, Audrey. … Oh my god. Stay with me. Stay with me. Audrey. Audrey, help is on the way. Don’t leave me now, OK. Stay with me. Stay with me, Audrey, come on. Stay with me. Oh god. Stay with me. Stay with me. Stay with me. Audrey, stay with me. Please, Audrey. Please, Audrey. Stay with me. Stay with me. Oh god.”

The phonecall from Kate brings him back to reliving this moment:

“Jack, it’s Kate. Jack, I’m so sorry. We lost Audrey. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. There was another shooter and he got her Jack. I’m… I’m so sorry.“

Compare that with his dialogue when finding Teri’s body:

“No. No. Oh my god, Teri. … I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.“

And the dialogue when Renee is dying:

“Hold on, just stay with me.“

Agreed. Totally. But, well… I should clarify what I meant in saying she’s like Tony because that’s really only half a comment because of who *Tony* is like…

Jack & Tony are mirror images of one another. Everything that happens to Jack happens in some form to Tony and vice-versa. They are either exactly the same or exactly the direct opposite of one another in every way because, while they’re individual characters, they’re really two halves of a whole. So, to say a character is “like Jack” is to say that are also “like Tony” in various ways and to say a character is “like Tony” is to say they are “like Jack”. Every damn character on 24 is rooted off of these two characters, in some way, shape, or form. Some of them skew a little more towards one than the other but they’re all, essentially, some part of Jack & Tony. Kate does have a lot of moments that are Jack-ish. I agree. Everything you pointed out, totally. But she has an equal number of Tony-ish moments and some moments that overlap into resembling both of them.

-Just when Kate thinks she has secured the woman Jack loves after saving her life, that woman is shot dead via gunshot wound to the stomach by someone with a connection to the Russians (Cheng’s hitman). That makes her Day 1 Tony, who saved Teri’s life and got her safely to CTU only to have Teri murdered by gunshot wound to the stomach by a mole of Russian origin in Yelena.

-Kate puts her body between Jack and members of the government with orders to kill him given to them by the President. This makes her Day 4 Tony (4.24) and her “this is my prisoner!” is delivered with a “it’s on you!”-like gusto. That moment is basically the end of 4.24, prior to Tony reviving Jack.

-Kate saves herself from imprisonment at the hands of Rask’s men while pretending to be a version of herself whom she is really not. Yes, she’s a CIA agent but no, she wasn’t the handler for Rask’s mole. When she survives, she’s lying on the floor and smiles with triumphant victory. She then gets up and scurries back against the wall to hide herself from those who could be coming. Now, go watch Solitary!Tony, who is playing a version of himself in order to win at his mission, is electroshocked (just like Kate), then on the floor (tossed back in his cell), scurries up against the wall (to avoid being seen by the guards) and then the smile that is our last bit of canon to date. (Also worth noting? Jack’s smile as he gets on the helicopter. He’s headed towards captivity while Kate & Tony are escaping from it.)

-Kate & Ritter’s relationship in the early hours resembles elements of early Day 1 Jack & Tony. Ritter’s got the soul patch but Kate’s the one who just wants to be let in on what’s going on and feels slighted by a guy whose work she admires.

-Kate teams up with Jordan, who is essentially Milo. Tony & Milo on Day 1. (This relationship eventually evolved into a version of Milo & Nadia from Day 6. Nadia was essentially Tony with Ovaries.)

-Kate figured out that Jack would go for the roof if he were really trying to escape and no one listened to her. This is akin to Tony on Day 4 explaining to everyone that Jack would start a firefight to be found after the EMP and everyone looking at him like he was insane.

-Black & maroon outfits on Kate for most of the day = Tony’s black suit & maroon shirt for most of Day 1. John Grisham book she puts in a box in 9.01 is ‘Calico Joe’, which is about the Chicago Cubs.

You can do this for days and Kate also comes out to be Michelle, Kate Warner, Kim… depending on what the plot is reflecting at the time. She’s Jack & Tony because every character on this show is reflective of Jack & Tony, in some way, shape, or form, but I guess what I was saying above is that I think she skews a little closer to who Tony is as a character than she did Jack.


You write, right? You should. Like I should. Our characters were created for this. Check out my full analysis of the ending of Live Another Day. I think you’ll appreciate it if you haven’t already noticed these things. This is the cached version of it as the website is temporarily down: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:ZK_ouekPWCkJ:http://pulpepic.com/posts/tv/reviews-tv/24-live-another-day-2/id%3D111%2Bjohn+connor+live+another+day+analysis&client=safari&rls=en&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&&ct=clnk

Why would jack even work with the goverment.. He went into hiding because of the corrupt goverment!.

Who said Jack’s working with the government? He was last seen with the Russians owning his testicles. Nina’s ghost follows Jack around offering dry-witted commentary as he works as an assassin for them to keep them from murdering his grandkids. He’s going to return to the story as an antagonist.

I would love for Jack to become Nina. DAMMIT! This better happen.

Considering how iconic Kiefer’s performance is, and all the backlash against a Bauer-less 24, would any well known, established actor take the role? Wouldn’t some of their agents advise against doing this? Also Kiefer was very well known before 24, but would they realistically be able to attract a big name 20 something movie actor for this show? It would probably have to be an unknown actor, or someone in need of a career rehabilitation. Would would fit that bill? Shia LaBeouf?

Please no Shia LeBeouf…

I think an actor would take on this role because it’s right now more backdoor spinoff-y than it is actually “taking over” the role yet. They’ll have Jack come in and continue on his story but they’ll have this guy, too, so no one sees it as like this guy taking over for Jack. If it all works out, then by the time we reach the end of Jack’s story in a few years, we’ll know this guy well enough to want to keep on going with him. I think it’d be a tougher sell for an actor if they had already killed off Jack Bauer and were starting from scratch. For Day 10, at least, even if this guy is top billed while Kiefer is Special Guest Starring, in terms of the roles, it’s really like the Kate Morgan role on Day 9 (though I don’t think New Guy and Jack will be partnering up but you never know.) There’s almost always a character who is new to the story but provides an unique filter with which the audience can perceive the characters they already know. Michelle does this on Day 2– she brings with her story that highlights Jack & Tony’s relationship & their Nina issues. Chase, Bill, Nadia/Doyle, Renee, Arlo, and Kate Morgan all provide this at various points. Being the new main character of this story is really like just being the new captain of The Love Boat– it’s still the same damn story with most of the same damn characters and it’s still set on the same damn boat and, at the end of the day, that’s really what people are there to watch.

Everyone saying they will not watch. Will you at least wait and see who is in it and the trailers before you go that far. Just picture a brand new show Katz and Coto are writing that uses the real time format and some 24 characters will be in it. it might not be that bad after all. There are plenty of sub-storylines in 24 that don’t involve Jack Bauer that are awesome, so please wait till we have more info before you judge.

I find it hard to believe that people who say they won’t watch, actually won’t watch, even if it’s just the first ep, out of morbid curiosity, to see if their misgivings about it are confirmed. I’ve got some serious doubts that a spinoff with an all new lead could be successful, reckon it’s a big risk that likely won’t pay off in the long run, but there’s no doubt that I’ll be watching all of Day 10. It surely won’t be a totally Jack-less season, and the new cast will either prove themselves to be worthy of more, or it’ll be proven that 24 really won’t fly without Jack as the lead, but either way we’ve gotta wait and see how it plays out before we’re truly able to judge.

Couldn’t agree more!

Voices of reason, you two are. :)

I can’t wait for the first trailer when everyone flips out with how awesome it looks and starts trying to figure out when and how Jack is coming into the story. It’ll be the Day 4 orgasm denial suspense all over again only (silver lining!) shorter seasons mean we don’t have to first spend until the penultimate scene of the 7th episode watching Jack while off his Prozac grumble his way through saving Chloe’s hacker friend until Tony shows up to actually start the story. That’s only the limited event series equivalent of maybe four episodes, tops? Jack back by 10.04? I could see it…

It would be great use for storyline if Jack is not the lead. One of the main reasons I think Season 6 did not work is because they tried to get him out of China too quick so he could be the lead. It felt so sudden then. This would give them more time to tell the story from another side!

Don’t yell at me, but..If Kiefer doesn’t want to be Jack anymore, I’d like to have another actor playing him, because the character of Jack is 24, not the real time format !

another actor to play jack would be even worse..
Jack = 24, Kiefer = Jack… for the last what 14 years?..

I think a new actor playing Jack would be a bad idea. If they were to keep other actors it would jus feel weird. That would only work in a complete series reboot which this is not.

I loathe recasting. It even annoys me when they have the same actors play Middle Eastern terrorists on 24. I would imagine there’s probably not a lot of people willing to do that but I’m pretty sure there’s a couple of guys Jack has killed like nine times in different seasons who are all supposed to be different characters. I fanon that they all just have access to Jonathan the Sniper’s plastic surgeon because, otherwise, it’s just kind of annoying. (Especially when 24 otherwise doesn’t really do that all that often. It’s not like Law & Order.)

No one but Kiefer Sutherland should play Jack Bauer. Ever. Sorry, Catherine, but no one could do it justice.

Or maybe they want to make a crossover with Homeland and pick the Peter Quinn’s character to put him on 24 ?? he’s young and a bad ass like Jack

June 2, 2015 at 12:14 pm
Peter Quinn character is just a trained assassin with no personality and no family (I haven’t seen season 4 yet). Bauer is a federal agent who loves his country and family and actually had a life and a personality but his job took it that all away.

no keifer no 24 just this!

I can see a great possibility of a 24 movie being made as a prequel to the 24 spinoff! Last September Brian Grazer was keen on a pitch for a 24 movie, which could be a two hour prequel to the 24 spinoff which would show Jack being rescued from Russian Prison! I can see this being announced when the 24 spinoff is announced! http://www.contactmusic.com/brian-grazer/news/imagine-entertainment-in-talks-for-24-movie_4349640


Its great he will be in it, but he still did not say he will be a main role. But the new guy could be good.

Mike Novick & Aaron Pierce have both always been guest starring roles. Two major characters in the series and never series regulars. Charles Logan was a guest-starring role in every season Greg Itzin was in, barring Day 5. The characters of George, Nina, Sherry, and Michelle were all guest starring roles at various points in the series, as were Morris O’Brian and Bill Buchanan. Dennis Haysbert guest starred as David Palmer for the last two seasons he was in. Mary Lynn Rajskub was on 24 for two seasons as Chloe before she became a series regular. Carlos Bernard was a Special Guest Star for 2/3rds of Day 4– a season in which you could argue that Tony was the most pivotal character to the story. Mia Kirshner has appeared in seven episodes of the series as Mandy as a guest star and wasn’t even credited for two of them to keep the surprise of her character’s appearance. The following characters were played by guest starring actors & actresses: Dina & Behrooz Araz, Ira Gaines, all of the Drazens, Margot Al-Harazi, Graem Bauer, Stephen Saunders, Christopher Henderson, Hamri Al-Assad, Olivia Taylor, Omar & Dalia Hassan, and Ryan Chappelle… so, basically… almost all of the great characters the show has produced.

“Guest Starring” doesn’t mean “bad/little to non-existent story”. It means: “look at all the epic stuff we can do with Jack Bauer now that 24 isn’t starring Kiefer Sutherland.”

I would love to see Aaron Pierce have a main role in S10. He is such a great character. Those episodes in S7 where he was trying to save President Taylors daughter, were some of his finest moments. In season 5 towards the end he was great aswell. Anytime they give him a big role, he sure adds a lot to the season.

Yeah Aaron always gets the job done, sucks they’ve ignored him since season 7.

I was so devastated when he was not is S8, When I knew it was the last season. He was so close to being in each season.

The story looks like it’s circling back to needing Pierce again. He’s the moral compass of the series. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the last time we saw him was when everyone’s moral compasses completely burst and they all went into freefall every since. He couldn’t appear beyond that because then there’d be someone whose presence would keep the characters from losing it, which has been the plot for awhile now. But he’ll be back.

I still think it was all conspiracy, Kiefer wanted to be the only one in all 8 seasons at the time so Aaron got the shaft, but I could be wrong lol

Be great to see him back though

Forget it. Just not interested. I hope the show has bad ratings and is a bomb. There is oonly one 24 and there is only one Jack Bauer and you can’t t have one without the other.

But then we won’t ever find out what happened to Edgar’s mom.

C’mon, man, you know you’re gonna watch just for that ;)

Wait… What?

No Kiefer = No 24.

Maybe we need to sign an online petition to bring back Kiefer Sutherland to the series, not as a guest star, but as the main protagonist.

If this new series has six episodes and Jack is at least in four of them, maybe I could be interested, but if he’s not, I’m not going to waste my time on this. “24” is great thanks to Jack Bauer…

Petitions won’t be necessary, as I’m sure they’re monitoring all the feedback, (*waves to the lurking FOX intern*), and it’s been pretty much a resounding “NOPE” judging by what I’ve seen in forums, article comment sections, and on Twitter. With that kind of overwhelming market research response, they’d be stupid to not take it into consideration.

The reaction has been fascinating. The majority of comments are “no Jack, no 24” and there’s also a lot of people saying “If not Jack, why not Kate?!” And there are plenty of angry Tony and Chloe fans as well. The people who like the idea seem to be in a small minority.

Yup, pretty much! I may not be a TV executive type, but surely it’s common sense to pay attention when so many of your consumers have such a negative reaction to your product, especially in a business like TV? Surely the timing for the release of this information was calculated so that they have some ideas in place, but not necessarily anything set in stone yet, and they’re wanting to get some feedback while things can still be tweaked if necessary? I’m already curious to see what the next batch of leaked info will entail.

Preach it, Phee. *also waves at Fox interns*

We’re all going to be laughing at this thread when this thing comes out and Kiefer is in at least half the episodes while Carlos & Mary Lynn are regulars. I think they might go all out, full-stop and bring back CTU: Los Angeles just to get us to watch this poor new character who is so going to wish he took a sick day.

Definitely, I also hope there will be a few new ones. Remember with LAD how good the new cast was.

Goodness, yes. Mark Boudreau alone is proof enough that new characters on this show can still be great.

There are enough good new characters.. but that doesn’t mean they can carry a whole season as headliner

But the secret weapon of 24 is the supporting characters. You could have the most dynamic lead character ever created and it wouldn’t matter at all if the other 10+ major characters of the day weren’t impressive. Jack’s story is dependent almost entirely on the supporting characters for its power. The same will be true of New Guy’s story.

Northern Star
June 2, 2015 at 11:46 am
They should call the new series ‘The Bauer Legacy’, debut it with big hype and hoopla, the ratings will inevitably fall off as they’re sure to do, FOX will then pay Kiefer a tidy sum to come back for a new season to rescue the franchise (God, I hate that word!), they’ll say the spin-off and it’s new characters may still come back in some capacity… but that’ll be the last we hear of it and them.

Where have I heard this story before?

The Bauer Legacy just sounds unoriginal. It just seems like a copy and would not work.

Northern Star
June 2, 2015 at 1:18 pm
I was deliberately being facetious, ironic, sarcastic, deliberately pointing to another action franchise that decided to go it alone without it’s star and lead character to underwhelming results that led to said star (and director) returning with hefty paydays (no doubt) in tow to ‘rescue’ the ailing franchise, I’ll leave you to decide which one I was referring to.

So long 24, it was nice while it lasted…

Oh sorry… I didn’t notice the sarcasm.

Entertainment is a money-making venture. We could wind up with twice as much 24 as a result of this spinoff, did you consider that? If Day 10 serves as a kind of backdoor pilot for the spinoff, then the spinoff goes off and becomes its own animal but we could also get another limited event series centered around Jack, wherever he ends up after Day 10 ends. They want to use Jack to boost the spinoff, sure, but you can’t blame them for wanting to make money.

Also, this isn’t NCIS. This isn’t even really Chicago Fire. This is an unique beast when it comes to spinoffs because 24 is a cyclical story. It’s narrative structure is basically a hall of mirrors– it’s the same story told over and over again. Its ending will always also be its beginning and so on and so on. It’s structured like a series of mirrors and Jack is only one part (a major part but only one part) of that structure. 24 easily goes on without him and has been laying the foundations for that for a long time now, even if there are still quite a few story beats to be had before his character isn’t expressly needed anymore…

June 3, 2015 at 8:14 pm
Yes, we could eventually get a full 24 episodes a year. That would be great…but….frankly it was painful to have to wait a week for the next episode. I started watching 24 on live TV at the start of season 7. Then waited a year to watch season 8 one episode per week. It was only after season 8 did I start to binge watch season 1 – 6 on DVD. (Thanks Blockbuster, RIP) When 24 LAD was aired, it was back to 1 episode per week… pure agony.

It’s unbearable. I’ve watched Days 3-9 waiting a week between the episodes, so I feel your pain. It’s also, though, kind of (masochistically) fun. It definitely keeps the suspense up. Though, you never know, by the time they go to put this on the air, they could have a model like what NBC did with Aquarius– air the two hour premiere on tv and then put it and the rest of the season up on their website. Or they could have a couple available at once or something.

Not sure how realistic it is but my hope is that they eventually do a full 24 hour day again between the two series. The spinoff leads off the first 12 hours, then the old school show becomes the focus of the 2nd 12 hours and it’s one story over one day between the two. I really liked Live Another Day but the show’s just better when it’s 24 episodes long. More room for side plots that flesh out the characters and time enough for the guys to grow out a beard. It’s just not 24 if you haven’t been up with the characters for 24 hours.

I really think it would work. The directors and the writers are incredibly brilliant at what they do. If the main character is somewhat like Jack, then it’s fine. If the guy is a guy who isn’t a famous actor…well………..good luck. If the guy is a good actor who can do action movies like Matt Damon, then that’s also fine. As long as the spin-off is still called ”24” , then i’ll watch it. I know Jack will come back to the show as the main role. It’s kind of like how Matt Damon felt about reprising his role in The Bourne Legacy. Then, a few years after the movie, he decided he wants to reprise his role. The 5th bourne movie is now in production. Also, as long as the cast is filled with actors and actresses who are good at action series, then that will be epic.

*high five*

I think people are forgetting that every season of 24 brings us at least a couple of new characters to whom we grow attached so the idea of not wanting to let go of Jack just says they’ve done a great job creating characters we love. And we don’t even *have* to let go of Jack, since he’s coming back and probably more lovably insane than ever. :) I’m with you– totally willing to give them a shot with this spinoff.

I say this now. Don’t even talk to me if someone doesn’t reunite Tony with his goddamned coffee mug. Jack better be carrying that thing around in his Jackpack and lighting candles beside it at night, yearning for the day he and Tony and their respective signature accessories can finally find time to take that honeymoon.

peter qeen cant paly role jack bauear

This could easily be a season set up to have this young guy take on the Russians and get Jack out of Prison. Also, Tony could easily be a main cast member. Very easy to get Mary Lynn Rajskub back and Tony would want to work with Chloe so it could make sense. You all just need to wait until more info is released and we get a plot. I have a feeling they won’t do 24 without some deeper connection to the characters we all love. Don’t write it off so early in the process! To me, I am excited to get more 24 and if you look bigger picture this could set it up for another jack bauer season with the young guy or even a movie!

June 2, 2015 at 6:16 pm
Yes, no one here should write off the spinoff…way to premature to do that. For me, after I see the last episode of the spinoff I will make my judgment.

Is it wrong that I want Chloe to still be morbidly depressed by Day 10, just so that we can see Tony get a load of her new look?

“The hell did you do to your hair?”
“This is my version of your douche-y mustache of depression.”
“Do you have a *skull* tattooed on your neck? Christ, Chloe, are you fifteen?”
“Cut me some slack, Mr. Art School Dropout Corduroy Jacket!”

I wished they didn’t kill of morris.. I always found him a breath of fresh air in 24 with his dry-humour responses

Yeah, Morris was one of the few highlights of season 6.

Thank Adrian for the hints that Morris is still alive.

I’m just gonna wait and see what they come up with.

Looking forward to it.

Haters gonna hate already and pre-judge – go ahead. Be negative.

Really? Than again, I seem to recall that Renee has a plausible chance for revival in a similar Tony revival fashion since she was only worked for a minute & a half and was only seen clinically dead afterwards.

Mary, your assumption that everyone wants to see Tony now as the lead of this spinoff show is just a misconception on your part. I hadn’t previously commented on Tony as the lead because I never even entertained it as a possibility. and still don’t. But carry on

Not sure where this is coming from but I never assumed everyone wanted to see Tony as the lead? I’m sure there are some who would. Want to know something you wouldn’t assume? I’m not one of them. Tony is my favorite character in the series and I still don’t want him to be the lead character. I think it would be a good story and I more than think Carlos Bernard could do it but it’s not the right idea, IMO. Neither was Kate Morgan, once we got to know her, because these are the complex characters who need a simpler character to run up against. That simpler character is the lead. The lead is the Luke Skywalker, the supporting characters are the Han Solos. Tony is the Han Solo of 24. No one ever really wants to see a Han Solo-driven Star Wars but they always want to see Han Solo. I absolutely want Tony & Kate both back but I’m really happy about the spinoff idea because it means they can do more with Jack than they could when his character could only go in certain directions because he was the lead character. It makes Jack exciting. That’s my main point on here so sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Well put, I always wanted Tony as the main for this next season but I think you may have changed my opinion. Definitely have him in the main cast but not as the lead. I am so happy there is someone else excited about this. I was hoping the site would not be so negative from one statement of development.

Happy you’re positive about it, too. I think it’s going to be the bee’s knees. :)

Yeah, definitely main cast. Though I’ll take any Tony, anytime. I get that he had to disappear to facilitate Jack’s descent into darkness but that descent just took suuuuuuch a lonnnnnnng time that I feel like we’re kind of just now getting to the parts of Jack’s story that I wanted to watch ages ago.

What are the odds they will kill off Tony and Carlos will convince them to bring him back?

I don’t think they *can* kill off Tony. *laughs* How would you ever convince the audience that he’s really dead? I don’t think they could even Mason him to death without the audience finding a loophole. Besides, his immortality is half his point as a character anyway– as long as Jack’s alive (and maybe even then some), Tony’s got to live. They’ve got a yin-yang arrangement happening.

You know, I would potentially get on board with a 24 spinoff that tackled a completely different subject entirely. The 24 format allows them to do anything, so why not do something completely different? It doesn’t have to be about stopping a terrorist attack. Why not have a season based on a group of cops who are chasing a serial killer who is on the loose? It would be smaller scale and more personal, which is what made the first season so special.

If they go with a big threat right from the get go, will they be able to really develop the lead characters, the way they did with Jack? The smaller, personal threat from season 1 was so great.

That would be cool but it would need to keep interesting.

I’ve been saying and wanting that since Season 4. I’m sick of terrorist threats and World War III. It’s the same BS over and over. Live Another Day was a parody.

I think they’re circling back towards a more intimate, smaller-scale plot. We did just nearly have a third world war as the threat. Shy of aliens invading, you kind of can’t get any bigger than that. The setup with the characters remaining also make for more of a personal threat. I have no doubt that there will be some larger threat but a Day 1-esque threat seems really likely when you consider that Jack’s motivation right now is to protect his family.

I would like to see a season that’s kind of like season 1, with Kim (and now her 2 children) being taken hostage by the russians or.. Charles Logan who turned out to be all right (altough maybe in a wheel chair) for his ultimate revenge on everything jack did to him, with jack needing help from both Aaron and Martha, and obviously cloe. First things first.. Jack escapes from the russians because cloe and belcheck helping him.. then jack reseived intel as he tries to find out where his daughter is.. and it turns out that they have been kidnapped after word got out that jack escaped..

Sounds good to me. Toss some Tony into that salad and I’d dinner that. :)

– Jack Bauers Escape from the Russians
– Charles Logan’s involvement in capturing jack for all the things jack has caused him (Charles wasn’t killed he suffered ”possible” brain damage)
– Tony Almeida’s Escape From Prison
– Taking down Charles Logan with the help of Aaron Pierce & Martha Logan and Cloe
– Kim Bauer being kidnapped with her children
– The Handler (Who’s voiced by Xander Berkeley aka George Mason in 24: Solitary) reveals he’s the ”Bad Guy” plotting a genocide attack in L.A
– Tony & Jack team up to get kim and her kids back, and to take down the handler, with help of Cloe and Belcheck
– Jack reunited with Kim, Tony gets immunity for his help and doesnt need to go back to prison

Charles logan’s ”possible” brain damage could be interesting.. He could deny alot of things saying he doesnt know jack, and get people behind him, and get people to turn on jack because it will all just look like jack has a vendetta, charles can manipulate and deceive alot of people using this.. I think it could be interesting..

My feeling is that after 9 plus seasons which equates to either 205 or 206 episodes broadcast over a 14 year period, there are only 3 living characters that most people care about: Chloe, Tony and Jack. If FOX is doing a spin off about terrorism, using the same real time 24 hour format, it does not make a difference what it is titled. It does not make a difference if either Chloe and/or Tony are brought back. I honestly believe that to the majority of the died-in-the-wool 24 fans (like myself), there is not much interest if jack, played by kiefer, is the main character. Furthermore, if FOX does the proposed spin off, I would be willing to bet that LAD was the last time that we will ever see Jack Bauer. Lastly, FOX is probably banking on the spin off drawing an entirely new audience. Those are my thoughts.

I’m a dyed-in-the-wool 24 fan. I’ve seen every episode of this show at least once, I’ve read all the comics and tie-in books (even Storm Force, people! even Storm Force! *giggles*). I came in to watching it when S3 was on tv, having seen the first two seasons on DVD (in a week because… yeah. If you’re on this website, you’ve been there.) I’ve written several papers on story structure and symbolism in the series. I’ve seen 7 out of the 9 seasons waiting week-to-week, like the majority of people who have been fans since the show as originally on the air. I waited through the writer’s strike when “Jack & Tony’s Day Off” was the only thing to entertain us for over a year. I remember the 24um (Bring Back Kate Warner!), I was around when calling the fan phone was what people did instead of tweeting the producers. It doesn’t make me any “better” of a fan of 24 because there is no such thing. You can feel just as strongly if you just got into the show this month. I only bring it up to point out, RonnietheC, that I’m invested– and I want the spinoff. Badly. I think it’s a great idea. I disagree that LAD was the last time we’ll ever see Jack Bauer. A lot of reasons have been covered already here in the forum (like the fact that they really left him on a cliffhanger) but the most obvious to me is Tony. There’s a ton of stuff you can do with Tony’s character but the foremost thing people are going to want to watch is an eventual reunion with Jack. Why bring Tony back into the story and write Jack permanently out of it? It doesn’t work at this stage.

You should get a job in the 24 writers room.

Will work for Chloe swag.

The least they could do is continue the prequel or ahum ”bonus scene” from 24: Solitary.. Tony’s story is important, and i want to see how he escapes.. damnit!

You’ll see it.

They will aslo need to show 24 solitary as most (casual) 24 viewers don’t know this exists.

The only reason FOX is talking spin off is because Kiefer does not want to play Jack any longer. If he did, there would not be any talk of a spin off by FOX. The talk would be Jack returns for season 10, most likely a 12 episode series. Kiefer is either all in or completely out. And snice this news broke of a spin off with a younger agent, Kiefer and Jack are history.

I disagree. Fox has been trying to find an angle to spinoff 24 for a long time, since at least midway through the original series’ run. There were rumors of a New York spinoff for awhile. It’s just now is a good time for a spinoff to occur– when they still have Jack and can segue the story together. Also? Any guy who is “all out” wouldn’t be about to do a Q&A at a Live Another Day screening in a couple of days.

It makes me chuckle that not even two weeks after dropping the potential spinoff news, they’ll be re-showing the finale where Jack flies off to an uncertain future, and Kiefer, Howard and Manny will be there taking audience questions. It’s like they’re begging for people to ask them about the thing so they can say more things about the thing.

PS. If anyone’s in LA and wants to go: http://alss-24liveanotherday.splashthat.com/

Thanks I did not know about this. Although I am in Ireland and will not get to LA at this time. But hopefully there will be some news.

I am going to that screening.

Lucky duck! Hope you have fun :)

If you get to ask Mary Lynn a question could you please ask her from me, John Gormley (@John__Gormley on Twitter) can she come do stand-up in Ireland soon.

Mary, I hope you are coreect and I am completely wrong. but my gut tells me that it is the other way around.

It isn’t about whether Mary is right or wrong, just that she has a compulsion to reply to each and every post here :-P… so don’t worry about it Ronnie, which you’re right about in saying that this spin-off is only happening because Kiefer doesn’t want the lead in a new ’24’ season at this time, if he did, there would be NO mention of a spin-off series at all, it would be full steam ahead on the next chapter of the Jack Bauer chronicles and no mistake.

If this new series is founded on a genuinely organic idea that just doesn’t need Jack at the centre of proceedings then it might be worthwhile, but if it is (as I strongly suspect it to be) simply to keep a lucrative franchise going despite it’s star’s obvious reticence about returning full-time then it’s not starting out on the right foot. I fear it’s much more the latter than the former and that’s why this whole thing makes me a little queasy, whoever the new lead is better be dynamite charismatic or the whole thing will go down like the Hindenburg, regardless of how well written and directed it turns out to be.

I always defended the fact that ’24’ was still going – and against those who said it should have ended sooner – but this news has started making me question that opinion now…

”If this new series is founded on a genuinely organic idea that just doesn’t need Jack at the centre of proceedings then it might be worthwhile, but if it is (as I strongly suspect it to be) simply to keep a lucrative franchise going despite it’s star’s obvious reticence about returning full-time then it’s not starting out on the right foot.”

Agreed. But I have to wonder how much of the spinoff plan is really set in stone yet? Can’t help thinking that Day 10 will end up having a decent balance of the old, (to give fans something familiar, and give characters some closure), and the new, (so that if it works, they can continue with it in the future), but no commitment will be made to a fully fledged spinoff until Day 10 is over with.

I just don’t see how they go back to the 24verse in any capacity without resolving what’s up with Jack, and also what they teased in Solitary. Those omissions would be so glaring that no one would be interested in the new aspects of the show at all, which would make it a monumental waste of time and money for them. Using Day 10 as a testing ground for the new character/s would seem a more savvy option, (and it really would be a testing ground now that they’ve told us what their future plan for said character/s could be). If they end up being popular with the audience, then great, invest in continuing their story. If they don’t end up being popular with the audience, then at least they’ve given it a go, and given us one last season with the old fan faves in the process.

Maybe I’m giving the showrunners too much benefit of the doubt with that thinking, it just seems like the more common sense option if they’re looking to make more money, rather than tossing a whole bunch of it down the drain with a big gamble of a complete refocusing of the show right out of the gate.

I’m just replying to this post to continue to annoy Gerry. :P

I still can’t understand why Kiefer doesn’t want to be Jack anymore, it’s the only part where he succeed in his all career.
Anyway good luck to find “a young leader” because fans can’t help comparing his character to Jack, and comparing the actor to Kiefer !
The only way I can see (first I though about a crossover with Homeland and the caracter of Peter Quinn, but he’s already like Jack) it’s a group of Tony, Chloe, Belcheck trying to save Jack who appears only in the last episode.
What I want is a proper closure for Jack not this shitty end of 24LAD
(sorry for my bad English)

In a spinoff, Jack’s imprisonment in Russa can be easily resolved without Kiefer (Jack) ever appearing. All that is needed is to say that a deal was cut between the current presidents of the US and Russia to have Jack released. Maybe the US president threatened to make public to the world former Russian president Suverov’s shady involvement in the Day 8 peace treaty. Then it can be told that Jack returned to L.A. to live a life in peaceful retirement with his family. That closes Jack’s story without ever seeing him again.
Easy to do, but it sucks! If FOX wants to create a new show about terrorism, fine and dandy. But the should go in a new direction. No real time episodes, no CTU, no Chloe, no Tony, and no use of the name “24”. The only thing that made 24 so unique, so loved, so endearing, so watchable for so many fans for so many years was Kiefer’s portrail of Jack Bauer. Everything else was just iceing on the cake.

Agreed!. 24 IS Jack Bauer, especially after 14 years..
24 without jack is like Married With Children without Al bundy, Seinfeld without Seinfeld, Home Improvement without Tim Allen and James bond without James bond

You just said that 24 was all about Jack but then just listed Tony, Chloe, CTU, and real time as elements that shouldn’t be used in a spinoff because they defined 24. So… I think you just said 24 is about more than Jack.

My point, which I did njot make clear, is this. Yes, the most important elements of 24 over the entire run are Jack, Tony, Chloe and CTU. HOWEVER, Jack’s character outweights the other 3 by a very large margin. Therefore, if a spinoff or 24 returns with only Jack, it will still be 24, andI will look forward to watching it.. (there was no CTU in season 8, and there was no Tony in Season 9, and no Chloe in the first seasons). However, if there is a spin off with Tony and or Chloe and or CTU, but no Jack as the main character, I am not interested.

I respect your opinion. I totally get why people wouldn’t want to watch without Jack but I’ll argue that the character of Jack doesn’t exist without the elements you mentioned in the first place. I’d argue, though, that every element you mentioned has been in play since the series’ pilot, whether or not the audience directly “sees” them or not.

CTU is a main “character” of 24– so main, in fact, that it got a corruption (absorbed by Homeland on Day 5), a death (Day 6, it is murdered with glass shattering everywhere & we haven’t seen it since), a funeral (the Rogue CTU), a parallel unit(Day 7’s FBI), a resurrection (CTU is brought back to find its undead former director on Day 7), a zombifciation (the NSA’s revival project of CTU: NY), and an origin story all of its own (Day 9’s CIA field office, significant as CTU was born out of the CIA & several key players, including Jack & Tony, are former CIA field agents). Even though we haven’t seen the home base of CTU: LA since 6.24, we’ve “seen” CTU’s story in every season of the show.

The same is true for the characters you mentioned. Chloe O’Brian doesn’t show up in the series until 3.01 but there was “a Chloe” fulfilling her role for two seasons prior. On Day 1, Chloe is a combination of Jamey Farrell & Lauren the Waitress. (Lauren in personality basically *is* Chloe.) By the time you get to Day 8 & you have Chloe with a gun on Jack & him taking her hostage, it’s all calling back to Jack’s episode with Lauren in the first season. Tony’s so important as a character that his absence has to occur in the story in order to create plot arcs for other characters. He’s pretty much the only character who does just as much by not being there as he does when he shows up. There is always a character paralleling Tony when he’s not around and usually more than one. (At different times, Nadia, Omar Hassan, Cole Ortiz, Kim’s husband, and Kate Morgan have all been Tony-ish stand-ins in the plot.) Try imagining Days 6 or 8 happening if Tony had been there. It doesn’t work. There’s always a Tony in the plot, as well. The show can’t even break away from real time as an element. Even stuff like the first few minutes of Day 9 and Solitary unfold in real time, even if it doesn’t technically have a clock.

My point is that Jack is just another super-important element of 24 that can be substituted out to tell the overall story, just like how you can throw a bunch of Tony stand-ins at the story to point out his absence & highlight the other characters’ stories, just how other characters foreshadowed Chloe long before she actually showed up. Even if they wrote Jack out of the show forevermore from this point forward and carried on, there would still be an element *of* Jack in the story. You can even make an argument that they couldn’t even do Solitary– the first piece of canon that doesn’t directly mention or feature Jack– without an element of Jack. He was there. He just sounded an awful lot like George Mason.

no keifer no 24

With the finale screening next week, I’m sure the issue will be addressed more.

I will be there, loaded for bear!

If you get to ask Mary Lynn a question could you please ask her from me, John Gormley (@John__Gormley on Twitter) can she come do stand-up in Ireland soon.

they shouldnt call is 24…maybe 72?

I started watching 24 back in 2002, when I was 15 years old. If their is a chance, a small chance that my favorite show from growing up can come back in some way, shape or form I’ll take it. If I get even 1 episode with only one scene of Jack Bauer or almost any other of the originals…15 years or so later I consider that a gift not a curse. As for the “spinoff” it will be hit or miss. Aside from seasons 6 and 8 (first 16 eps) they always created the great new characters each season. Example S2: Dessler, S3: Chloe, S4: Buchannan & Logan, S5: Henderson, S7: Renee. This is a short list. They can create great new leads. But imo they need to have some strong ties to the original (not necessarily Bauer) or it will fail. Also, while some things fail before their time, this could fail because the “real time format” is past its time.

this isNostalgia for you LA.DC.NY.UK!hey casser this guys want that keifer back to 24!

this isNostalgia for you LA.DC.NY.UK!hey casser this guys want that keifer back to 24!no keifer no 24

casser if keifer dont want back to 24 you should force him!beacuse no keifer no jack no 24!

Jon Cassar might not even be working on the next 24. He said he didn’t know anything about it a couple of weeks ago.

Mary Lynn will be at the LAD screening and Q&A next week in LA

I hope this winds up online somewhere.

Mary Lynn has been tweeting about Chloe not appearing in the 24 spinoff. She seems pretty unhappy about it.

She can’t get her way all the time. Time for fresh faces in my opinion. Chloe is getting boring.

Jack Bauer himself
June 5, 2015 at 5:50 pm
R.I.P. “24”!

I will give this spinoff a chance. They have already succeeded once in creating one of the best shows of all time; they could very well do it again. Jack Bauer has turned into a bloodthirsty, vengeful character whose story I no longer care about, so bringing in a new star would be the only way to continue a brilliant concept. Sure, this person isn’t Kiefer, but if successful, it won’t be the first time a replacement has matched or exceeded the original.


It’s all about the concept of 24. To be honest, I really love the 24hour thing. Although, times have changed and gone are the days where you have a 24 episode season for a series. So I’d expect a 12 hour format – 2 hours each day kinda thing.

Kiefer’s role in 24 is pretty much over. I would definitely like to see some kind of closure with his character during this spinoff though.

Looking forward to seeing what the finished product looks like. And Bring Back Tony!

i think fox to be crazy!beacuse jack buear geeting old not young that fox want change in yonger actor!

They Killed off way to many characters over the years, or like Heller and Logan they made it so tough to write them back in, after bringing them back once already in most cases. Its too bad. This spinoff imo will revolve around Jack Bauer somehow, or fall back on him eventually. But he might be a background presence that’s not always present. If the plot is breaking him out of prison or something, I can see a few short guest appearances of low key indoor scenes and then perhaps a full, very special guest star role in the finale. But fox must know what the fans want with 24. I don’t understand why, when they have a gem in the Tony character they have not used him since 2009. In Season 8 they brought Logan back because they realized sometime between s6-s8 that people want to see this guy. Why they honestly wouldn’t give a spinoff series to tony is beyond me. It could be a true spinoff. Is he good or bad? rogue or official? A new beginning with an old character that has a cult following (so most fans will except it). There would be endless writing possibilities and fox has the lowest rated schedule on tv so its like no risk. They can’t replace Jack. its hard for them to even find a him a partner. Tony is so logical and they now announce two new characters. To me a series that’s aired only 36 eps in the 2010’s decade and is losing its lead, coming back after death for a 2nd time needs to create hype and nostalgia not this nervous ‘anticipation’. But its so early, its unclear what really is about happen. At least something is about to happen.

Tony could be the younger new character, ‘cos Carlos is that much of a genetic freak he seems to be getting younger.

If Tony started at CTU in S1 and was in at least his late 20’s, in the show now he would have to be in his mid 40’s even close to 50. Could he physically pass for the new mid twenties something character, no. If the character was in his mid 30’s, he might be physically able, but that would not fit in the story. This feels like a completely separate show as of now. If Jack and/or Tony are not back full or part time (not a just a 3 scene 1 episode cameo), its essentially a new series. Maybe that’s what they want, hopefully not though. Now fox has to start putting some real positive hype into this. So far, too many people see too many negatives way too soon.

I’m…not sure how I feel about this yet. I’ll have to wait for more details. I’ve mentioned before how I’d be okay with a ‘Jack-lite’ season, but I think it’s absolutely imperative Tony returns. Otherwise my enthusiasm levels will drop significantly.

Special Agent
June 8, 2015 at 12:23 am
On May 5 2014 when 24 came back, I bought the USA TODAY newspaper and as a fan who hadn’t had my 24 fix in 4 years I was so excited. So I open the paper and the article about 24 dampened my excitement for the season before it started. Kiefer made all his “I’ve done enough of this… Jack in a wheelchair comments, etc… I’m like thinking as an actor your show gets new life 4 years later, they send you to London for six months…but don’t pay you the same because its been off the air 4 years. I read the article and he complained about everything really. This article was such a downer, and that was not why they were doing an interview to piss people off. It became a Kiefer opnion piece and no 24 could read that article and not be upset. Why he chose the day 24 was coming back to that was classless. Now this is known not to be money related (fox would pay him with the evidence from LAD). I never expected a s10, but when the lead says he’s done before the premiere even airs of s9, its a safe bet. Along the way they decided for an open ending. It could be the last scene, seen as Jack making one final sacrifice this time of his choice. It could have also been the setup for a great season 10 plot. But like so many things in 24 they are never addressed especially the presidents (keeler, Logan, W. Palmer and Taylor all had great falls and no aftermath was seen or mentioned) fox seems to like us using our imagination. Well with the info on this spinoff so far, I don’t want to use my imagination I want to hear something positive from Kiefer or fox its been way too long. And seriously is Carlos Bernard doing anything? Why they have had that character on the bench for so long is beyond me, give him work!

OK…Just an FYI for those who do not remember:
Season 1: March, 2002.
Season 6: Specific reference to Terri’s funeral being 9 years earlier. So – 2011.
Season 7: Takes place 4 years later, in late April of the first year of President Taylor’s term. So – 2015.
Season 8: 18 months later, in October 2016.
Season 9: 4 years later, in the fall of 2020.
Jack was born in February 1966 – which made him 54 in LAD.
Another way to examine how many years have passed is via Presidential terms.
We know that David Palmer’s term ends shortly after the events of Season 3. (Keeler wins, and is President in Season 4).
Palmer – 4 years
Keeler/Logan/Gardner – 4 years
Wayne/Daniels – 4 years
Taylor/VP – 4 years
Heller – 4 years.
… add in 10 months for Season 1 (March to January).
Taylor’s term ends 26 months after Season 8.
So, we can assume Heller’s term is only 40 months old. Taylor/Heller combined equals 66 months, (5 years and 5 months). Add it all up? 219 months, or 18 years and 3 months.
Add that to March 2002, and that puts LAD (S9) in June of 2020.
Jack Bauer was 54 in June 2020.
Obviously, you can adjust, if you do not accept that Season 1 was in March 2002 – but trust me – it was (confirmed through multiple reveals throughout the series).

Tony & Jack are roughly the same age… but bear in mind that the event in ‘Solitary’ are taking place 7 years after the events in Season 7, or 20 years after Season 1.
That would make it April/May of 2022… two years after the events of LAD.
So, Tony is in his mid-to-late 50s.
That is all.
You may now continue your previous discussion.

I read in one of 24’s novels that Tony was 7 years younger than Jack

In the “Findings At CTU” Book (good read by the way), Tony is 29 years old during S1, Jack is listed as being 36.

Other than Jack and Aaron Pierce, Tony was in more seasons than was any other character. Furthermore, the general concensus of 24 fans was that there was a great deal of affinity towards Tony. Of course, Carlos Bernard did a wonderful job in his portrail of Tony. Taking all of that into consideration, I feel that it was a shaby piece of writing in season 7 that had Tony go from villian to hero then back to villian. And to make it worse, he murdered a federal agent. His penalty for that was life in the federal pen. Now, if Tony is to reappear, he needs to get out of prison. If he brakes out, he is still a villian. Bad idea. It would show wisdom on the part of the writers if Tony has seen the errors of his past, and had become a model prisioner.

He got wind of a planned breakout by a group of prisoners, and became a mole, pretending to be part of the escape plan, but was, in reality, working with the prison officials. Because of Tony, the breakout was thwarted. Season 10 begins with an explination that Jack was released by the Russians because the US President (whomever he may be) cut a deal with the Russian President not to make public the Suverov underhanded dealings regarding the day 8 peace treaty. Jack returns to L.A. , there is a major terrorist plot against the US, and Jack is asked to return to the recently re-opened L.A. branch of C.T.U., (with Brian Hastings as the director). Jack confesses that between day 7 & 8, when Tony was in prison, he reconnected with Tony and saw thatTony was in deep remorse. Of course Jack is willing to return to C.T.U. this one last time under one condition: Tony is given a temporary pardon so he can work with Jack and, once again, save the day. The day being day 10, the final day of 24. In the end, there will be closure. Jack can ride off into the sunset and be with his family in L.A., Tony will either get permanant pardon or be killed, and Chloe will retire from C.T.U. as she is offered a wonderful position as a Victoria secret model. It’s just a thought.

Ashton Kutcher will be ideal in the new version of 24

No. Keep Ashton the you-know-what out of ANYTHING related to 24. Thank you.

Mary Lynn Rajskub said she is definitly coming back for the spin-off and thinks Kiefer will too. http://www.etcanada.com/video/mary+lynn+rajskub+talks+the+return+of+24/video.html?v=460516419593#video

Is it me or is Mary Lynn being a little coy in that interview? Almost as if she knows something she’s not willing to divulge, her facial expression said a lot about what she knows is going on behind-the-scenes… but she’s right, all roads in ’24’ lead back to Jack.

If they do go ahead with a new lead, Stephen Dorff would be a good pick, why does it have to be a 20-something?

I think they are leaving some info until the Q&A tomorrow, which Mary Lynn will be at.

Does anyone know if the Q&A will be transcripted or recorded.

June 11, 2015 at 3:30 pm
I am hoping that they announce tonight at the screening that jack and Chloe will be back in some capacity in this spinoff based on what Mary Lynn said in the ETCanada interview. But I am not letting my hopes get too high.

I was at the viewing last night. Kiefer said that,other than a possible brief cameo apperance, he was done playing JackBauer.

Lol. Feminism ruined storytelling. A young inexperienced male and a experienced mature female. Empowerment, amirite?