24: Legacy key art featuring Corey Hawkins
24: Legacy key art featuring Corey Hawkins

24: Legacy Writers on Finale, Season 2 Plans

24: Legacy showrunners Evan Katz and Manny Coto did a couple interviews regarding the finale. We’re working on summarizing the juicy bits — this post will be updated soon — but check the links at the bottom of all the interviews right now.

Original Time Jump Idea – Carter, Tony, and Rebecca teaming up to kill Bin-Khalid in Yemen

Manny Coto revealed that the final arc was originally going to take place overseas in Yemen.

Might as well say it because it’s fun to muse on, but we were going to end the season with Carter, and possibly Tony and Rebecca, going back to Yemen to take out Bin-Khalid. That was going to be the time jump. We didn’t have the full story worked out there, but Carter and Almeida were going to work together. Maybe Rebecca didn’t make it back, but that was the original plan for the last three episodes.

But this idea with the DNI seemed much more interesting to us; much more powerful and emotional. Whereas the other one was a giant action set piece, and having to reset a lot. This felt more interesting and touched on more current events and was suggested by the presidential campaign: whether we could target terrorists’ families. That seemed like too interesting a topic not to attack. And it allowed for Carter and Almeida to clash in a more interesting way. And it allowed Carter to see the other side of how elements of the government work.

Tony’s role was intentionally minimized:

But, again, we were very cognizant all the way through that this had to be just a series about these new characters. That’s why we waited to bring Tony in. It wouldn’t have been right to make him more integral to the ending than he is. It has to be about Carter and Rebecca and Donovan. – Evan Katz

A “pretty generic new character” was retrofitted to be Tony Almeida:

We knew when Carter was going to rescue the girl, he had to come up against some kind of opposition. Originally it was going to be pretty generic, a new character who was going to be called in and be the face of this team. Then the inspiration hit: Why not make it Almeida? He’s the perfect man to be hired for this. Once that clicked, it became perfect, to put Almeida up against Carter. – Manny Coto

Tony and Carter were originally going to team up:

The original idea was for them to end up working together in a fairly different ending. This is just the way 24 works is these stories just kind of evolve organically. When the final twist of learning that Simms had been conducting this illegal targeting of terrorists’ families, that we realized it would be great if he was also working with Almeida, because Almeida was doing covert work with Rebecca. That naturally put him in a position to clash, which I think, personally, is more interesting than just a buddy comedy. – Manny Coto

Rebecca probably broke Tony out in 24: Solitary; Tony’s redemption arc was saved for a possible second season:

We had done this little video in the Live Another Day DVD where he’s released by somebody, although we don’t know who. In our minds, it could have been Rebecca, because she needed him for stuff they didn’t want to get their hands dirty with. Almeida would have signed onto this in my mind to begin a slow coming back to the light — although he’s working in the dark to get there. It’s the first steps of a character’s journey out of darkness. We didn’t want to go all the way because, God willing, if there’s another season, there’s a lot of fun to be had with Tony, and telling the journey of a man who’s trying to come back to make some good in this world. – Manny Coto

Q: Can you commit to the idea that we’ve reached an end to Tony’s depths, at least as far as him killing innocent people in order to pursue vengeance? Would you ever make Tony quite that dark again?

A: Probably not, but you never know where the story takes us. But I would guess not. He’s been there. He’s trying to work his way out. We would give him another reason to live. Sidra (Moran Atias) was someone who was important to his life, and so is Rebecca. The idea is maybe next year, God willing, the reaction to Rebecca’s death could open up a pretty emotional place for him and how he reacts to that. – Manny Coto

Manny Coto wanted a happy ending for Live Another Day:

The season swims in a pretty dark place, but we thought it would be interesting to end in a happier place. That was the original conception for Live Another Day. I always wanted to end it on a happy note. But creatively, things went a different direction, with Bauer going to Russia. In this incarnation, I was bound and determined that that wasn’t going to happen, that Carter was going to find some happiness at the end of all of this. – Manny Coto

The idea for the finale came up while writing episode 10:
The story of the finale really started back in episode 10, when we revealed that the Director of National Intelligence engaged in a covert program to grab the families of terrorists. We knew this was going to be the last few episodes of the season, where we would resolve that issue and turn the season on its head. That’s where it was. When that idea hit, the final episode we realized was going to be about Eric Carter setting this right — and in doing so, he would try to get Rebecca back alive.

Rebecca’s death wasn’t planned until very late:

Right around the middle of the season, we had an inkling. We didn’t know for sure right up until the very end. It started to be a possibility because of where the Donovan (Jimmy Smits) and Rebecca storyline was going. – Manny Coto

Uncle Luis not showing up in the finale and potentially being in Season 2:

We have plans. We had plans that were replaced by better alternatives, but there’s a whole Uncle Luis saga in the recycle bin that we can pull in. – Evan Katz

Proud to not have any moles at CTU:

We were bound and determined not to have any moles at CTU. We achieved our goal. – Manny Coto

Showrunner is “so creatively pleased” with how the show turned out:

I think we’re hopeful [for a second season], but you never know. I wish the ratings were stronger. I’m just so creatively pleased with the way the show turned out and the reaction from the people who are watching the show. I think it would be a crime to not renew it and give it one more shot. But you never know. – Manny Coto

Renewal Prospects:

It’s certainly a possibility. I think we’ll find out somewhere around May, but we’re certainly hopeful. We have plenty of ideas of what a second season would look like. The studio and the network liked the show, they think it was a good show. We’ll just have to see. – Evan Katz

Potential 24: Legacy Season 2 Ideas

There are ideas that we’ve floated around. We all know where we want to take the next season. I could say pretty confidently that it would probably be Eric as a CTU agent, and my guess is it would be in a place that’s not necessarily the U.S. As a young agent, he’s stuck somewhere. He’s not getting the choicest assignments. It might be fun [to focus on] someone in some backwater CTU station who ends up stumbling on a larger plot that could bring down the country. My feeling for next season would be something where the country is at stake in a large way. It involves Jimmy Smits and the country and his presidency. It would hopefully go big, and be more along the lines of Live Another Day, and be larger than life and still explore relationships, like Eric and his wife. Are they still together? Are they not? – Manny Coto

Larger stakes

COTO: Listen, we haven’t gotten far enough into season 2 to really tell you. All I would throw out is that there is a general feeling that 24 is best when it’s reflecting what’s going on in the world, but at the same time not doing a ripped-from-the-headlines story. There is a feeling of unease and unsettledness in the country: Is the government functioning the way it should be? Is the world going off a cliff? I think that would be something to really explore in season 2. I personally would lobby for larger stakes and literally the future of the country at stake, but taking advantage of this idea that there is something wrong with the government from the inside and that the world is reacting to this and Carter’s in the middle of it. There’s something there to be done, without getting into plot. Personally, a larger world crisis would be the way to go and would be really fascinating.

Location change?

There’s definitely some cool ideas for season 2 on the table and where we’d like to go — a totally different direction from season 1 and finding Eric in a different place and definitely with a role for Tony Almeida, possibly even playing the same role for Eric that he played for Rebecca or even on Donovan. We definitely want to see Tony back. I, personally, would love to see Chloe, because it would be fun to start bringing these characters back in.

More original character returns planned for season 2:

That was always the plan: Let’s just get this season going and then slowly introduce people from the past, have Carter kind of meet these individuals one-by-one.

But aside from Tony, there are now other characters we’d love to [bring in]. Chloe [Mary Lynn Rajskub], we’d love to see again. There’s a lot of fun to be had with other characters. – Manny Coto

Tony will be back

John Donovan’s “soul is in play”

Obviously, this decision to stay in the race and go along with the cover-up opens up the door for this to become an issue further down the road in a potential season 2, right?
Certainly. I think that’s what’s interesting. He is gonna be able to do good and become president, but he has compromised himself. That’s going to come back in some way or another to hurt him. For us, Donovan’s soul is now in play. In the last act of episode 12, he told an outright lie to the FBI agent. So, he is taking a dark path and where he will end up going is something we’ll explore hopefully in season 2. – Manny Coto

Carter and Donovan’s Relationship
Carter has a relationship with John now. If John does become president, how will you play with that?
Coto: Certainly we set it up for a reason and we want there to definitely be a relationship between the two characters to develop further. But what the nature of that is, what that will look like in Season 2, we have yet to really establish. It really depends on what Season 2 becomes.


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    But this idea with the DNI seemed much more interesting to us…

    Me (and probably the rest of you): Erm… What?!

    More like cheaper and more convenient….

    WTF indeed.

    So let me get this straight… they had a pretty great idea for the inevitable time-jump, something actually both interesting and genuinely fresh for the series, something that ensured a compelling and action-packed final three episodes, and something that actually would have justified Tony’s involvement in the season overall… but they dumped all this for… what, exactly!?

    So at least we now know, based on those interviews, that it’s not that the writers can’t come up with fresh new ideas, it’s just they won’t USE them for the most part… anyone looking forward to a second season of Legacy with this same writing team?

    I thought not.

    My piss was boiling reading that article! Manny, you fat useless lump of shit, you have well and truly lost the plot!

    Agreed – not one explanation in either interview made sense. Make Almeida intentionally a marginal role? Bragging about not using the typical mole storyline when they borrowed every other gimmick from the original series (the Rebecca character was hardly worth the silent clock like it was with Edgar, Chapelle, Renee or Audrey)?

    Clearly, their visions of what works is different than what fans of the original show have. If they think another season of Corey Hawkins in the lead is worth spending money on, I hope FOX has the brains to say otherwise. This joke of a reboot was nothing more than a lame effort that tarnished the show’s real legacy more than it honored it.

    lmao yeah, bragging about no mole, yet using the kidnap a loved one thing 4 damn times. Great job there pfffft

    All I would throw out is that there is a general feeling that 24 is best when it’s reflecting what’s going on in the world, but at the same time not doing a ripped-from-the-headlines story.

    General feeling from who?!

    I, personally, would love to see Chloe, because it would be fun to start bringing these characters back in.

    Dear fucking Christ, no!!! Double no to an inevitable snarky tech-off with Andy. There’s only one legit reason to bring back Chloe, and that’s to kill her… preferably in a horrible way.

    Personally, a larger world crisis would be the way to go and would be really fascinating.

    Except no.

    There you have it folks, you’ve hated this past season, and now you’re getting an insight into how the mind of the clueless fuckwit who created it works.

    There was a shift change at the end of the show/season. I completely expected Chloe to sit down and replace one of the tired crew members.

    There is no creativity here, there is no believably. All of the ideas in the show are either rehashed from other seasons, or so far fetched to be conceivable; and is distracting.

    Watching the last few shows felt like a chore. Or like sitting in a stadium when everyone else has filed out to get out of the parking lot and I am holding out hoping that the home team would have an amazing comeback. Unfortunately I feel like a fool now and feel like I wasted my time.

    Let’s hope Fox pulls the plug on 24: Legacy and if it does, wonder what Season 2 would be like – John Donovan is now POTUS and Eric Carter officially becomes a CTU agent.

    Unfortunately, FOX has a habit of doing the opposite of what logical-thinking fans of the series want

    As long as next season would be considered the last, I’d be ok with it. Have Carter and Tony going on a mission in Russia (not Jack related). Have Chloe come back and then have an arc wrapping up Jack’s story in the last few episodes. But 12 episodes is not enough.

    There is no scenario worth hypothesizing over where the Carter character is brought back IMO. Whereas the writers never gave in to the temptation to kill Jack over 9 seasons, had they ended this reboot with Carter getting killed would at least have done the service to 24 fans that was deserved and offered hope for sanity to set in with original cast coming back if there is a 2nd season.

    Reading this stuff makes me lose pretty much all faith in this creative team. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of what I wanted to hear :(

    They proudly described a bunch of ways they made Legacy worse, talk about holding back stuff for another season which looks increasingly unlikely at this point, confirm that practically nothing was planned this year and all just made up last minute… ugh.

    And it really seems like they don’t have any clear direction for a potential second season.

    I don’t agree. In an attempt NOT to sound too much like Justin here lol but I’d enjoy to see what a second season brings. How is Tony reacting in the aftermath of Rebecca’s death? How will Eric adapt to being a CTU agent? Will his and Donovan’s relationship evolve like Jack and David Palmer’s? Plus Luis is still out there. 24 Day 1 had a lot of filler as well. I’m not saying this season was one of the best but if you’re telling me a S2 will have Tony’s official redemption, teaming with Eric Carter, and the possible return of Chloe and seeing how Her and Tony interact after all these years? Sign me up although I know that’s probably not a popular opinion here

    Starting to feel like a battered wife by now but I agree that it was exciting to read about some of those possibilities. I just have a hard time believing that the actual product could live up to expectations if this is the best debut season they could come up with.

    My problem with those ideas is that the writers basically said they weren’t worth doing (Katz said the Luis story was “replaced by better alternatives”, Coto said Carter/Tony clashing was “more interesting than just a buddy comedy” team up, etc) while simultaneously using them to hype up a second season.

    Most of those things could’ve and should’ve happened organically in this season. Trying to shoehorn these scrapped ideas and loose ends into a second season would feel extremely forced, especially if it moves to a different country and has the typical ~2 year time jump.

    The Tony ideas in particular feel really forced to me. He had no connection to anyone except Rebecca, who is now dead. Why would he be working with, or for, a rookie CTU field agent that he only interacted with for like two minutes?

    And given the time jump they’d probably do, why would Tony still be grieving/angry over losing his ex-girlfriend Rebecca from “a long time ago,” someone that he didn’t even really care enough to save in Legacy? He helped CTU ping Rebecca’s phone but that’s all, he quickly moved on and took a job for Simms like 20 minutes later. They never established some really deep relationship between them. Tony cared about her, but seemingly not that much.

    And it’s not even like they have an interesting angle with Tony/Eric teaming up trying to hunt down Rebecca’s escaped killer in another country. That was wrapped up, we know that Bin-Khalid is dead.

    I just don’t feel like they laid the proper groundwork for most of these ideas to work (in a natural way). Bringing back Tony, Chloe, other characters, trying to recreate the Palmer/Jack relationship etc all just seems like blatant fan service rather than a compelling new direction.

    The perplexing thing is that, according to Manny Coto, they spent eight months – EIGHT MONTHS!!! – working on the first episode alone… that was more than enough time to both populate and plot out the entire 12-episode season in advance.

    Perplexing for sure. You would expect the writers to at least have some kind of rough outline, a general idea of where the story was headed.

    But it seems like they had absolutely no clue what would happen beyond the pilot. Charlie Hofheimer (Ben Grimes) said “I had heard there were permutations of the script where Grimes had died in Episode 2.”

    So even the very first arc sounds like it was up in the air.

    I don’t wanna see this again until they bring jack out with a strong cast no way.

    Olaf the still Hunter
    April 18, 2017 at 1:27 am
    The finale felt weak. Why not dangle a little treat in front of us, regarding Jack Bauer’s time in Russia or Mandy–you know the only terrorist in 24 that survived all 10 previous days and Jack’s wrath. Get Mia Kirshner back in here already and wrap up her story.

    Did 24 writers forget she killed 300 some people in the 24 pilot when she blew up the Boeing 747? Justice is still being demanded over 21 years later.

    These are just infuriating.

    Sending Eric and Tony overseas the last three episodes would’ve been a perfect way to jump ahead twelve hours and actually, you know, take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to show every second of the day? Like you said would be an exciting new aspect of Live Another Day? Who knows how it would have panned out but just reading about it gets me more pumped than anything they actually did with these last six hours.

    And that dropped idea about a entire network of hostage terrorist families would have been way more compelling than what they actually did – seems pretty clear they wrote the episodes with that as the basis, since as it stands it makes absolutely no sense that Simms would go to such extremes to cover it up over one girl. In general they did a terrible job of establishing why it was such a horrible crime he would want to cover up to begin with. They should have done something to show that Ara/these hypothetical family members were being subjected to inhumane treatment or torture, as that would present a genuinely difficult moral dilemma with regard to Rebecca/Simms’ actions. Instead, a girl has to live in a cabin with a nanny telling her to go to bed at 10 p.m. so that there might be a way to stop an animal who saws off heads down the road. Sorry, I have a hard time getting upset over that.

    (On top of that it’s ridiculous that a sitting U.S. senator married to someone in the IC would be so naive and ignorant as to be shocked at what goes on in counterintelligence – but that’s a rant for another day)

    It’s hard to escape the feeling that they came up with a bunch of really interesting story arcs and then systematically figured out every way to neuter or cheapen them.

    Nicholas Galvante
    April 18, 2017 at 2:14 am
    speaking of budget… how much did kiefer get from this? maybe that’s where all the budget went!!

    Tony did more when he was in a coma than all of this season.

    They should bring in Arin Driscoll and Chloe.

    Driscoll? That would be pretty random..

    Plus the actress sadly passed away a few years back

    Yeah. I actually agree with you. I’m sorry I totally Alberta Watson the actress passes away.

    So, let me get this straight here…they had several potentially good ideas and decided to scrap them all for utter SH!T:

    -The time jump actually meaning something integral for the story and taking the show to another country within ONE season (this hasn’t been done since Season three that took place in both US and Mexico)

    -Redeem Tony. They opted, instead, to drag his redemption arc out through several seasons (probably out of a fear that us old fans will leave as soon as his story closes). No wonder he barely had a role this season and barely had any sort of redemption outside acting “nicer”. I’m fine with a Tony redemption (I’ve been wanting it for years) but dragging it out like THIS?

    -Happy ending. I LOVE the irony here. They were never concerned about giving Jack or Tony happy or conclusive endings but were stumbling over themselves to do it for some new character that hardly anyone cared about.

    Very disappointed here.

    So now we’re left in a similar predicament as we were with LAD:

    -They had a chance to bring Jack back and close his story: failed to do so.

    -They had a chance to redeem Tony and failed to do so, opting instead to give us a little PIECE of improvement for Tony (“Oh, well at least he’s not killing innocents or committing terrorist attacks anymore! Just a merc for hire! That’s progress, fans!” PFFFTT!!!)

    -Closing the story.

    Now we may never see a new 24 season and will be stuck with a 1% redeemed Tony, no Jack closure and everything pretty much in limbo.

    What closure do you want about Jack? The book has been closed. He paid for his crimes and turned himself to the Russian’s. There’s no breaking him out, there’s no him escaping because they will just go after his family. His arc is done. Completely done. Unless you nuke Russia and wipe it off the face of the earth, there’s no way that Jack’s story can continue.

    I’m inclined to agree.

    What’s with you people who say that? Use your imagination. Other’s have provided some great reasons: Jack is USED by Russia as an agent to carry out missions and either earns himself a pardon in their eyes or uncovers a way to blackmail them into releasing him.

    There are a myriad of possible scenarios. Not trying to be a d!ck here, but use your imagination, guys. This Russian situation isn’t much different from his Chinese situation, after all, so I don’t know why people are acting like this is so different.

    My point was that every story deserves an ending. I think Jack got his.

    I don’t. It resembles his Chinese ending and feels like he’s in limbo.

    I’ve read on some forums that people had a problem with the ending because Heller gave Jack a pardon in episode 8 of LAD. So his going to a Russian prison at the end contradicted that.

    A pardon by a United States President does not extend to covering crimes committed against citizens of another country. Jack killed Russian diplomats and citizens, therefore he still has to answer to those crimes in Russia. If he ever returns to the States however, he’s peaches and cream.

    As I said on the Episode 12 discussion thread:

    The quality of Jack’s ending is…arguable. It lacks catharsis and discernible closure, but it’s actually very full circle. Season one is about Jack trying to keep his family together and live a normal life while rejecting the darker aspects of his personality. His journey throughout the series is one of loss and isolation. At the very end of season 9, Jack wholeheartedly accepts that he can never have his family and never lead a normal life. He no longer attempts to bury the darker aspects of his personality (hence, why he so easily throws Margot out a window). His isolation is complete when he baords the helicopter. And he’s *relieved* about it. That’s an ending.

    Sounds to me these writers have forgotten how to write!

    I realize that Kiefer doesn’t want to come back (retrospectively – with with the 24 Legacy script, I can’t blame him) but they should bring Jack back and have him die off 15 minutes into the show by some mundane circumstance (e.g. bee sting, choking on food, dog attack, etc…)

    The 24 writers seem to go to the same well over and over again. Although the gasoline field was unique, I couldn’t ignore the similarity to the Wembley Stadium / Heller drone scene in LAD.

    Kill him off five minutes in like Palmer in S5. That would definitely be a hook to get people to watch.

    Since the writers have plans for 24: Legacy – Season 2, what is the chance that it will be back next year? I will give it 50/50 chance, it’s a possibility that Fox will give it another chance for a second season, but we will just have to wait until next month to find out.

    I really hope it’s back next year, and also, I would love a 24 episodes, instead of 12 as with 12 episodes, they is not enough storylines and action and also stories with characters! :)

    I am so disappointed with this season, this is my overall review. Mira is the best plot to fill in the show in early time. Gangsters K.O. Terrorist is the best scene of this season. But, what else? Eric Carter could not lead the show, therefore they created many characters with more scenes in this season but sometime make me feel boring. The story went worst starting in the middle. Terrorist just know kidnapping people to threat someone. They do not have any backup plan to continue their attack.
    Please just make a standalone season for Tony Almeida and Chloe O’Brian….

    There was a few episodes I enjoyed of Legacy…. the rest just felt meh…. Not too concerned if there is no season 2. I was hoping the last minute of the finale would involve someone mentioning Jack Bauer and then it would end on a split screen with the camera swinging around to reveal Jack still in Russian Prison (or something like that.)

    Overall really don’t care much for Legacy, and I’ve been a fan since the beginning of 24. I think it should come back only if Kiefer Sutherland ever decided he wants to reprise the role of Jack Bauer and give him a ending us fans want.


    Yeah, another season where his promised redemption never happens and he makes no impact on the plot whatsoever with his cameo appearances. YAYYYYYY………….

    Bluetooth Group
    April 18, 2017 at 11:39 am
    So basically this entire season was “click bait” for a potential season 2. Go to hell Coto, Katz and Gordon. Only way I would watch another season of this bullshit reboot, is if FOX fired these bafoons and hired a new creative team, and go back to TWENTY-FOUR episodes, even if they have to split them up with a 12 episode arc in the fall ,and a 12 episode arc in the spring. Fool me once shame on you showrunners……..

    Omg Manny you are so full of shit … It should be called 24: fuck up not 24: legacy … it’s a shame what those fuckers did to the 24 and its name… if this shit gets renewed, I will watch and smile every second of it..

    So basically Tony was brought back to keep fans of the original watching, and they’ll likely use him (and Chloe) to get fans of the original to keep watching in season 2. But neither character will get closure (nor will Jack).

    I wasn’t too happy with 24: Legacy but Season 1 of 24 took a while for it to be good. I think this series would have benefitted from having 24 episodes. I hope they make a season 2. Having Chloe back would be fun to see, but most everybody just wants Jack back. I do too, but come on guys, these writers have done a great job and without them, we all wouldn’t be on this 24spoilers.com site talking about the 10TH SEASON! They weren’t the best this season, but overall I’m happy with everything they have done with 24.

    1) the Yemen raid was a MUCH BETTER IDEA in every regard: time jump would’ve been interesting, Tony would’ve been relevant, plus he and Carter working together would be great, a big action set piece was needed in this otherwise slow season, Oded Fehr could’ve made Naseri a badass if he was still involved, it would’ve been a (potentially) much more satisfying ending, or at least *good*

    2) “a bigger threat”? NO. Those have been done to death, mostly by 24. We don’t need the whole country / world in danger, because you know from the start they bad guys won’t win. Personal threats are not only more dramatic and engaging, but they don’t have an obvious outcome.

    3) Donovan as President? UGH, president storylines are always so insanely slow and mundane and repetitive, I loved Jimmy Smits (one of few upsides of this season) but we do NOT need another president storyline, which is one of the (very very) few things this season did RIGHT


    If this show will be renewed The Almeida will return only for a few cameo scenes like this season and he will be happy because of the big check that is waiting for him at the bank.

    Sorry but I don’t want a Season 2. That finale was one of the most lame and lazy episodes ever and it was the finale? Pfft.

    To me, the writers are just doing this now for the sake of it being 24. So many things has been disregarded and thus making this season as the most Not belivable seasons ever. Remember that scene where Carter and Donovan were driving to Simms’ office and Donovan says Carter needs to look like a secret service guy? Carter got changed and was already driving in under 10 minutes. Those little things have made this season absolute garbage. Total disregard to the real-time feature.

    The writers have lost the plot!

    They left it all open on the ‘god willing’ hope that they get a season 2.

    Get the writing right and they probably would’ve had a much better chance

    Coto and Katz being interviewed following the finale of 24 Legacy Season 2:

    “It was so much fun bringing Tony back again. Carlos is just the best! We were hoping early on the season to shed some light on Tony’s past but we realised that too much time had past and that season 1 probably would have been the best time to do that. But if the show is renewed for season 3 then maybe, just maybe we might delve into his backstory and give him more than 20 minutes screentime. We may even bring back Chloe, and other beloved characters like… eh… Chloe? Oh did I already mention her? We’ll I’m sure the fans can tell you about some of the other characters we have out there who we could bring back.
    Heck, we may even bring back Jack.

    It all depends on how fans react to season 2 and if they want a season 3. The future of the show rests on their shoulders. It’s their responsibility to keep the show going. Not us.”

    April 18, 2017 at 6:28 pm
    Dear Coto and Katz, it is not the fans of 24 responsibility to keep the show going. It is the responsibility of the show runners and writers to give the fans a reason to want 24 to continue. You, sirs, have given the fans no reason to want a S2 of Legacy. You promoted the heck out of Tony to bait Tony fans into watching in the hopes of getting your ratings up, and then admit now that you intentionally marginalized him this season. and now you’re saying if the Tony fans really want to see the Tony redemption arc, well you better want another “two more” seasons. I think you have successfully marginalized the Tony fans loyalty. Congratulations. Your arrogance, sirs, is boundless.

    They need to call it 24 Predictable.

    A lot of other shows that aren’t so good have more unpredictable thing than this. They are ignoring things that happened like the chinese guy that Kieth nock out is suddenly gone in episode 12 and they have so much plot that they didn’t tied up.

    Now, you can’t believe almost everything this writers or actors says.

    A month ago Cory said that there is an OMG twist at the end of this season.


    There wasn’t any mole or someone in a high rank that work with the terrorist and the whole season was predictable ( except for episode 6 that felt like a classic 24 ) and the second half of the season had a big potential but it was bed with all the kidnaping and without any real twists and without Tony redemption.

    If you have all the following 3 things it’s mean it isn’t really 24:
    -The writing is lazy
    -We don’t have any mention of Jack Bauer who if the writers forgot saved the day 9 times and now he is in a russian prison.
    -And it’s only 12 hours and not 24.

    The writers of 24 who I thought were Geniuses are now apparently lazy and I don’t believe this is the same writers of the original 24.

    And i know it from the start that in this 24 Legacy they will give the hero the good ending that Jack DESERVE in LAD!
    apparently this writers think that Jack who was in more than 200 episodes doesn’t deserve a good ending or any closer, but a new hero that the fan way less care and was in only 12 episode deserve a happy ending.

    P.S: Naseri is the real hero in the final and he is more moral than the good guys.

    Wow. Only 12 episodes and they basically admitted they had no fing clue where they were going. That is down right pathetic. Sloppy writing at its finest and they only used the real time aspect loosely, basically when it suited them. The original series always had more screens pop up too, showing separate stories, this one barely did.

    No mole. Yipppeeee. But a love triangle, some lovey dovey ctu crap, some jealousy love triangle with tony and the other two and Tony having done more in all of season 5, when he was in a coma, than he did here. But no mole. Pfffffft.

    Choosing not to actually make use of the time jump with characters that are worth a damn and give us some buffoon who shoots himself that no one even cared about, wow impressive.

    Dragging Tony out until a season that no one will give a damn about after this, impressive.

    Promising to bring him back and others like they brought him back this year. Yeah, so great. May as well go steal some mannequins from Wal-Mart and save on budget, could easily stand them around like Tony did most of the fing season.

    Oh, let’s rip off season one. Big bad is dead from mission, not.

    Oh, let’s rip off season 5 and drag out the whole thumbdrive thing.

    Oh, let’s rip off Dr. Phil and have characters standing around talking about their feelings 90% of the time.

    After this lame ass interview where they admit they took every crappy turn possible they deserve to be put out with Dexter in the lumberjack land and never write again.

    I think in a way they ripped off the Patriots Day movie with Khasan’s character whose actually played by the same guy. In many ways that movie was better made than the last couple episodes of this show as much as I did enjoy 24 Legacy.

    Oh and a buddy comedy? Does anyone, anywhere expect 24 to turn into Lethal Weapon? Midnight Run? My Fellow Americans? Ummm Bulletproof?

    Jeez that Yemen raid arc sounds so much better than these last few episodes. God forbid the characters interact with one another in person.

    Anyway, here’s how I rank the seasons. Unpopular list, but here goes:


    i mean… at least we had a good run yall….. 16 years of 24… thats plenty. oh well…. rip 24. 2001-2017

    RIP 24 2001-2006, 2010

    Were they dumbing it down for the typical Fox viewer? I just don’t get it why this season was so shit?

    Trying to get new viewers, so yeah, not making it too hard to follow. Poor fools these days can’t look up from their phone for 2 seconds, you know. That and they just suck at reboots/revivals. The X-Files was mostly crap too.

    24 season 6 is now compared to 24: Economy Legacy something like One flew over the cuckoos nest :D … Manny Fucking Cotto needs a hug from Justin obviously … they are even trying to blackmail fans with all that “If you want to see how tony storyline goes you are gonna have to watch at least 2 more seasons.. it is all up to fans, it is their responsibility!” what a fucking crap?! how pathetic! Manny fat fuck Cotto and Evan shithead Katz deserve to be fucked by Andy and Eric at the same time..

    Well, here goes.

    not the most popular opinion but here goes.

    I quite enjoyed Legacy. I wasn’t able to connect to anything in S1 of 24 and I was only hooked from S2 onward.

    People need to be a bit more open minded and a bit less critical.

    No wonder Carlos Bernard doesn’t leave a reply. Look at all THE hate 4 THE Almeida

    Shut up Andy!!

    So this is what they meant when they said it will end as if Hillary Clinton wrote it.

    Remember Jack went after terrorists’ families?????????? That was before all this insane political correctness and the show giving in to the liberal critics and the pressure from them.

    And I was right when I said Tony was completely wasted and that could have just been any mercenary character. They’ve not done Tony any justice since bringing him back in Season 5. His story should have ended with Season 4, same with Michelle Dessler.

    Marlon: THE hate comments would make THE Almeida and 24 Legacy Writers/Producers SICK if they come and C them HERE

    That’s the point.

    Why did they say they were proud of not having a mole at CTU when they did have one? http://24.wikia.com/wiki/Steven_Grant

    Not really a mole, just a guy who had his friend/lover kidnapped which got him to help someone escape.
    A true mole would be embedded within for a long period of time.
    But this was more of a hostage situation, just like if a bank robber held a gun to your head to get you to do what they want.


    Remember Behrooz’s girlfriend? She plays a big part in this movie which was pretty good! It also stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw as the main leads.

    For all of you who want some piece of action, try Strike Back. For me, it’s a perfect example of how you reboot series.

    First season was about one character who was like british Jack Bauer.
    In second season the actor left project due to schedule conflicts and creators made two new protagonists and totally changed the mood and pace of the show. And it worked perfectly fine.

    24: Legacy looks like cosplay of original 24 and that’s why it sucks so much ass.