Michelle Dessler

Jayne Atkinson as Karen Hayes in a 24 Season 6 promotional photo

Karen Hayes won’t be in 24 Season 7

With Kiefer Sutherland and company running around FOX’s TCA events yesterday, many of our burning queries regarding the Monday night drama were posed and answered. Among them? Karen Hayes (Jayne Atkinson) is still happily married to Bill Buchanan, however we won’t see her in the flesh this season because Atkinson’s busy on Broadway… If Tony… View Article

Jack Bauer in 24: The Game

24: The Game Interview

Mark Green, the Studio Communications Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Cambridge office was interviewed by IGN to fill everyone in on the details of 24: The Game. IGN: One of the most significant aspects of 24: The Game is that it’s set between Seasons 2 and 3. Why was this particular timeline chosen? Green:… View Article

Michelle Dessler's final scene

24 fans petition to bring Michelle Dessler back

Some fans just don’t want to let go… Michelle Dessler fans Camellia and Fanny have created a petition in order to bring her back to life. Although a miraculous revival for the character (who was blown up in a car bomb in the Season 5 premiere) doesn’t really seem feasible, it’s nice to see passionate… View Article

Jack Bauer on the train tracks 24 Season 4 finale

24 Season 4 Finale (5:00AM โ€“ 7:00AM) Photos

Official high-res promo stills from the two-hour 24 Season 4 finale. Habib Marwan (Arnold Vosloo) by a helicopter, the return of sexy assassin Mandy (Mia Kirshner), some nice Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler stuff, and an iconic Jack Bauer picture in the sunset on the train tracks.

Paul Raines 24 Season 4 Episode 13

24 Season 4 Episode 13 Press Release (7:00PM – 8:00PM)

JACK AND PAUL ARE HUNTED BY SOLDIERS, DRISCOLL’S REPLACEMENT TAKES OVER AT CTU ON “24” MONDAY, MARCH 14, ON FOX Jack and Paul are hunted down by soldiers after an electromagnetic pulse bomb wipes out every electrical device for miles. Meanwhile, Erin Driscoll’s replacement takes over at CTU in the episode “Day 4: 7:00 PM-8:00… View Article

Michelle Dessler and Edgar Stiles 24 Season 4 Episode 11

24 Season 4 Episode 12 Press Release (6:00PM – 7:00PM)

JACK AND PAUL TRACE WHEREABOUTS OF TERRORIST LEADER, HELLER BRINGS IN A REPLACEMENT FOR ERIN AT CTU ON “24” MONDAY, MARCH 7, ON FOX Jack and Paul trace terrorist leader Habib Marwan to Paul’s company headquarters, but face resistance when they arrive. Meanwhile, a tragic loss for Erin prompts Heller to bring in a replacement… View Article

24 Season 4 Episode 12 Script - Final Page

24 Season 4 Script Page: Tony and Michelle Reunite

Insider “Jennifer Smith” at 24fan.blogspot.com received quite the scoop in the mail today – a script page from an unknown episode of 24 Season 4! The episode number/title has been blacked out, and so has Tony’s final line of the episode. Hmmm… With Season 4 having started production this summer, this Tony/Michelle reunion most likely… View Article

Reiko Aylesworth as Michelle Dessler in a 24 Season 3 promotional photo

Reiko Aylesworth interviewed by Sci-Fi Online

When you originally auditioned for 24 weren’t you up for the role of Nina? I did. Sarah Clarke’s just perfect for that role. She and Xander [Berkeley] are friends of mine and I can’t imagine anyone else in that role. And then for them to come and offer me the role of Michelle was great… View Article

Michelle Dessler in 24 Season 2

Reiko Aylesworth interviewed by TWOP

Television Without Pity has scored an in-depth interview with the wonderful Reiko Aylesworth. She talks all about the second season, dishes on lots of behind the scenes stuff, and much more. Gustave: When I nicknamed you “Bitchelle,” I didn’t think I’d ever have to talk to you. Reiko Aylesworth: I was actually pretty pleased with… View Article