Carlos Bernard and Reiko Aylesworth on 24 Inside

Source 24 Spoilers on YouTube


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[..YouTube..] thanks
I love them

ortalfrom israel
January 16, 2011 at 7:46 am
carlos bernard amd riko aylesworth are rock!!!
they are very funny together…

[..YouTube..] They are soooo amazing together, i loove them so much, and they’re doing such a great job in 24 !! So bad they are dead :/ … 24 isn’t the same show since they gone :(

[..YouTube..] they are awesome together I wish Michelle could be in the movie!!!!! =(

Reiko Aylesworth is fantastic as always! She is the woman of my dream!

[..YouTube..] Carlos is hot, and has a great sense of humor. =^__^=