Carlos Bernard interviewed on Extra

Carlos Bernard is interviewed by Extra’s Mario Lopez on Tony Almeida’s evil accusations.

Source AlmeidaIsGod YouTube


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[..YouTube..] he is so sweet

[..YouTube..] That’s funny cause Carlos changed his voice for this. Everyone knows his real voice is the near silent raspy whisper.

[..YouTube..] LOL… Tony was about to kill thousands of people and it was his plan to kill lots of FBI agents. So there is absolutely no question if Tony is evil or not. Maybe just in his mind.

[..YouTube..] wouldnt it be great if there was a tony for everyone hahah

[..YouTube..] Good and Evil are rather subjective…what one considers good, another may perceive it as evil…..

[..YouTube..] I love bad boys! Tony most of all! <:3 *drools*

[..YouTube..] Hey..It’s the Saved By The Bell guy.

[..YouTube..] Guys , what do you expect after he lost his sweetheart Michelle , if I have one like Michelle I will do the same >

[..YouTube..] i think that everyone who watches 24 can understand tony doing what he did,, hes been gettin SCREWED for years now,, i know it horrible to set off a MWD on a train, hold kim hostage, and almost kill jack, but hes the 2nd best character on 24,, arent we all just pullin for him a little bit

[..YouTube..] *swoons*

[..YouTube..] He did all those things to get to the man who got Michelle killed. An also, Michelle was carrying his son!

[..YouTube..] that would be great

[..YouTube..] *drools*
why are you so hot ? ? ?

[..YouTube..] What a dreamboat