Carlos Bernard interviewed on TV Guide’s Hollywood 411

Carlos Bernard is interviewed by TV Guide’s Chris Harrison on Hollywood 411 about Tony Almeida’s turn to the dark side.

YouTube Link: 24’s Carlos Bernard on Dark Side?


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[..YouTube..] I wonder if Tony was being calculating and counting on Jack to thwart the attack on Washington square…

in Ep. 18 Tony actually asks around about Kim Bauer so I’m wondering if he knew he’d have to play Wilson and the group but eventually use Jack as the hook to snuff him out…

but man all the people he killed!


[..YouTube..] I have my theories about Almeida in the finale! However, I’m aware that some of you have already seen it, I’m in the UK and am a week behind. Also, it wont be watched until Thursday in my house this week. Kind of a celebration for the end of my exams. I really hope my theory is right…but if it’s not…that’s OK too…I’m rambling!

[..YouTube..] if they did their jobs right they’d still be alive… funny funny,

but idk i still love tony, i knew that michell was the reason he was doing all that! but jack and tony are to close so i dont think that either one of them will kill eachother next year… hopefully

[..YouTube..] will tony be back for Season 8?

I dont know how they’d bring him back he’s got captured (again for the third time but this time jack isnt going to break him out) so he’s probably looking at the death penealty or jail for the rest of his life

[..YouTube..] I love this interview. Hahaha

[..YouTube..] Funny thing is the guy does remind me of Larry Moss

[..YouTube..] hahahah “i’m wearing a peace sign for godsake” lol

[..YouTube..] 1:19 WAAAAAAA!!!! hahaha

[..YouTube..] OMG he’s hilarious XD. Hope he comes back next season

[..YouTube..] carlos is so so so so HOT& so funny!!!!!

[..YouTube..] totally agree :) he’s so much older than i but i still think he’s gorgeous! :]


[..YouTube..] is tony appearing in season 8?? i hope so…

[..YouTube..] dammit that guy is a hot hottie!!
If youre not sure whether you like being a bad boy I have to tell you that I definitively love it!
If you ever read this Carlos, contact me ;)

[..YouTube..] he is such a cutie :)

love his hair like this, and i REALLY hope he’s there next season :D

funny guy :P

[..YouTube..] 10-12-2009. Happy Birthday, Carlos. Well, you caught me today (at 47).

[..YouTube..] OH MY GOD!
This is so funny!

[..YouTube..] haha fail carlos he said that kiefer can’t get fired but he CAN so he is hired and he is on season 8 :D and he isHOOT

[..YouTube..] “You remind me of Larry Moss right now..”
“Isnt’ that the guy you killed?”
“Well, yeah!”

I love you Tony Almeida. Sooooo funny!

[..YouTube..] cry me a river. waaa!

[..YouTube..] dude. idk who i love more, tony almeida, or carlos bernard. he’s such a great actor, and he seems like a funny/cool/amazing person.

Carlos, if you ever read this, just know that you are AMAZING. eres de lo mejor, y en poco tiempo te convertiste en uno de mis actores favoritos. daria todo por conocerte y tal vez, trabajar contigo. i just watched 7 seasons of 24 in like a month, mainly, because of you. i would love to see more of your work.

tony almeida totally captured my heart…forever.

[..YouTube..] Oh My God, Carlos Bernard. Well, Thats All I Can Say! Caught My Heart And Made Me Cry When He Went To The Dak Side! <3 <3 <3 x

[..YouTube..] i agree I never consider tony bad i think he has some issues that he has to work through as for the stuff he as done well just look at jack bauer he has done some pretty terribly stuff.

[..YouTube..] Carlos if you are reading this, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!! until season 4 when you come back I didnt realize how important you are on 24, now im on season 5, can not wait to see when you will become dark, totally justified after they killed your wife, actually I like more this show because of you than kieffer, take care bro